After the WWE aired many vignettes teasing
the soon to debut Lord Tensai, he finally made his debut on the April 2nd 2012 episode
of Raw, much to the disappointment of the WWE universe. As you may know, Lord Tensai
wrestled as Albert and A-Train between 2000 – 2004 so it was a big disappointment to
everyone when Tensai took off his mask as it was clear to see that he was just a reskinned
A-Train or as Santino Marella referred to him as, a fat Albert… What seemed like a
promising gimmick instead couldn’t be taken seriously as the crowd chanted A-Train throughout
his match as well as chanting Daniel Bryan presumably out of boredom. Had the WWE acknowledged
Lord Tensai was Albert and had him undergo a character change throughout the seven years
he spent in Japan, the gimmick could have turned out to be so much better
but instead, the WWE just pretended like Lord Tensai was a completely different human being. D’Lo Brown is best remembered for holding
the European and Intercontinental championship simultaneously as well as being a member of
the heel stable, the Nation of Domination. He wrestled in the WWE for six years before
being released in 2003. However, five years later, D’Lo made a return to the WWE in
a televised match against Santino Marella… At least there was one guy who was happy to
see D’Lo… Although D’Lo did receive a little pop, the return itself was nothing
special and quite pointless especially since he was released from his contract for cost-cutting
measures just a couple of months after returning. On the 14th April 2014 episode of Raw, the
badass stable known as Evolution made their return to attack The Shield and the crowd
that day went absolutely nuts… well, not exactly… I’ve heard more excitement from
a crowd than when Mojo Rawley comes out… Ok maybe I’m reaching there! Evolution dominated
the WWE between 2003 and 2005 and it came as no surprise especially considering who
were in the villainous stable: “Triple H, Ric Flair, Randy Orton and Batista,” all
of them multiple world champions. So, to see the group get no reaction from the crowd and
commentators was just very insulting and disrespectful. After spending three years away from the WWE,
The Great Khali shockingly returned for one night as a heel to help assist Jinder Mahal
in his Punjabi Prison match against Randy Orton at WWE Battleground 2017. The Punjabi
Playboy prevented Orton from escaping the prison which allowed Mahal to escape instead
and win. Although it was a nice finish to the match, the whole thing just felt unnecessary
especially since The Great Khali only returned for that one night and didn’t even start
a second WWE run. I don’t even think he knew why he was here to be honest. He probably
thought he won the WWE Championship… After taking a four-month hiatus from the
WWE, Rusev returned on the September 16th episode of Monday Night Raw to only be announced
as the father to Maria Kanellis’ unborn child… Fun fact, Rusev actually returned
on the same day as Rusev Day. Although Rusev looked in possibly his best shape ever, the
sheer ridiculousness of the whole “who’s the daddy” storyline put a big dampener
on this and made the crowd very uninterested in Rusev’s return. Rusev literally returned
to Raw to fight a beta cuck… Those were Corey Graves’ words not mine!

The Mega Coaches motor to 4 points in the Junior Tag League! (#njpst)

The Mega Coaches motor to 4 points in the Junior Tag League! (#njpst)

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Ali “Rapid Reaction” to WWE Draft: Raw Exclusive, Oct. 14, 2019

Ali “Rapid Reaction” to WWE Draft: Raw Exclusive, Oct. 14, 2019

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ELP and Ishimori have found new enemies in Kanemaru and Desperado! (#njpst)

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Liger gives words of encouragement to Tsuji! (#njpst)

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  1. Your vids are always amazing keep up the good work I just finished the vid and like normal some of editing I’ve ever seen keep it up

  2. You guys are already awesome, but i suggest you to make Raw, Smackdown and ppv reviews, they will be perfect especially with your gold content

  3. I dont think Rusevs return was disappointing.I think Maria Kasell's return was lame.She returned only for her to be Pregnant

  4. People only cheered for Roman Reigns because they rather have him since nobody wanted Batista to win the 2014 Royal Rumble. Just like how people cheered for Rusev to win the 2015 RR instead of Roman.

  5. That Lana/Lashley/Rusev storyline is a copy of the Edge/Lita/Matt storyline. Literally Ctrl C, Ctrl V, with a couple different things here and there.
    Editing is pure gold btw. Great work as always!

  6. The rock's return at sdlive fox was disappointing to be honest they could have chose triple h instead of Becky lycnh

  7. I don’t even know what the point of bringing A-Train back and treating him like a completely different human being was

  8. You guys have to be one of the best if not the absolute best at making wrestling content videos keep up the good work

  9. everybody being desperate to be top comment just by typing "great editing"
    note : i like his editing as well but it's annoying to see people comment that just to be top comment from him

  10. I wish rusev was like one of the main competitions not just a b-star player

    1 like is 1 wwe championship win for rusev

  11. The best way to start my day you guys are the best
    The videos that I watched over few weeks are top notched and high quality

  12. Wanna know the most disappointing time of my life?

    My mom forgot what VEGAN means and she bought 2 VEGAN CEREAL BOXES and not one person in the family is vegan

    Wanna know the best moments of my life?

    Watching Fact5 wrestling

    Wanna know who's my favourite make wrestler and female wrestler?

    Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch


  13. My mons best friend is dating D-Lo Brown. She runs a wrestling league here in Indiana and D-Lo is a part of it. Hopefully I get to meet him when i get tickets there, i hear he is a real cool guy.

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