AJ Styles Shoots On WWE Raw, Bayley Injured At Raw | WrestleTalk News May 2017

Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk News! I’m Oli Davis, and I’ll be replying to
as many comments on this video as I can. Last night’s episode of Smackdown – which
you can watch my review of right here on WrestleTalk’s YouTube channel – was notable for several
reasons: Becky Lynch aligned with Charlotte and Naomi, Kevin Owens recaptured the United
States Championship, and Chris Jericho was written off television with injury so he can
tour with Adam Rose’s old ring entrance. But the night wasn’t done with the just
televised broadcast. In Smackdown’s dark match for the live crowd
only, AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura shared the same ring for the first time since their
New Japan matches in January 2016, tagging with Randy Orton to defeat the fearsome team
of Erick Rowan, Jinder Mahal and Dolph Ziggler. Styles and Nakamura apparently references
AJ’s Bullet Club past, giving each other the ‘Too Sweet’ hand gesture before the
match got underway. AJ also appeared on last night’s Talking
Smack, and because Daniel Bryan was away for Brie Bella’s impending birth, Styles had
to give zero f**** in his place. When talking to Renee Young and Shane McMahon,
AJ stopped himself when he was about to speak. Young encouraged him to continue, so Styles
cut loose: “You want me to say it? SmackDown makes them, Raw takes them! We make superstars over here, that is what
we do! You try to clean us out, we’re gonna build
somebody up, we’re gonna put them on the spot, and – guess what? – if you want a superstar,
this is where they’re made.” AJ’s comments are seemingly in reference
to last month’s Superstar Shake-Up, where a number of Raw wrestlers were sent to Smackdown
to have their characters overhauled. The Colóns and Jinder Mahal were jobbers
on Raw, but since their move to Tuesday nights, they’re now challenging for the brand’s
top titles. And that wasn’t the only material drawing
from real life last night. Shortly before Noam Dar recaptured 205 Live’s
mid-card title, Alicia Fox, Corey Graves defended the Scottish Supernova on commentary: “It’s
not like Noam was sending DMs on Instagram to people that he shouldn’t have been. There’s nothing, you know [laughs], embarrassing
about what he’s done.” Sitting next to Corey on commentary during
that moment? Tom Phillips, who had his private messages
leaked earlier this year. Let’s just remind ourselves how embarrassing
that was: “I’m in my seat with a massive erection. And a 4 hours flight ahead. I’m going to face f*** the s*** out of you.” It seems not all the Smackdown wrestlers in
the company can stop Raw’s ratings decline, though. Monday’s episode averaged 2.87 million viewers,
not only the lowest of 2017 so far, but also the lowest non-holiday, non-football season
rating for 20 years. Which is a shame considering the show’s
excellent main event – a match most likely responsible for a very impressive 48% Cor
rating from all of you, with 41% agreeing with me at AvRAWge. Payback fared almost as favourably, with 62%
of you rating it Cor. It appears as though – while nothing serious
– Bayley picked up a nasty looking injury during the eight woman tag match on Monday’s
episode, posting an image on Snapchat showing a large gash across her neck. Emma confirmed the injury, sharing an image
with the caption “Wish I could take credit for this battle wound!” There’s no word yet on what caused the cut,
but it’s most likely a stray fingernail during a chop. Watch my review of this week’s episode of
Smackdown, where a WWE star seems to have been written off TV. And maybe Raw’s ratings are so low because
they don’t have a Universal Champion right now. Watch my review of Monday’s episode where
I ask: Where is Brock Lesnar? By clicking the videos to the left, and subscribe. I’ve been Oli Davis, and that was wrestling.

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