Dean Ambrose LEAVING WWE?! AEW TEASE Kenny Omega Debut! | WrestleTalk News Jan. 2019

Dean Ambrose LEAVING WWE?! AEW TEASE Kenny Omega Debut! | WrestleTalk News Jan. 2019

Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk News,
I am Luke Owen. Headline: Bea Priestley Turns Down WWE Offer? Next Thursday sees All Elite Wrestling’s
next rally – which will be a ticket announcement pool party for their Double or Nothing show
which takes place on May 25th. The rally will take place MGM Grand Hotel,
with Brandi Rhodes posting on Twitter that she could be bringing more of the female talent
they’ve signed with the company to the event. Following the last AEW rally in Jacksonville,
it was reported that WWE were aggressively trying to sign up a lot of female wrestling
talent from around the world to boost their own division and – more importantly – stop
them signing elsewhere. It was reported last week that WWE had signed
British wrestling stars Kay Lee Ray and Viper, but a new report says another popular star
on the independent scene has actually turned down a WWE offer in order to sign with All
Elite Wrestling instead. Dave Meltzer has reported on Wrestling Observer
Radio that AEW have signed Bea Priestley – who has wrestled all over the world and held titles
in various promotions like Defiant and WOS WrestlinG]. Priestley is also the real-life girlfriend
of NEVER Openweight Champion Will Ospreay, but the current speculation is that Ospreay
will not be signing with AEW and will instead sign a new deal with New Japan. If this report is to be believed, and Meltzer
is pretty much on the money with his AEW reports, we will likely see Priestley at the AEW rally
next Thursday. Headline: AEW Tease Kenny Omega Debut Someone else who most likely will be at that
Ticket Announcement Party is former IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kenny Omega – who has been heavily
linked to All Elite Wrestling since it’s announcement at the start of this year. While many have been expecting an announcement
of Omega joining AEW since it was reported his New Japan contract was expiring either
at the end of January or the start of February – many fans speculated that Kenny could show
up at WWE’s Royal Rumble because, well we’re wrestling fans and that’s what we do. But the idea that Kenny Omega will be signing
on the dotted line with All Elite Wrestling and not WWE seems to be more reality than
speculative fantasy going by the end of this week’s Being The Elite – which featured
a post credits scene where Matt Jackson was talking to a mysterious person who recently
lost their phone. And wait… didn’t Kenny Omega lose his
phone last week? Revealing at the end that OH MY there’s
an app that helps you with wedding planning! Oh, right the timer. And yes,it’s counting down to February 7th
2019 – the same day as AEW’s Ticket Announcement Party at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Hmmmm… And get yourselves ready, as we’re about
to head into Speculation Station. Last week it was reported that current Raw
Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey could be leaving WWE following WrestleMania 35 – not because
her contract was up but because she wanted to start a family and needed the time off
to do that. But according to Pro Wrestling Torch – who
have over three decades of wrestling reporting and a very solid track record – there is another
big name leaving WWE after WrestleMania. Headline: Dean Ambrose Leaving WWE? Wade Keller of Pro Wrestling Torch is reporting,
“Dean Ambrose has given his notice to WWE [and] he will be finishing up when his current
contract expires at the end of April. He broke the news to management this weekend,
including directly in a meeting with Vince McMahon, after being offered a new contract
and a raise weeks ago.” Keller writes in his report that Ambrose has
been “long frustrated with the creative direction of his character” and that he
“reached a breaking point recently.” The report says that Ambrose has told WWE
that he is not interested in negotiating the matter further, with Keller speculating that
WWE could write him out of storylines before WrestleMania, which he argues explains his
unceremonious elimination from the Royal Rumble and his clean loss to Seth Rollins on Raw. Keller’s source says that one of Ambrose’s
biggest gripes in the company is that he “hates hokey s**t” and a lot of his character has
been built on that as of late. Speaking about the subject on Wrestling Observer
Radio Dave Meltzer – who as of now is not backing up the report but certainly believes
it could be true – has said that Ambrose being frustrated makes sense as, “He doesn’t like
doing scripted interviews and he gets mad when he has to do hokey things.” And before people can jump on the All Elite
Wrestling rumour train, Meltzer adds: “The first conclusion people will come to is AEW,
but I don’t know anything about that. I have not heard his name, but there is a
lot of stuff that is trying to be kept secret. I’m not sure they’re looking at taking too
many names from WWE.” Headline: Support WrestleTalk On Patreon! And before we get out of here we wanted to
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100 Replies to “Dean Ambrose LEAVING WWE?! AEW TEASE Kenny Omega Debut! | WrestleTalk News Jan. 2019”

  1. Yes Dean's charater now awful he is so capalble of much more" do you get the idea that other promotions keep it fresh meanwhile "WE flukes in many story lines as Lesnar being a weekly non fighting – non defending universal belt champion and others are held back bad deal. Keep it real!

  2. I knew that Dean might've been fed up with his terrible heel turn. He went from one of the hottest things in wrestling to the hokiest thing in wrestling in a matter of weeks. Based on what he's said in interviews and the like, it must be very frustrating to be hamstrung like he has been. Way to go, Vince. You drove everyone in Nexus out and now you've driven the first member of the Shield out.

  3. I Dean limited himself tho imo, meaning he has basic moves and a lame finisher and his mic skills are average at best….

  4. Hey wrestletalk make this your impact slam of the week or just put it on your video

    no shield reunion?! My guy Roman may as well not return as far as I'm concerned smh

  6. I’d like to see Ambrose go to NJPW! Think it be good for him and also good for that promotion as well. But don’t put him in Bullet Club. Have him join LIJ or Killer Elite Squad. The latter to help get them more over in the promotion with his excellent mic skills.

  7. Oli was right. They should've made Dean turn on just Rollins not the shield altogether. They look like they have no idea what to do with Ambrose at the moment. Too bad considering how well that turn was when it happened.

  8. Crazy prediction: it could be a work as WWE has posted this on his page as he could cut a epic work/shoot promo that can elevate his character and bring back a new attitude era as he leaves then come back to an epic reaction

  9. I don't blame Dean at all for leaving. They totally screwed up his character after his heel turn and it really is hokey shit. I wouldn't be surprised if he just retired because I've heard he's still suffering from the injury that put him out for most of last year.

  10. My 23rd birthday is on Feb 1st. Do you guys think I could have a special birthday shoutout? I really enjoy the videos. They are very informative and you guys have a special sense of humor and I love it. Ive been watching for almost 2 years. I wish I could be a Pledgehammer but I can't. ? a Shout out would be very much enjoyed by this viewer tho. ?

  11. I want to know if they cut his promo off on purpose. Was he going to be doing a pipe bomb? And the sad thing is this is the best version of Dean Ambrose that I like. Never was a fan of his ever until this whole Bane look-alike thing

  12. Bye Felicia! Seriously, this new generation of entitled asshat wrestlers make me sick. WWE picked up this kid from obscurity, made him famous, put titles on him, made him a millionaire, and instead of having gratitude he dumps them for I am sure, AEW…Well I consider him to be retired now. Much like Kevin Nash when he was wrestling on TNA. He said fans came up to him asking him to not be retired anymore and why doesnt he wrestle again….He KNEW then that the WWE is the only game in town. No one, especially me watches other Little league promotions.

  13. This is no shocking news about Dean, WWE is well known for treating some of they top stars like crap. They gonna lose more top stars if they don't make a change. They bring back guys like Rey and Shelton Benjamin and look what they doing with them Nothing. No surprise if more top stars will leave

  14. dean ambrose is being paid by vince secretely to be a stooge and spy on aew and find out who there targetting and looking to hire thats what i think i find it odd that everyone else getsjobbed out and blackballed but he is not

  15. >Not knowing Candice Michelle's theme song
    Are you even a wrestling fan Luke?
    As for Ambrose not wanting to do "hokey" shit, like I can see why someone wouldn't want to, but its your fucking job, you're an actor, you're not out there being yourself you're being "Dean Ambrose" a person who's personality is whatever is written down. I think it's a really stupid reason to quit, especially after they offer you a raise, but hey, he can live his life however he wants, that opportunity will go to someone else.

  16. Dean cut one of his best promos the other night too. He could be a huge star if they booked him to just not give a shit and let him loose. They DID book him that way when the Shield first split. Now they book him like a carnival clown half the time and like a jobber the rest of the time.

  17. It's already confirmed that Lashley will drop the IC belt to Dean at Elimination Chamber so that Dean can lose it to Nia – most likely at Fastlane – before he leaves the company. They want Nia Jax as the IC Champ going into Wrestlemania.

  18. Definitely "MY BABY TOO-NI-HITE" Bc I am from the south in he US and that's what many sound like and I would love to hear Luke and Oli poke fun at us. ?

  19. Ambrose needs to go to either AEW, NJPW, Ring of Honor, Impact Wrestling, Lucha Underground or any other professional wrestling company. WWE just keeps sucking every year.

  20. Yes!!! You and Ollie should have to do a duet of that great country song from j, e, double f. J,e, double r, e, double t! Alone with my baby tonight. Luke should sing the parts need sings in the done and Ollie sing the women part of the song

  21. WWE support Seth rollin
    Because many people want good face wrestler.
    Ambrose was ugly that's only not giving push up like Rollin.

  22. I think given how much impact is apparently looking to be more extreme, that'd be perfect for him. Or hell maybe he'll go back to CZW for all I know

  23. After a week wrestle talk will say dean was not going to leave wwe it was just a storyline and wrestle talk news just didnt new it

  24. They don't want too many WWE names:

    -Signed Chris Jericho
    -Signed PAC
    -Already showed interest in Zack Ryder
    -Goldberg signing interest
    -CM Punk signing interest
    -Dolph Ziggler signing interest
    -Revival signing interest

    But yeahhhhh they probably don't want too many WWE names

  25. These wrestling "fans" won't support him. WWE did try to do something dark with the Ambrose character, but in true fashion, snowflakes complaned about involving Roman's condition. It's as if suddenly everyone was Roman's best friends and got offended for him. I wanted to see where they could have done with a darker character, but those people killed it.

    Of course, WWE are going to trend lightly after that to applease that group. You lot are not these wrestlers friends. You do not speak for them.

    Congratulations. You know how to hurt careers.

  26. Ambrose could have been the top heel for a long time, but all the pussy fans crying that he "went to far" by insulting Roman led them to go with the Bane Ambrose gimmick. That's why you get PG shit in the WWE. Even if WWE tried to go back to the Attitude Era, too many people would get their feelings hurt.

  27. Women's wrestling.
    Tag team wrestling.
    Intergender wrestling.

    Looks like WWE is trying to hit the trifecta of things that have worked out massively in the indies.

  28. It’s going to be a sad day to see Dean Ambrose on his last Raw (or SD if WWE gets weird and moves him over there before his contract expiration). He was always one of my favorites and genuinely one of the funniest wrestlers to ever be in a WWE ring. He was always my favorite member of the Shield, but the thing is, I understand why he wants to leave. Roman Reigns was being pushed to the moon and now Seth Rollins is being pushed to fucking Mars…yet Dean just seems to keep getting left behind. The creative team got really fucking stupid with him during his heel turn and I can see why that would be the straw that broke the camel’s back.

    I’m not sure where he’s going to go, but I could see him being a mega star at NJPW or AEW.




  30. i am done with wwe unless they sacked out writers n stephanie mcmahon n mcmahon should agrwe her daugther is horrible .. wwe old nw outdated

  31. Ambrose is going to turn on AEW just like Hall & Nash did to wcw Oli needs to sign and go get his big pay day ?
    #swaftnation 315NY

  32. Yea Dean is frustrated for several reasons. One his character, two possibly wants to go to Aew or wants to be used in more important events more often/more money.

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