DX vs. Johnny Gargano & Tommaso Ciampa: WWE 2K20 match simulation

DX vs. Johnny Gargano & Tommaso Ciampa: WWE 2K20 match simulation

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100 Replies to “DX vs. Johnny Gargano & Tommaso Ciampa: WWE 2K20 match simulation”

  1. Hey. on this channel I want to get 50,000 subscribers for 0 videos. This is a project of colossal proportions. Russian YouTube can’t do this. And yes, thanks!

  2. I thought after smack down going to fox it's a good show but sadly there is not
    Week after week smackdown ' s rating going down because of your boring matches
    Big mistake is you put Braun strowman, roman reigns, brock lesner, the fiend, in smackdown

    And they get not tv timing and not get daily appearance in smackdown

  3. If you guys aren't happy with what you're seeing there will definitely be mods coming out for the PC console will have to rely on the community to make the various attires/entrances/gfx you want. Wwe2k20 isn't worth it for me on console at all I wouldn't even buy the game if I didn't have pc and a controller

  4. I have got the game today, i used the Code from the deluxe Edition but i didn't get the 2k originals….?? Will i get them later?

  5. who are the other 2. are they created people. dx was so cool back in the day. tellimg everyone to suck there you know what.

  6. My current feud in WWE games DIY say best tag team DX Hunter and HBK take offence to this

    Which sets a series of match latest ending in a HIAC at NXT Las Vegas

  7. The glitches. The LED board on the ring looking tinted and blurred. The ropes still doing that weird clinging thing. The wrong entrance video for Shawn. The possible lack of tag team entrances (why did they come out solo?). The game just looks like it runs slower – the animations all feel like they have been slowed down significantly. The ring impacts like a stiff board instead of a wrestling ring's bend. The announcing is just as off as always – if not even worse.

    This was a great ad to not buy the game.

  8. Asmik Aki Ace, That Made WWE No Mercy, for the N64, And Def Jam Vendetta: Fight For NY, And The First One, For PS2, Used To Be Just Asmik. I Bought Asmik's Cutie Suzuki no Ringside Angel, For 16-bit SEGA Mega Drive. Then, Asmik Went On To Do WCW World Tour, WCW/NWO Revenge, And WWE WrestleMania 2000, For N64. I Remember The Glory Days Of Wrestling Games Very Well. Yukes Made All Of The SmackDown! Games For PlayStation One, PS2; That's Why They Were Good. Anchor Did WWE RAW, For Original XBOX, And The First UFC Game, For Dreamcast. I Liked Natsume's All-Japan Pro Wrestling For Super Famicom. And I've Followed Fire Pro Wrestling, Since The First One, Super Fire Pro Wrestling, For Super Famicom, From HUMAN. I've Played Wrestling Games Since 8-bit Nintendo's Pro-Wrestling, And Even Before That, Data East's Tag Team Wrestling, And SEGA's All Womens' Wrestling Game, Bodyslam, In The Arcade. There Was An 8-bit SEGA Master System Version, Pro-Wrestling, That Was A Tag-Team Game, Not As Good As Nintendo, But Still Enjoyable. Leave It To American Developers, Who Don't Know How To Program Wresting Games, To Screw Them Up. Remember WWF Superstars & WWF WrestleFest? Again, Technos/Taito, Who Also Did The Arcade Classic Exciting Hour (Mat Mania), Did A Great Job. It's So Weird That The Greatest Tag-Team Of All Time, The Legion Of Doom, The Road Warriors, Who RULED Japan, Haven't Been In The 2K Series, In God Knows How Long. Hopefully For NextGen, PS5, XBOX Scarlet, Wrestling Games Will Be A Whole Lot Better, As Well As Wrestling In Real Life. In The Mean Time I'll Just Watch AEW, NJPW, ROH. It Sucks That Vince McMahon Would Ruin Something As Good As The Fiend, And Not Bring Up Enough Newer Talent To Headline Matches These Days. Promoting At Its Worst. Undertaker Should Retire.

  9. wow they finally put in the proper tron for retro triple h. the past 2 years it's been his modern tron. also my time is the best theme. game still sucks though

  10. these games have not improved A BIT in visual effects. A mobile game can throw more reality in a character than what this looks. Especially to props and hair!!! Need to shift from 2k WWE.

  11. Does someone want to tell me how I pre-ordered WWE 2K 20 but somehow I do not have 2K Originals bump in the night I'm very confused and I kind of want my money back

  12. Like wow. The arena titantron ribbons are mapped onto the side columns of the stage. Why not take the time to appropriately map it all? So easy. I work in 3D and idk how anyone would let that pass QC

  13. 9:12 давайте побегаем друг за другом)))
    10:41 баг сквозь канаты)))
    11:30 что он бегает туда сюда)))
    13:02 подножка)))

  14. I bought the game yesterday and i decided to type a review, because i feel that this game has being treated unfair so far from the youtube channels.I have to say i was also convinced from reading the reviews that game was bad but even that i decided to buy it bc i wanted to play the female my career . From the first 10 mins i realized a simple thing, most people who was writing bad comments havent actually played the game. The game IS BETTER from 2019, first of all something that noone mentioned, the game is very light, both the gameplay and the menus, ( for example. while you create a custom character, everything loads and moves faster than 2019 ) the gameplay itself is better. the moves are executed faster and more naturally, the graphics are better from 2019 (ex, i could see even sweat drops on the bodies ) , the commentary is way better, it has a lot new comments and more to the point, the replays are slow motion , the winners are announced now with their names ( even if they are custom names) , there are so many better things from 2019 that i could type all day. There are some problems off course, the biggest one is the referee many times stands in fron the camera, the custom creations sometimes glitches and dont let you color some specific attires. you have to apply them again and again until it unblocks and you can color them , and off course something that has already been mentioned many times the custom championships. So my final conclusion is that the game is already better. and most of the problems can be patched. If the developers put a serious effort to collect the feedback and start patching the problems. This will be the best game of the WWE series by far. I definitely recommend it.

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