Daniel Bryan Hopes For 2018 Wrestling Return! BIG WWE Return Announced! | WrestleTalk News May 2017

Daniel Bryan Hopes For 2018 Wrestling Return! BIG WWE Return Announced! | WrestleTalk News May 2017

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if you would be so kind. Now to the actual news! In an interview with Inside The Ropes, seemingly
recorded over Wrestlemania weekend, Kenny McIntosh asked Daniel Bryan when his contract
is up with WWE – health depending – will he give management the ultimatum: either let
me wrestle for you, or I’ll go and wrestle somewhere else. “Yeah. I understand why they won’t let me wrestle. It’s a liability thing. It’s also they’re trying to protect me
and that sort of thing. But there’s good reason to believe that
I should be able to wrestle…so we’ll see in a year and a half what happens.” Which means it’s time for a long overdue
update on how many f**** Daniel Bryan gives! The Superstar Shake-Up has taken place. Wrestlemania 33 has come and gone. Has that made him care one bit…no, it’s
zero everybody. It’s still zero! A lot can change between now and when Bryan’s
WWE contract expires next year, though. Things like, the birth of your baby daughter. Earlier this week, Brie Bella gave birth to
their first child Birdie, where Vince McMahon immediately seemed to sign her to a developmental
contract, calling her the “newest addition to the WWE family”. Expect a photo with Triple H doing this pose
next to her soon. But the WWE Chairman wasn’t the only authority
figure trying to book Birdie’s future wrestling career, with Kurt Angle also now congratulating
the couple: “Congrats @WWEDanielBryan & Brie @BellaTwins
on their newborn baby girl. We may never wrestle each other but our daughters
will!! #WMania54”
Despite only leaving WWE on last week’s Smackdown Live to go on tour with his band
Fozzy, Chris Jericho has already had his WWE return announced. On their official website, WWE are advertising
Jericho for their Japan dates on Friday 30th June and Saturday 1st July. This would fit in with when Fozzy’s tour
ends, who have dates through May and early June. But I wouldn’t get too excited for the upteenth
coming of Y2J just yet. Jericho won the United States championship
at Payback, meaning he was added to Smackdown Live. But all the other currently listed wrestlers
for the Japan tour – aside from NXT’s Hideo Itami – are on the Raw roster. And in the past, Jericho has been known to
join WWE just for the overseas tours, particularly in the Far-East, as Japan was where he first
started making a name for himself in the 90s. While the announcement confirms Jericho’s
return to WWE, I expect it to be just for these two house shows rather than coming back
to weekly television on a full-time basis. Speaking of Japan, I strongly recommend you
subscribe to New Japan World over the next few days, as this year’s Best of the Super
Juniors tournament begins next Wednesday 17th, which will see, amongst others, Jushin Thunder
Liger, ACH, Dragon Lee, Hiromu Takahashi, Kota Ibushi (who’s wrestling as Tiger Mask
IV), KUSHIDA, Volador Jr, my favourite wrestler in the world right now Marty Scurll, Ricochet
and last year’s winner Will Ospreay. Those last two are booked against each other
for Thursday, following their 2016 match which broke the wrestling Internet. WWE have apparently asked John Cena to return
to help Smackdown’s low ratings, and a WWE star has taken a shot at CM Punk over Twitter. Click the videos to the left to find out more,
press subscribe, and visit WrestleTalk’s Patreon page to donate, where you can watch
this weekend’s WrestleRamble episode a day early. I’ve been Oli Davis, and that was wrestling.

100 Replies to “Daniel Bryan Hopes For 2018 Wrestling Return! BIG WWE Return Announced! | WrestleTalk News May 2017”

  1. Anyone else beginning to feel disappointed that Miz vs Daniel Bryan might not actually happen?

  2. I just hope Jericho will be at the WWE Australia Tour. He's my favourite and this will be my first main roster show. I saw nxt live last year in Australia and it was awesome.

  3. This arey three dream matches.

    1. Shinesuke Nakamura vs Daniel Bryan
    2. Aj Styles vs Daniel Bryan
    3. Finn Balor vs Daniel Bryan

  4. Mannnn i would love to buy a merchandise of Ollie where it says
    "It's still zero ! "
    ollie you have found you're legendary catchphrase
    i'm already a big fan of you.
    Now i'm gonna scream that every time i receive my marks from my math test. 🙂 thank you ollie you are a true hero

  5. I don't always hit the like button because I honestly forget to but I watch you constantly and I do get your notifications. one day I will afford to be a patreon and pay you back for all the news! Lol thanks for the great entertainment

  6. So its not a wrestling return then. Fuck off with the clickbait.

    And Ibushi is Tiger Mask W not Tiger Mask IV.

  7. If Daniel Bryan returns to wrestling in the WWE, got to be for a feud with the Miz, who will have to return to Smackdown.

  8. Is wrestle talk tv just like what culture a company in England or is it just one guy in front of a green screen

  9. He really shouldn't. He needs to stop and enjoy his family and be able to play with his little girl. Instead of breaking again and risking even more severe injury which will likely happen if he returns and hinder his physical interaction with his family. Just don't Bryan. Enjoy your family and life.

  10. Lol I love! love! The Daniel Bryan how many f's does he give this week. Congratulations to him and Brie. And wherever he goes I'm watching.

  11. if daniel bryan can come back Corey Graves should get another shot! he was in the nxt class that is on top of the main roster

  12. So, can someone explain to me why the tournament is called "Best of the Super Juniors", yet Jushin Thunder Liger is involved (who has been wrestling for over 30 years)…

    Or does the term "junior" mean something else in Japan?

  13. If DB is really gonna comeback i just hope he doesn't get anymore concussion i want to see him wrestle but i don't wanna see him end his life or become a psycho like benoit

  14. I love Daniel but I'd rather not have him wrestle and end up like Chris Benoit. You know, with the whole fucked up mind thing

  15. when i hear will o'spray and riccochet in the same sentence i cringe…..i hate those wanna be stunt double shit they do

  16. The next episode will be great with Marty Scurll who joins the bullet club and fired Adam Cole ,the IWGP US title…

  17. Jericho is going to Japan with the raw brand? Good chance we'll get a Talk'n Shop out of this. Fingers crossed.

  18. Oh my god, is he gonna talk about Shelton Benjamin or what, WHEN IS HE COMING BACK, FUCKING TELL US OLI

  19. I love your channel.

    I don't love when you put potential spoilers in the title. who am I to critique, though? ijs, "Big WWE return" was enough to get the click. ijs…..ijs


  20. It's just you oli?
    Did you takeover from the knobheads in a studio? Did you buy them out?
    What happened to them?
    I remember seeing wrestletalk on the short lived wrestling channel on sky! It introduced me to TNA (when it was newish) and ring of honor!
    I saw the likes of cm punk, Samoa joe, American dragon for the first time!
    However after a year or two, it descended into old black and white b-movies during the day, quickly taking over more and more of the channel until the it disappeared entirely, dying an awful death!
    Those 2 knobheads with their version of wrestletalk didn't help! They were wrestletalk as recently as 2013!
    So wtf happened?
    You, on your own are vastly superior than knobs who think they are funny boring us and wrestlers in shoots for about an hour!
    Wrestleramble with luke is also infinitely better and having a backdrop isn't going in raw specific or trademark so they and their fans, of which I'm one, can fuck off with moaning about gimmick infringement FFS!

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