Don’t miss WWE Starrcade – this Sunday on WWE Network

Don’t miss WWE Starrcade – this Sunday on WWE Network

84 Replies to “Don’t miss WWE Starrcade – this Sunday on WWE Network”

  1. Let see! How WWE go forward with new storyline for TLC. Whether Rey would get his New storyline with Beast or Fiend would hunt for beast. Atleast let TLC be worth of watching.

  2. Can't you just scarp the tlc ppv concept you petty b*****s and use some wcw ppv names. Replace t with starr cade by showing respect to a pvv before wrestlemania became a thing. Also October get rid of hell in a cell. Use Halloween havoc. Not a watered down house show event.

  3. 1 hour time waster event. Dont wory guys no title change especialy fiend squash miz and strowmann is not gonna be champ again. Ppfffft😢😥😭😁

  4. God! Noooooooo!! WWE should NOT be doing this. If anybody should be doing Starrcade, it should be AEW. Why didn't WWE attempt Starrcade when Dusty was alive and well? Or any of his events he created?

  5. They should bring Sting, Ric Flair, Cody and Dustin Rhodes, Hollywood Hogan, Paul Heyman, Jim Cornette, Eric Bischoff, Arn Anderson, and Goldberg for this event.

  6. Next year AEW should put on a Thanksgiving PPV called StarKade and make it a big one just to piss off Vince and give him the finger for ruining NWA/WCW's biggest PPV.

  7. Honestly i was literally crying when I heard stararcade payperview well thank you wwe…
    So probably i wish we can se players like
    Kevin nash
    Razor ramon
    Ric flair

  8. Alexa e Nikki devono vincere i titoli di coppia Femminili per favore 😘😍💚💛💜 🌟💯👍👊💪😻🙏

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