KENTA ruins Naito’s moment again! #njdash

見つけてしまった SANADA… 最近のお前は調子に乗り過ぎてるから
俺が現実を教えてやる お前はどうせ
俺の足元にも及ばない What’s this about? It’s hard to hear him. Jay now passes the mic to KENTA. The booing is so strong. Jay just said you’re all a bunch of morons. Is that right? Did he say that? I don’t think he said that. KENTA, go home! KENTA, go home!
KENTA, go home! KENTA, go home! People of Ota-ku… Now he’s mocking him? Did you enjoy yesterday’s Tokyo Dome? He’s mocking Naito’s mic performance. I know I had a lot of fun! Now he’s back to his usual self. You guys are listening to me.
You’re all good boys and girls, aren’t you? Go ahead and say it louder! You all actually do like me, don’t you? He’s really messing with us, isn’t he? He’s getting us angrier and angrier. Good. Give me more! More! I’m not going anywhere. You’re all a bunch of ugly idiots.
Especially you LIJ fans. The worst. Anyway, my point is… These two belts will be mine! After speaking on the mic
he goes back to stomping him. People are yelling at KENTA. And now KENTA holds both belts. Does he understand how hard Naito
worked for those titles? The IWGP and IC titles… The winners of the match are
SANADA and Tetsuya Naito. They won the match but it doesn’t feel like it,
after the TOO SWEET pose. Hey! Stop this crappy music! Don’t play that crap! Play my song! Play my music! Really? The sound crew is having a tough night. SANADA won the match, so his music
should be playing. This isn’t right. Is someone holding the sound guys hostage? It could be Jado. This can’t be happening!
This is not right! 何か言うことがあるんだろ? そうだな…俺がコメントを出すほどの
出来事でもあったか? ファンには毎回毎回
同じ質問をされるが… よし教えてやろう…全ての質問に
俺が答えてくれると思うな 俺は自分がやりたいようにやる
それが俺たちバレットクラブだ 俺たちの絆は
更に固くなった 新たな計画があると言っただろ
俺個人のことではないぞ その計画とは…あいつ
そう ”毒牙”のことだ So much press here today. Let’s sit…
It’s been a while since we all sat together… Tetsuya, you are such an idiot.
Hey, keep it up! You look pathetic! Were you at the Dome last night? It felt great. Stupid fans.
They were booing me so loudly. I let them do it, because they wanted
to chant along originally. I let them do it today also,
but they weren’t loud enough. Also, I have something else I want to say. This is going to take a while.
You have time before the last train, right? The way you use social media…
I’m talking to you guys! You are all so lucky to be born in this age that
you get to complain to wrestlers via social media! But I checked the profiles, it was a
bunch of old guys! What the hell? You, I’m talking about you, old farts! You guys are all so pathetic, you know that?
Some of you even have children! If my parents were like you,
I would be so ashamed. Don’t you ever send me stupid hate messages
ever again! Don’t. Don’t. Got it? Got it? When I say “Don’t” it means…
Anyway… Tetsuya! Keep it up! There’s one more thing I want to address… I want to talk about what GOTO HIRO said. I need
to make this clear. Did you see what he said? That I risked my life for New Japan.
He kept repeating that over and over, didn’t he? I never said that. I didn’t say that “I risked my life”. I didn’t.
I wouldn’t say that so casually. I said “I’m risking my pro-wrestling life,”
but not “My life”. It was annoying that he kept saying that as if
it were his signature phrase. But I never did! GOTO HIRO, you have a bad memory, don’t you? Anyway, my point was… I’m not always going to have a
funny line at the end of these! The close of the Tokyo Dome… KENTA made his move when people were
watching most. And now it’s big news. What he did was truly amazing,
professionally speaking. You have to speak up or make a move
if you want to show fans what you want. That’s the best way. That’s the KENTA who’s so worldly. That’s the KENTA who lost to Goto
and lost NEVER title, last night. He’s totally different from us, isn’t he? He wants to mix it up with me, doesn’t he? He ruined the moment which only the
winners of Tokyo Dome get to experience. I would face you. But…
However… Is it okay? Okada, Ibushi, Jay, and Naito were the
ones who fought through the weekend. We worked to make history.
It even became the theme of the show. But the one who lost to Goto
and lost the NEVER title… Sure, he had the nerve to show up after
the main event. That’s brave of him. But just because he made a move,
is it okay to accept this so hastily? Is that how little our history worth? Let me say again…
I’ll face KENTA. I’ll have a singles match.
But will it be a title match? I guess they will reveal that soon enough, right? I’ll be looking forward to New Japan’s decision. But what they decide might make me
kind of wary of them. Because even after I made history,
do they still have to be so mean to me? Why would you do that to all the people
who showed up to the Dome this weekend? Well, I’ll wait and see what New Japan announces. ¡CABRÓN!

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