Hiromu versus Naito March 3 will be no friendly match!

Hiromu versus Naito March 3 will be no friendly match!

Kojima… You were able to get a win tonight,
only because Nakanishi assisted you. Remember that. Tomorrow’s almost here. We will defend
the NEVER 6 Man tag titles. Why don’t I have my belt right now? Yano, you thief…
Tomorrow…. We will win and we will get our titles back. The bond of the Third Generation? Nakanishi’s attack was effective. But what really hurt was the
Mongolian Chop from Hiromu Takahashi. Tonight’s L.I.J loss was- Hey, Naito! You have to keep your eyes open! They were.
I meant to give you that Mongolian Chop. Really. Did it hurt? Awesome. Me and Naito are going to face each other. Nobody
wants to see just a traditional singles match. Naito, do you like to have friendly
singles matches? No, you don’t, right? That’s not what I want. I know you very well. Naito, in April our prime time show begins. SI People want to see a real collision
on their TV screens. Is Ota-ku going to be
aired on broadcast TV? Oh, that’s right.
Actually, I don’t know. Yeah… Is Ota-ku going to be aired
on the prime time show? I see your point.
I don’t really know. I have no idea. But I do know that we’re going to
have a crazy match in Ota-ku. Maybe they’ll add it to the schedule,
even if it’s not, right now. People want to see when
Hiromu Takahashi beats Naito. Understand? I get it. I want you to come at me
with as much as you can. I will do what I have to. Naito, we don’t know how many more matches
we’ll have before our Ota-ku match. But either way, I’ll attack
you without hesitation. And I’ll leave you hurting on March 3rd. I’ll keep coming at you,
just like this. So, be ready for that.
Get it? That’s not what I’m asking for. You have to play along with me.
I played along with you. What’s this?
I’m going to beat you. And I will take this. Not this one? I guess he’s got a point. We don’t want
our special singles to be like the others. We’ve got history together. I said this in the press
conference the other day, I’ll face Hiromu as if
my titles were on the line. But it was very effective tonight…
So much damage… I will be in a match with
him tomorrow, right? I have to stay aware of my opponents,
but also Hiromu, too. I should do some damage to Hiromu, too. How should I do it? -Thank you.
-Thank you. That was good, wasn’t it? It’s all thanks to you, Tiger,
you led the team. Nakanishi was fired up tonight, wasn’t he? -Thank you.
-Thank you. Nice job, big man. Are you really going to retire?
I know it’s kind of late to ask… All of them gave me strength,
so we had to win this one. It’s been a while for me to fly like that.
I didn’t know I could do it. Kojima, thank you. We were so surprised when you flew at us. Even though we told him, “Come on!”
we didn’t really know. That was cool! I stayed out of the way. He fell on me. I was in danger, too. That was impressive! Two more days, you gotta let out
all you’ve got! Please, give me strength, everyone. -Thank you.
-Thank you. -Thank you.
-Thank you. Anything to ask me? Kojima assisted me
most of the time. But I flew. That was something… How are you feeling now?
You have fewer and fewer matches left. I just have to give it my all. I don’t think this is it for me. There’ll be something else for me.
But I want to give it my all. Because my companions are doing the same. I want to get fired up than more than anybody. I just want to let it all out. Good? Thank you. I have one thing to say, This might have been overlocked tonight, But I want you all to remember
who pinned who, tonight. EVIL, he’s been standing at
the top these last few years. Even though this was a tag match,
I got a pinfall on him. Tell me how you feel about this loss, EVIL. Although you’ve been standing on the top for a while, To me, you’re still green. You’d better take to heart
that I beat you with my lariato.

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  11. What a sweet moment between an elder brother and his younger and more unhinged sibling. Naito has never taken his diatribes seriously and rightfully so. The respect they have for each other is quite easily visible even in their verbal back n forth. Unlike Ospreay/Okada, these two enjoy superb chemistry.
    "The ungovernables"

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