Most exciting car entrances in WWE history: WWE Playlist

Most exciting car entrances in WWE history: WWE Playlist

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  1. I like the John Cena's entrance of WrestleMania 22, 1930's Mafia Style & shown Tommy Gun, If I was WWE Cruiserweight Wrestler in WrestleMania Tampa Bay, I disguise like Tony Montana from Al Pacino's Scarface with shotgun and quote in front of dummies with small pyrotechnics to blow the T-shirt of AEW when I said "Say hello to my little friend!" in Cuban Accent. Crowd goes wild!

  2. Austin knocks down a light fixture
    JR – Austin's raising Hell!!!!!!
    Lol Good old JR, bet he could make watching paint dry interesting.

  3. Seriously Rusevs tank entrance was one of the most badass WWE has done in years shame they just had to dig another grave with the golden shovel ?

  4. Did you guys see something i saw? CM PUNK WAS ONE OF THE GANGSTERS WITH THE GUNS HANGiNG OFF THE SIDE OF THE CAR! 9:03– 9:06.

  5. Batista never smiled so much until he was paired up with Eddie Guerrero. They were an unlikely team but they were awesome together.

  6. Says car entrance but most of them are big truck and then some yet they ignore undertaker bike entrance and most of Eddie's low rider entrance

  7. My fav stone cold veh entrance is the beer truck lol so hilarious watching the Mcmahanes and the people's champ flop around the ring like fish outta water

  8. Eddie in the low rider, always will be number 1. Miss him. You’ve been lying, cheating and stealing in Heaven for 14 years now. RIP Latino Heat. Viva la Raza.

  9. love how the first couple clips are stone cold. zamboni and beer bash are moments i will never forget. glad i was born and growing while attitude era was going on.

  10. Nothing will ever top Kurt Angle's milk truck entrance for me. That by itself was hilarious but the lines JR was dropping puts it way over the top lol. That entire sequence was pure perfection.

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