Dolph Ziggler SHOOTS On WWE Booking! | WrestleTalk News Dec. 2017

Dolph Ziggler SHOOTS On WWE Booking! | WrestleTalk News Dec. 2017

Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk News
– I’m No. 26 Oli Davis. WWE’s Best 25 Abs
Presumably to commemorate everyone’s bodyfat percentages before they rapidly increase over
the Christmas period, WWE have posted a gallery entitled The 25 Best Abs In WWE History. Which mathematically, should really be a Top
150 countdown when you take each Six Pack ab individually. Tony Nese, for instance, could have a Top
150 abs countdown all by himself. It’s just throwaway, body image fun, you
might say. Well try telling that to a) my self confidence. And 2) Smackdown Live superstar Bobby Roode. Wow…. not even an honorable mention? UNHAPPY FACE EMOJI AND EVIDENCE IMAGES OF
SIX PACK The list’s top 5 are John Morrison at 5,
Naomi at number 4, Tony Nese at 3, Rick Rude at 2 and, going over on top, Finn Balor at
No. 1. Finn Balor Is Over
This comes just two weeks after Vince McMahon reportedly scrapped Balor’s planned Universal
Title match against Brock Lesnar at Royal Rumble 2018, because the Chairman thought
Finn wasn’t over enough. This has led Balor to not-so-subtly tweet
about how he very much is ‘over’ with fans, most recently tweeting this news headline
‘WWE Star Finn Balor is trolling wrestling reporters’ with the caption: FAKE NEWS @Twitter
#OverAndOut. And then reposting a meme of Brock Lesnar
talking to the Demon King: Brock: Hey Finn, wanna hear a joke? Finn: Sure. Brock: Universal Title match. Finn: I don’t get it. So how can we get Finn’s momentum back to
get him over with Vince McMahon? I know – book him in a feud with Dolph Ziggl-oh
wait, that’s not going to work either. Dolph Ziggler Shoots On WWE Booking
Ziggler is one of WWE’s longest-tenured wrestlers, first signing with the promotion
in 2004 – longer than The Miz, longer than Kofi Kingston, even longer than Alicia Fox. He’s been endorsed by everyone from The
Big Show to Shawn Michaels, and had one of the best Money in the Bank cash-ins in the
concept’s history. So why does Ziggler feel like such an afterthought
in 2017 WWE? Dolph discussed just that in his recent appearance
on Edge and Christian’s Pod of Awesomeness, and how he thinks it’s because WWE books
him to lose almost all the time. Ziggler admits that while being constantly
on TV for over a decade is great for his work, it’s also exposed all the times the company
have failed to ‘pull the trigger’ on his push. And there’s only so many times that can
happen before fans are conditioned to see you as a loser:
“I’ve noticed in the last two years that even my live event matches are a little hard
for me to do my job because when I come out a 10-year-old kid goes “I know you’re losing.” … It’s one thing to have 40-year-old guys
going ‘I know what’s going to happen’… But when you get in that role and you miss
years of not going with it, it becomes a burden.” This becomes increasingly problematic when
paired with Ziggler’s role for the past two years: feuding with recent NXT call-ups
to help get them over. It makes sense. Ziggler’s a fantastic in-ring worker who’s
very good at selling, meaning he’s a reliable hand to make the NXT call-ups look great. It’s like being a very high level enhancement
talent. The problem is, as fans have been conditioned
to expect Ziggler to lose, it makes his feuds with Bobby Roode, Shinsuke Nakamura, Baron
Corbin, etc all very predictable and hard to emotionally invest in. Meaning it doesn’t help anybody get over
– as Ziggler points out: “I am a gatekeeper to the guy from NXT coming
up who they have high expectations for, but if I lose for eight consecutive months before
they show up, they’re no longer getting that pat on the back from me to go up a notch…
at some point I have to be seen as someone who could win.” Ziggler admits he doesn’t know what the
answer is, but he does suggest “to switch things up or disappear here and there”. How do you think Dolph Ziggler should reboot
his career? Let us know in the comments down below. Which WWE star is out injured? And have WWE botched Shinsuke Nakamura already? Click the videos to the left to find out more
and Support WrestleTalk – give us a subscribe. I’ve been Oli Davis, and that was wrestling.



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100 Replies to “Dolph Ziggler SHOOTS On WWE Booking! | WrestleTalk News Dec. 2017”

  1. how about, if they plan to do a smackdown vs raw match at Wrestlemania (similar to Umaga vs Batista etc. etc.) Finn Balor vs Dolph Ziggler?

  2. To be fair, Ziggler's voice may be his biggest problem. It's just way too high pitched. I don't know how he can work around that. For Finn Balor, while I enjoy his Demon King gimmick and his in ring work; let's face it…his promos are non-existent, and his in ring work is repetitive. I can see why Vince is hesitant with that match.

  3. A Few Fresh Moves To Add To His Arsenal Plus A Winning Streak And There You Have It Ole Ziggy Boy Would Gain Fanfare Again

  4. NJPW. He could easily be the next Kenny Omega. Then, Vince would be kissing his ass to get him back. At some point, the only thing Vince understands, is when you leave.

  5. I actually think Dolph should have won the Money in the Bank this year. He was probably the one we were expecting the least, and it would've been the best way to make people care about him. They could still do it with Royal Rumble, but we know they won't.

  6. If Dolph leaves and joins the bullet club, I'll officially have no reason to watch WWE since they're doing nothing with Roode, and Miz is out.

  7. Zero mic skills , a copy of Shawn , billy gun ?
    And he has the nerve to ask why IAM losing ?

    Invest on your fucking character dude !
    Even if he leaves wwe the first thing they are going to do is give him a new character .
    Why not do that now and be successful in wwe ?

  8. Just book Ziggler against Curt Hawkins. Since both are booked to lose all the time lately.. that would be interesting.

  9. I don't have faith in the Dolph Ziggler character faring better anywhere else because the trigger was already pulled like it was pulled on Damien Sandow, Ryback and Jack Swagger. Cody Rhodes is different because the trigger was never pulled it was always teased.

  10. Get Ziggler back to his old egotistic showoff persona as a heel and even another female manager or a strong bodyguard type of guy to do his dirty work. The showoff Ziggler was 100% his best work so why shouldn’t he go back to what worked.

  11. Dolph should just go to NJPW, ROH, or WCPW/Defiant. Get the hell out of there. Do what Drew, Cody, The Hardys, etc did and I bet in about 4 years, they'll be begging him to come back.

  12. Dolph…. Talk to Jericho. Then call Cody Rhodes and talk to him. Then call New Japan and get the hell outta WWE. I doubt any of the guys, besides AJ, who came from NJPW are happy they left.

  13. It's a shame. Ziggler is great in the ring, he doesn't cut a terribly bad promo. He could be amazing, he was for a while. WWE ruins people, though. If it can ruin Shinsuke it can ruin anyone. Just get out, Ziggles.

  14. Does Ziggler just like the Steady Check? He's a stand up Comic as well…I wonder why he doesn't pursue that more. Maybe he is just a true Worker at heart who doesn't mind getting everybody else over? IDK

  15. Tbh they can have him join Zayn & Owens as another guy frustrated with wwe n Shane I particular obviously have him win Shane but leading up to it have him beat a y1 except 4 the top face guys like shinsuke,a.j,& roode but can beat any of the new days in a 1 on 1 with help from Zayn & Owens or even clean y having them barred from ringside or if they're actually gonna pull the trigger on new day break up don't have him team with Owens & Zayn but have big E turn on New day since they have history 2gether. Have big E help him win matches like Ezekiel did 4 Brian back in the day

  16. What Ziggler said, I've been saying for months & months now! If a guy loses over & over again, and an up-and-coming star gets a win on them, it doesn't make them look credible if the guy keeps losing anyway. The put-over-talent needs to get credible wins here-and-there, or else they aren't credible anymore!
    For Ziggler to get his career back on track? How about some training montages with high level athletes where he enhances his skills? The old workout montage/vignettes really worked back in the day. Ziggler could start out rusty, but get fueled with determination with a side of rage, but not the teenage angsty rage, more like the I'm going to destroy you rage. Then, he can come back and defeat everyone with his "elite" wrestling skills, aka wrestle on them for real.

  17. Everyone’s solution for dolph is join bullet club not everyone that’s in it is popular look at chase Owens dolph should join Suzuki gun if he ever decides to leave Wwe

  18. Yeah I feel bad for ziggler. He deserves a push, a lot of times when I thought he was going to win and he should’ve and he didn’t. Sucks

  19. Turn Face Dolph and have a good hell of a promo and win your first match as a face and maybe go to Raw to have open ic title open challenge match or feud with Corbin for the title maybe win

  20. I guess because dolf ziggler is a dud. I mean, they push him, nobody cares. They pushed him as the workhorse who ousted the authority, he was huge for about a month. Then nobody cared again. He's like the nickelback of wrestling.

  21. ziggler should become broken it worked for man who was irrelevent his whole career and then became the greatest thing in wrestling

  22. Ziggler needs a heel faction to lead similar to the Miz, hes pretty good with the Mic so book him to cheat his way into championships 🙂

  23. WWE should sign John Morrison/mundo/impact and have him and Ziggler in a rocker like tag team, then when they break up they could feud for who's the HBK of the group. Would be good matches and tag teaming would give ziggler a fresh start like shamus got on Raw

  24. I'd like to see the Dolph Ziggler character 86'ed and have Nick Namath wrestle under his own name. His hair cut short, a Kurt Angle style singlet, maybe not red, white and blue, maybe something more akin to what Mr. Perfect wore. Jim Ross used to exude praise on Ziggler (Namath) for coming from a collegiate wrestling background. I think the wrestler should go back to his roots, no one else apart from Angle (on a part time schedule) and Chad Gable (in a tag team) wrestle in singlets. Namath should rely on more of that style of wrestling, he could even swipe the Perfect-Plex as a finisher, as that seems seldom used anymore too! Ring entry and music would change to something more suitable for the character, rather than being cocky and flamboyant he would be more focused looking to shut down his opponents early with a calculated catch-as-catch-can attitude, mat based intensity combined with hard hitting athleticism. Less showman more tactician. IMO.

  25. They should move Ziggler to Raw. It would be such a fresh start for him and if he actually won some matches, maybe it would help to change some of the fans' mindset that he is going to lose all the time

  26. Here is a thought on creative…. just use someone else like John cena to put the new guys over or pair them up with dolph like they are doing with the women they just brought up. They don’t need to always beat the person to get over, having a very close match that got the fans of their asses cheering for them will do good regardless of whether they win or lose.

  27. If one were to go entirely by WWE logic then for Dolph Ziggler to be renewed they should start referring to him by a mononym.

    From now on he will be Dolph

    Or Ziggler whichever one sounds worse

  28. He should disappear for a year then come back and kick ass considering that's what everyone else does for example Paige

  29. Dolph needs to go to Japan or Mexico for three years then come back. Take a cue from Chris Jerico, have people talking about you then negotiate a deal. It worked for Matt Hardy !

  30. I think he should go to the indies he's been something of a glorified jobber for what 3 years now? And it's a shame because he is a really good worker and he's good on the mic too, he's just stuck in limbo like rider

  31. I think the pop Ziggler got from the crowd when he won the intercontinental title from the Miz was arguably the Best I've heard on TV. His own music got drowned in it. I feel the survivor series of 16 and 17 should have featured Ziggler instead of Shane. He'd have done a far better job than Shane, for SD. Anyways, before WWE screws you more, find your fulfilment in what you love to do best, in other promotions, Dolph. What matters is how you feel about this more than what others think.

    No one can take away from your potential, but it sure can be under utilized or unappreciated.

  32. Leave WWE and go to pro Japan
    WWE is too busy on building unworthy ones some dogs instead Ziggler, Joe, the demon king etc

  33. Ziggler needs to leave the company and go to Japan or Mexico to work, make a name for yourself abroad and wwe will be clamoring to have him back

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