Goldberg WWE Plans LEAKED?! What Bray Wyatt’s Firefly Fun House Really Means! | WrestleTalk News

Goldberg WWE Plans LEAKED?! What Bray Wyatt’s Firefly Fun House Really Means! | WrestleTalk News

What does the cryptic message in Bray Wyatt’s
latest Firefly Fun House really mean? Stone Cold Steve Austin returns to Raw! And great
wrestling, great wrestling everywhere! And has Goldberg’s next match been leaked?
Click the timestamps in the video description below to go straight to any of those stories
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of the show – where you can choose from: RawSome, Cor, AVRAWGE, Poor and RawFul – as I review
the 9th September episode of Monday Night Raw! To kick of the show live from Madison Square
Garden, Stone Cold Steve Austin made his long-awaited return to WWE for the first time in well,
just over a month since the Raw reunion. And a few weeks ago when he phoned in on Skype.
Austin reminisced about the great moments he’s had in MSG – wrestling Bret ‘The
Hitman’ Hart, giving Vince McMahon his first ever Stunner, and likely suffering a concussion
from the Undertaker. Simpler times, when concussions weren’t controversial.
He was out there to mediate the Universal Championship contract signing between Braun
Strowman and Seth Rollins (and also to sell more tickets).
Everything that Austin did was warmly naturalistic. Unfortunately Rollins and Strowman have about
as much onscreen chemistry right now as, well, Rollins and his real-life fiance Becky Lynch.
Thankfully AJ Styles’ tremendous heel act brought the segment back to life, brilliantly
soaking up the crowd chanting ‘What’ and ‘Asshole’. And then after Rollins and
Braun brawled with Gallows and Anderson outside, AJ walked right into a Stone Cold Stunner
– which Styles sold so well, even Rock ‘The Dwayne’ Johnson endorsed it, tweeting: “Real
talk that Stunner back bump, flip into a scissors ✂️ sell was a thing of beauty” I can’t
wait for AJ vs Austin at Clash of Champions this Sun-ah, it’s Braun vs Seth. Styles was still selling the stunner for his
match against Cedric Alexander next. Usually that would be backwards psychology, having
a heel sell an injury from the start, but AJ is such an effective bad guy, you just
want to see him get beaten up more. The two didn’t get to have the kind of match
that’s in them, because this was more about setting up the main event. Gallows and Anderson
beat up Cedric for the DQ, which brought out the Viking DON’T MENTION THE WAR EXPERIENCE
Raiders for the save – booking a big 10 man tag main event between Rollins, Braun, Cedric
and the Raiders against The O. C. and RooDolph the Impromptu Tag Team.
Roman Reigns then came out to celebrate a group of pediatric cancer suffers from right
here in New York! Cheap pop. This was genuinely really sweet, made even more impactful by
Roman’s own battle with leukemia. Then came an excellent 20 minute tag match
between Becky Lynch and Charlotte against the newly heel team of Sasha Banks and Bayley.
From the opening brawl on the ramp through to the quadruple down spots, this match had
a big time feel with the star power in the ring, with the intensity and character history
behind all four wrestlers significantly enhancing the action.
I wouldn’t have had the ‘babyfaces’ win, though, with Charlotte pinning Bayley
with the Natural Selection. Sasha and Bayley’s newly heel momentum would’ve felt like even
more of a threat if they won here. And Charlotte and Becky don’t lose anything, because they’re
meant to hate each other anyway. After that really enjoyable tag, we then got
a surprise lucha dream match with Rey Mysterio taking on Gran Metalik – who might’ve been
booked as a joke in WWE, but is one of the best high flyers in the world!
Metalik lived up to his King of the Ropes name by hitting multiple springboards, but
Rey picked up the win, starting his redemption arc. The Street Profits are so good in their role,
they made advertising Clash of Champions matches feel fun! Then came the King of the Ring Raw semifinal
match – a three way between Baron Corbin, Samoa Joe and Ricochet, after the latter two
had a double pin last week. That Joe and Ricochet are fantastic is no
surprise. Corbin getting dueling Let’s Go Corbin, Corbin Sucks chants, however, is pretty
unprecedented! After almost a year of being overpushed as
a dominating heel in main event after main event, Corbin has now settled back into a
far more effective midcard slot. And as a result, he’s now getting appropriate heel
heat, as opposed to the go-away kind. And he’s going all the way to the final,
as he threw Ricochet out the ring after hitting a 630 on Joe and stole the victory.
Because not even the King of the Ring final can escape the pull of Baron Corbin’s midcard
vortex! After Lacey Evans used the HANDKERCHIEF OF
DOOM in the finish of last week’s match, Natalya got her win back here. These two actually
work really well together, mostly thanks to Nattie’s increasingly intense style. There was a recap of NBA star Enes Kanter
winning the 24/7 title from R-Truth earlier in the night, which Truth quickly won back.
And then we got… We’re really glad that you’re our friend,
and this is a friendship that’ll never EVER EVER NEVER END!
In one of the most interesting Firefly Fun House episodes in the last few months, Bray
was surrounded by all his puppet friends chanting ‘Stranger Danger’ about Stone Cold, with
their digital clock being stuck at 3:16. Wyatt eventually snapped and smashed the clock with
a hammer, blaming Braun and Seth for invoking The Fiend, because The Fiend never forgets.
I love how Bray is tying his previous feuds and history into his new character, as WWE
just usually ignores context that doesn’t serve their current story.
But where this gets really interesting is the numbers displayed on the clock after Bray
smashed it: 11/19. This could relate to the bible verse Ezekiel 11:19 – “I will give them
an undivided heart and put a new spirit in them; I will remove from them their heart
of stone and give them a heart of flesh.” – as Bray’s own version of Austin’s 3:16
verse. Or it could be a reference to The Undertaker,
who debuted on an episode of Superstars on November 19 1990. And with Taker being on
tonight’s SmackDown, and Wyatt currently without a CoC match, perhaps something will
take place between them. And the main event was best described by Renee
Young’s line: “so many personalities, so many giant men.”
This was a very fun 10 man tag, weaving multiple storylines and feuds between the various players,
with the threat of Bray always looming above them all.
And continuing WWE’s focus on pushing new stars, Cedric Alexander got the biggest win
of his career, pinning AJ Styles in the main event of Madison Square Garden… for Stone
Cold’s music to hit. Austin celebrated with the babyfaces afterward by drinking irresponsibly
in the ring. This was a terrific episode, putting the focus
on in-ring wrestling with stakes and feuds. And having Bray’s Fiend in the background
provides a wonderfully unsettling unease about it all, like the calm before a storm. This
week’s Raw is Cor. And now over to Laurie with the news! Thanks Oli. And I’m afraid to say that this news starts
off with some sad news: NXT Takeover has been cancelled?! Noooooo, you monsters, it was so beautiful… Well actually it hasn’t quite, but according
to some WWE travel package information released yesterday there won’t be a TakeOver on the
weekend of the Royal Rumble in Houston in January 2020. Instead WWE intends to run Worlds Collide
like they did at Royal Rumble Axxess last year. A tournament which had no consequences!
Except casting Luke Harper into some sort of yearlong abyss. But oh well! That’s fun I suppose, especially
as it crosses over all the brands! And fear not NXT fans because TakeOver will
be happening in 2020, WWE told ProWrestling Sheet they would have more to announce on
this in the future. In fact, according to Figure Four Online they
are making changes to the PPV schedule across the board. The Rumble weekend is just the start – changing
from the usual four shows in one arena – that’s Takeover, Rumble, Raw and Smackdown. To having Smackdown on the Friday in Dallas,
then Worlds Collide and Rumble in Houston and then Raw in San Antonio. Speaking of changes to schedule… spreadsheet
segway. Impact wrestling have been a near nomadic
presence in the world of wrestling television for a few years now, hopping from network
to network in search of a home. Like those dogs and that ugly cat in Homeward Bound. Now parent company Anthem has reportedly just
signed a deal to purchase AXS TV, so it looks like the moving vans will be called in once
again, or they’ll just strap all of the props,
set and equipment to Brian Cage, Like he’s Boxer from Animal Farm. ‘I will
work harder, Impact is always right’. Rather obviously the deal would see Impact
leave The Pursuit and settle on AXS, which is great news because it opens the show up
to even more viewers. There has also reportedly been plans to have
a secondary Impact show start on Pursuit as well. PWInsider say that they were told that Anthem’s
purchase won’t change NJPW’s or WOW’s status on AXS, but you never know, they could
always be bumped off air by the impact of Impact. 009, 010 Unlikely though as WOW shares some Impact
talent and Don Callis has been trying to foster a good relationship with NJPW now that they
have distanced themselves from Ring of Honor. Someone who isn’t trying to make friends
is Matt Riddle, at least not with Goldberg. The Broberg match is something I’m very
keen on seeing and something Matt Riddle seems to be out for if his Twitter antics are anything
to go by. Riddle doesn’t have many good words to say
about the former Universal champion and the two apparently had a tense stand off backstage
at SummerSlam which Riddle detailed on the WWE Watch Along. He said:
“I’m walking by, and I see his locker room. I’m trying to get a peek, and I’m looking,
I’m looking. All of a sudden [hand smacks shoulder], big shoulder, 300 pounds at least.
I look up; it’s Bill Goldberg. He goes, ‘we got some talking to do.’ ‘We can talk anytime.’
‘Yeah?’ ‘Yeah. Alright, bro, we can talk anytime.’ He’s like, ‘I’m not your bro.’ I’m like, ‘Alright
bro, take it easy, whatever.’ He’s like, ‘We’ll see, I’ll see you later. It was a pleasure
meeting you.’ ‘The pleasure was all mine, bro.’ Then he goes, ‘I’m not your bro.’ Then
I walked away,” According to Fightful the conversation wasn’t
just a bit of theatre to add drama to the watch along and it did actually happen. In fact, they say their sources told them
that Riddle and Bill did have a conversation at SummerSlam and they decided to ‘agree
to disagree’ on the subject of Goldberg being s**t. Another source said that the conversation
was filmed ‘just in case’ and that Riddle wasn’t put on Watch Along by accident because
WWE knows what it is doing with these two. That same source said Riddle ‘got it’
when it comes to building a marquee match with Goldberg, who apparently is taking the
whole thing a bit too seriously! Which is really rather scary. Watch out Bro, you might
actually be next. ——– Thank you for watching and thank you to all
of the names scrolling away beneath me for being our awesome pledgehammers on Patreon.
Head on over to ScreenStalker to see news on the casting of the Young Avengers in the
MCU and watch yesterday’s WT news to find out about Backstage heat on top WWE star.
I’ve been El Fakidor and that was lucha.

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