I Sent Pictures To A Boy I Liked And Shouldn’t Have

I Sent Pictures To A Boy I Liked And Shouldn’t Have

I liked this one guy, we were super close.
We started talking like late at night and stuff, and he would ask me how my day
was and what I did…He would ask me how I’m feeling and stuff like that. He’d be
super nice. One day he asked me for racy pics and I said “no” but he kept begging me and
I was like “maybe”. I was trying to talk myself out of it. But then I was feeling
like “I don’t know what to do” and we had this thing and it was play pool, the
loser has to send pics of your body. And I said “how about something other than that?” He said, “all right, bottom pics” and I said “fine”. So we played and I lost so I had to send
him some pictures. And he liked them he was like ooh “really nice” stuff. Later
then he asked me for more like that. I said “no” but I was on the phone with my friend
she was like “what are you gonna do?” And he sent me a picture and she was like
wait “no he didn’t” and I said “yeah.” And I showed my friend and I was like “I don’t
know what to do he’s asking me for picture still” and I was like “fine” so I
sent him a picture of me in my top. And then he was like “take the top off”. So I
did and I put my hands over my chest and he said “send it without your hands.” And I
put emojis and then he was like take the emogiis off and I was like “fine” I did and
he was like “ooh la la!” “I’ll grab your bottom and stuff at school
if you keep sending them to me” and I was like “you know what I want to go to bed
good night.” A month later my mom found out that he sent me that because my
friends are talking about it in the car and she heard it. So then we had to talk
about it with my therapist she was like did you send him back and I was like no
because I kept lying cuz I was like I don’t want to but then my mom threatened
to take it up with the school district and like tell on him and say this is
just illegal you better look up his picture and say like “oh he did send it”
and like he should get punished for it and I was like “Mom you can’t do that” and
she was like “why did you send it back?” And I was
“if I did would you be mad?” And she said “no” and I started crying and I poured
down tears. And I told her the truth that I did. And she just hugged me and
she said “look, it’s gonna be all right but you know you can’t do that again.” And
I got grounded for a long time. And I never did anything like that again
because the feeling of thinking that someone might find out and ruin your

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  1. Random guy: Take a picture of you in your bra! 😉

    Me: cuts out a picture of me and glues into my bra and sends to him

    Random guy: That’s not what I meant..

    Me: that’s clearly what you asked for

  2. This guy asked me for an ass pic and I said ok, so I went to google and searched up “dog ass pics” and then I sent him one he got so mad and said IF YOUR ASS and I was like oh hell naw and blocked him??

  3. If a girl sent me nudes I would NEVER tell or show anyone else. If she sent them it’s for my eyes only and I’m gonna respect that ?if she chooses to tell her friends tho that’s her choice ??‍♂️

  4. What a whore!!! She disrespected Jesus and God Himself she shal be burned at the crusading for her devilis deeds. Is she was my daughter is spa k day ass so hard and shove my duck all up in her Pusey till she quefs ?✊?️?️?✊?

  5. I cried watching this bc I’ve sent nudes before and I’m so scared of them leaking, and I sent them bc he was being very pushy and kept asking so I sent them so that he can leave me alone, but again he kept asking and I sent more and currently I’m with him bc I was scared if I said no to being his gf that he was gonna leak them, but I wanna break up with him bc I’m scared of my nudes leaking for everyone to see

  6. I’ve had this experience but worse it’s terrible FYI lady’s or men idk if this happens and they threaten you go to a parent or the police it will always work out people make mistakes and you learn from them I love everyone for who they are not for what they are or what they have done ?

  7. wow, never put nude pics of yourself on the internet, anyone could see them, that could even be dangerous if the wrong person does.

  8. Someone asked me for nudes, sooooo I sent…. Fortnight memes he kept asking me again… Ingrid blocked his dumb perverted ass, TF.


  10. There was a kid like you at my school me and a bunch of other kids who were like her family I somehow got myself into the dad role a kid did that we tracked him down and told him if you do this again we’ll meet you in the parking lot and “let the air out of your tires” meaning we’ll cut his legs he didn’t stop so let’s just say something happened to him

  11. TIPS: if a guy asks for pictures, get a bra, put it on your knees, make it look kinda like boobs, get face tune, edit it, send it, and keep a zoomed out picture of the bra and your knees so if people ask, you can say its not real and have proof.

  12. I got that pic on my phone only whores pitas do that no respectect for you body sluts hoes. You send to all your man whores.

  13. my mom is dead so Imma just do this with my dad:
    her mom: hugs her
    my dad literally yelled at my brother only because he asked me if anybody has ever sent me a dick pic


  14. teacher:what to do when your friends talk about something they shouldnt in your car?
    normal kids:please stop
    me:get an M249 SAW

  15. So here's a long but true story..kinda sad tho

    So I had this "friend" which we'll call him D. So D and I were friends for at least 2 years and he had always talked behind people's back it didn't matter who It was, he just talked to me about their secrets or what he thinks about them and well I was and still am in a Christian school, he was with me and still is, even tho he was at a Christian school he says bad words but just texting. And as you can see, he was kinda cute to me and I started liking him. And for several days I bought to him chocolates and things and have him answers but the problem was he liked another girl which obviously she didn't even like him a tiny bit. So I always had to help him with that and he never gave me a "thank you" so… One day I was depressed and we were texting each other and I asked him "what do you think about me? 100% honest" and he reply to me " Oh, you? Your teeths are really ugly it looks like if you never clean them and yeah that's it" after reading that text I was really insecure about myself well I was conscious about my ugliness and hygiene but I wasn't expecting that, since then I never smiled too much and I know that I was looking for it but still. Oh also, I have a best friend and she's really pretty, a lot of boys like her and they always use me to get closer to her, she's not even thankful about her being pretty. I've been really insecure about my body and how I look. Just every time I smile I remember that I have some really bad teeths and I wish I had braces for making my teeths straight and white. Well getting back at D, I confess to him and he rejected me for being ugly, one day he asked me about something and I just look at the text and he was like " you're a shit sometimes" and I was broken inside and sick of it so I told a teacher about it and I'm waiting for a answer. Btw this happened today 🙂
    Well only the "you're a shit sometimes" happened today and the report too. I hope he gets what he deserves. Also thank you so much and congratulations! You made it here! Im so glad you could read what I always have to go through and I just want to find someone who likes me just the way I am. I had a crush on so many people but most of them just… seem to not like me back so I separate from them…I'm sorry if this turn really sad but it's something that most people have to go through. Well anyways, I love you guys and you're beautiful just the way you are, you matter so much in this world. I love you even if I don't know who you are❤

  16. I think that the video doesn't tell us in a explicit way that, in the story, the fault relays on the boy. The girl just trust in him and he betrayed her.
    I mean, when you send nudes to someone is because you trust in this person. If this person send the pics to other people or says that he or she will do it, is not your fault, is from the other person because he/she doesn't respect the confidence that you put in him/her.

  17. Roses are red violets are blue a gold banquet and silvery goo why would u chose who is not u ……… NOW I want everyone ! To hit the like button till it's blue!!!ouch now my hand hurts bye

  18. See I’ve never understood the point of nudes because porn and other explicit material… IS LITERALLY FREE

  19. SHAME ON YOU for not using good judgment and common sense !!! hope you parents are making sure that you learned a harsh life lesson from this experience !!!

  20. Why is her mother so chill about this whole situation?!?! First of all, NEVER send ANYONE nudes, even if you've been together for x amount of time because you never know what could happen, and second, if I had done something stupid like this, my mother would have grabbed her trusty wooden spoon and beat the hell out of me! When I have children, if I EVER catch ANY of them doing this stupid shit, I will beat the stupid right out of them… My children will meet God AND come back all in one hit! Stupid ass children doing dumb ass shit….. This is why schools have assemblies about this! At least my school does…

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