Fictional Characters Who Appeared in WWE

– [Zach] What I love about pro wrestling is that anything is possible,
including the impossible. In real life, you can’t
talk to cartoon characters but in the world of wrestling, you can! Let’s look at several fictional characters who appeared in WWE. On Halloween night in 2011, Raw got a special visit from the Muppets. Kermit and Miss Piggy
were the first to appear but they were quickly
interrupted by Jack Swagger and Vickie Guerrero. Swagger and Guerrero were
not happy about the Muppets appearing on Raw and it didn’t take long for things to get tense. Luckily Santino Marella showed
up to defuse the situation. He told Swagger to leave the Muppets alone and informed the All American American that they were going to have
a match later that night. Just before the segment
ended, Kelly Kelly showed up and gave Kermit a kiss which
I would like to point out was not consensual. #CancelKellyKelly, #HimToo. Anyways, later in the
show, Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker appeared backstage. Honeydew had constructed an energy drink that would give Santino
a performance boost and likely a wellness violation as well. Disregarding the rules,
Beaker decided to take it to the Milan Miracle anyways. Along the way, he bumped into Christian who took the drink and
dumped it onto the floor. Fortunately for Beaker, Sheamus showed up to scare Christian away and
also helped him with his hair. Speaking of Sheamus, a little while later, he ran out to save Air Boom
from an attack by Cody Rhodes, Wade Barrett, and Christian. After the scuffle was over, we saw two more Muppet
characters watching on, Statler and Waldorf. It lasted for about 30 seconds and it was basically just Statler doing a Stone Cold impression. – That was crazy! – What? – Brutal! – What? – Horrific! – What! – [Zach] Further into the show, another duo of Muppets
showed up, Fozzie and Gonzo. The two admired how
tall the wrestlers were and Gonzo went on to say
that he could probably be a WWE champion. Overhearing this, Vickie
Guerrero, Jack Swagger, and Dolph Ziggler procedure
to teach Gonzo a lesson by stretching out his arms and
tying them around his head. After a commercial break, Jack Swagger and Santino
Marella were ready to square off with Animal as the
special guest timekeeper. During the match, Beaker
appeared from under the ring and brought out the
energy drink from earlier. It didn’t do anything Dr.
Honeydew said it would but it did blind Jack Swagger and allowed Santino to
roll him up for the win. After some time elapsed, we
saw Statler and Waldorf again, this time making fun of Michael Cole. Next, we went backstage again
to more sexual harassment in the workplace as Miss
Piggly rubbed her hand along John Morrison’s six-pack. Not taking any more of
Miss Piggy’s advancements, John Morrison headed out
but suggested Hornswoggle might be interested in her. Hornswoggle showed off his creepy side by displaying his tattoo to Miss Piggy and proceeded to force a kiss on her. Man, this whole episode is going to be one big nightmare for HR. At any rate, Miss Piggy defended herself by chopping Swoggle in
the stomach and ran off, hopefully, to call the police. Hornswoggle didn’t seem to mind as he walked away pretty excited. Geez, first it was
ripping Melina’s towel off and stealing her clothes and now this. The segment wrapped up
with Cody Rhodes coming in and placing a paper
bag over Kermit’s head. – And I thought our show was weird. – [Zach] We got our last Muppets moment right before the main event. As The Miz made his entrance, we saw Statler and Waldorf again. It’s short like a lot of their stuff but they do manage to give
a nice burn to the A-Lister. (laughing) – I can’t see anything! – Well, he’s gonna be wrestling The Miz so consider yourself lucky. (Muppets laughing) – [Zach] I kind of liked
having the Muppets on Raw. I remember seeing this
advertised back in 2011 and was excited to find out how they were going to pull it off. Even though they are puppets, the Muppets did always
have an adult edge to them so I don’t think they’re too out of place on a wrestling show. Alrighty, let’s move on. In 2014, to tie into the
release of Scooby-Doo! WrestleMania Mystery, the
man, er, dog should up on Raw. First, the Mystery Machine
pulled into the arena and Sin Cara jumped out from inside, thankfully he didn’t botch. Along with him was Scooby-Doo who unfortunately wasn’t
there to solve the mystery of where CM Punk went
after the Royal Rumble. He did, however, accompany the
faceless wrestler to the ring and cheered him on in his
match against Damion Sandow. Sin Cara won the match in about a minute and had a quick celebration with Scooby before exiting the arena. Moving ahead 2 years
and there was a new WWE, Scooby-Doo crossover movie so the Great Dane made
two more appearances. The first was on Raw
when Goldust was looking for his tag partner, R Truth. As the Bizare One is searching he bumped into Scooby-Doo, naturally. R-Truth then appeared and
it got kind of confusing. I think R-Truth is supposed to be upset because Goldust was in the
Scooby-Doo movie and he wasn’t. I honestly had to watch
it a couple of times to understand what exactly was happening. Anyhow, the segment ended
with Goldust suggesting they watch the film and
eat some Scooby Snacks. Scooby-Doo showed up the
next night on SmackDown and had a run-in with The Miz. As the A-Lister was arriving at the arena, he confronts Scooby and demand that he be
put on the movie cover. Scooby-Doo’s response was to lock the Miz inside the Mystery
Machine and steal his car. I guess the lesson is
don’t tick off Scooby-Doo or he’s going to lock you in a hot vehicle and steal your property. All three of these appearances were pretty much the bare basics and you could argue Scooby-Doo
doesn’t fit in wrestling. I thought it wasn’t too awkward
since it was a WWE movie that was being promoted and I kind of have a
soft spot for Scooby-Doo. In the midst of the Raw
celebrity guest host era, Pee-wee Herman showed up. He started his takeover of the show by appearing backstage with Mark Henry. Two weeks earlier, Henry’s
tag partner Evan Bourne got injured so Henry was a little upset. To help cheer the
World’s Strongest Man up, Pee-wee got some of the Divas together to play a game of Twister. I never watched Pee-wee Herman but isn’t he suppose to
be a kid’s character? Playing twister with a bunch of women seems kind of off-brand. Oh well, Lita also randomly showed up right before the segment ended. On a side note, I love that
when we cut back to the game of Twister, Melina is doing the splits. Pee-wee’s next appearance
was not long after this when he got inside the squared circle. After being introduced,
he shared the secret word for the evening which was– – Ring. – [Man] Yeah! (bell ringing and crowd cheering) – [Zach] The Miz and Alex
Riley decided to interrupt and told Herman to leave. I’ll say this now, I didn’t really think Pee-wee Herman fit on Raw but I did think this segment
with The Miz was kind of funny. – I was always a He-Man and a Master of the Universe-type guy. Now that was a show. I loved He-Man. – Why don’t you marry He-Man? (crowd laughing) – [Zach] As the Miz was
threatening Pee-wee, the guest host fired back by
saying his cousin was here, who turned out to be the Big Show. The Big Pee, as they were calling him, pushed Miz and Riley out of the ring and celebrated with Herman. After a message from the
Anonymous Raw General Manager, Big Show and The Miz would square off but Herman didn’t stick
around for the match and didn’t appear
anywhere else that night. But about a month later,
Pee-wee showed up again during the Slammy Awards
when he won the award for Guest Star Shining Moment of the Year. He took a page out of the Rock’s book and accepted his award via satellite. Finally, Pee-wee Herman
also had one more appearance at WrestleMania 27. The Rock was acting as
the host for the event and appeared in a number
of backstage segments throughout the show. In one of them, The Great
One was telling Mean Gene that John Cena’s number
one fan was in the building and was upset at him. It turned out that Pee-wee
Herman was that fan. The Rock then spent the next
minute trying to get Herman on the side of Team Bring It. Why Rock wanted this guy
on his team is beyond me. In the end, Pee-wee converted and that’s the last time
he’s ever appeared in WWE. Like I said earlier, I don’t
think Pee-wee Herman fits that well in a wrestling environment. Plus, there were a
number of cringy moments. – Thanks a lot. It’s such a thrill for
me to be here tonight. I am totally feeling raw. You like me, you really,
really like me (laughs). If he’s (yells gibberish). What the P is cooking? (crowd cheering) – [Zach] Now there are
two appearances in WCW that I have to talk about. The first and arguably
most bizarre was in 1990. Sting was feuding with a faction he had previously been a
member of, the Four Horsemen. At the Capital Combat Pay-Per-View, while Sting was making his entrance, he was attacked by The Horsemen and locked inside a steel cage. With all hope lost, it was
RoboCop that came to the rescue. He bent the cage bars and ripped the door off
its hinges to free Sting. The Horsemen decided to
retreat and I can’t blame them, did you see what RoboCop does to people? This was, of course, a promotional tie in for the RoboCop sequel that
was coming out later that year but nobody mentioned that,
not the commentators, the announcer, or Sting. Well, another movie
character learned from this and showed up in 1998 on Nitro. But first, some backstory. For weeks, a creepy laugh would be heard during WCW broadcasts but no one knew where it was coming from. – He wanted to resolve
this match at Halloween– (creepy laughing) – [Zach] Finally, on October 12th, the source of the laughter was revealed. Rick Steiner was getting
interviewed by Mene Gene about his upcoming match against
his brother, Scott Steiner. Just seconds into it
and the laugh audiences had been hearing for weeks
echoed throughout the arena. The camera moved over to the screen and the horror movie monster, Chucky, was revealed to be the culprit. The evil doll had some fun
at Rick Steiner’s expense before saying that he was
going to start directing and Scott Steiner was
starring in his movie. Chucky then threatened
the Dog-Faced Gremlin by saying if Rick messed with
Scott then he would get even. Mean Gene and Rick Steiner
decided they had enough and walked out. This whole moment was to
promote The Bride of Chucky, which was released later that month. I think they plugged the movie alright, it felt a lot more natural
than some other crossovers on this list. Although it was kind of
lame that there were months of build-up to who was behind the laughter and this is the payoff. Now I’m going to plug my own stuff by saying you should go
watch my video on wrestlers who played horror movie monsters. Also, let me know which
one of the appearances we talked about was the weirdest. I’m Zach from Tap Out
Corner and take it easy. (upbeat music)

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