10 Biggest Mistakes WWE Made in 2018! | WrestleTalk

10 Biggest Mistakes WWE Made in 2018! | WrestleTalk

Mistakes, we all make them. And when you do
you’ve just got to hold up your hands and say, I’m sorry, I F’ed up, I forgot you
were vegan Sharon and I accidentally put chicken stock in the dinner and let you eat it. Bit
of a wasted apology because Sharon likes wrestling about as much as she likes chicken, so there’s
no way she’s watching this video. See it’s hard to apologise properly. And
it must be even harder to turn around and apologise when you’re making those big mistakes
in front of millions of people and not just Sharon and her plant-based taste buds. WWE is not the sort of company to dwell on
its mistakes instead choosing to just pretend they never happened wiping them out of history
all together. And as 2018 has been a bit of a bumper year when it comes to cock ups and
gaffs it’ll be interesting to see if any of the 2018 pages in the history books have
anything written on them at all. I’m El Fakidor Laurie Blake and these are
the 10 biggest mistakes WWE made in 2018. 10. Lashley’s Sisters
Talk about starting strong. We’re flying out of the gate with the cross dressing jokes. Bobby Lashley returned to WWE after a 10 year
spell in Impact and MMA, and you just have to look at the man to know he’s someone
that could easily be pushed as an unstoppable force, or even a walking armageddon. So, what do WWE do with him? Well, in a sit down interview segment with
Renee Young, Bobby cut arguably the lamest promo of the year about his three sisters,
Cathy, Jessica and Frances. Explaining that despite their differences, he still loves
them dearly. Turns out they weren’t so different after
all, they all had dicks. Because it turned out it wouldn’t only be
Bobby getting burned by this nonsense, Sami Zayn was about to feel the pain too. Sami cut a promo about how he would expose
Bobby for who he truly is, which turned out to be him bringing three cross-dressers to
the ring who pretended to be Bobby’s sisters. Lashley then beat up the cross-dressers and
that was that. The worst thing is that someone will have
written this and all the writers agreed that it was a good idea. Just cross cross-dressing
off the list of acceptable jokes for 2019 eh lads. 9. Bayley-Sasha feud As of this video going live, Bayley and Sasha
are best friends, but that friendship has been tested, oh, around 700 times this year. For around half of the year, we were waiting
for one to turn on the other, and to give WWE some kind of credit, at least they didn’t
make it obvious who was going to turn on who. One week it looked like Bayley was going to
turn, and then the next it looked like Banks might make a statement by turning on Bayley.
This was an effective storyline…until they did it every week for several months. Not only did Sasha eliminate Bayley from the
Women’s Royal Rumble, but she helped Bayley get eliminated from the elimination chamber.
FINALLY, it looked like the endless story was over, as during an episode of Raw in June,
Bayley viciously attacked Banks after a match in a fit of rage. The crowd popped huge and
there was a tangible sense of relief that the turn had finally happened. Don’t be silly. That wasn’t a turn! All
they need is counselling from Dr Shelby, the same man who helped Daniel Bryan and Kane
sort out their differences in their team Hell No! Days. And look how that turned out. These comedy skits majorly sucked with both
Banks and Bayley struggling with the comedy timing and what they had to work with wasn’t
much better, the scripts were dreadful. The whole ‘feud’ is a perfect example
of WWE making it all up as they go along without much future planning, because the two women
eventually decided that they were best friends after all and are now a tag team in a division
without tag titles… 8. Exploiting Roman Reigns’ cancer On October 22, Roman Reigns shocked the wrestling
world by announcing that the Leukaemia he had beaten 11 years prior had returned, and
that he would be relinquishing his Universal Title in order to have treatment for the disease. It was a truly heartbreaking moment, and one
that WWE made the most of immediately. Stay classy. You are the other C word sometimes. Now, it must be said that Roman will almost
certainly have given his blessing for everything that WWE have done since the announcement,
but that still doesn’t detract from the fact that a lot of what they’ve done has
been downright distasteful. Not only did they turn Dean heel on the same
night as Roman’s announcement, capitalising on the shocked atmosphere in the Raw crowd,
but just a few short weeks after this, Dean Ambrose claimed in a promo that Roman Reigns
deserved to have leukaemia due to his actions while in the Shield. The whole thing just makes you feel a bit
grubby, which is probably why Dean bought the gas mask in the first place. 7. Raw 25
Raw has been going on for nearly 26 years now, which is roughly how long it feels like
a recent episode of Raw takes to watch. Raw 25 in January was a celebration of everything
from Vince McMahon to Vince McMahon’s favourite pastime, squashing rising stars by using old
stars who can barely move. There was nothing hugely wrong with the show
itself, but WWE made absolutely no attempt to keep it within any kind of story lines,
choosing to focus solely on shoving as many former stars into a three hour show as possible,
cramming them into every little hole possible, there’s always room for more at the poker
table. It was a missed opportunity in so many ways
that it ended up just being a narrative cul de sac. If you want to do a special celebration
of all the past stars, then just hold a one off show called “legends”. Don’t sacrifice
story lines and logic for a few cheap pops. 6. Survivor Series clean sweep
Remember how Raw won every single match on the Survivor Series card and that there are
no exceptions to this, particularly on the pre-show? No? Well it doesn’t matter, because
WWE forgot about all that within about a week anyway. Why do it then? Why make such obsess over
the detail on the night and then drop it the next day? What’s the point of a clean sweep if it
has no lasting repercussions? Beyond making all of the fans dislike RAW even more? And like, if you’re going to do a clean
sweep, do an actual clean sweep. Because SmackDown Live won the tag elimination
match. They won it. But apparently that doesn’t matter because
it’s on the pre-show. You seem to have fallen into a plot hole there WWE, don’t worry
we’ll dig our way out. Just don’t have the match if it’s going
to take so much legitimacy gymnastics to excuse it from the record. Or if you’re never actually
going to mention the clean sweep again, just have Raw win 6-1 and move on. 5. Every NXT call up
Bit of an asterisk next to this one, because Drew Mcintyre has had a pretty good year,
but all the rest of them, well, they may as well not have bothered. Ember Moon? Hasn’t had a single storyline.
The IIconics? Haven’t had a storyline. Zelina Vega? Married Aleister Black but it
was in secret and she hasn’t had a storyline. Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas? Good matches but
no storyline. AOP? Raw tag champs for a while but the storyline
was doused in piss. SAniTy? When? Then Where? And then what?
No Way Jose? Nuh uh… If you don’t have a plan for them, don’t
call them up. Leave them in NXT for a while longer so that they can have good matches,
develop their character and have more access to the performance centre. For people like No Way Jose it’s completely
killed their career, and it’s not exactly surprising. He’s Adam Rose with an afro,
Adam Afrose. It’s a crime that SAniTy, Andrade and Ember
haven’t been able to show their obvious in ring talent, but until they start making
actual plans for these superstars this is the way it goes. 4. Greatest Royal Rumble
50 people in one rumble? You can barely get a 30 man one to pass without a big old sag
in the middle. Held in Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, The Greatest
Royal Rumble never got close to living up to its name. It was marred with problems from the start,
a huge chunk of the roster couldn’t wrestle on the show because of their gender, others
couldn’t go for political and religious reasons. Then you’ve got the fact that the show itself
was a glorified house show, where half the audience didn’t seem like they were actually
watching the matches, wandering around chatting to their mates and on their phones. The you’ve got Michael Cole putting over
how beautiful and progressive the city of Jeddah is like the good little propaganda
mouthpiece he is. The whole thing just felt a bit weird. Good
job they never went there again. 3. Shane Wins World Cup With a roster of near enough 100 people, WWE
chose Shane McMahon to win the WWE World Cup, which, as they kept reminding us, was to crown
the best wrestler in the world. Shane McMahon is the best wrestler in the
world, and there’s no disputing it. Look, he’s even holding a giant trophy and sweating
copiously to prove it. The tournament itself was fine, if a tad uninspiring,
and the final was set to be heel Dolph Ziggler against heel The Miz, a perfectly acceptable
match, but without Shane McMahon, the greatest wrestler on the planet, it just didn’t feel
right. But fear not fair viewer, because Miz injured
his leg before the match started and so there was only one man who could possibly fill his
shoes. The match wasn’t even competitive, with Shane hitting his three moves to pick
up the win. WWE, seemingly realising their mistake, paid
it off with Shane saying the trophy was for everyone on SmackDown Live, and other than
a couple of mentions in skits with the Miz, the win has been utterly pointless and unmentioned. 2. Ending Asuka’s streak
There are two varieties of Asuka. There’s NXT Asuka, the most dominant female superstar
on the planet, having excellent matches wherever she goes. And then there’s WWE main roster
Asuka, who loses to Carmella and takes part in dance segments with her best friend Naomi. The biggest reason for this obvious decline
is the decision to end Asuka’s unbeaten streak, which, before WrestleMania 34, had
lasted 914 days from her debut match on NXT in 2015. Although she hadn’t exactly been booked
like a truly dominant force on the main roster, she won the inaugural women’s Royal Rumble
and maintained her undefeated streak. Many simply assumed that she would overcome
Charlotte Flair in their WrestleMania match, because she’s Asuka and no-one can beat
her. But no. The match went about 12 minutes and Asuka tapped to the figure-8, thus ending
the streak and seriously damaging her credibility. Since then, she has lost twice to Carmella,
featured in dull as dishwater feuds against the IIconics, and generally struggled to regain
that mystique she had in NXT. 1. Crown Jewel (for political reasons)
Following the backlash WWE received for their Greatest Royal Rumble show in April, many
simply assumed there was no chance they would head back there. Surprise. Going back to Saudi was controversial enough,
but it came at a time when holding an event in Saudi Arabia was pretty much seen as corporate
suicide. Just a month prior to the show, New York Times
journalist Jamal Khashoggi was allegedly murdered and dismembered in a Saudi Government ordered
attack in the Saudi Arabian consulate in Istanbul, which obviously lead to plenty of people calling
for Crown Jewel to be cancelled. The show was audibly booed when mentioned
on TV, and many politicians began pressuring the company to pull out. But WWE went ahead
with it nonetheless, and it has since been reported that Vince never even considered
cancelling the show, such was his determination to hold the event. Because MONEY! What’s more, they brought back Hulk Hogan
for the event, possibly the most controversial figure in recent WWE history, because once
there’s been a murder, what’s a little racism? Jesus. Who were the 10 best wrestlers of the year,
according to Oli, Luke and me the trustworthy El Fakidor, click the video onscreen now if
you want to find out. And give us a subscribe to stay up to date on all of the latest wrestling
news. I’ve been El Fakidor and that was lucha.

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100 Replies to “10 Biggest Mistakes WWE Made in 2018! | WrestleTalk”

  1. Oh for goodness sake you pathetic snowflake, get over the Hulk Hogan thing already. People make mistakes you self righteous twit. Try looking into a little thing called forgiveness. Your high and mighty virtue signaling isn’t winning you any points.

  2. This should have been named …
    "Ten mistakes RAW has made…So far in 2018"…
    The fact that you have narrowed it down to 10 is commendable.

  3. Man who wrote this list? Absolutely stupid. I hope it wasn't you laurie.

    No cross dressing jokes? How about no unfunny cross dressing jokes? Why are cross dressers not allowed to be joked about? What do you have against them?
    Oh no they used romans cancer in a storyline! IM OFFENDED. Cry yourself a river.
    Shane wins the world cup is a mistake? It's a fucking storyline. You act like the tournament meant something, it's a fucking scripted story on a fictional sporting show. The story also hasn't even finished yet so how can you say it was a mistake.

    And Hogan coming back is a bad thing? Because SHOCK he said something a little bit racist in the privacy of his home? how AWFUL. What an AWFUL person. It's almost like there's nobody worse to mention, oh that's right Stone Cold made a return at Raw 25 and you never mentioned how bad of an idea it was to bring back a man who assaulted his wife multiple times. You're just a disgusting fucking hypocrite jumping on the "racism is bad" bandwagon because it's 2018 and that's the thing to do these days to show how progressive you are. You don't actually care about real issues or actual bad people. You just don't like hogan so you want any excuse to shit on him. You do like Austin though because you grew up with him and he was a huge star when you were growing up, so you can turn a blind eye to him attacking women.

  4. Okay, once again. Jamal Khashoggi wasn't a journalist. He was a columnist. Columnists write articles giving their opinions. Opinions which got him murdered by the Saudi govt.

  5. You forgot WWE naming the WrestleMania Women's Battle Royal "The Fabulous Moolah Memorial Battle Royal."

    There was a big-time fan outrage, and the company got major backlash because of it…then again, it was overshadowed by Crown Jewel

  6. even though Asuka has the championship now which im happy about. il never forget how her undefeated streak was treated, my absolute biggest dissappointment this year, Asuka's story was literally the only story that had me excited to watch the product and they burned it in a dumpster fire, Becky is my only favorite story thats going on right now. imagine if Asuka had all her credibility from the streak? going into this feud? it'd be amazing

  7. i agree with all mention mistakes except roman's leukemia highlighted in storyline with seth by Dean ambrose its sports entrainment heels are suppose to be devil too sometimes, remember the time when randy Orton mention Eddie's death on a promo while fued with rey mysterio by saying " eddie is not watching from heaven he is in hell" it was ok that time bcoz it was ruthless aggression era now its PG era so u cnt except it.. huh

  8. Honorable mentions:

    – Thinking Backlash was actually an acceptable show (And even having Paige come out to the ring 2 days later to say it was a great show…)
    – Having the build to Evolution be absolute (big) dog-shit. (The show was great, but the build was terrible)
    – Having Lesnar beat Reigns at 'Mania
    – Having Lesnar beat Strowman at Crown Jewel
    – Everything about Raw's tag division
    – Having Nakamura be a figurative ghost as US champion.

  9. The biggest Mistake was SURVIVOR SERIES booking , making smackdown lose all the matches unless the pre match result count

  10. So was this list only about Raw? Haha here a few more. Botching Daniel Bryan in ring return. Killing the raw women's division for Rousey, and burying SmackDown champions.

  11. you know whats crazy i know who one of Bobby's sisters is the one with the Moustache his name is Max Castor he wrestles on GTS Wrestling on YouTube for Grim he is from New Jersey and was trained by Curt Hawkins

  12. funny how finn balor was nicknamed 'pin balor' here on wrestletalk but actually won 31 times this year thats more than aj styles, braun strowman and asuka only seth rollins has won more with 35

  13. I enjoyed the greatest rumble match in a way.
    Was good to see so many lower card wrestlers get a shot in a rumble match.
    The biggest problem was the non existent crowd. If it had been held anywhere else in the world the crowd would of helped loads.

  14. I would like to point out that making Flop Lesnar the champ again was a poor choice. What it tells me is that Vince's does not have the confidence in the WWE roster. Brock was never a good wrestler to watch. Its that Vince has a hard on for anyone who is 6'5" 250+ lbs.

  15. Still can’t believe the return of Shawn Michaels was wasted for Crown Jewel and not for a match at on a top PPV like wrestlemaina

  16. A show used to attracy upwards if 4 million viewers, now they are struggling to get 2. The other millions are watching clips on their Youtube channel.

  17. Amen on the exploiting Roman Reigns cancer one.
    I hated that Dean turned heel much less do that shit.
    I think Dean when he was injured got crazier. Or he just got tired of being taken advantage of by Roman and Seth.
    I mean truth be told Dean might have some things right. Still, why unite them to just turn Dean heel. Total bullshit if you ask me.

  18. I stopped watching WWE after 13 years of constant watching. From 2005!!!!!!!! i just couldnt follow anymore its horrible its in the worst state ever.

  19. Complaining that call ups weren't given story lines in their first year is silly. The roster is bloated, sure, but sticking to story lines all the time is what gives us repeat matches week after week.

  20. I think the worst thing to happen in 2018 was having every credible superstar on raw buried by the shield and roman reigns, because now that he is gone, nobody is credible, finn balor, bobby lashley, drew, brawn, bobby roode, all these men could be main eventers, but all got burried by the shield. deans heel turn is awful and seth rollins keeps having the same matches and its getting stale.

  21. IMO I think WWE using Roman's cancer in storylines was great. I know some find it disrespectful but it's the closest we've gotten to the attitude era

  22. The journalist wasn't from the NYT, he was from the Washington Post. Also a recent report has found some information to suggest he wasn't a just a journalist but he may have been working with a Qatari organization as a foreign agent to influence American policy. It's hard to tell the details because these nations all have reasons to tell different sides of the story. Still shadey if they killed the dude the way it's been suggested but there's a lot of interesting stuff to the story that has been ignored since the initial outrage.

  23. Other mistakes:
    – Wasting Rusev Day
    – Smackdown 1000
    – RAW’s entire tag division
    – Braun’s random heel turn after SummerSlam

  24. I think I'm the only one who noticed this but Carmella basically got the Mahal treatment in that from the moment she lost the SD Women's belt, she was immediately placed right back to where she was in the lower card and WWE hardly mention her reign at all.

    Just like how Jinder is back to being a jobber with WWE trying to make us forget his 6 month title run ever even happened.

  25. Not sure if the best in the world thing was a mistake in the end, guess we'll have to see what this "co-besties" tag team turns into

  26. Wait, no Mention of Brock Lesnar and the non existent Universal Championship on Monday Night Raw? Or how WWE creative has been doing a terrible job? Brock's Title reign, needs to end ASAP, and he should never ever be champion again in WWE. Unless Brock's going to be champion of the lazy people or overpaid sack of crap champion.

  27. Damn stop with the asuka whining! Shes lost like 3 matches in over a year on the main roster. She won the fucking Royal Rumble! Smark logic is if ur a midget from Japan u should never lose a match ever. Seriously u could be boring as shit but if u say ur from Japan these guys just automatically wet themselves.

  28. what about wwe calling a fabulous moolah memorial battle royal match at this year's wrestlemania? i think that was a big mistake as well.

  29. Not pulling trigger on Roman at wrestlemania and then putting title on Lesnar when he had to forfeit should be on the list. Because one of the biggest reason raw sucks is because it has been nearly 2 years since they dont have a top champion and have to rely on other things for a top program.

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  31. The biggest mistake wwe did in 2018 was to make Alexa Bliss lose the RAW women's championship to Ronda Rousey , who will hold the title just like Brock Lesnar (forever) and make the title meaningless . Plus the fact that Ronda doesn't know how to not hurt superstars like she did to Alexa Bliss ruining her chance to face Trish Stratus at Evolution , The sooner Ronda loses the championship and goes to Smackdown the better

  32. letting Asuka's streak last over 900 days but not 1000 is a lack of marketing savvy. "the empress of the thousand days" … well, they will prolly say it later anyway.

  33. Ugh, first the super lame lefty jokes and then putting something number one 'for political reasons'. This is a Wrestling channel. There are enough people already focusing on politics. Thumbs down.

  34. #8 is a little confusing because of the word choice. To clear it up… even though they're saying the mistake was "Exploiting Roman Reigns' cancer," it sounds like their problem is more with the way the booking handled Roman's illness in the story of Dean vs Seth, rather than them deciding to use it in the program in general. And I agree. The problem wasn't that they "exploited" it, which isn't really the right term as it makes it sound like they did all this without any permission. But they obviously did get permission from Reigns, and, if they've learned their lesson from previous experiences, the Anoa'i family heads. They did it right the night of the announcement with Dean's epically emotional turn but it definitely plummeted downhill after that.

    So maybe #8 should be called… "Mishandling Roman's cancer"

  35. Do you really have to look very long at the first 3 rows at GRR or CJ to understand that these folks aren't "WWE first 3 row people?" Those were the "business" rows where the only people interested in what was going on in the ring were the children of those bigshots palling it up like the whole thing is going on in their livingroom.

  36. Jamal Khashoggi didn't work for the NY Times, he worked for the Washington Post. He also wasn't a journalist, he was a columnist.

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