2019 Pathway Baseball – Omaha | Championship Game

2019 Pathway Baseball - Omaha | Championship Game

hit it good morning from Omaha Nebraska and welcome ladies and gentlemen to the upper-class championship game here at pathway games Omaha coming to you live from Warner Park the home of the Omaha storm chasers it's gonna be a good matchup here this morning and into the afternoon as the MGF marshals take on the Midland Redskins two storied programs one out of Cincinnati Ohio and the Midland Redskins and the MGF Marshalls out of Utah both these clubs just getting going in their summer seasons as they grind on towards their season-ending championship Midland will be the home team today starting on the mound will be Ricky Apodaca Ricky apodaca a nice left-hander for the redskins 2018 graduate he is committed or plain have you at Howard College the lineup today for the Marshalls leaning off will be Nick Voigt following up well JJ cruise the second baseman Bret Barrera at third base and hitting in the third spot JJ Clarkson will play first base and hit fourth Miguel Ortiz who has the only home run that we've seen at Warner Park in this tournament so far it was a long one to left field yesterday we'll hit fifth Isaac Ramirez after him Jake ship worth the designated hitter Kyle Ashworth in right field Kaler Yates shortstop and pitching and batting in the 10th spots for the Marshalls is Payton Jones so here we go with the Omaha championship game from Warner Park in Omaha Nebraska Nick void steps in to face apodaca for Midland out in the field s step will play third Grayson short Schneider at second crooks at first catching is Burgess first pitch misses down low for a ball want to know the count here on Nick Voigt Nick Voigt the outfielder out of Davis California as apodaca misses again to a no now on the leadoff hitter Voigt MGF taking down the Ohio Warhawks yesterday 5 to nothing in the semifinal game as dr. it's the strike zone to make it 2 and what a game was heading towards a pitcher's duel until Ortiz hit the solo shot they added two more in the 3rd of swing and a Miss their evens the count at 2 and 2 and 2 more in the fifth to make it 5 nothing and Bryce Robeson when it completes seven innings as this one is lifted towards centerfield Matthews is under it for the Redskins for out number one so one gone here in the top of the first inning in this championship game middlin faced the MNS black socks yesterday that game did not go the full seven innings in 14 to 1 score talking with head coach Dave Evans he's just glad to get some good experience here early in the tournament these teams faced off before as the pitch is outside – JJ Cruz the second baseman for the Marshalls the first game of pool play was Redskins vs. Marshall Midland one that won 5-2 – Marshall is looking for a little revenge match up here swing and a Miss evens the count 1 & 1 beautiful day here in Omaha just over 80 degrees when just slightly blowing towards left field might help Miguel Ortiz again is that one is bounced and fur ball did not hit JJ Cruz JJ Cruz from La Palma California he is committed to Cal State Fullerton and that storied program out of California did not make a trip to Omaha as this one's lifted towards left field coming in but keeping it fair as Cruz will head towards second and it's a double so a one-out double is just a kind of a bloop single and the left fielder cola P couldn't get to it in time and it's a runner in scoring position for the Marshalls early that brings up the third baseman Brett Barrera Brett Barrera Huntington Beach product he's headed to Stanford next season good run for the Cardinal got an opportunity to put the marshals on top here early it was a big key to yesterday's game against the Warhawks first pitch is low and inside I want to know the count apodaca I didn't seem to get that first pitch strike just yet here in the top of the first inning finds the strike zone there with a fastball to make you one-on-one head coach for the marshals Sam Swenson a good chance to talk to him yesterday really proud of the way that his boys showed up against the Warhawks which is outside 2 & 1 competed from beginning to end the bottom of the third inning the Warhawks had runners on 1st and 3rd just one out called a beautiful first third to first play got him out of the mini jam that one is swung on and fouled back into the netting 2 & 2 now Brett Barrera here with one gun a runner on second here in the top of the first inning see a lot of times with these older kids they worked pretty fast but when a runner gets on like to slow down the tempo as Apodaca doing here it's the call from Burgess the catcher in the dirt runs the count full now first base open and TJ Clarkson on deck there's the payoff pitch swing and a Miss strike three Burgess will throw down the first to complete the strikeout two crooks two gone here in the top of the first so now here comes TJ Clarkson Clarkson's six-foot-four Gilbert Arizona product we're in black red and white will not have to change colors as he heads to the University of Utah pitaka finds a first pitch strike against Clarkson I won just a bit outside taking a bit of a longer lead out at second is JJ Cruz runs high and inside on Clarkson to one the count here with two outs at the top of the first of this championship game eight team started here pathway games Omaha down to these final to the Ohio war Hawks won the third place game just moments before this one as hidaka finds the strike zone – to pitch popped up into foul territory we're just running for it running out of room just beyond the netting keeps Clarkson alive so we'll do it again here at 2 & 2 early runner in scoring position for the Marshalls JJ Cruz out there at second called strike three to end the inning the Marshall strand a runner at second it is zero zero with the Redskins coming to bat at the bottom of the first inning here in Omaha welcome back to Warner Park bottom of the first inning here in this pathway games Omaha championship game Midland Redskins come to the plate against the MGF Marshalls left JJ crew stranded its second in the top of the first inning Adam Schneider will lead off for Midland here in the bottom of the first second baseman faces Payton Jones who pumps one right down the middle for strike number one Adam Schneider Edgewood Kentucky product swing and a Miss there quickly in the hole now Owen too this one is lit ranging over is Voigt to make the catch you you you Oh a nice play at home by the first baseman Clarkson throwing it to Ramirez tagging out grace so two gone here first in third on the fielder's choice from crooks keeps a run off the board Peyton Jones will face Morgan kalapa there's pitch misses low for a ball want to know just as the marshals in the top of the first had a chance at scoring Redskins just 90 feet away that one's hit towards third throwing it to second is Barrera to end the inning and strand to its 0-0 here at Werner park we'll be back with more in the top of the second welcome back to Werner park here top of the second inning as the marshals dig in against the Redskins and Ricci Apodaca it's Ortiz Ramirez & Skipworth due up for the marshals that one is bounced in behind Ortiz we mentioned yesterday hit the only home run that we've seen in this ballpark in three days of baseball hits this one toward short picking it up is Grace and firing over to first and making the tag his crooks for out number one grace took him off the bags but crooks makes a nice adjustment to get Ortiz at first both teams with the chance to put some runs on the board early I've gone by the way started the marshals in the top of the first left Cruz its second Midland in the bottom of the first leaving grace and Thomas on one's chopped at and fouled by Isaac Ramirez the catcher I pitch from apodaca outside I think sit one-on-one on the top of the second from Warner Park hello for ball 2 2 & 1 now on Ramirez Isaac for the Ramirez the catcher out of Fullerton he's headed to st. Mary's gonna be a gale he swings and misses to make it 2 and 2 one fouled back and out of play over the first base side into the lovely Suites here at Warner Park just a beautiful place to watch a ball game play a ball game set clouds kind of creep in here in Omaha foul tipped into the glove a strikeout for Apodaca his second of the afternoon so far two gone here in the top of the second inning brings up jake Skipworth the designated hitter first pitch out of the glove of verjus but called a strike Marshalls looking for a little two-out magic here in the top of the second game tied at 0-0 I want to hit hard towards the gap it'll get down skip worth going for two coming up with it it's kalapa the throw won't be in time and it's a two-out double for Jake Skipworth for the second time in as many innings MGF has a runner at second base with two outs they left JJ Cruz stranded out there in the first that'll be Kyle Ashworth Ashworth the right fielder at a Tustin California he's a Cal Poly San Luis Obispo commit catches the outside corner for a strike Owen one Apodaca came up with a big strikeout against Clarkson in the first inning already ahead oh and one here on Ashworth that one's in the dirt ball one one and one it's the second championship of a pathway game series this summer already the pathway games Albuquerque in the books looking forward to the US baseball championships next month there's the two on one pitch against Ashworth high for ball three Burgess giving the signs three and one in the dirt ball for two out walk puts two on with the short step Kaler Yates Yates relatively local kid for this Marshalls program st. George Utah product also commit to the University of Utah steps in here against apodaca two on and two out score tied at zero first pitch swinging fouls it back towards head coach Sam Swenson standing the third-base coaches bikes I know Sam would like to get an early run here scored first yesterday and Bryce Robison on the mound I was able to keep the clean sheet and mrs. to make it one in one pitaka looks in it hard towards centerfield creeping under it is Matthews and he will squeeze it for out number three the Marshall strand two more here in the top of the second redskins to bat when we come back from Omaha price Matthews after making the catch in centerfield stands in against Peyton Jones here in the bottom of the second inning first pitch swinging fouls one back into the netting oh and one so far early it's been a game of strained and runners Midland stranded two in the bottom of the first the Marshalls one in the first and two in the second both teens have had runners in scoring position that have not got the elusive RBI just yet Peyton Jones working fast here one in one count off-speed pitch catches the strike zone first 1 & 2 price Matthews Parker Colorado kid hitting 1 towards short laying out over there is Yates the throw won't be in time it'll be an infield single for Bryce Matthews an impressive play by Yates the shortstop but it was just too slow of a roller to get Matthews at first one on with nobody out brings up Eric grants you grant stands in against Peyton Jones grandsanta Glenmore pennsylvania and takes strike their own what pitch outside for a ball one and one now on grants this one popped up towards first over and found territory is Clarkson to make the catch for out number one so pop up gets the out and a double play will get them out of the inning here as Andrew pickney steps steps in picking the right fielder it's Jones misses therefore a ball at a Peachtree City Georgia I'll join the Crimson Tide commit to Alabama both these rosters just loaded with Division one talent to another count now on pickney big swing and found back into the netting for the first strike two and one rice Matthews over there at first Payton Jones the lefty isn't terribly concerned not a big lead this one is a grounder towards a set short he will throw to first to get the out be in time to gun Matthews scampers over to second so another runner in scoring position for Midland brings up the third baseman chase s tip asked about a Corbin Kentucky as Jones misses low for a ball with Matthew standing on 2nd I one misses again to a known now on s tip still looking for the game's first run here in the bottom of the second inning Winter Park championship game of his pathway games Omaha catches the outside corner 2 & 1 clouds have kind of cooled off it was starting to get a little hot and muggy here in Omaha one in the dirt 3 & 1 now with first base open and the catcher Colin Burgess on deck before the lineup turns over and we see Adam Schneider again mrs. Lowe s tip draws the walk runners on first and second now with two outs and Colin Burgess Calem Burgess another Kentucky product for this midland program lexington kentucky to be exact play a Wichita State next season looks at a first pitch strike going one Jones gets ahead quickly Owen to Payton Jones and to get through his second inning equal the effort of Rickey Apodaca this one grounded towards Yates at Short he will flip to second to get the out two more runners stranded for Midland and we're all tied up headed to the third inning from Werner park you Nick Voight steps back in here in the top of the third inning scoreless game between the MGF Marshalls in the middle and Redskins back to the ain't seen ricky Apodaca finds the first pitch strike there oh and 1 Apodaca through two innings he's given up two hits but he's stranded 3 baserunners this one grounded towards short picking it up his grace firing to first and unable to get the scoop his crooks I think void speed its him a single here at top of the third that'll bring up JJ Cruz jay-j crews one for one with a double he was stranded at second base the top of the first inning looped one towards left-field and utilized his speed throws down a bunt picking it up his Estep who makes the out Voigt gets to second so a sacrifice bunt for JJ Cruz moves the runner into scoring position so we continue our streak of runners in scoring position for the Marshalls and the Redskins here it'll be up to Brett Barrera see if you can drive in the game's first run Brett Pereiro for one with a strikeout is the third baseman first pitch swinging its lifted towards shallow right field ranging over as Schneider the second baseman I make the catch to God here in the top of the third not exactly what Barrera or the marshals were looking for a deeper ball to right field may have got Voigt over to third brings up TJ Clarkson also struck out in that top of the first inning first pitch swinging again has fouled back over the third-base side that should eight teams begin this pathway Omaha tournament down to the top four yesterday both these teams getting through in the semifinals is Clarkson looks at a strike there oh and two we'll see the silver bracket championship coming up right after this Fresno A's in the Nebraska prospect scout team they checked and he did go around another strikeout for Clarkson Swenson wants to talk about a little bit but I believe it's going to go down as a strike out on another route runner stranded at second base and Nick Voigt it's 0 0 we go to the bottom of the third here in Omaha Adam Schneider leads off the bottom of the third inning for Midland back to the top of the order lighted the second baseman toe for one today flew out to center field in the bottom of the first inning faces Payton Jones just misses their one and O two teams have almost mirrored each other in their efforts today Miss Jones misses again four runners left on base for Midland four for the marshals Payton Jones still looking for his first strikeout here but he's got other problems here facing three-and-oh against the leadoff hitter Snyder pump pumps one right down the middle to get a first strike three and one approaching the 12:30 hour here full count here against AB Schneider on foul down the third base side into the seats here at Werner park home of this championship game of pathway games Omaha this is high for a leadoff walk to Schneider fans we invite you to join in on the conversation search us on Twitter Instagram and Facebook pathway baseball and pathway baseball dot-com mention this is the second of two tournaments already this summer for pathway Albuquerque earlier this month we look forward to us baseball championships pathway division and our summer Nationals in Myrtle Beach as we get into fall head out to Northern Colorado and the pathway fall games Florida all that more at pathway baseball dot-com true grace standing in like an Owen one count trying to lay down a bunt misses to make it Owen to I would say that we wouldn't see a bunt attempt in the next pitch but these teams trying to work on their skills I've seen a couple of bunts lay down with two strikes see what grace does here stairs at a pitch just outside one and two Snider at first if anything both these teams making their respective pitchers going deep into counts taking off his shoe but the hit and run fouled back over the first base side we'll do it all again here at 1 & 2 with nobody out here in the bottom of the 3rd inning and a scoreless game the midland redskins against the MGF marshals to grace one for one today with a single for his second hit two for two yesterday against the Black Sox 11 different Redskin players recorded a hit in that 14 to 1 win as grace calls time over there first it will call Schneider safe Jones backs off again game has slowed down here with a couple of base runners in each inning swinging a Miss strike three true grace offered at it one gone brings up Dominic Thomas who's also one for one with a single check over at first against Schneider once again keeping a close eye on the second baseman much of Tom is out of San Antonio Texas set a ball and enjoying a good Razorback program down in Arkansas next fall this one pop straight up into the air underneath is the second basement Cruz who makes the catch for out number two so a leadoff walk but two quick outs here from Payton Jones they have another chance to get out of this inning unscathed Jimmy crooks crooks he grounded into a fielder's choice back in the first Jones catches the outside corner it's had pretty good command of his early pitches here they get the runner going they throw over to second making the tag is the shortstop Yates and that will end the inning 0-0 score as we go to the top of the fourth at Werner park we're coming right back here in Omaha Miguel Ortiz steps into the batter's box here in the top of the fourth inning from Warner Park scoreless game here between the marshals and the Midland Redskins Ortiz yesterday hit a home run in the top of the third as he looks at a first pitch strike Warhawks pitcher threw him four consecutive curveballs told him and threw him off a bit but he got that fourth one as the pitch runs inside said it was a bit low but he got to it and say he did launching that home run into the left-field bleachers big swing and a Miss there from Ortiz 1 & 2 on the left fielder that one chopped foul back into the netting Ortiz oh for one today a groundout to shortstop swinging a Miss strike three that's the fifth strikeout for Apodaca today gets Ortiz swinging brings up Isaac Ramirez the catcher Ramirez struck out back in the second looks at a ball want to know runs inside again – and oh and I'm running out of the way there you big swing at a mass two and one on Ramirez mention he's headed towards st. Mary's can't yesterday's game with Bryce Robinson on the mound and going the complete game seven innings found back over the third-base side son coming back out here Werner park this one lifted in foul territory towards first making the catches crooks he did not make that look easy diving backwards he's able to make the grab two gone here on top of the fourth rings up Jake Skipworth the designated hitter backs out of the way but the ball is in there for a strike oh and one chopped that foul quickly Owen – to skip worth the Sutton Apodaca is feeling it this one straight up into the air the catcher Burgess trying to find it it will spin into foul territory it'll be a long no they're gonna say it hit him a bit of an obstruction play Skipworth got in the way of the catcher Burgess and the home plate umpire calls him out so a 1-2-3 inning for apodaca and that will do it we'll go to the bottom of the for still 0-0 Sam Swenson was not happy with the home plate umpire there after the obstruction call he was about as confused as I am when I look at a snickerdoodle just don't know what that is nonetheless it was a 1-2-3 inning for apodaca and the Redskins brings up Jimmy crooks to lead off the bottom of the fourth inning still the marshals players in here as Payton Jones to exam for his fourth frame Jones one strikeout and three innings thus far misses low for ball one crooks over one today grounded into a fielder's choice back in the first inning at top of the first was the first or a top of the fourth rather was the first inning we did not have a stranded runner right back up the middle but grabbing at his Yates the shortstop a quick fire to first one gone nice play on the shortstop Yates brings up the leftfielder Morgan Kalaa P clapping also for one with a fielder's choice far to back to back grounders that ended the first inning Midlands been closest to scoring runners on second and third Jones misses inside to Ando with a count here on Kalaa P so where Apodaca has been pretty lethal with the strikeouts Jones relying heavily on his defense say he's got a pretty good middle infield behind him Yates and Cruz it's already with two assists in this game big swing and a Miss evens the count at 2 and 2 and kalapa Bryce Mathews waiting on deck found back into the netting well do it again at two and two John's working quickly sloppy just catches a piece to stay alive seen some really good baseball this week here in Omaha this pathway games part of a Triple Crown stint that's lasted almost a month here in America's heartland the Omaha slump-buster kicking off almost three weeks ago over 700 teams in total down back into the net ena again as a good battle here between khalaby and Jones I know the Redskins were at the CWS final last night as vanderbilt to count home the 2019 national title against michigan really good three-game series between those teams count runs full now three and two here between Jones and calah p1 gone here in the bottom of the fourth swing and a Miss strike three second strikeout for Jones and there's two gone here in the bottom of the fourth so here comes bryce matthews made a couple plays in centerfield another Arkansas commit as he looks at a strike at a Parker Colorado plays his summer baseball in Cincinnati these kids finding host families to stay with during the summer this Redskins program in this marshals program two of the top youth clubs in the nation fouled back over the third-base side 1 & 2 Jones trying to equal a paddock is one two three fourth with one of his own waived added just catching a piece his Bryce Matthews stays alive at one and two here breeze picking up a bit blowing from right to left towards the party patio here at Winter Park this one hit hard towards center field arranging to his right is Voigt and makes the catch for out number three it is still zero zero here between the Marshalls and Redskins we're headed to the fifth inning here at Werner park you riki Apodaca stands in here and his 5th inning of work already five strikeouts for the left-hander this midland redskins team he will face Kyle Ashworth who drew a walk back in the second inning the only walk apodaca has given up this afternoon at Warner Park catches a piece of the strike zone there one and one here on Ashworth it's the bottom end again 1 & 2 now on the lefty working quickly there was one in the dirt 2 & 2 ice worth with a little assist they're a bit of a tough tough balance for the catcher Burgess and Ashworth ready to go just missing a bit low runs the count full three and two just a bit outside and it's a second walk for Kyle Ashworth and will lead off this fifth inning where the free pass brings up Kaler Yates he eights flew out to centerfield back in the second did he eighths the shortstop make void behind him Boyd has a hit today so for the fourth time in five innings the marshals have a runner aboard second time they get somebody aboard with nobody out to check over to first Ashworth back in time it's the championship game of pathway games Omaha silver bracket championship coming up about 30 minutes after this one you've been a close eye and Ashworth at first I want to thank the staff here the Omaha storm chasers a tremendous help all week long get in this field ready Omaha one of those areas that sees a lot of rain lifted towards left field ranging over is copy and left makes the catch for out number one long fly ball to left field it's the first doubt Ashworth still at first brings up Nick Voigt centerfield Dave 1 for 2 today flew out to Center in the first grabbed a single in the 3rd here we are in the fifth the runner aboard for the marshals quick check Ashworth the sizable lead over there first no stolen bases today two left-handed pitchers let's get a good jump there goes the runner it's a hit and one this one slapped towards right going first to third is Ashworth the throw will be cut off we got runners at the corners for the Marshalls and just one out the voit with his second hit of the game a runner just 90 feet away for JJ Cruz who already has a double today back in the first inning opportunity to get the game's first run here in the top of the fifth Cruz calls time apodaca who likes to work fast slows it down here with runners at the corners a lot of a lot of happening here is sapper daca steps off the rubber Swenson talking to Ashworth a third avoid it first getting the signs it was a moment like this in yesterday's semifinal the war hacks war hawks had runners that one skips by Burgess the catcher coming home to score is Ashworth it's one nothing marshals the game's first run belongs to MGF on a wild pitch skipped over Burgess the catcher really had no chance to block that down skipped right over his shoulder and it's one nothing Oh mrs. Lowe but in that game against the Warhawks MGF was able to pick off the runner at third and strike out the very next batter when they were facing a first and third situation Sam Swenson said it changed the outcome of that game there will be a stolen base little fake bunt attempt drew in the third baseman asked up and some good baserunning gets void all the way to third so JJ Cruz has taken a couple pitches here and a run is scored and void is scampered from first to third in the dirt again it gets away from Burgess coming home to score is void it's to nothing it's capitalizing on a couple of mistakes from apodaca and Burgess and they've scored two runs on just one hit now JJ Cruz a 3-1 count as the bases empty RBI situation is Johnny fouling back into the netting three and two Cruz one for two we mentioned that double back in the first the aggressiveness of the marshall's is paid off slapped right back up the middle another base hit for JJ Cruz brings up Brett Barrera Brett Barrera over to today with a strikeout he popped up to second and Redskins one time here to go talk to apodaca who is giving up two runs on just two hits here some action from the bullpen here as that will do it for apodaca that long run in from the bullpen out in centerfield here at Winter Park get a word on who his replacement is it'll be mccade Brown McCade Brown the kid at a normal l annoy pitches for Indiana from Illinois to Indiana he he wears that who's your uniform pitch for them again next fall he just finished his freshman year two runs for apodaca on five hits it'll be his line he will officially have pitched four and one third innings even I'm just those two runs so two to nothing here the marshals have taken their Lee they give way to McCade Brown the righty it was a Redskins team that really hasn't had to face much adversity this game back in pool play when the two teams played each other and did five to two it was the lowest scoring game for Midland in the tournament until this one and then went back to run rule its next three opponents the Marshalls did not concede a run in its next three games they've held midlist scoreless here through four so be McCade Brown to face Brett Barrera mention barreiro for two you first pitch is high for a ball Brown finds the strike zone there to even it up at one and one those clouds move on it's just a gorgeous day here at Werner park storm chasers don't get back to Omaha until near the fourth of July and so we are glad to call this home of the pathway games Omaha championship that's a nice lease of this stadium enjoyed some terrific baseball between these eight clubs that in the dirt 3 and 1 now on barrera JJ Cruz at first runner goes this one's hit towards short picking it up as Grace and firing the first to get the out to God here in the fifth Cruz gets to second Pereira is now over three brings up TJ Clarkson I think tall left-hander just hold for two with two strikeouts one looking one swinging today like I said I pitch one and Oh Cruz has made it to the second base for the second time this afternoon still looking to score found back off the catcher's helmet one in one Burgess gives the signs to brown did he go around yes he did says the home plate umpire wanted to now on Clarkson trying to avoid the unhappy hat-trick of three consecutive strikeouts throws behind Clarkson now they got crews trapped between second and third in a pickle cruise trying to get away but making the tag is the second baseman Schneider and that will end the inning we will go to the bottom of the fifth with the marshals now leading two to nothing here from Werner park you you haier grants leads off the bottom of the fifth inning for midland now down to two nothing after two runs come across for the Marshalls I'm just some aggressive baserunning Peyton Jones still in there for Sam Swenson Jones has gone for any and strong given up just three hits and a couple of walks grants over one with a pop out to first base and found territory Jones misses a bit low jianxing swing from grin see did not go around to a no the count now on grants with pickney and s tip behind him foul tip down to the glove of Ramirez Marinero take a moment to make sure he's okay little stretch of the ankles calves and thighs and I work out that right knee just twist it around 2 & 1 the count and the extra hitter eric grints catches the upper part of the strike zone to even the count 2 & 2 Ramirez getting the calls from the dugout relaying to Jones got him looking strike three first out of the inning for Payton Jones is just his third strikeout of the afternoon rings up Andrew pickney the right fielder who grounded his shortstop back in the second inning first pitch swinging waves at everything oh and one its Midland team will finish up this game up on a bus and head straight to Cincinnati tonight hit straight at the center fielder Voigt doesn't have to move to make the catch for out number two with two out up steps chase s tip that step walked back in the second inning and was thrown out on a fielder's choice that Colin Burgess grounded into looks setup all up and in Jones misses in the dirt to a no on s tip misses again three and Oh four straight balls makes it a walk for chase s tip a two-out walk as we'll get a timeout here is Sam Swenson we'll go talk to Peyton Jones you paetynn Jones will stay in here against Colin Burgess the catcher for Midland there's pitches in there for a strike Owen won against Burgess here with the Marshalls leading two to nothing here in the bottom of the fifth inning hit hard towards left field ranging over to his left is Ortiz over the shoulder grab for the out well and the inning two to nothing the Marshalls lead it we head to the top of the sixth here from Warner Park TJ Clarkin clarkson heads back to the plate hereafter JJ cruz was run down between second and third mac in the fourth excuse me fifth inning his Clarkson fouls one back we're the top of the sixth here Clarkson leading off he faces McKay Brown who came in place of Ricky Apodaca looks at a ball low one in one Brown misses again to make it two in one Napa dock Oh went four and a third innings gave up five hits two runs one walk five strikeouts as Brown evens the count there at 2 & 2 hit hard towards the right-field side it will drift foul that one had home run distance just a bit early was TJ Clarkson he's trying to find his first hit in the afternoon Oh for two on strike out looking one swing the 2 2 pitch fouled back into the netting Clarkson stays alive it's from Browns swung on and Miss strike three for out number one Brown gets his first strikeout of the afternoon Clarkson goes down for the unhappy hat-trick brings up Miguel Ortiz Ortiz o for two with a ground out to short and a strikeout in the fourth comes on with one out here and the six looks at strike number one Brown catches the outside corner Owen – now on Artie's from mrs. hi to make it one in two here are teases only hit yesterday was the solo home run and ended up being the difference this is chopped to third picking it up his s tip firing two crooks to get the second out two quick outs here for Brown strikeout and a grounder to third brings up Isaac Ramirez the catcher over to today and with a strikeout in the second a pop up to first it's brown misses just outside for ball number one big swing there from Ramirez makes it one in one check down to first he did not go around 2 and 1 the count on Ramirez a lot of these kids from the west coast that first game against Midland 8:00 a.m. on Monday morning ball misses up again 3 and 1 now on Ramirez make the case they might have been a little tired 7:00 a.m. mountain time 6:00 a.m. for some of these West Coasters just getting into town they've been all business since Brown misses again and gives up the two-out walk to Ramirez hangs up Jake Skipworth the designated hitter 1 for 2 today with a double back in the second inning was eventually stranded marshals have left 4 on base this afternoon and a big swing from Skipworth makes it Owen 1 Brown misses low and outside keeping an eye on the runner right there first they thrown hunter swap out there in place of the catcher Ramirez allows him get his gear back on Skipworth calls time top of the sixth inning here from Warner Park this championship game pathway games Omaha big swing from Skipworth once again fouled back into the netting one and two skip or it does have some power when with the wind blowing in the left-center field good to have the chance to go out that gets away from Burgess and swap around second and stop as he surveys his position but another runner in scoring position here for the Marshalls in the sixth inning a beautiful look at Warner Park there as it's been our home for the last three days Brown they seen Skipworth pumps it down the middle for strike number three they leave swap stranded at second but the marshals still lead two to nothing as we head to the bottom of the sixth you Cooper vest has come on in replace of Payton Jones for the marshals Jones will go six full innings gave up just five hits no runs and a pair of walks first pitch from vest in there for a strike it's one grounded to second over there's crews to make the play for out number one vest gets a quick out brings up drew grace the shortstop his vest gets the top of this lineup starts him off with a strike Owen one through grace one for two and a single bank in the first made his way to third he looks at strike number two stranded at third part of five strained and runners we get our first ball here for Midland be something to head coach Dave Evans is certainly going to key on lift it towards right field charging at it not making the catch is Ashworth it will be a single for drew grace his second of the afternoon brings the tying run to the plate and Dominic Thomas is already 1 for 2 with a single three times in this game Midland has had a runner at third base all three times they've come up empty here they face vest Cooper vest another left-handed pitcher out of st. George still has another year on this Marshalls team he's a 2020 grad he's committed to BYU as he misses inside to a no the count on Thomas drue grace taking his lead at first just one stolen base so far in this game two runs that the Marshall scored came off of a wild pitch in a passed ball the 3o pitch right down Main Street for a strike three and one now on Thomas Dave Evans up out the dugout talking to his hunt deck hitter Jimmy crooks pops straight back behind home plate off of the press box here at Warner Park Thomas runs the count full three and two now with one out and one on here in the bottom of the sixth inning in this championship contest of pathway games Omaha has been a good one Ohio war hawks already in with third place over there 14 – to win check over to first over the MNS Black Sox game was at 9 a.m. this morning this championship game here at 11:30 so the Redskins could hustle back to Cincinnati by sometime tonight or early tomorrow morning this is upstairs a walk to Thomas it's 2 on and the tying run at first and the go-ahead run at the plate and Jimmy crooks give me Kirk's grounded into a fielder's choice back in the first and grounded a short and the fourth anything out of the infield here will likely advance grace to third a hit with Grace's speed will likely score a run the lefty vest fires one in there for a strike Owen one right in the meat of the order for this Midland Redskin team nobody's been able to come up with a big hit just yet catches a piece of the outside Owen to now on Jimmy crooks lefty/lefty matchup that's really working the outside portion of that plate got him upstairs the undecisive swing from crooks gets vest first strikeout and there are two God brings up the left fielder Morgan kelapa Kalaa P grounded into a fielder's choice and struck out back in the fourth Oh for two looking for his first hit his best misses hi some action going on in the centerfield bullpen for both teams that's same pitch misses hi again – and OH big swing from kalapa there makes it two in one thanks fastball from Cooper vest a waste pitch there makes it three and one now two on and two out sure the last thing vest and coach Sam Swenson would want to do is load the bases especially with Brice Matthews on deck upstairs ball for another two-out walk for the marshals loads the bases for Midland and a hit from Bryce Matthews might tie up this game or more and Sam Swenson wants to talk to his left-hander out at the mound calls time for the entire infield I don't see anybody coming out of the bullpen just yet I think they'll leave vest in see what happens I think Swenson likes his lefty lefty matchup he's a very situational guy understands the game he knows tendencies yesterday when playing the Warhawks he knew when they had first and third that Ron Slusher was gonna send his guy at first base running and he set up his defense perfectly to pick off the runner at third when that runner at first did go great third to first back to third play that really vaulted the marshals into this championship game so here comes bryce matthews Matthews one for two today with a single back in the second a chance to get his team on the board first pitch misses outside one and oh the wind really starting to pick up here at Winter Park and then hit Bryce Matthews that will be a run an RBI for Matthews but a run across from Midland it's two to one scores drew grace Tamas advances to third kalapa will jog to second and that will be it for Cooper vest folks we mentioned this pathway games Omaha all part of a terrific series from pathway this summer and into the fall that all started in Albuquerque New Mexico pathway games Albuquerque here in Omaha don't miss the pathway championships in Myrtle Beach South Carolina u.s. baseball championships in Virginia both next month Northern Colorado Fall Classic still time to get your teams into the Rocky Mountain State and then new product pathway games Florida all that more at pathway baseball dot-com does it now check out what is left in our 29th teen slate and do not miss 20/20 log in on your social media accounts join in on the conversation pathway baseball its pathway BB on Twitter search pathway baseball on Instagram and Facebook new pitcher for the Marshalls his number 41 Kyle's Scott six foot three right-handed pitcher at a Seal Beach California he will also head to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo so Cooper vest gets two outs here in the six he will go two-thirds of an inning gave up just one hit the one run pair walks in a strike out one hit batter of course he is responsible for all three runners standing on the base pads at the moment as Eric grints steps to the plate to face Kyle Scott the third pitcher of this marshals team in a 2 to 1 ballgame kau Scott trying to get this last out here in the sixth and send it to the seventh with the marshals still leading but bases loaded jam here's time called by grints everybody set and ready to go first pitch swinging it's hit hard but high in center field Voigt is under it one pitch one out for Kyle Scott the marshals still lead it two to one we're headed to the final inning here at Werner park here in Omaha you you Cal Ashworth stands into the ball game here in the top of the seventh inning with the marshals looking to add a couple runs a little bit of cushion as McCade Brown misses upstairs for ball number one this is again high to a no the count on the right fielder Ashworth who has been incredibly patient at the plate this afternoon trying two walks and he looks at a third straight ball right there three no the count on the leadoff hitter Kyle Ashworth four straight balls to Ashworth he says third walk of the ballgame not bad for somebody hitting in the eighth spot Ashworth scored one of the two runs the marshals had in the fifth inning his walking wild pitch in a passed ball that both Ashworth and Voigt score here comes Kaler Yates the shortstop first pitch is upstairs five straight balls now from McCade Brown and that'll get Burgess out to talk to his pitcher looks like Yates has been replaced by Brock Watkins Watkins the infielder at a Pleasant Grove Utah another BYU commit for this marshal's team looks at a strike they throw down the first to check Ashworth so walking stands in place of Yates who was over to with a fly out to Center and a fly out to left makes swing and a miss lost his elbow pad did Watkins on into the count swingin amiss from Watkins and he goes down on strikes so another strikeout for mccade Brown that's his third and two unchanged inning this brings up the leadoff hitter Nick Voight strong center fielder two for three today Brown misses low and outside one and OH check back to first the closer play then Ashworth might have thought but he's in there safely on her part just absolutely fantastic venue for this tournament swung on and lifted towards right field pickney charging for it and making the grab sandra picked me in right field two away here in the top of the seventh nice defensive play in right field brings up JJ Cruz JJ Cruz is two for three today with a single and a double he's made it to second base twice has not scored he was standing at the plate as both runs came across back in the fifth all gets away from crooks the first baseman even a closed side Ashworth on first Cruz he'd like to believe would love to get in on the RBI or run scored action here in the seventh fouled back behind home plate oh and one here on JJ Cruz crews another California kid for this marshals program grew up in La Palma headed to Cal State Fullerton one story program to the next is that the only one count balls in the dirt one and one now on crews Brown came in in the fifth inning forced the final groundout and pretty steady in the sixth just recorded three strikeouts in two and two thirds innings looks like some dirt in the eye of the catcher Burgess the 2 1 pitch the Cruz swung over the top of it too until two balls two strikes two outs here in a two to one ball game as we near two o'clock in the afternoon runner goes and it hits Cruz he will climb aboard for the third time this afternoon there's on first and second now for the Marshalls and Brett Barrera coming to the plate Dave Evans calling out a couple of instructions to his pitcher mccade Brown it's trying to get out of this final inning and give his team a chance for some heroics here in the bottom of the 7th the team trailing 2 to 1 Ashworth that second Cruz at first Barrera at the plate catches the lower half of the zone Owen 1 here on Barrera who is over 3 today struck out in the first popped to second base in the third and grounded to short in the fifth check swing they looked down towards the first base umpire he did not go around 1 and 1 again stay tuned here from Werner park the silver bracket championship Nebraska prospects taking on the Fresno Athletics just about half an hour after this game ends swing and a Miss strike two 1 & 2 the count now on Barrera McCabe Brown in the signs from the catcher Collin Burgess looks back at the runner at 2nd hit towards 3rd picking it up and making the play is s tip and that will do it for the top of the 7th any marshals need three outs to claim the 2019 pathway games Omaha championship bottom 7 coming up here from Omaha Kyle Scott stays in the game here in the bottom of the seventh for the MGF Marshalls looking for 3-ounce in the 2019 pathway games Omaha championship he will get 8 9 and 10 in the order for Midland and it starts with Andrew pick knee first pitch swinging right back up the middle a good start for Andrew pickney in the Midland Redskins pick knees first hit here this afternoon and the tying run is aboard for Midland in steps chase estep as tip has walked twice against two different pitchers face Payton Jones in the second Cooper vest in the fifth now takes Kyle Scott here in the seventh runner goes that one's hit hard towards right pick me will have to scamper back to first and does a fly out to Ashworth and right one away here in the bottom of the seventh here comes the catcher Colin Burgess Burgess has made contact today grounding to his fielder's choice in the second flew out to left in the fifth pickney still standing at first after the fly out to right little check swing but it hits the barrel the bat drops foul oh and one here against Burgess the omeone pitch from Scott low and inside one and one mention Marshalls looking for bit of a revenge game after dropping in the opening game of this pathway games Omaha five to two to Midland coach Sam Swenson was ready for the challenge tonight pickney goes Ramirez had trouble getting out of his glove and that'll be a stolen base for Andrew pickney her stolen base for Midland here this afternoon it's been all lefty pitchers until Kyle Scott entered the ballgame now the tying run in scoring position for Colin Burgess foul tipped beneath Ramirez or just staying alive here at 1 & 2 got him upstairs strike three two gone here in the bottom of the seventh a huge strikeout for Kyle Scott but the lineup turns over and Adam Schneider and one for three today with a single a chance to tie the game the base knock bars pitch catches the outside corner Owen one on Schneider Marshall's bench is ready to erupt hit towards a second it's over the head of Cruz coming around third is pickney the throw will be late tie ballgame Adam Schneider an RBI single ties the ballgame at 2 here in the bottom of the seventh brings up drew grace drew grace two four three two singles a strikeout a run scored here Adam Schneider taking a close look at his third-base coach moderate lead at first I want o countertop grace a little late on that fastball makes it one in one tomah's waiting on deck he's 1 for 2 with a walk check back with Schneider late inning drama here at pathway games Omaha a whole secondary lead from Schneider the pitch is a strike 1 & 2 outside 2 & 2 now on drew grace grace Phan up his 2 hits yesterday with two more today and a vital run scored in the sixth trying to keep it going here in the 7th for Midland pitch did not count they called time 2 2 ballgame these two clubs have certainly separated themselves as two best teams in this tournament playing to a tie in the bottom of the seventh it's all fitting check back with Snyder once again trying to catch him in that secondary lead Nebraska prospects and Fresno is looking on that'll be the silver bracket championship after this runner goes a chopper to third it will bounce foul and everyone will return to their stations a great chess match here between drew grace the Midland Redskins and Kyle Scott and the MGF marshals two balls two strikes two outs in a 2-2 game and it catches grace inside hit by pitch and the game-winning run stands on second base chi grace in on the hands six that one off but Dominic Thomas Sam Swenson out to talk to Kyle Scott there's a lot of action going on in the bullpen in center field the entire infield comes in fitting into this path away games Omaha these two teams going toe-to-toe and what was a five to two game in the Midlands favored back on Monday it's now 2 to 2 here on Thursday they will leave Kyle Scott in the game oh but a confidence from the infield and the catcher Ramirez is Dominick Thomas who is 1 for 2 with a walk and his single back in the first another one will almost certainly score Schneider with his speed and they will replace the runner at first and will be jor-el Ortega Ortega stands at first nighter at second Thomas at the dish looks at strike number one outside one and one the count here on Dominic Thomas is tensions mount here at Warner Park it's been some great baseball on every level here in Omaha from our Omaha slump-buster to the College World Series and now pathway games Omaha lifted to right field charging for it is Ashworth sliding and making the catch to end the inning it is 2 to 2 we're going to extras why not here at Winter Park you free baseball here in Nebraska's TJ Clarkson leads off the top of the 8th inning at Warner Park against McCade Brown whose first pitch is a strike against Clarkson Clarkson has the hat trick three strikeouts – swinging one looking the first third and sixth innings quickly in the hole again oh and two Brown looking for a quick a thinning after middlin did not score a run in the 1st through 5th innings puts up 1 in the 6th and one in the seventh to tie this game and send it to extra innings Clarkson slaps at that one foul up into the seats on the third base side the 1 2 pitch to Clarkson in the dirt ball 2 & 2 misses inside again the count runs full Clarkson doing a nice job of staying patient here as brown backs off Burgess getting the signs from the dugout and they walked them so a leadoff walk for TJ Clarkson the top of the eighth and they will run for Clarkson that will be McKay Barney okay Barney the Mesa Arizona product another BYU commit one of seven BYU commits on this Marshalls team brings up Miguel Ortiz Ortiz over three today big swing with big power throw back and check it barney on first pitch low one and oh now on Ortiz camp thirty minutes or so coming up after this matchup the silver bracket championship Nebraska prospects Ortiz lays down a bunt but it drifts foul make it one on one Fresno Athletics Swensen wants a word with Ortiz here a little situational matchup here nobody out Barney standing on first runs have been few and far between in this game they've left each team a handful of runners Marshalls have left seven aboard Midland has stranded ten banning percentages with runners in scoring position dropping their basement coming in the pitch up and a high s tip was charging as he was almost certain Ortiz was going to lay down the bunt pitch outside again three and one now on Ortiz who is determined to move that runner across here with nobody out in the top of the a three in one count come hell or high water he will get Mackay Barney the second base home plate umpire once a bit of time here making sure everything is in order everybody's set and ready to go here on this 3-1 pitch in this 2-2 game and the top of the eighth-inning runner goes barney slides into second the throws into centerfield Swenson trying to get him to third it's a bit late but he gets there on a late throw from the centerfielder Matthews and that will get a pitching change here from Midland so aggressive baserunning from the Utah Marshalls its them a runner just 90 feet away here from home plate once again it was an errant throw from the catcher Ortiz will end up at first after the walk marshals in business brings up Isaac Ramirez Ramirez 1 for 3 today with a single back in the 6th and Midland having a word with their new pitcher going over what they might expect from this lineup going forward new pitcher is going to be clay Brock and a Liberty Township Ohio Cincinnati Hills Christian high school he's headed to Central Michigan it'll be 2 and 2/3 innings for mccade Brown give up just one hit no runs three walks and three strikeouts plus the hit batter for McCabe Brown again responsible for Barney and Ortiz at third and first respectively but it looks like Brock is ready to go he will face Isaac Ramirez the catcher trying to get his team another run tied it to Herschel's put two up in the fifth but a run from Midland in the 6th and the 7th sent it here to extra innings here in the 8th nobody out for clay Brock first pitch swinging a chopper to third s tip spins and fires to first it's out of the glove of crooks and everybody's safe the bases are loaded was going to be a tough play for s tip anyway it looked like Barney charged towards home and maybe had asked up thinking a moment or two about making a play at the plate gonna run for Ramirez the catcher at first that will be hunter swap so swap in once again Barney taking his leadoff third it's Jake Skipworth now who owns a double back in the second struck out though back in the sixth takes a first pitch and it's a strike from clay Brack singing pitch is in the dirt one and one bases-loaded one in one count here in the top of the eighth that one hit towards centerfield it's going to get down Barney is charging home coming around third is Ortiz both will score it's four to two a two RBI single for Jake Skipworth his second of the game gives the marshals a 4-2 to lead a big hit and a big time and I'm sure Sam Swenson and the Marshalls one more here comes Kyle Ashworth a nice response there deleting two to nothing in the sixth and seventh innings giving up runs responding well here in the top of the eighth as the pitch is bounced in the dirt both runners advance the marshals have a chance to break it wide open here clay brach taking some time now fires a strike in there against Ashworth ice Werth again scored one of those runs in the fifth fouls this one back up over the third-base side the one-two pitch got him looking strike three for the first out of the inning Kyle Ashworth strikes out for the first time this afternoon brings up the shortstop Kaler Yates Yates walked excuse-me flew out in the second walked in the fifth it's fouls it back in to the netting one and one the count on the shortstop with runners at second and third just one out clay brach offers the bunt is a good one coming home to score is swap they will get Yates at first for the second out now it's 5 to 2 so Yates with the RBI sac bunt brings up the top of the order and Nick Voight or the chance to score Parker Schmidt who's running for Skipworth Voigt once time Voight 2 for 4 with two singles looks at a ball it hard towards centerfield charging added is Matthew's who makes the catch for out number three but three runs across in the top of the 8th for the marshals looking to close this one out in the bottom half of them we come back from Warner Park you while the marshals are down to their final three outs once again they scored a run in the seventh inning to force an extra a theory and it's up to Jimmy crooks to start another rally here in the bottom end of the inning trailing 5 to 2 he faces Casey Anderson on the mound a big six-foot-four product at a Lehi Utah misses upstairs Anderson's gonna head to eastern Arizona Anderson becomes the fourth pitcher from Sam Swenson this afternoon three in one count now on Jimmy crooks misses outside crooks starts the inning off with a walk brings up Morgan kalapa quickly Ramirez and Clarkson out to talk to their pitcher pitch from Anderson just missing for a ball here on khalaby kalapa who is Oh for 2 with a walk and a fielder's choice looks at a ball inside to a no cow Scott's final line 1 inning pitched one hit one run walks one strike out three straight balls from Casey Anderson trying to take care of Midland one last time after 3 runs across in the top of the 8th and pumps one down Main Street to make it three and one that wins really starting to pick up in center field at late afternoon Sanderson hits the inside corner runs the count full 3 and 2 now on Morgan kelapa got him swinging strike three another indecisive motion it's the first out of the inning brings up Bryce Matthews all right Bryce Matthews who got hit by a pitch and the bases were loaded that drove in the first run for Midland Bank in the sixth inning Marshalls dug dugout really starting to come alive now quickly in the hole Owen to is Matthews Eric grants waiting on deck Jimmy crooks at first called strike three to God Midland down to their final out it's Eric grants the extra hitter who is over three today popped out to first base flew out to center field and struck out back in the fifth inning first pitch runs inside and they give crooks second base not concerned about the runner second stolen base for Midland this afternoon I want to know the count on grants right down Main Street one in one Casey Anderson trying to dial up something good here for the Marshalls everyone on their feet Midland down to their final strike Ramirez gives Anderson the Sun just a bit high and outside 2 & 2 grant sticks back in the crook standing on second crooks will take third they'll probably give him home if he really wants it Anderson now with a full count trying to handle the last batter of this game Prince calls time lenient five to two of the marshals trying to close out Midland in this championship game inside ball four so a walk to grants brings up Andrew pick me pick me one for three he singled and represented that tying run it in the seventh stares at Casey Anderson first pitch in there for a strike oh and one I've been outside and in the dirt for Anderson evens the count I wanted one I imagine grins might think about taking second here the 1-1 pitch swung on and grounded a second Cruz has it flips to Yates and that's the ball game the Utah Marshalls are the 2019 pathway games Omaha champions completely flip the script on the midland redskins after losing the Midland five to two in the first game of this tournament they will close out Omaha with a 5-2 to victory of its own in the championship contests so congratulations to Midlands the runner up in this tournament certainly a good run here in Omaha they will get on the bus and head back towards Cincinnati MGF will celebrate this victory this championship is they get set both teams for a terrific summer of baseball as this terrific one closes out it was three runs in the eighth the two RBI double from Jake Skipworth that really got it going separates these two teams Congrats to the MGF Marshalls the champions of pathway games Omaha once again stay tuned and get set for the silver bracket championship coming up in just a little over a half an hour it's the Nebraska prospects and the Fresno athletics we will see you then but until then this has been pathway games Omaha Marshalls win 5-2 from Warner Park you

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GoD aren’t about to give up tag gold to Ibushi and Tanahashi!

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