Jim Jordan Cried And Begged Wrestler To Deny He Helped In Assault Coverup

Jim Jordan Cried And Begged Wrestler To Deny He Helped In Assault Coverup

Republican representative Jim Jordan has been
further implicated in the Ohio State University sexual assault cover-up, but this time it’s
not just what he did back in the late eighties and early nineties to cover up the assault
that was happening to the wrestlers that he was in charge of protecting. This is actually being implicated in trying
to cover-up the cover-up. According to a man by the name of Adam DiSabato,
who was testifying in front of the Ohio legislature earlier this week in support of House bill
249 which would extend the statute of limitations so that the former wrestlers at Ohio State
could sue the school for the abuse that they suffered, suffered, and the cover-up from
the school itself. DiSabato happened to be the captain of the
wrestling team while Jim Jordan was there for some of the years. His brother two years ago is the one who came
forward and directly implicated Jim Jordan in the cover-up. And during yesterday’s hearing, DiSabato said
that in July of 2018 he got a call, multiple calls from Republican representative Jim Jordan,
and Jordan was crying, groveling and begging DiSabato to come out and disavow his brother’s
comments that had implicated Jordan in the cover-up in the first place. His exact quote to the Ohio legislature was
Jim Jordan called me crying, groveling, begging me to go against my brother. That’s the kind of cover-up that’s going on
there. Are you guys going to do, what you’re, what
your voted to do? That’s the only reason I am here. So DiSabato made it clear. Yeah, Jim Jordan was involved in this. Jim Jordan is still trying to cover things
up. But I’m not even here to say that, oh, this
Republican guy is bad. I want you legislature to do what you were
voted in to do, to protect us, to allow us to finally get a little bitty taste of justice. And the reason I bring that up is because
I’m sure a lot of Republicans are going to say, oh, well this is just another guy showing
up trying to smear a Republican rising star. He made it clear that that’s not even his
intention. It may have happened, sure, because Jim Jordan
was absolutely involved in this cover-up. Jim Jordan has specifically been named in
several of the lawsuits that have been brought by these former wrestlers, not just the DiSabato
brothers. Others have said that Jim Jordan did this
as well and now we know the extent to which Jordan tried to cover it up. It wasn’t just from 1987 to 1995 that Jim
Jordan was working to cover-up the abuse that happened at the hands of Dr. Richard Strauss,
but it was happening as recently as 2018 with these phone calls. Jim Jordan has spent the last year or more
really of his career trying to defend all of the criminal activity of Donald Trump,
trying to write it off and trying to convince the public that Donald Trump didn’t really
break any laws and that if he did, it’s okay. What Jim Jordan should have been doing is
getting all of his affairs in order because when this statute of limitations gets lifted,
and I have no doubt that it’s going to, Jordan is going to be named in more than just a few
lawsuits, and this man stands to lose everything he has ever gained in his entire life. And if the allegations against him are true,
then even that, losing everything, might not even be a good enough punishment for Jim Jordan.

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100 Replies to “Jim Jordan Cried And Begged Wrestler To Deny He Helped In Assault Coverup”

  1. Piece of shit covering up pedos !!!!!! How can this scum be on a bench as though he has a moral lord over desent people….Sue his arse off and put the hobit pig in prison where he belongs. You wont need your jacket in prison you P.O.S. scumbag cu.t !!!!!!!!! You arrogant stupid disgusting lying cheating grovelling sub human !!!!

  2. Why can't we just exterminate freaks like this? How do they find their way into government? They disgust me! Someone plz call pest control!

  3. Gym Jordan, just like all of the rest of the Confederates are big ass grown men who are absolute pussies. I can see him begging ”Please, please, please don't tell on me!!!” Boo fucking hoo, Gym!!! Wallow in the mess you've made!!!

  4. Now they're beginning to show you the dirt drumpf has, to keep his "best people" aka rethuglikkkan sycophants, complicit and obedient.

    I believe the Russians didn't just hack the DNC. They have dirt on those last remaining, hard core drumpf humping, traitorous, treacherous repukes, too. No doubt Putin threw drumpf a few crumbs of dirt, no doubt on some of those rethugs, to make it look like he's playing nice with dotard and help him keep an eye on these people for the next report back to Moscow.

  5. any body who turns a blind eye or covers-up the Sexual Abuse of young men and women needs to be exposed , tried, and put in prison General Population. They will teach him what should happen with Pervs and theirProtectors.

  6. Sadly, this is not at all surprising. Republicans, a once at least somewhat respectable party, are now scraping the bottom of the barrel and yet still getting them elected. It is why they have to cheat.

  7. The question needs to be asked. Are republicans nothing but a bunch of criminals OR are they just stupid? Because they seem to spend a lot of time committing crimes and then spending even more time trying to cover it up. Either way, they commit a lot of crimes and then commit more crimes when they conspire to cover them up. They are not fit to lead.

  8. If you don’t report and help to cover up paedophilia after being told by numerous boys then you are complicit in those crimes
    How many additional boys were sexually assaulted or raped be cause of this coward jordon

  9. He should have recorded his bitch ass…sure THE USA would loved 2HEAR HIS ass begging…oops sorry I lost myself N rapen OF babies…guys there is no low EVER WITH these spawns… cme

  10. Best part of this video was the end. When you asked about liking the video and join. The rest was depressing , how people in power let our kids get abused. Jim J needs to go to jail for being a part of this coverup. Time for REAL Justice

  11. Maybe Jordan swings the other way , and liked what the doctor was doing ….political guy? he will get off without any punishment … the trump administration shows that daily

  12. Another good example of the good American political prowess, let's elect rapist racists and wannabe dictators and call it The Republican Party.

  13. I hope them find him giilty n he pay the great price i dont trust jim jordon longtime he should b deffending him self instead he there deffending that sckum bag trump



  16. Jim Jordan, a man of questionable ethics, desperately searching for a corrupt person to follow. The definition of lickspittle.

  17. Another absolute lowlife that Master Trump will interfere with any investigation of concerning his immoral actions(alleged 'wink,wink'). Are his constituents really proud to be represented by him?

  18. I could tell Jim would be this type of person that would turn into a crying little baby when he gives interviews. I can't stand to listen to him and his whiney voice.

  19. Oh no Jojo not Jim Jordan the Benghazi Benghazi Benghazi guy I thought he was so holy his shit doesn't stink. Bless his little heart.

  20. Hey Jimmy did you see what happened to the lady at Michigan State, she lied to investigators and I think that is just what you have done, her term in jail is years good luck dumbo

  21. If you haven't noticed..trumpys biggest defenders are the biggest scum that America has to offer. Jordan , Gaetz , Nunes, Collins , McConnell, Barr, Mnuchin….the list goes on. No surprise here.

  22. Republikkkans love and welcome sexual deviants! They have two on the Supreme Court, one in the white house, and several in the Senate and in congress! Republikkkans don't see a problem with Sexual Deviants or Racist, in fact they prefer them!

  23. The part he left out was that the call was on the 4th of July. Jordan was wasted and likely drinking beers with Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh

  24. Jimmy "snot bubbles" Jordan?
    Jimmy "ugly crying" Jordan?
    Jimmy "sugar puss" Jordan?
    What is it with Ohio Conservatives crying all the time? Remember Boehner, he cried all the time.

  25. Disgusting puke! I’m sorry but I believe the victims. It is impossible enough for women to come forward but the stigma for a man…I’m sickened that it would take a 177 people to come forward and to know it and do nothing?! GTH Jordan.

  26. Jim Jordan will get thrown under the bus cause Donnie don’t want perves – Donnie wants to be the only perve, that’s why allegedly Epstein is gone lol

  27. Well of course lying Gym will want the truth to come out. He doesn’t approve of lying. Look how he went after Michael Cohen for admitting he lied. There was jacketless Gym yelling, screaming, getting red in the face and leaping around in his seat with pure outrage that someone had lied. His audience of one would have been so impressed.

    But, evidently, he doesn’t seem to mind down right lies coming directly from that audience of one nor from those prepared to lie through their teeth to protect him. So, just guessing here, maybe he’d be more than happy if someone lied to try to tell us that he isn’t a cowardly, sleazeball who did nothing to protect those boys under his care from systematic abuse.

    Seems like lying Gym is selective about which lies attract his opprobrium.

  28. Jesus you know it's bad when his brother had to intervene in this bat shit crazy true story. And Republicans are loving this shit, hell they're resume requirements must have henchmen asshole or holy shit you tried to giet away with wtf.

  29. What kind of person learns about sexual assaults, from many students and does not try to help, and then lies saying he knew nothing about the sexual assaults.

  30. Jordan has twisted himself into a pretzel defending and rationalizing drumpf's lawbreaking… Drumpf will be nowhere in sight when his ass is in the fire…

  31. Republicans don't give a mother mad fuck about abuse victims. They were willing to shill for Roy Moore and that Illinois pedophile who ran for office after it came out that he said he'd have sex with teenagers. They elected Forrest Trump, our cartoon Assaulter-In-Chief. They confirmed Boofin' Brett Kavanaugh, the Supreme Court rapist. With allies like the feckless Susan Collins and a leader like President TRE45ON, Gym Jordan can insulate himself from prosecution. One sweet day, when Gym Jordan loses his re-election bid, the State of Ohio is gonna swoop in and nail Jimshoes unitard to the mat. There will be a reckoning.

  32. Probably Jorden enjoyed the "treatment" by the Doc on his visits and doesn't understand what the big deal is. Or maybe he just reviewed the "team tapes" for tips on how to pin his adversaries.

  33. And Florida needs to demand that skeletor Scott be removed. Because he doesn’t represent anyone in Floriduh only steals their paid into healthcare from them

  34. You Ring of Fire Host, lost it at the end of this clip. You're sounding as vindictive as Mr Trump…and that is not a good sound. I do agree with you about Jim Jordon though….he's gotta go.

  35. I have noticed when i was a Republican that criminal activity was not a deal breaker to them. It also appears that pedophiles and treasonous behavior is condoned as well. I implore all those reasonable republicans to take a long hard look at what has become of that party and decide if you stand with justice, truth and reason or if you just like the harm your party is doing.

  36. Gym Jordan is an expert at allowing criminals to get away from their crimes. This motherfucker also wraps his heinous lies up in his so-called Christian faith.

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