Professional Wrestlers Who Passed Away And No One Noticed

Professional Wrestlers Who Passed Away And No One Noticed

Professional wrestling is a job that takes
a massive toll on your body and mind. With no offseason, there isn’t much time for
wrestlers to recover, so it’s not surprising that many have died far too young. Here are pro wrestlers you may not know passed
away. During his career, Andrew “Test” Martin held
the European, Intercontinental, and Tag Team championships. He might’ve climbed even further up the ladder
if he hadn’t suffered a neck injury in 2004. He was later released from the WWE after undergoing
spinal fusion surgery. Test was aware of the short life span of professional
wrestlers and was determined to escape the curse of drugs in particular. Alas, it didn’t work out that way. In 2009, he was found in his Florida condo,
dead at the age of 33 of an accidental overdose of painkillers. “It’s either you sit in your room and go crazy,
or you go out and party. I mean, that’s all, that’s basically how it
is.” Test’s fate is particularly tragic because
even if he’d managed to escape an overdose, his story was unlikely to end well. A doctor who examined his body found alarming
signs of brain damage. In fact, his brain resembled that of an Alzheimer’s
patient twice his age. In 2003, Matt Cappotelli was doing very well
for himself. Together with John Hennigan, he had just won
the WWE Tough Enough III competition, and franchise stardom seemed imminent. But while Hennigan went on to reach main event
status, Cappotelli never made much of an impact. That wasn’t because he didn’t have what it
takes. He just fought his battles on a far more serious
stage than the wrestling ring. In 2005, Cappotelli was diagnosed with a brain
tumor, which ended his career before he could reach the highest levels. The tumor was successfully removed, but that
was only a temporary respite. Despite yearly screenings, he started having
headaches and seizures in 2017, and a surgery failed to remove a new, malignant tumor. After consulting his neuro-oncologist, he
decided to cease medical interventions. He died in 2018, exactly one year after the
surgery. He was only 38 years old. If the lifestyle of a professional wrestler
can be difficult for the average superstar, imagine what it must have been like for Nelson
Frazier Jr. The 6’9″, 487-pound giant was one of the largest
competitors to ever climb into the ring. He was obviously a threatening presence, but
also lighter on his feet than you’d expect from a man who was almost as wide as he was
tall. “I’m here to cash some checks and break some
necks.” Frazier intimidated his fellow performers
under various gimmicks. Unfortunately, the same girth that made Frazier
such a fearsome ring presence eventually took its toll. In 2014, WWE released a statement that Frazier
had passed away at the young age of 43. Although the company was tactfully quiet about
the actual cause of death, it was eventually revealed that he died of a massive heart attack. Nicole Bass wasn’t your typical wrestling
diva. She was a muscular lady who towered over the
competition and mostly played a bodyguard-type character instead of an active wrestler. Her start in the business was equally unorthodox. She was a successful bodybuilder whose large
frame and deep voice led to a gig on Howard Stern’s radio show, which she in turn negotiated
into a budding wrestling career, and another career as an adult film actress. Bass didn’t have the longest tenure in wrestling,
as she was released just a few months after she was signed. She then sued WWF for no less than $120 million,
claiming she had been wrongfully terminated, that another performer had sexually assaulted
her, and that the company was a discriminatory workplace that paid women less than men. A jury ruled against her. Bass died in 2017 at the age of 52, though
the cause is somewhat uncertain. The Independent reported that she suffered
a stroke, but according to Bass’ girlfriend, she suddenly got very sick, so she was taken
to a hospital, but nothing could be done. Chris Kanyon’s wrestling career was always
marred with difficulties. His posthumous autobiography describes his
life a closeted gay man in an ultra-macho profession. He wasn’t ashamed of his orientation, but
he strongly suspected that coming out wouldn’t mesh well with his career, so he took extreme
measures to protect his secret. He had sex with female groupies to keep up
appearances and once had to escape a gay bar when his coworkers wandered in for drinks
after the other watering holes had closed. When Kanyon finally came out in 2001, his
worst fears came true. After an unfortunate series of injuries, he
found out that his comeback was a humiliating, Boy George-themed joke segment. Eventually, the only airtime he received was
on Velocity, the least-appreciated WWE show at the time. In 2003, Kanyon’s life took an even more tragic
turn. He attempted suicide, ended up in the hospital,
and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Now, he realized that he was wrestling with
his opponents, sexuality, and mental illness. Though Kanyon ended up leaving the WWE, it
looks like he never found true peace. He was found dead in 2010 with pills near
his body. He was 40 years old. If you or anyone you know is having suicidal
thoughts, please contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

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  1. Have you guys noticed that all the wrestlers who. Have died are all seemingly from the group of former stars who where suing the wwe

  2. He was on too much drugs I saw this at a boxing match where I was a guest of my father and my uncle Fred they were co-promoters together for a fighter

  3. That bass has died was surprising I search her name out of curiosity in 2015 in what she was doing after wwf so sad she is now dead

  4. Kanyon was my favorite WCW performer. He had so many unique and talented moves it was like watching a live action video game.

  5. Let's cut the shit please I said please. I can't help but notice that some of these wrestlers most notably Test, Nicole Bass, Chyna, Roddy Piper, Hawk, Chris Benoit, Edge and so many others wrestlers who were vocal about the evils behind the World Wrestling TiTan🤟🏻☠Tron all came down with severe cases of death. But it is what it is.

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