KENTA ruins Naito’s crowning glory! #njwk14

Okada… Okada… Winning the Tokyo Dome main event… It’s awesome, isn’t it? Someday… In the main event of the Tokyo Dome… Let’s fight again. He told Okada exactly what Okada told him. Okada raises a fist. They are more than just rivals. Okada and Naito’s store has just begun. That’s something only those two
can understand, right? Nobody else. Here comes history. Absolutely, this is history. Two belts will be handed over to Naito. How will he wear two on waist? First, the white title, the Intercontinental,
will be handed to Naito. Will Naito take it? He does. Also, the IWGP Heavyweight title
to his right hand. IC in his left hand, IWGP in his right. Two titles placed in the ring.
He’s looking at the future of pro-wrestling. Those belts are really bright. Tetsuya Naito once again holds the mic… ¡BUENAS NOCHES TOKYO DOME! Today, many people came out to the Tokyo Dome, More are watching all over Japan and the world,
did you all enjoy Naito’s amazing comeback? With these two titles in hand,
what should I do next? Everyone knows the answer…
It’s of course… TRANQUILO
ASSEN NAYO A big call. However, there is one thing I need to say, I
will never forget these 2 days in the Tokyo Dome. With these two titles, I will move forward. So, now it’s about time for that thing… This will be my first big roll call in
the Tokyo Dome. Are you all ready? New Japan Pro-Wrestling’s 2 days in the
Tokyo Dome, the only way to end it… EVIL, BUSHI, SANADA, Hiromu, Takagi, y Naito… Nosotros… Los Ingobernables- Why? KENTA! KENTA denied us of the biggest roll call!
He ruined the best moment! Fans have been waiting for this moment for
over two years. Naito too! How can he do this? How can he do this to all of us? He’s the world’s most hated man!
Why did he have to do this at this moment? Is this for real? KENTA gives Naito a GO 2 SLEEP. Right before the big moment.
It’s all turned into a nightmare. Why is KENTA out here? Fans were waiting years for this.
Naito’s fans wanted to see it. KENTA lost the NEVER title to Goto. Now he’s doing that pose…
This can’t be real. Listen to the fans boo! He’s posing with both titles on top of Naito. He ruined the great moment. Everyone was so ready.
But he totally ruined everything. He didn’t get to say ,”De Japón.” Now BUSHI is out here. KENTA acted at the worst possible time.
This could be the worst ever. This day will I’ve in pro-wrestling infamy. Everyone was looking forward to the roll call,
after that intense fight. They were completely stunned. Now they are all booing. He has no regards for the current situation. This is the worst ever, in pro-wrestling history. This can’t be forgiven. What are we supposed to feel? We were looking forward to a toast after this.
But now it’s all ruined. I guess something is brewing in Bullet Club. Naito can’t get back up. I don’t think I’ve
seen a worse fate in the Tokyo Dome. He’s leaving? I can’t recall a worse ending than this. What’s going on now? He can’t walk up the ramp. What’s next for Naito? Unbelievable. KENTA ruined it! He dreamed of this moment and he finally won.
Naito wanted to walk that ramp as champion. But KENTA ruined Naito’s dream.
And Naito’s fans’ dreams. What has he just done?
This makes no sense. Tetsuya Naito, he fought two
nights and risked everything. Even Okada lifted his fist to Naito. What the hell is this? This is all thanks to KENTA! We are all in shock.
I can’t even move. The crowd is in shock. We all wanted the “De Japón” moment. Naito’s fans were waiting for this for 2 years. I can’t even describe my feelings now. Nothing. They were too shocked, they couldn’t even boo. I wonder what’s Naito’s feeling right now.
Furious? Greater than fury. It’s upsetting. I lost… Well…
Naito… I had the IWGP heavyweight title… Ibushi won the G1… Jay had the IC title… Naito wasn’t holding anything… But I was reminded that he had
the hopes of many riding on him. That’s what makes him really strong. I can’t make any excuses about this being 2 days. The situation was the same for him, too. Well, in this current New Japan,
Naito deserves to be double champion… I think so. Honestly… I said I’d pack the Dome… But I couldn’t. But I gave all of my effort today. So, Kazuchika Okada… I guess 2020 started off bad for me. But I will be working hard, starting tomorrow,
by making this frustration my fuel. Thank you for waiting. I’m here. That was awesome, wasn’t it? I just told everyone I won’t be done,
just because I lost the NEVER title. Did you see? I’m living my life.
This is so freakin’ fun! They waited for a big roll call, didn’t they? I made them really, really boo. You should be thanking me. You know? What’s all this about a double championship?
First ever? No, I won’t let him have it. I won’t settle for less. I’m going for more. 2020… It will be my damn year! All eyes on me. Got it?

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