#AskNASA ┃ Special Episode #AskBrad

#AskNASA ┃ Special Episode #AskBrad

I watched our astronauts up in the space
station on YouTube, how they function in zero-g, to try to to mirror some of them.
The Peter Pan production where you’re hanging from wires, so basically what
they did with me was just strap me up to the ceiling and then have me spin until
I got nauseous to find out where that threshold was, so we wouldn’t be doing
that on set in a giant spacesuit. Well it’s hard to beat Armstrong’s message, so good luck. I don’t have any… I can’t top that. Huh. I’ll settle with the Moon right now. I’m older, you know, I don’t want to be gone that long. I like my comforts. I’m going Moon. If i was going to the Moon right now and I get one item to take with me, I’m taking my music, period. I think space is, so fascinating for, certainly for cinema because it’s so unknown. There’s so much
we don’t know. It’s, for one our universe is ever-expanding, it’s infinite.
I mean, these are concepts already that are beyond our understanding.
It’s wide open for invention, it’s the great unknown and how will it define us
and how will we define ourselves with it that makes it so right for storytelling. Hey I’ve got a few questions for NASA. If I may. First question I was wondering:
when are we going back to the Moon? There’s no water on the Moon, is there?
Really? Okay, I heard this rumor there’s something about water being on the Moon, could that possibly be true? Thanks Brad! We’ll answer these questions and more in our new series, Ask NASA. If you have questions like Brad,
use the hashtag #AskNASA.

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  1. Those who can, do, those who wanna be, act— Those who can't do either become critics. 🙂 Meanwhile, there's not "liquid" water on the moon, but evidence points to there being frozen H2O (ice) on the dark side, inside the deeper craters. Where there's ice, there's the potential to convert to liquid (or create "mooncrete" for building, for example.) The largest potential for H2O, however, is for liquid hydrogen used in combination with liquid oxygen as fuel for space missions. (The gravity well of the moon is only 1/6th that of the Earth's, making space travel 6 times easier!)

  2. Do you think exoplanets likewise to earth elsewhere, occurred similar to that of the occurrence of a orbital planet like mars to hit Theia on a larger or smaller scale. If so, would the galaxy support such a planet to become prime in supporting life, concerning radioactivity and the abundance of certain stars to support that planet?

  3. You have been discovering new things and acknowledging us with them ….I am really happy knowing these new things …… Okay my question is :- How you people are so patient and observing the things so keenly … ? I wanted to know the successful people behind these successful glories ? How do they work …. ? Do they people live like the way we live ?
    Thank you hope I get my answers 😘

  4. My question is "Why Nasa ha not posted Chadrayan 2 photoes after taking image from their orbiter?Or they are not capable to take pictures of chandrayan-2.?

  5. When is somebody going to go back to the moon to set up a base? It would help dispel the conspiracy theories. Also, how can you become an astronaut

  6. Why is the effect of gravity on Earth and other planets always implying that they're being drawn down… you know… that southerly direction? Doesn't gravity act upon on the orb or sphere equally in all directions? So why isn't the representation of space being bent by gravity up and down as well as simply down?

  7. Dear NASA, They would send a message to astro, cosmic and other astronauts. Message: I think a lot about you, and as you travel around the earth, this love of the earth overcomes your desire for home.

  8. So now that the military has confirmed that UFO ‘s do exist ,what happens now .were they able too back engineer the power supply for the anti-grav emitter. ?

  9. Do you think IR light could be used to create a layer of H2O3; using nano-tubes the purified water could be separated?
    (Think Ink Jet Printer but in reverse).

  10. What about using a preheated cylindrical container immersed in strong magnetic fields to melt the ice on the moon and Mars converting the thermal energy into electricity?

  11. I am engineer and I parsed your published material, on your site. I found a lot of evidence that you have a lot of lies about Moon landing. I do ask nothing you because what you do IS NOT SCIENCE. Shame to you!

  12. Thanks for your answer.can you go to the Jupiter,Venus??Moon,Mars whats your next mission??? Mars day by day colour changes,its true??? NASAs all scientist all the best.

  13. I have a theory about the super earth or something so what if just like how you guys predict the destruction of the red giant and that earths life years are over there’s no life I think no water and then our earth is in the middle of its life or that might be the sun and that earths years is almost over before its destruction so maybe there was life for more advanced then our technology.

  14. Dang ever since Nasa Spacex got that grammy Nasa been going hard. They got that Emmy fever. I love it you guys need more communication with the public like SpaceX does, everyone loves you and your work, we're all in this together especially since you're where our taxes go. God bless!

  15. In my current study about Planets. Scientifically or Astrologically, in both ways am understanding them how they connect with a humans & how they effect us physically, mentally, emotionally & even spiritually. It really helped me understanding scientifically by watching Nasa's videos 🚀about Universe🌌 But when yes practical knowledge is the best thing to learn than theoretical one… Why not if got chance would love to these planets with my hand✋ as I believe in Human touch i.e Humanity…💓

  16. NASA and other experts have declared that astronauts have as yet been unable to cross the Van Allen Radiation Belt or pass out of low earth orbit. What is the story of how we did that in the past with no radiation protection? How will these barriers eventually be overcome?

  17. Dear esteemed future counterparts,
    I wish to know How can I contact you about my space theories. Please reply to this as soon as possible because I am deciding my career for sure at NASA.
    Thanking you
    Your aspirant from India
    Aditya Sharma

  18. Aye nasa how would we schedule the activity of the astronauts traveling to mars. Will they have similar exercise sleep eat experiment kinda schedule like the iss

  19. can they stop a womans period due to less blood in space an loss of blood would be a problem how dose nasa controle the blood loss in a bathroom or in space in zero g if you have less blood flow to the heart and the heart muscles work less getting weak do they have longer recovery time on earth ? or work less exersize more or pass out entering earth from space ?

  20. I have a question……….can NASA ,ISRO ,and all remaining space research organisation work together……….if these will possible then we can get 50x more success

  21. I need an experiments small room in the space not filled nor emptied just a closed room with space inviroment I.e
    The door is normally open then closed on what ever is up thief a droune with a any voice player another drone with a record never to touch the walls never touch each other will the recorder record the voice played

  22. I like to ask if I may, does NASA keep video footage from all the Unidentified Flying Objects as seen on LIVE FEED or other missions? I am for NASA and it's goal to seek places to expand the possibilities to secure a safe planet for the Future of Mankind, however, it looks like our COSMIC COUSINS have already secured a habitable planet for themselves. Thanks for any and all replies.

  23. What are all this UFO's we can see arround the earth on " Martyn Stubbs You tube channel " and "LunaCognita "( and on many others) ? You are pretending that they are ice particules or space debris, but it's moving, turning, zigzaging ,accelerating or slowing down ! Can we have the real answer we are deserving ? Thank you ! (Sorry for my poor english )
    Bonjour de France les amis ✌😉👍🇫🇷

  24. I have a question for NASA, if I may…if we are supposedly storming Area 51 for aliens, why not hit NASA's HQ first? Seems like there'd be less human guns and if they use space weapons, well question answered, problem solved, call it a day and we go home early.

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