Cain Velasquez Vs Brock Lesnar At WWE Crown Jewel 2019 Sasha Banks The Fiend Injured Wrestling News

Cain Velasquez Vs Brock Lesnar At WWE Crown Jewel 2019 Sasha Banks The Fiend Injured Wrestling News

Here’s your news for
October 9 2019 We’re kicking off with Monday
Night RAW today, as the red
brand had a tall order after the controversial end to
Hell in a Cell that had many
fans ticked off. Unfortunately, this week’s show
started off, not with Universal
Champion Seth Rollins or The
Fiend, but instead with a
recap of the Rusev Lana and Bobby Lashley
from last week. After the recap, Randy Orton
and Baron Corbin attacked the
Bulgarian, and though Rusev fought them off, that was when
Lashley’s face appeared on
the titantron. Wearing Rusev’s robe, it
seemed the Almighty was
in Rusev’s house and even climbed into
bed with Lana. Sharing the bed with Lashley,
Lana said how everything of
Rusev’s now belongs to her, and that the former US Champion
shouldn’t have been sending
money back home to Bulgaria. Taking off her bra, Lana climbed
under the covers with Lashley,
and though Rusev didn’t find this funny, two people who
did were Orton and Corbin. Furious, the Bulgarian Brute
would attack both men, launching
the King into the steps, and giving the Viper a fallaway slam
into the barricade, much to the
delight of the crowd. Fans will remember that last
week’s RAW ended with Lana
and Lashley making out for an uncomfortable amount of time,
and though many assumed
WWE would address the Hell in a Cell main event,
that wasn’t the case. In fact, the company went almost
the entire show without
acknowledging the match, with neither Rollins nor Wyatt
being on the show. Rollins’ fiance Becky Lynch was
there but wasn’t asked about
Seth, and the company only give a quick video
package near the end
of the broadcast, a sign that the company
knows they seriously
messed up.

While neither Rollins nor the
Fiend appeared on RAW, one
man who did was Boxing star Tyson Fury, who fans first saw
on WWE TV on last week’s
SmackDown premiere on FOX. After Braun Strowman threw
Dolph Ziggler into the
barricade where Fury was the irate Englishman would be
forced from the arena after
jumping the barricade but was allowed to speak
his mind last night. Meeting in the ring, Strowman
referenced Fury’s fight against
WBC Heavyweight Champion Deontay Wilder last December,
where Fury got dropped twice,
calling the second 10-count slow. Fury wasn’t going to take this lying
down though, as the former WBA,
WBO and IBF Heavyweight Champ asked Strowman how many
World titles he’s won, which is 0. Eventually, the Gypsy King
would push Strowman into the
ropes, and Braun retaliated with driving Fury to the corner,
as security got in the ring to
separate the two. When that didn’t work, several
wrestlers were able to calm
things down, though, after a Backstage interview, Strowman
would return to the ring as the
show went off the air. It was certainly interesting to see
Fury and Braun go at it, though the
brawl between the two did seem a bit soft, presumably because the
Boxing world doesn’t want to see
Fury get injured, and WWE may may have asked the lineal
Heavyweight champion to pull his punches for his fight with
the Monster Among Men. It’s been a busy month for Fury,
who is coming off a unanimous
decision win over Otto Wallin last month, and is looking for a
potential rematch against Wilder
next year, though Wilder is currently scheduled to defend
his WBC title against Luis Ortiz
in November. Whilst a match against the
Monster Among Men seems likely,
Fury may have to get in line as he isn’t the only person who
wants a piece of Braun Strowman. Speaking to Instinct Culture
recently, WWE Hall of Famer
Goldberg was asked about his dream opponents on the current
roster, and mentioned Braun as
well as Roman Reigns, saying: “You know Roman and Braun are
two guys I’d like to test their metal
a little bit. Georgia vs Georgia Tech, it’s kinda a built-in rivalry, but I’m
good. I’m good. Whoever they
throw in front of me I’ll decimate.” A match pitting Goldberg against
Braun or even Goldberg Vs. Roman
would definitely be a big-money fight, and it could be something
WWE could be considering,
possibly for one of the their Saudi Arabia shows in
the coming years. Speaking of WWE’s Saudi deal,
Cain Velasquez is slated to
work this month’s Crown Jewel against new WWE
Champion Brock Lesnar. Velasquez, who defeated Lesnar
for the UFC Heavyweight title at
UFC 121 in 2010, made his WWE debut on the premiere episode
of SmackDown on FOX though hasn’t signed a deal
with the company just yet. Speaking to ESPN, Velasquez
was asked about other stars
who have competed in both wrestling and MMA, and Cain
responded with mentioning
several stars he’s talked to. “CM Punk I talked to. Ronda I
haven’t, I’ve talked to Travis
[Browne] a little bit. Like in the beginning when I was first
getting started when I was
thinking about getting into it Talking to him he was just really
happy about what Ronda was
doing.” Velasquez also name-dropped
Daniel Cormier, who is also a big
fan of WWE, and got into an altercation with Brock Lesnar
last year at UFC 226. When asked about his talks
with Punk, Velasquez said
he was told to be a team player by the former WWE
World Champion. Having Velasquez sign with WWE
would be a huge scoop for the
company, especially with the growing presence of
AEW, but according to Brad
Shepard, Vince McMahon already has an issue with
the UFC star. Writing on the Oh You Didn’t
Know patreon, Shepard
claimed that McMahon wants Velasquez to tighten up, and
perceives the UFC star the
same way that Jericho does describing Cain as skinny-fat.
Shepard wrote: “The feeling is that he doesn’t
look like a former UFC Heavy
weight Champion right now (where as for example,
Brock Lesnar does).” Shepard also stated that Velasquez
was ready to work on his physique,
but doesn’t have much time to get ripped, as he is slated to face
Lesnar on Halloween night at
Crown Jewel. Whatever happens, it seems
Velasquez is here to stay in
WWE, but time will tell whether we see a trimmer fighter
the next time he’s on screen. Velasquez made his debut on
SmackDown’s premiere on FOX,
and though the show promised a lot of legends, The Rock was
the only one who really got a
chance to perform. On his patreon, Shepard reported
that it was a quote “complete zoo”
backstage during SmacDown and all the extra activity meant
that there was no time for Stone
Cold Steve Austin or The Undertaker to appear,
despite both legends being
advertised. According to Shepard, the pair
handled things professionally,
but might not have been 100% cool
with it, saying: “Austin and Undertaker were
“slightly ticked” off at being
promoted and brought in for the show,
only to not be used.” Speaking of SmackDown, the
final numbers are in for the
FOX debut and unsurprisingly, it was a
massive success. Averaging 3.88 million viewers
during the show, this is one of the
highest numbers the blue brand has done in years, but was to be
expected given the ammount of
advertising that had been done
on NFL broadcasts, as well as
the case of legends who were announced for
the show. Even the Blue Carpet Special
kick-off show, which aired at 7:30
pm in most markets, drew
2.33 million. Whilst the show was a runaway
success for WWE, there was
one segment that stood out, as Shepard
reported: “The opening segment featuring
The Rock and Becky Lynch was
the most-watched segment of the show with over 4 million
viewers turning in during the
first 15 minutes.” The premiere SmackDown on FOX
may have done well, but the question
now is how will WWE be able to keep this success going, as,
after a year of falling viewing figures,
both for TV and live events, the company definitely needs
SmackDown to be a success. Over to RAW now and this week’s
show saw the Viking Raiders defeat
the RAW Tag Team Champions Robert Roode and Dolph
Ziggler in non-title action. Next week, however, the pair will
have a shot to win the gold on
RAW’s draft special, and if successful, this will be the
first championships the pair will
have won since moving up from NXT in April earlier
this year. This week’s show also saw a huge
collision between Natalya and
Lacey Evans, who met in a Last Woman Standing match,
and though the Sassy Southern
Belle put up a valiant fight it was a powerbomb off the stage
that gave the Veteran Canadian
the win. Aleister Black also appeared on
last night’s show, and definitely
showcased his skills ahead of this Friday’s draft, defeating the Singh
brothers in a two-on-one
handicap bout. It was a rough night for the
Cruiserweight division as a whole
however, as shortly after the Singh’s lost, the Lucha House Party
would suffer a similar fate when they
came up short against the OC. The highflying Ricochet faired better
when he took on Apollo Crews on
the show, as in this pre-draft showcase match, it was the
former US Champion who
got the win, and would make a fine addition to either brand
in the future. More tag team action was next on
the show, as RAW Women’s
Champion Becky Lynch teamed with SmackDown Women’s Champion
Charlotte Flair to face the new
WWE Women’s Tag Champions the Kabuki Warriors, in a match
glistening with gold. A match that saw all four women
go to the limit, Asuka would once
again use her green mist, to allow her partner to get the pinfall on
Lynch, but their celebration didn’t
last long, as they were attacked by the former Champions Nikki
Cross and Alexa Bliss. With the Kabuki Warriors
continuing to tease a heel turn,
it’ll be interesting to see where Asuka and Sane go from here,
though their opponents may
want to invest in some goggles to negate the
Empress’ burning green mist. As we’ve discussed, there was
plenty happening on this week’s
RAW, but there were also plenty absences, as both Bray Wyatt
and Sasha Banks were
reportedly not cleared to compete, according to John
Pollock of Post Wrestling. At this time, there are no details
about what is wrong with them,
but it’s likely to do with their respective Hell
in a Cell matches, where both
came up short. It’s unclear when the Fiend will
wrestle again, but that shouldn’t
stop WWE from making more episode of the
Firefly Fun House, if they
wanted to. Speaking of Wyatt, the former
World Champion took to Twitter
after the Hell in a Cell match, showing a gif of a man shrugging,
though we’re not sure whether
Wyatt is making fun of own performance inside the Barbaric
structure, or WWE’s booking as
a whole. And finally today we’re looking at a
story that has gone under the radar
for a while now, as Randy Orton is reportedly itching for a match
against The Rock at Wrestle
Mania 36 in Tampa, Florida. Last week, Orton challenged the
Great One to the bout to determine
the greatest third-generation star of all time, and even though the
Rock replied this week, it
doesn’t seem to be the answer Orton was
looking for. In his tweet, Rock referenced their
respective grandfathers and
fathers who competed long before them, and The Rock said that his
body is still recovering from
WrestleMania 20, where Orton and Evolution defeated The Rock and
Sock Connection in a handicap
match. It definitely feels like The Rock is
trying to shut down the idea of a
match against the Viper, though that may not be his own choice, as
there are plenty of folks in Holly
Hollywood who have invested a
lot of money in him, and don’t
want to see him get injured. While the match may never happen,
a singles bout between the two
would be epic, and would definitely be a match worthy of the biggest
show of the year, WrestleMania 36.

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