BIG WWE Star INJURED & RETIRING Soon? | WrestleTalk News Sept. 2017

BIG WWE Star INJURED & RETIRING Soon? | WrestleTalk News Sept. 2017

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– I’m Oli Davis. Premier Video Game Character
To unveil the next batch of playable characters for WWE 2K18 on IGN’s website, Renee Young
and Corey Graves were joined by Tyler Breeze and a very dance-focused Fandango – announcing
current stars like Shinsuke Nakamura and Brock Lesnar, alongside enduring legends like Typhoon. But sadly, not everyone made the most recent
cut. PWInsider have made a list of all those not
yet announced for the game, which include The Hardy Boyz, James Ellsworth and Lana. They could later feature as downloadable characters,
but poor Tony Nese will have to wait a few years for technology to catch up with him:
“Sorry folks, they haven’t created a game engine powerful enough to render a body like
mine yet. #WWE2K18 @WWEgames #PremierAthlete 💪”
Big Show Injured & Retiring Soon? Monday’s episode of Raw was main evented
by Braun Strowman and The Big Show in a steel cage – a terrific super heavyweight clash
that saw Big Show do an elbow off the top rope and get powerslammed through the side
of the cage. It appears this angle was to write The Giant
off television for a scheduled operation, with Pro Wrestling Sheet’s James McKenna
tweeting before the show: “just a fyi – hearing big show is getting
surgery for a slight hip issue very very soon. expect a braun mauling finish tonight. #RAW”
Sadly, Big Show might be off for more than just the time it takes for him to recover. Cage Side Seats are reporting a rumour – so
do take this with a pinch of salt – that the surgery could mean the end of his in-ring
career with WWE, although a retirement match isn’t out of the question. Show had previously hinted he’ll retire
from competition when his contract expires in February next year. Possibly supporting this are two out-of-character
tweets from WWE heels praising babyface Big Show, first from Kevin Owens:
“One of the very few t-shirts that I bought as a kid and went out of my way to keep… Let it be known, @WWETheBigShow is the man.” – with a picture of him holding up the vintage
merch And another message from his Raw main event
opponent Strowman, who posted on Instagram: “I tip my hat to you #BigShow you brought
the fight to me every time and have pushed me to dig deeper and deeper to find a way
to beat you and I thank you because you brought 100% of the monster out in me!!!!!!” Raw Rating
Sadly, Big Show’s potential last match didn’t draw a big rating for the Labor Day edition
of Raw, with the show pulling in 2.92 million viewers – the first time below 3 million in
two months. But far more important are your ratings! 66% of you agreed with me with Cor, while
24% thought it was AvRAWge. Could WWE be buying TNA? And is Vince McMahon unhappy with Smackdown? Click the videos to the left to find out,
press subscribe and support WrestleTalk on Patreon. I’ve been Oli Davis, and that was wrestling.

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Bring the Smoke to WrestleMania

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100 Replies to “BIG WWE Star INJURED & RETIRING Soon? | WrestleTalk News Sept. 2017”

  1. I mean, when is Vince EVER happy with ANYTHING that he isn't in 100% control of, his baby RAW, or BIG SWEATY MEN?! Smackdown suffers because of this… and now some of RAW are feeling it too. :/

  2. Big show is pretty cool. Hardly ever wins, but goddamn can he hit some power moves! Even the mighty brogue kick is puny in comparison!

  3. Know what I am gonna do when I get 2k18 set Roman to heel immediately and then get bored after a week of it the 2k wrestling games just feel like I am playing the same game over and over

  4. Lots of respect for Big Show for jumping from the top rope at that age and lets not forget that he's a really big man. A lot of people make fun of Big Show but you should really think about how long he's been wrestling and he can still pull out something like that. I'm a small guy, 27 years old and weigh about 140 pounds but jumping from the top rope would be too much for me. I couldn't do it. People don't understand how much it takes from someone that big to do that and they make fun of him. He's a living legend risking his health and even his life and he has even cried on TV and has been humiliated in numerous ways. I bet there's not a single person in the comment section that could do all that for two decades.

  5. Oh hell no, Big Show deserves one more WWE Champ run, or at least let him win something like Royal Rumble or I dont know….

  6. 2k18 better have a good career mode this time. I'm not wasting 60 to 80 dollars on a copy and paste game.

  7. Big Show didn't HINT at anything, he flat out said it…He'll be retiring from in ring competition when his contract comes up in February 2018.

  8. February? Why not just wait another month or two for Wrestlemania? As much shit as Big Show gets from both the WWE (namely the bookers and whoever keeps turning him heel and face every other month), and the fans, I think he deserves to go out with one last Wrestlemania match.

  9. That cage match was good enough to have been a main event at a PPV. Sad thing for is nowing that Show needs a hip surgery and he took 2 GIANT bumps to his…hip. Diving elbow and being tossed out of the cage/ring. #RespectBigShow

  10. Big show was shit..if and only if he worked on his athletic skills..sadly when he did it was too late..he could be star but ended up being mediocre at best
    Hope Braun won't screw himself

  11. Everyone has been chanting "PLEASE RETIRE" at Big Show for the past few years and now that he may actually be retiring, now everyone is sad? lol

  12. If that was big shows retirement match, it was nothing to be ashamed of, it was a hell of a match and he certainly look like someone who need slight hip surgery during it.

  13. Ummmm apparently Big Shows contract ends in late February and they said he might stick around for a wrestlemania retirement match

  14. He's stated that he wasn't planning to renew in February, but might try to extend it for one last match in WrestleMania.

  15. Here's the thing with Big Show:
    He WILL FOR SURE have a Wrestlemania match this year as a send-off..
    And he's absolutely like Andre The Giant where he can just come do special one-off matches at 'Mania and SummerSlam and we'd wanna see it.

  16. I've got a bad hip. I think I'll jump about 10 feet just to elbow a guy. I call it, the suicide elbow. Now had I landed on him, might actually have hurt him more than me. But I enjoy this move almost as much as swan diving into an empty pool.

  17. To be honest, Big Show spends more time injured or recovering from operations than he does in the ring these days, so it really is time to call it quits.

  18. He went out' the same way he came in literally remember his interferance in stone cold mcmahon cage match with the stone cold cage spot

  19. I am probably alone in saying I was honestly disappointed at Tony Nese not being included in the game… They could have at least bothered putting in the entire 205 Live roster that they debuted with. It's not like the roster has expanded since (besides Enzo)…

  20. I honestly think that the only reason WWE are getting the Undertaker to wrestle again is because all the fans literally hate Reigns for "retiring" the beloved Undertaker (and reminding us in every promo). If their plan is to get Reigns over then bringing Taker back ticks one of the things off of the list. Either that or the Undertaker himself is sick to death of constantly hearing Roman say"I'm the man that retired the Undertaker" because i have to admit,i'm sick to death of hearing him say it. It would be so funny if that is the reason and because Taker has so much influence with WWE/Vince he comes back and defeats Reigns to get his revenge and shut him the heck up! If Taker kicks Romans arse we will never hear those sad,pathetic words come out of Romans mouth again.Fingers crossed! If Takers coming back to fight Cena i just can't see the point.The really over older guys should be fighting the younger guys to help get them get over with the fans, not each other (which does absolutely nothing for either of them), surely this is just common sense booking?

  21. Big Show has been boring for years, booked terribly, and puts me to sleep with his endless head butts and chest slaps. This was a good match, even though it included several needless climbing attempts instead of just walking out the cage (but all steel cage matches have those). Let him retire with the memory of this good match, or else we'll see him brought back to feud with Big Cass again….

  22. When Big Show retires all the people who chanted "please retire" are gonna be the same fuckers crying when he retires and beg him for one more match.

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