Jeff Hardy Going Solo In WWE? Extreme Rules Fallout! | WrestleTalk News June 2017

Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk News! I’m Oli Davis. Ahead of last night’s Extreme Rules show,
Alexa Bliss tweeted out her To-Do list for the evening:
“-Grab Kendo stick -Remain #Raw Women’s Champ -Beat Bayley w/ Kendo stick. -Watch Bayley cry -Leave Baltimore #ExtremeRules”
Very impressively, all that only took her just over five minutes. Yes, despite threatening to get extreme for
the whole build to their match, Bayley didn’t get to swing the kendo stick once. In another piece of surprising booking, Austin
Aries lost his third pay-per-view championship opportunity in a row, tapping to Neville’s
Rings of Saturn in their submission match for the Cruiserweight title. Aries was shown almost manically dejected
after the loss at ringside, and he later teased a change to his character on Twitter:
“And with that, it might be time for some serious life reflection and career reevaluation…[email protected]
#ExtremeRules” Here’s my fantasy booking scenario – to
prove himself after losing over and over again to Neville, he starts challenging and decisively
beating non-Cruiserweight wrestlers; both putting over himself and the Cruiserweight
division. There’s only one potential obstacle with
that I can see…what colour would the ropes be? Also on Extreme Rules, the Hardy Boyz lost
their Raw Tag Team Championships to Sheamus and Cesaro in a steel cage. ESPN have pointed out a very interesting stat
about Matt & Jeff’s last two tag title wins – with last night’s loss meaning their reigns
lasted from and to the exact same dates exactly a decade apart. With the Hardy Boyz no longer champions, Cage
Side Seats are reporting a rumour – so, remember, take this with a pinch of salt – that the
tag title change and Extreme Rules finish could lead to the brothers breaking up. The end sequence of the match saw Jeff hit
a Whisper in the Wind off the top of the cage, despite him already escaping. This meant Matt had to drag his knocked-out
brother’s body through the door to win, while Cesaro and Sheamus beat them to it,
reaching the ground first by climbing over the top. The article says this might play into the
break-up reason, with Matt being unhappy with Jeff’s high-risk offence. There’s no word on when this might play
out onscreen, but it’s a split we’ve all seen coming even since they resigned with
WWE. While super over, the Team Xtreme act is a
nostalgia gimmick which will lose its novelty over time. Vince McMahon has always seen big money in
Jeff as a singles star, and an eventual feud with Brock Lesnar for the Universal title
has been rumoured, but Matt’s breakout run has been stuck in legal limbo while the ownership
rights over his Broken Universe gimmick are held up by his former employers TNA Impact
Wrestling. Jeff told SportBible last month “it’s inevitable
that we’ll go do our solo things before we’re done but right now it’s all about the tag
teams.” As the influx of big money bets on Sunday
afternoon let slip – replacing Seth Rollins as the bookies’ favourite – Samoa Joe ended
up winning Extreme Rule’s Fatal 5-Way main event, which means he’ll face Brock Lesnar
for the Universal Title at…Great Balls of Fire, still an actual name for an actual pay-per-view. Last night’s Extreme Rules show gave us
the first promo for the ridiculously titled event, which revealed the official logo for
Great Balls of Fire. At first glance, it’s pretty literal. The words ‘Great Balls of Fire’ being
accompanied by images of two great balls of fire and a flaming streak in their wake. Through the academic lens of Phallocentrism,
however – the school of thought that believes man projects his penis shape on the world
around him, like skyscrapers and trains – the logo becomes something quite different: a
dick. Twitter user Matthew Mendez has helpfully
pointed this out, using some superb Microsoft Paint skills to outline the orange knob shape,
with the caption: “Penis. It’s a goddam penis.” Find out what I thought of Extreme Rules by
clicking the video to the left, and does Randy Orton have a point with the …dive debate. Luke and I talk just that in the latest WrestleRamble. And remember to press subscribe and support
WrestleTalk on Patreon. I’ve been Oli Davis, and that was wrestling.

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