‘Everyone in Sendai, I like you very much!’ Taguchi won’t have to come from behind in BOSJ26!

‘Everyone in Sendai, I like you very much!’ Taguchi won’t have to come from behind in BOSJ26!

YOH… Thanks for a great match. We’re brothers from the same town
and rivals, as well. Thank you, YOH. Wow.
His rival. Someday, let’s be Sendai Sailor Boys together. You guys aren’t really from Sendai. Yesterday, it was Ishimori. Today was YOH and Taguchi. The three of us are from Miyagi. You guys should be proud of the fact that
Miyagi has birthed this many great Juniors. He’s being serious today. Thanks a lot! As expected… Wait a second…
I’m in the middle of something… SUPER Jr. has only just begun. I’ll keep on making a splash, And New Japan will be back in Sendai
next month, once again. And when we come back, I’ll win the SUPER Jr.?
And I’ll be the IWGP Junior champion? I will come back to Sendai
and make another big splash. Thank you.
And… Wrap it up?
Got it. Nobody said anything. Yeah, nobody told him that. Thank you so much for today. Finally…
To everyone here, in Sendai Sun Plaza… I really like you! Even to the very end, he’s a knock-off. The coach is something, isn’t he? I’ll dance. Even after he had a fierce fight… He’s going to dance? He’s got great movies. When it comes to cardio,
he’s at the top of New Japan. Here comes the Tagu Dance! It’s the funky weapon! It’s disheartening. I wanted to close out tonight. I wanted to grab the microphone. Coming into tonight… There’s a saying,
“Tomorrow is another day,” But at the same time,
tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone. So… I’ll say this… The wind will blow again tomorrow. I can get things going from here. Next time… I’ll come back to Sendai,
riding an even stronger wind. He’s an awesome rival, isn’t he? I didn’t think he could counter my Dodon. Good that I had another move, ‘The End’… I’ve got a lot of moves,
like Dodon-suzu and others… It’s been a while. Since I used, ‘The End’… I’m glad I read my Wikipedia page. I had forgotten many of my moves.
Wikipedia’s so useful. Good. Thanks to Wikipedia. Also… Thanks to Yano Toru Koku-uma Cheese Curry, too. This curry gave me 69 times more power. Well…
YOH remains my rival… Ishimori’s also my rival.
We Miyagi Boys will keep challenging each other… Sendai Sailor Boys… Let’s make a new and improved
version of that group. Someday, we’ll return as the Sendai Sailor Boys.

54 Replies to “‘Everyone in Sendai, I like you very much!’ Taguchi won’t have to come from behind in BOSJ26!”

  1. I like Ryusuke Taguchi being serious in the ring but keep his comedic edge outside of it. I wish he would do less Hip-attacks throughout this tournament but that won’t happen 🙁

  2. Would love yoh to end the show
    He would be saying"The winds will spread wider and the angel will be the one conquering super jr 26"
    Was rooting for yoh to win against taguchi

  3. 無いけど仙台セーラーボーイズでNEVERTAGベルト取ると面白いかな?


  4. Kids you should always have your Toru Yano Koku-uma Chesse Curry so you also have 69 times more power..

  5. This night was more solid straight through and Roppongi 3k showed they might be jobbing this, but they can put out good matches.

    The final match waa best match but it wasnt like the Semifinal from Night 1.

    Block B is going to be harder to call than A this time (A is probably gonna be Ishimori/Takagi dominant and the winner will be decided on June 3rd with their final match).

  6. コミカルさと強さを併せ持ってる

  7. SHOがあそこまで成長できたのは鷹木っていうライバルが出来たからで、YOHにも誰かライバルがいたらなぁってところにちょうどライバルが!!!しかも飛び技やストロングスタイルも出来る天才で同じ生え抜きで同じ宮城出身とな!!


  8. Let's all show appreciation for whoever uploaded these in the right order! Bushiroad, give that guy a raise and a promotion and some sake!

    He deserves it!

  9. 久しぶりに田口のどどんthe endが決まったのが良かった!

  10. Did anyone notice how Taguchi yelled “Daaaaiiiiiisuki deeeeeeeeeeeeesu!!!!!”? It was like how Tanahashi yelled Aishtemasu.

  11. G1なんで仙台来ないの?!仙台ももっと大きな体育館作ってくれ!!(迫真)

  12. 1:54 When Taguchi says "make a big splash", he intentionally makes it sound very similar to a Japanese slang "I will make her squirt."

  13. 田口やっぱりかっこいいよーーー!!!


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