I Bought Everything Advertised To Me In One Day #2

I Bought Everything Advertised To Me In One Day #2

Ellie: Toys “R” Us going
out of business? – Everything must go
and so we must go.
– Man: Must go. I’m gonna get everything! I got everything!( music playing )Good morning! I just woke up
and today’s the day that I get to use
the company card to buy anything
that is advertised to me. Jordan did this once,
but I’m gonna do it. We’re gonna see if my day
is a little bit different, because I check my phone
constantly! And I’m a girl.
I don’t know if you’ve noticed. First one, Overstock.
They know that I love rugs ’cause I think rugs
can transform a room. And it’s a Glossier ad! She almost tied her hair up
but then she let it go. She didn’t even have a hair tie. Stretch Concealer in Medium. Boy Brow in Blonde! I’ve always wanted Boy Brow. A bra ad. It’s just like a tan
piece of Spandex. “True Body Lift hugs your curves
and disappears under clothes.” I have not consented to that. Now we’re gonna scroll
through Facebook. I’m gonna be repping
Glossier hard as heck. It’s Tumblr time! I got an Amazon ad for the
best-selling NutriBullet. So I’m getting Brita
Replacement Filters, Egglettes Egg Cooker. “Hard boiled eggs
without the shell.” That looks like trash
and I want it.Okay. Normally on Saturday
I get up,
I walk my dog
with my boyfriend.
We try to get like
a bagel and coffee.
I’m gonna grab the mail first,
though. Okay, the first thing is
a traffic violation for a guy who does
not live here anymore. Can we pay that?
No, it’s illegal. European Wax Center is
advertising to me
in my mailbox. ( grunts ) Frankly, it’s time. I’m gonna be joined today
by my boyfriend. – Hello!
– I’m a very nice person. – You’re a good boy.
– I know. This is where
we’re gonna go first. – Looks like a wax museum. Oh.
– No, no. “To reserve this park,
please call.” Baby girl’s getting a park!
And I’m stoked about it. That’s an advertisement for me
to put an advertisement
on a bench. You better believe
I’m doing that. Furniture sale!
A floor sample sale! I am gonna go get a bunch
of stuff that they just have
decorating their floor. I got a little octopus
and a French horn, baby! And a big old peacock! And it’s $200. Oh, gonna drop it. ‘Cause you know I love octopi.
They’re smarter than us. – That’s not true.
– That’s true! Toys “R” Us going
out of business? – Everything must go
and so we must go.
– Man: Must go. I’m gonna get everything! I got everything! We just got to the mall,
so we’re gonna call
and make sure we can get an appointment
at the European waxer. Hi! Yeah, I was wondering if I
could get an appointment today for a bikini line wax.
Okay, thank you so much! Ross Dress For Less. “Save 20-60% off department
store prices.” This is the new me and I’m about
to smell like three Rihannas! Nude by Rihanna, Riri by
Rihanna, and Kiss by Rihanna. – There’s another store closing.
– Going to Movie World. Movie World is
actually a bookstore, which makes total sense to me. So I got this obscure
Harrison Ford and Paul Bettany movie poster. It’s a store called Warbie Yama. It beckons me. – Who’s this character?
– They wouldn’t explain. Looks like a mix
of an Angry Bird and a Minion. I also got, “Will you be a cat?” – What is that?
– “Will you be a dog?” They clear your pores or what? It’s all in Japanese.
I don’t know.( music playing )( sighs ) All right, I’m ready to go in. – How’d it go?
– I don’t wanna talk about it. Okay, 10% to 50% off. It’s a beauty store
so I should be excited. I’m getting a little tired. His and Hers Loofas. All day all I’ve wanted was
a coffee and a bagel. We finally walk up
to a Noah’s Bagels and it is 3:30 PM. ( sighs ) Can you– Pat? Pat? – You okay?
– No. Capitalism is a scam
and a trick. I have blinders on because we’ve
already had a really full day. We’re going home.
I’m gonna take a nap. And I’m gonna see you guys when
all my stuff comes in the mail. All righty, I’ve recovered. I’ve bought everything
advertised to me, including this entire park! I bought it for an hour.
I got these things
called Egglettes. “Hard boiled eggs
without the shell.” I’m gonna be eating
a lot of eggs. Other than kitchen stuff, a big
thing was all beauty products. Advertisement wants women to be either in the kitchen
or getting pretty. I got two different face masks.
Should I be a cat or a dog? I’ll be a cat.
I’ma haunt your nightmares. Meow! I’m gonna put every beauty
product on my face. Powder. No brush,
but I do have this.I don’t wanna just put
everything on top of each other
’cause then you can’t
see the color.
So I’m just gonna ring it
around my mouth.
Huh. I do feel like
a Glossier model. Oh, my God!
It smells like old food! I’m feeling saucy. True Body Lift.
( grunting ) There we go!
This honestly feels really good. Now that you’re so cool playing
at your own playground. All together,
“I’ve got my own playground!” I did buy one thing that I
wasn’t able to bring to the park but I think it’s time to go. Whee!( music playing )Rhett:Stick around to see ustake on the arm wrestling
challenge for Make-A-Wish.
We know how much you love
ordering from Amazon
so we got an Amazon store.Get our exclusive tees
and products available
only at Amazon.com/Mythical.

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100 Replies to “I Bought Everything Advertised To Me In One Day #2”

  1. the frugal inner Link in me is so pissed, she didnt just buy everything she was advertised- she went above and beyond to go shopping all day. Im assuming all of the purchases are tax deductable anyway but still its so wasteful

  2. it's very misleading… I was expecting direct advertising. not whatever shows up on your Instagram and whatever bill board you drive past…


    Edit: Although Jordan does do it better because he's funnier. You should get Mike and Alex to do it and go to Gucci, Supreme, Versace, and other designer stores. Get your funniest people to do it. (JOSH)

  4. Half the stuff advertised to me is computer crap that gets pretty damn expensive. I would rack up a 30,000$ charge easy

  5. Ellie is about as charming as a biscuit bake with tacs inside, but everyone else seems to love her, so what do I know.

  6. the ad at the end… nice touch.. i think? are you playing mind games with me or am i over complicating things? :S

  7. The ad was the best pic I’ve ever seen and will see and I have a long way to go I’m 11

  8. WTF does this prove? You should've done a video about someone who's normal. You know, someone who had ad-block. Someone that doesn't just go out window shopping. How many things would someone buy if they were sensible people?

  9. I would've bought every horse/ horse item advertised to me, lol I would've spent a ton more!! Horses in general are expensive lmao

  10. On a serious note… I love GMM and everyone but this is just a waste. Can I get that $4500 for my tuition if you're going to waste it on nonsense? This is a prime example of overconsumption and why America is so wasteful.

  11. the adds know what you look at and advertise to that. its not only because she is female, but because that is the sort of stuff it assumes someone with her profile from all avaiable meta data would like.

  12. People who say this is wasteful don't understand how content creation works. They don't just spend money for fun guys, this video probably earned them back twice as much as they spent on it because it's interesting and something someone would want to watch and see. Money get's peoples attention, and then you earn more money.

  13. Why does it have to be women "in the kitchen or getting pretty". You saying that makes you the bad person. No one said it had to be women doing it

  14. Can I do this???? I could use a whole bunch of motorcycle parts…

    WHOA…. HOW DID I END UP ON JP CYCLES?!?? Aww bummer… $12000 later

  15. Something tells me someones going to be pretty upset over this girl spending thousands of dollars on a video that probably will make $900

  16. She did not just buy stuff that was advertised to her she saw that something was 15% off if I didn't just bought stuff that was 15% off if she saw a specific item in the store window she has to only buy that specific item

  17. A sales percentage mentioned without detailing any product?!

    Lol… well played Ellie, but that's cheating.

  18. When people that havent worked hard a day in their life wear anything carharrt 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 the mythical crew think they are way funnier than they are.

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