NEVER Champion Shingo Takagi wants in the New Japan Cup!

NEVER Champion Shingo Takagi wants in the New Japan Cup!

Somehow, I managed to defend this NEVER title! He talks? But that Ishii is one crazy bastard. What the hell? That was too much. Even though I’m spent, and in a hell of a
lot of pain, I feel pretty great right now. Don’t sound so happy.
I’m not the kind of guy who’s into that. After Sapporo, I told you guys it would
be a pure NEVER fight. This is my fight. Can I add one more thing?
I’m riding high from this win. Our spirits collided in this ring.
That’s pro-wrestling. But this isn’t all I’ve got.
I will continue to elevate this title. You know what? As a rampaging dragon, I will keep soaring. The last time I said I didn’t feel like a
winner, even though I won the match. Last time I said I won the match,
but maybe lost the fight. Tonight… I don’t even know I got it done. But I did win the battle and the war. However, that 44 year old man is horrible. Honestly, many times I almost got knocked out. But his eyes stayed open,
so I wouldn’t let my spirit die. I don’t have a lot of history in New Japan, yet
Goto and Ishii have held this title many times. Then I have to leave my mark in every match. There’s so much that I have to do. Also, coming back to Korakuen Hall,
the company asked me something, “Takagi, whether or not you defend successfully,
will you participate in the NEW JAPAN CUP?” New Japan, are you listening to the wrestlers now? Well, I told them I would respect their decision,
but I was focussed on this defense match. I told them I’d answer after them after
this match. So let me tell you now, I’m in. It’s an easy decision to make.
One loss and it’s over. It’ll be fun as hell. Why wouldn’t I participate in
that hell of a tournament? Hey, New Japan, I will participate in the
first ever NEW JAPAN CUP of the Reiwa Era. Give me someone worthy in the first round. Also, tomorrow we have the NEVER 6 Man tag title
match. Although some thieves stole our titles. My dual titles will shine completely
differently than Naito’s. So, I will absolutely defend the 6 Man titles. That’s all I have to say about that.

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68 Replies to “NEVER Champion Shingo Takagi wants in the New Japan Cup!”

  1. I just got done watching this match. I can watch Ishii go with anyone man and it’s great. EVIL and Ishii will always be my favorite pairing but Shingo vs Ishii is amazing!

  2. やはり名勝負! 見に行って良かった。しかし「お互いになぜ立てる!?」の連続でもあった

  3. What more can be said about this match… an absolute war that also told a different story from their legendary G1 Climax match. Tomohiro Ishii is one hell of an amazing seller as you can't tell if he has a legit stinger, or if he is really selling the pain of taking a devastating move that well. Shingo Takagi IMO, should be the one to break the NEVER Openweight Title defense record (which is tied at 4 a piece between Masato Tanaka, Tomohiro Ishii, & Minoru Suzuki). I also expect Suzuki to be one of Shingo's future title challengers as well, I never forgot the seeds that were planted for a feud between them in late 2019. I gave this match 4.50 out of 5 Stars.

  4. BEST match of the night! So hard-hitting! So colliding! So blood-rushing!


  5. "The Dragon" Shingo Takagi surpasses Ishii and he's as clean as a whistle. Probably because of the fire that comes from him. Is bright like the Rising Sun.

  6. 新日では通用しないと思ってたけどゴメンなさい。 年齢から進化しないと思ってた。 Jr.ヘビーからヘビー級戦線のトップクラスまで入り込むまでとは。

  7. Shingo is great as champion, he has defended the belt back to back with good hard hitting fights. The real definition of champion

  8. 去年のGIの文体のメインとほとんど変わらない試合内容だったな、何回見ても飽きない

  9. This dude just won two titles and already have two successful defenses.
    The NEVER titles are getting so much love now.

  10. For Shingo next title defense I either want to see Shingo vs Sho or Shingo vs Will Ospreay, hear me out for Shingo vs Sho remember the night Shingo won the never open weight title from Goto Sho was on commentary and there was a staredown between the both of them remember Shingo time as a junior heavyweight? Speaking of junior heavyweights remember BOSJ 2019 finals Ospreay vs Shingo Ospreay end Shingo undefeated streak to win BOSJ 2019 I wanna see Osprey vs Shingo 2 now that they are both heavyweights I wanna see them go at it one more time since a lot has changed for the both of them since BOSJ 2019

  11. 鷹木はシングルで輝く

  12. The Dragon has triumphed once again and will one day dominate NJPW. Speaking of dragons, the “Scottish Dragon” Drew McIntyre will defeat Toguro to win the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania.

  13. 敗れたけど石井はこのままNJC初制覇して内藤の持つIWGPヘビー&IWGP IC王座の2冠に挑んでほしい。
    NJC、IWGPヘビー、IWGP ICの3大タイトル初制覇期待してる👑

  14. 圧倒的に鷹木がベルト持ってたほうが価値が上がる☺️後藤はしつこいし中途半端。まぁ細かいこと言えばベルト多すぎる‼️IWGPベビーのベルト取れなかったやつが他のベルト挑戦してとかくそつまんねぇ。

  15. 鷹木さん、カッコ良すぎる… 無差別級王者やから、スーパーヘビーからJr.の挑戦者、全て受け入れてこれからも熱い闘いをみたい!!

  16. 次の挑戦者は真壁選手か本間選手かな?真壁選手と本間選手ならゴツゴツファイトの熱い戦いが観たい😁

  17. Amazing fighting spirit on display by this high caliber rampaging athlete. The guys of his physique, fighting skills and experience deserve to be on prime time tv on either side of the Pacific.

  18. 鷹木選手によって、ネバーのベルトが輝き始めてきましたね。

  19. I am always impressed by Ishii how tough he is. After years of stiff matches against, shibata, Goto, Takagi, Taichi, etc he still performers in ring week in week out without big injuries.

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