hi everyone this is Anne I wanted to
share with you a way that you can get rid of or greatly improve the look of
smile lines, marionette lines and upper lip lines at home without fillers. About
eight or nine years ago when I was in my early 40s i noticed that my smile lines
were getting pretty deep and so i purchased my first derma roller and
started using it and i’ve noticed that over time it has greatly improved the
look of my smile lines and also these marionette lines and my upper lip lines
by building new collagen. The derma roller comes in different sizes and in
order to build new collagen you need to get a size that is that at least a 0.5
millimeter or larger personally i don’t go any larger than a 0.5 millimeter that
is the one that i use on my face and then on my lips i go with a smaller one
and i did do a video not too long ago on how I felt collagen in my lips to make
them bigger fuller and plumper and I’ll link that video along with all the
product information that I show you and any other information beneath this video
in the description box and I’ll also link some videos at the end of this
video in case you’re interested in watching some of my other videos that I
have on derma rolling. This is not a sponsored video I purchased all items
myself and I have been derma rolling my face for the last eight or nine years
I’m not a medical professional so I always encourage everybody to do their
own research on derma rolling before you decide to try it. It does take three to
six months to start building new collagen within your skin so derma
rolling is not an instant fix but over time if you’re consistent with it you
will see improvement to your skin and I honestly think that it is the best
anti-aging at-home device that you can use. So all a derma roller is is a little
handheld device with a little wheel and it has tiny little needles in it
and when you place it on your skin and roll it over your skin
it puts tiny little punctures into your skin which signals your skin to go in
and repair itself which builds new collagen also after you have derma
rolled for one hour after you derma roll products are going to sink into your
skin deeper and thereby work better so it’s a great time to put on some really
good products to help build collagen . So as I said I always stick with a 0.5
which is big enough to stimulate new collagen and it is a little
uncomfortable to use but not unbearable I don’t go any bigger than this size
just because I don’t want it to be too uncomfortable for me and you can use the
0.5 when I first started like eight or nine years ago I would use it about once
or twice a week and that may have been a little bit too much I would probably
only use it about once a week now currently I only use it once every two
to three weeks because I have been derma rolling for so long I don’t feel that I
need it as often but you want to give enough time in between rolling for your
skin to actually repair itself and build up new collagen so you don’t want to be
derma rolling every night because that doesn’t give your skin enough time to
actually go in and repair itself and build the new collagen. So I always use a
0.5 millimeter derma roller or sometimes I’ll use a 0.5 derma stamp and I’ll
demonstrate how you use both of these so that you can see you don’t have to use
them both and I don’t use them both together on the same night I just kind
of alternate which ever I want to use that night and I do derma roll at night
just because it does make your skin a little bit red and sunburned looking and
because it allows products to soak into your skin deeper I like to do it at
night so that I can put on really good skin care that helps to build new
collagen and then go to sleep and really just let that soak in overnight. I also
replace my derma roller or dermal stamp
every year just so that I have a new one and you always want to sanitize them
with rubbing alcohol some people like to soak theirs I usually just spray mine
with a spray bottle full of rubbing alcohol and I really douse mine and then
I just let them sit in their case with the lid off for about an hour to
thoroughly dry. You can use the numbing cream before you use your derma roller
if you find that derma rolling is a little too uncomfortable for you and I
purchase one just at my local drugstore and sometimes if I’m doing several
different areas of my face I will go ahead and apply that to the areas that
I’m going to be rolling and just let it sit for like ten or fifteen minutes then
I wash my face to completely remove all makeup and the numbing cream and I don’t
always use a numbing cream, but you always want to start with a clean face
some people also like to take a alcohol wipe and just wipe their skin to
thoroughly disinfect it before they derma roll. Because products do soak
into your skin deeper for one hour after derma rolling it’s a great time to use a
really good product with a good ingredient that’s going to help
stimulate new collagen growth so you get the most benefit out of derma rolling
and a couple skincare ingredients that I always look for to apply after derma
rolling would be peptides, retin-a retinol or retinaldehydes. Rhomnose and
also growth factors and I’ll go ahead and show you all the products that I
have that I apply after derma rolling and I do not apply these every time I dermaroll, I kind of switch it up and one time I’ll apply one of them are maybe
two of them and then the next time I derma roll I’ll apply something else and
I just kind of rotate them through my derma rolling routine. So before I go
ahead and do the demo of how I derma roll around my mouth, I wanted to show
you some of the products that I have to help build
collagen that I like to apply after derma rolling and one of them is my
retin-a which I use refissa and this is a prescription I used to be able to
purchase it just online but they changed the laws and now I can’t do that any
longer so here in the United States you do need to go to your primary care
doctor and get a prescription for this if you want retin-a. Another product that
i have is by Avene and this is a retinol product and this has retinaldehyde in
it. Retinaldehyde is closer to retin-a than retinols are so retinaldehydes just take your body one conversion step to turn it into retinoic
acid which is what retin-a is and this product I purchased it’s by Avene it is
a drugstore product and it’s really a good one it is just one conversion step
away from retin-a so it is a little bit more gentle on the skin and I do really
like this one as well. Also I forgot to mention when I use my retin-a I always
mix it with my beenigma cream and beenigma is a bee venom face cream and for
me it takes all the irritation out of retin-a on my skin because sometimes
retin-a can be very irritating to some people’s skin and it definitely is to
mine so the only way that I can actually use retin-a on a nightly basis is if I
mix it with my beenigma. And beenigma also helps to stimulate new collagen
growth as well. Then growth factors are another great ingredient to help
build new collagen and I have one that I’ve been using for months now by rejuve
MD and this is their face serum it has bioidentical growth factors and
it absorbs quickly into the skin so I typically will apply this one first
after derma rolling and then I’ll go over it with my retin-a or my
retinaldehyde product and i do really like this it works really well with
other skin care products so you can pretty much use
it with your current skincare routine to help build new collagen. Peptides are
another great way to build new collagen and my very favorite peptide cream is a
drugstore one I actually get this at my local health food store and it’s by
derma e and this is their deep wrinkle peptide cream moisturizer and I have
been using this for many years I love this product and it’s my favorite
peptide face cream and then I just have a few other products to show you and
these are all great for just repairing the skin and building new collagen and
one of them is by Avene and I don’t know how to say the name of this so I’ll just
put it in text here on the screen. I really like avene products and this one
has zinc and copper in it to help build new collagen and also calm the skin so
it’s really nice after derma rolling when your skin is red and irritated to
put this one on, help build collagen and to calm down your skin. Then my final
product that I have that I rotate around to build new collagen after derma
rolling is by filorga and this is their neocica Universal Repair Cream and this
has Rhomnose and Rhomnose is a sugar that helps to build new collagen within
your skin and this one is very gentle as well on the skin and it is more of a
serum type of product so it does soak in really well and so I’ll put this one on
and then I can put on another product on over it once it soaks in for a few
minutes. Okay so onto the demonstration of how I derma roll or derma stamp my
marionette lines, my nasolabial folds or smile lines and also across my
upper lip and you want to just wash your face and thoroughly cleanse it before
you use your derma roller and I’ve gone ahead and just removed the makeup around
my mouth because I will be derma rolling around my mouth so that’s the area I
removed my makeup and taking my 0.5 I just hold my cheek kind of out to open
up that line on the smile line and then you’re going to roll 10 times in each
direction vertical, horizontal and then diagonal both ways and I do get it right up next to my nose
as well and then if you’re using the dermal
stamp all you do is, again, I kind of open up that fold and all you do is– it has the
tiny little needles in it and you’re just going to lay it on your skin and
press it into your skin and you can just follow that fold in
your skin or that line and just stamp directly into it. And that’s how you use
the dermal stamp and then I’ll just go ahead and do the other side and then I go over my upper lip and that
can be a little bit sensitive so I just do it ten times across That’s it and then I grab my bottle
of rubbing alcohol and really really douse my derma roller and then again
just laid in its case and let it dry and I do the same thing to the dermal stamp
I just really douse it you can also soak these if you would prefer to soak them. I
hope you found this helpful if you’re not already subscribed to my channel
please subscribe and thank you so much for watching!

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