Official King of the Ring bracket revealed: WWE Now

Official King of the Ring bracket revealed: WWE Now

Ryan Pappolla for WWE Now, and the King of
the Ring begins this Monday night on Raw. And we now have the full bracket for
the 16-superstar tournament. [SOUND] So
let’s dive in with some bracketology and take a look at the first round match-ups,
starting with the Raw half of the bracket. Cesaro, who once called
himself the King of Swing, is set to battle Samoa Joe in what will
no doubt be a hard-hitting match-up. Whoever survives that match will take
on the winner of Ricochet versus Drew McIntyre. Now, Ricochet already goes by
King Ricochet on Instagram, so can he make it official? The high-flying Cedric Alexander
will square off against Sami Zayn, who would love to upset the WWE universe
by winning the whole tournament. And The Miz will face WWE’s favorite son,
Baron Corbin, to round out the first
round on the red brand. Moving on to the SmackDown Live side of
things, Kevin Owens will get his hands on current 24/7 Champion, Elias,
when they square off in the first round. Ali and Buddy Murphy are set to face off
in a guaranteed show stealer that you definitely don’t wanna miss. Former tag team partners,
Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin, will battle in a mat wrestling clinic
that I personally can’t wait for. And the final first round match-up
pits Apollo Crews against Andrade, which is fitting, since these
superstars had a tense standoff after the tournament was first announced. Now, I’m not gonna sit here and brag about one oh-so-lucky night
that I had against the legend. No, that’s not the statement
that I’m gonna make. The only statement that I’m gonna make
is when I become king of the ring. So who’s your pick to be
the next king of the ring? Head to right now to
fill out a printable bracket and do not miss when
the tourney kicks off live. This Monday night on Raw,
8/7 Central on USA Network.

100 Replies to “Official King of the Ring bracket revealed: WWE Now”

  1. Top 10 King of the Ring of all time –
    1. Stone Cold Steave Austin
    2. Bret Hart
    3. Owen Hart
    4. Triple H
    5. Kurt Angle
    6. Edge
    7. Booker T
    8. Brock Lesnar
    9. Sheamus
    10. Randy Savage

  2. Drew McIntyre vs Kevin Owens is final match in which Kevin Owens is goin to win resembling the exact situation when Steve Austin defeated Jake "The Snake" Roberts in 1996,really WWE is getting better
    WWE is going to provide one of Smackdown Live roster the King of The Ring title because there's only one title holder in Smackdown Live,and that's probably gonna be Kevin Owens. And after winning the King of the Ring tournament, Kevin Owens will be able to pay the fine which Shane McMahon priced $100,000
    This is how WWE gonna probably work next week.
    Like if you agree!
    Comment with reason if you disagree!

  3. Well it sure as hell ain't going to be a baby face that's for sure, just like the last few Kings of the ring, it'll be a HEEL, there's never been a Babyface King of the Ring since Edge back in 2001

  4. No one:

    WWE: lets make this not entertaining by putting Cesaro vs Joe, Ricochet vs McIntyre and Ali vs Murphy in the first round so that Baron Corbin can win

  5. many peoples didnt like roman reigns but i want him as the king of the ring tournament 2019 winner , but he is not in the tournament so it is not going to happen this year . i hope next year he will be in the tournament.

  6. My final
    1. Mcintyre VS Andrade
    2. Ricochet VS Murphy
    Wwe vince
    3. Owen VS mcintyre no god plis no no nooooooooooo

  7. My Correct Prediction of winner
    Joe def. Cesaro
    Drew def. Richochet
    Alexander def. Sami
    Corbin def. The Miz
    Owens def. Elias
    Murphy def. Ali
    Gable def. Benjamin
    Andrade def. Apollo
    Drew def. Joe
    Corbin def. Alexandar
    Owens def. Murphy
    Andrade def. Gable
    Round#3 Predictions Coming soon ?

  8. It's going to be some with only one name for marketing purposes, king Ricohet, king Ali, king Andrade…. Hell even Elias might have a shot.

  9. Drew beats ALI to become king of the ring…..Drew will get the push he deserves and ALI losing again will feed more to his storyline.

  10. Through a WWE Standpoint I think it should be Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens in the finals and looking at the brackets I want Benjamin and Cesaro getting into the semi finals

  11. Ummmm these are the superstars? Wheres Roman, Bryan, Nakamura , Rey, could have even thrown a NXT star in there like Johnny. This is why the G1 is the greatest tournament , this is boring n on to the next.

  12. They like to hang kotr on people who dont shut up about it, so probably Corbin, maybe joe, maybe Sami if he cheats and cheeses the final match somehow. Actually that would be cool, KO vs Sami, having Shane screw KO leading to a feud between former friends

  13. My predictions for the King Of The Ring Tournament 2019

    1st Round

    Cesaro def Samoa Joe

    Ricochet def Drew McIntyre

    Cedric Alexander def Sami Zayn

    Baron Corbin def The Miz

    Kevin Owens def Elias

    Buddy Murphy def Mustafa Ali

    Chad Gable def Shelton Benjamin

    Andrade Cien Almas def Apollo Crews

    Quarter Finals

    Ricochet def Cesaro

    Baron Corbin def Cedric Alexander

    Kevin Owens def Buddy Murphy

    Andrede Cien Almas def Chad Gable

    Semi Finals

    Baron Corbin def Ricochet

    Andrede Cien Almas def Kevin Owens


    Andrede Cien Almas def Baron Corbin

    Andrede Cien Almas my prediction to win the 2019 King of the Ring Tournament

  14. As Miz did last year, Drew will let Shane win KOTR.? I'm a wrestling fan so I don't care about it.
    The IC championship is much more important.?

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