Chris Jericho Criticizes WWE! NXT vs AEW Dynamite! WWE Referee Explains HIAC Finish! Wrestling News

Chris Jericho Criticizes WWE! NXT vs AEW Dynamite! WWE Referee Explains HIAC Finish! Wrestling News

Here’s your news for
October 10 2019 We’re starting with some more
news about the main event of
Hell in a Cell, as fans continue to be mad at the ending
between Bray Wyatt and
Seth Rollins. Though fans were mad that the
match ended on a referee
stoppage, AEW Vice President Cody Rhodes recently claimed
that the match was ended be
cause somebody was concussed. According to reports, both Wyatt
and Sasha Banks were not
cleared to compete after the
show, and while we know the
Boss’ suffered a back injury the Fiend’s injury
remains unclear. Whatever Wyatt’s injury was,
he was well enough to appear
in a post-RAW segment attacking Cesaro, and although
he may not wrestle for some
time, Wyatt’s character and the Firefly Funhouse means fans
can still see plenty of The Fiend
without him getting physical. After the main event, Hell in a
Cell 2019 is already being
considered one of the most disappointing Pay Per Views of
all time, and now Rod Zapata
has made his voice heard. Zapata, who was the ref who
stoped the main event,
appeared on WWE’s The Bump, to explain his
actions, saying: “With Bray motionless, and Seth
clearly doing whatever it was going
to take to win that match… I had to think of the competitor’s safety
and at that moment, I did what
I thought was best.” It’s a nice sentiment from Zapata,
though that didn’t stop fans
demanding refunds and chanting AEW to close
out last Sunday’s show. Hopefully WWE will be able to
rebound after this finish, and
while fans are speculating why Wyatt didn’t become
Universal Champion, the
upcoming WWE draft may be a factor, if he’s
moved to Smackdown. As for Wyatt’s opponent Seth
Rollins, the Beastslayer may still
be Universal Champion, but has quickly become of the most
polarizing figures in WWE, both
in the ring and on social media. One man who knows all about
being polarizing is Roman Reigns,
who recently spoke to Sports Illustrated, who said there was a
lot to being the face of WWE and
that his Shield brother is legit. “There is a lot to being the face
of WWE. It’s not only about
being in the ring It’s about how you represent, and
that is a 24-7, 365 job. You’ve got
to be on all the time for 52 weeks a year. But I’m telling
you now, my brother is legit. I was so proud of him and what
he did at SummerSlam against
Brock Lesnar He obviously had one of those
weeks where the Twitter
machine and the Internet went nuts on him, but he bounced
back and answered the call. Is he passionate? God, yes. Is
he blunt? Of course, that’s why
I love him. He doesn’t sugarcoat he’s very honest, and he is
passionate, and he was born
for professional wrestling. “Seth loves the WWE. That’s why
some people misread some of the
things he says or the ways he delivers it, but he does mean well.
He’s a workhorse. Yeah, he’s a
little live at the mouth sometimes but he’s got a heart of gold,
trust me. “Whether he’s on Raw or Smack
Down, the WWE is in good
hands with him as champion.” That live at the mouth attitude
Roman’s referring to may be
referencing Rollins’ Twitter spats with both Sasha Banks
and Will O’Spreay, as well
as battling fans online who want to know WWE
on social media. Hopefully, Rollins will able to
cool off and once again win
the fans over or he could risk become as
loathed as the Big Dog was
back in 2015. It’s clear that the Shield brothers
still have each other’s backs no
matter what, but arguably the most impactful
group of all time in wrestling is
the Kliq. A group who often used their
influence to sway backstage
decisions, the Kliq consisted of Triple H, Shawn Michaels,
Scott Hall, Kevin Nash and
X-Pac, though the group was allegedly supposed to be
much different. During a recent Inside the Ropes
Q&A in Belfast, Bret Hart claimed
that he was once offered to be the leader of the group,
though this was quickly shot
down by several Kliq members. Kevin Nash said it was news to
him, whilst Scott Hall just tweeted
“WRONG” as a response, and Sean Waltman said that a
conversation did happen
between himself, Hall and Bret, but one that
Nash didn’t know about. In response, the former Diesel
said that Bret had told him the
infamous Montreal Screwjob was a work and X-Pac
responded that he heard that
from Vince. This isn’t the only major
statement made by the Hitman
recently, as he claimed that Bill Goldberg shouldn’t
be in the WWE Hall of Fame. Though Goldberg has had
success in both WWE and WCW,
Bret said how the career-ending injury he suffered at the hands
of Goldberg at Starrcade
1999 should have disqualified him from receiving
the accolade. Despite what Bret believes, it
doesn’t look like Goldberg is
getting kicked out of the elite group anytime soon, and
nothing short of a massive
scandal like Hulk Hogan in 2015 will
see him get ejected. From two Hall of Famers to a
man guaranteed to join them
one day, as The Rock took time out of his busy schedule this
way to praise the new NWA
Powerrrr show. The show, which premiered
earlier this week, features Jim
Cornette as an announcer and after a stellar performance,
the Brahma Bull sent out a
congratulatory tweet to Cornette for giving the
show a vintage feel. Despite his major success in
Hollywood, the Rock hasn’t
forgotten his wrestling background, and referencing
NWA Powerrr to the millions
(and millions) of his followers will definitely
be good for the new show. Back to WWE now and Luke
Harper has certainly got fans
talking in a very unique way. On Twitter, Harper changed his
bio for the site, and claimed that
WWE threatened to fine him but said the company was cool
with NXT stars cussing on
Twitter. A huge accusation by the former
Intercontinental Champion, this
is only the latest story of Harper being unhappy, as just
last month he complained about
never receiving merch and earlier this year tried to
leave the company but was
denied. The current belief is that Harper
is yet to sign a new contract,
and although he is currently teaming with Erick
Rowan, only time will tell how
long this partnership lasts. Over to NXT now, and this
week’s episode on the USA
Network saw a new Cruiserweight
Champion be crowned. In the show’s opening match,
Lio Rush captured the title
from Drew Gulak, getting the pinfall after a frog splash,
springboard stunner and
second frog splash combo. There was a post-match angle
where NXT GM William Regal
tried to award the title to the Man of the Hour, only to
be blocked by Gulak, who
handed the title over himself, shaking Rush’s hand and
indicating a face turn. Rush returned to TV after
months away on the September
18th edition of NXT and became the number one
contender by defeating
Oney Lorcan. That’s not the only major change
to happen for the Purple title,
as the gold is now known as the NXT
Cruiserweight Championship,
so fans should expect to see more 205 Live competitors on
NXT in the coming months. Now, WWE is known for its
dramatic storylines, but in
the case of Corey Graves, his drama didn’t take place
on-screen. Currently in a relationship with
Carmella, their relationship
got off to a rocky start when Graves’ ex-wife aired all
their dirty laundry, and though
it would be later revealed that Graves and his wife had been
separated for months, that didn’t stop
Carmella from receiving a lot of heat. During the latest episode of Total
Divas, the controversy was the
main focus of the show and Carmella revealed just how
bad things had gotten to the
commentator saying: “Why the f**k would she go on
social media and put that out
there? I’m not kidding This is not OK. I’m not OK
right now. Literally, I’m
getting death threats.” No Superstar should be receiving
death threats by fans and this
was clearly an overreaction in a lot of ways, so we’d like to
hope that the negativity has
now become a thing of the past. We’re looking at AEW next, and
whilst the new promotion and
WWE have said that there isn’t a war, Vince Mc
Mahon didn’t seem to get
the memo. Fans may recall that at the first
Dynamite show, Kevin Smith
and Jason Mewes of Jay and Silent Bob fame appeared
to promote the show and their
new film but that this had some serious
ramifications down the line. Speaking on the Rich Eisen
show for Bleacher Report,
Smith said that the duo was also supposed to appear
on last week’s premiere of
SmackDown on FOX but this was canceled after
they were spotted on AEW
programming. “We were supposed to go do
WWE, me and Jay (on Friday
for SmackDown)… Then that morning (after
Dynamite) we were told that
WWE was like ‘you can’t come on anymore’ and they
canceled us.” Despite the majority of WWE’s
roster hoping AEW is a success,
it seems like Vince McMahon is still treating this as a war, much
like the one he fought with WCW
all those years ago. And finally, we’re looking at the
second episode of AEW
Dynamite, which had a lot to live up to after last
week’s premiere. Flanked by his new entourage,
AEW World Champion Chris Jericho
addressed the crowd in Boston and recapped last week’s main
event, which saw him and four
heels demolish the faces. Referring to the group as the
“Inner Circle” Jericho spoke
highly of all his cohorts saying that Sammy Guevara is
a sexy heartthrob, who is on
his list. Moving on to Santana and Ortiz,
the Champ said that he personally
recruited them to AEW and that he appreciates they’re
back-alley brutish behavior,
which is why they made his list. Finishing with Jake Hager, who
made his AEW debut last week,
the appearance of the former Jack Swagger got a big We the People
chant from the crowd, much to
the dismay of Y2J. Telling the fans that We the People
was a bad idea from a bad creative
team, Jericho focused on Hager’s undefeated record in Bellator, an
obvious reason why he was
recruited to the inner circle. While Jericho may be even smugger
than usual, he’ll have his work cut
out for him next week, when he takes on Darby Allin, in what will be
the Champ’s first title defense since
winning the gold at All Out in August, where he defeated
Hangman Page. Allin defeated Jimmy Havoc to
earn a shot at the gold, and
despite Jericho being currently scheduled to face Cody Rhodes
on November 9th at Full Gear,
the card could change if Allin shocks the world and
becomes the new AEW
Champion next week. In the main event of the show,
Jericho teamed with Guevara to
defeat Hangman Page and Dustin Rhodes in a clear message to
Allin, but it was the 26 year old
star who had the last laugh. After the Inner Circle attacked Page
and Rhodes post-match, several
stars tried to stop them including Dustin’s brother
Cody as well as MJF. When the Young Bucks got involved,
however, Jericho tried to escape,
only to be stopped by Allin who rode in on a skateboard, which
he used to lay out the AEW World
Champion. Ending the show with Allin, the
Rhodes brothers, the Bucks
and Page standing tall it seems at Allin has found a
group to neutralise the
Inner Circle so expect big things from
next week’s title match. Although this week’s Dynamite
was Inner Circle-heavy, there was
plenty more to the show, as Jon Moxley defeated Shawn Spears
in a battle of the recent WWE
releases. A match that saw Spears’ manager
Tully Blanchard get involved, the
legend did get some digs in on Moxley, throwing him into the
steps, but even that didn’t
stop the former WWE Champion hitting the
Deathrider for the pin. Post-match, Kenny Omega
appeared with a barbed wire
sweeping brush that he encouraged Moxley to use, but
was quckly dealt with by PAC,
who had been on commentary. Leaving the desk, PAC would
blindisde with a chair, and
after Moxley refused to use the weapon, the Cleaner
was left down as the duo
walked to the back.

This week’s show also saw
Women’s division action, as
the new AEW Women’s Champion Riho continued
her winning ways. After capturing the vacant title
in a match with Nyla Rose last
week, Riho teamed with Britt Banker to take on
Bea Priestly and Emi Sakura. With Baker getting the submission
with over Sakura with the Mandible
claw, AEW has continued to protect it’s women’s Champion,
who now currently boats a 5-1
record in the company.
If last week’s episode of Dynamite
was the big premiere of AEW on
TNT, this week’s episode really felt like the show finding it’s brand,and
given the quality of the matches
and the angles, fans should expect another fantastic show next week,
when the AEW World
Championship will be on the line.

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