RAY’S BACK 4 EVER – Off Topic #177

RAY’S BACK 4 EVER – Off Topic #177

Lose the drink, you know lose it the face like that was easy flares flares Nostrils were flaring look good. You look great. You’re just taking a sip. That’s all I saw. Thanks ray. I got you man Oh You haven’t been around You don’t know that sure I don’t I don’t I don’t know the more you shoot a break up this best friendship Yeah, there’s suddenly one house that he’s developed What up, it’s off-topic, I’m Michael we got Jeff ray Oh Jeremy does good dab in gags man. Gavin made it on again I did well cuz I knew you’d have this chemistry with right that’s why Sponsors today we got stitch fix movement and me on DS also are Achievement Hunter beer sponsor food arranger All right. I want the job Waited till I quit drinking alcohol sponsors going every chat Guys got calm down man. It’s good. Yeah, no, I if you cut to the chat, then it’s all just It’s just people coding all of Ray’s favorite things used to say, yeah, that’s great Hey, you know thanks for having me young ray, it feels good. Thank you say yes to our lien by Six days, so no I’m here for your six days every week. Oh Yeah, thank you for having me he’ll be back. So what do you been up to? You know, I’m still playing games like a degenerate just at home because you know, I don’t leave ever But yeah, I’m just doing that. It was my four year stream anniversary yesterday. Congratulation. Thank you. Thank you Am I gonna make a living yeah fingers crossed man fingers crossed. Uh, yeah besides that I got engaged that was pretty hype Thank you. Thank you. We got a house. We got a dog Yeah, that’s pretty much it. Got some emerged. Yeah guy got a merch store doing our merch now that’s constant You see got a mom and a dad. All right still to my knowledge. Yes, I think They’re good. They want me to come back to New York still Still think I can’t make it on my own. So thank you, but I’m trying I’m trying to slide up the third house there Yeah, exactly. I just get a third house and I’ll just visit on occasion. But yeah, things are good. How about you guys? Literally do unplanned what we’re playing a mic so we Next week we talk about next week. We honor we honor knew neither took us a while. We got a new New Yorker and she’s Uptown New York, yeah But we have been running her through like some of the classic Let’s Plays. We’ve done in the past like Rainbow Six Vegas I’m sure you remember lef and today we were playing wipeout the very for our minecraft Let’s play are we competing at the Tower of pimps two-parter spoiler you won? and so Everybody threw it that hadn’t been through it already over in the process of it. So Jeremy mad Alfredo Fiona where today Ryan yeah ever and Michael was telling me that it was only me him and Jack right now You have 18 employees Who hasn’t run it basically everyone Oh, yeah Everyone most everybody and it was really funny because like today of all days we decided to do that and then ten minutes a day You’ll know when I came in cuz right It’s also funny cuz I was like every want to be on the picket CD I’ll come by and we’re walking he’s you know always walking around I’m he’s like what you guys been up to and I walk in he’s like still playing wipeout Down here, you have a higher game of school that he did Significant I did one of my favorite things is that Ray wasn’t the first person to hit a million gate with school named Ray Ray Ray Ray Congress that fuck No, I didn’t get that. He was the first to hit two million – it was what uh, yeah, he Retired you were tired. He He did there’s a guy named Smirnoff because this is what I do, I know the lure there’s a guy named Smirnoff Canadian guy Who’s been catching up to him for years? He passed him briefly when rate Cox got married went on a honeymoon. Then ray Cox came back. Got two million He found his opening in his truck then paid for the honeymoon While ray Cox is mine, you know, then he got a million and he’s like, I’m good What does he do is he just game for a living now? I honestly have no idea and I am afraid to ask he’s a nice guy. I mean he’s been around He was by the office last year sometime, right? Uh, yeah, he was in town a couple years ago to have lunch with him And yeah, he’s just really nice games. Super nice his wife air. Yeah his wife now It’s a super nice super supportive and I’m actually doing some Honey, yeah Wow, it’s a Boston. Yeah. Yeah, how do you know? I’ve not. Have you even played it? Yeah, I played it I’ve got 200 out of a 6,000 and I think they’re like you wanted 400 games going it. That’s pretty good How’s the time trials going? Well? Yeah now I’m up to like beat the game on legendary in three hours for each game Have you made any progress on that or no? Yeah. Yeah. I’m just walking on each level I’m just like cutting down my time because it’s segmented. Yeah, I have to go someone right? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah I did a Cairo station run that was 11 minutes. That’s pretty proud I like hearing Gavin occasionally try to bring up like people to like get through his achievements we’re like the office is dying down people are out to lunch or whatever went foaming and it’s like Hey Jeremy, you play Halo 2 as Gavin’s loading up. Halo, Mike He’s gonna show you use Jeremy to get so much I have to do so There’s a number about time, is it a number of videos I’m in probably that have been games like What is the hardest game you’ve gotten a thousand points or max achievements? Oh Wow, King Kong was pretty hard. No HUD you have listened to Adrien Brody for four hours that big nose fuck Yeah, no Kind of we need not injure Brody. They’re really sure. He’s a nice guy. Yeah now some words, bro I don’t know superset I can’t think it’s anything off the top of my head because if you get a thousand gamers go then you add like a whole Bunch of deals. Yeah, and it’s just that keeps going and going and going like overwatch For example, you’d like perfect and I’m like, oh, here’s a new deal see The original a thousand. Yeah, and I just kept adding stuff and I’m just like I’m good. I’m good Working on apex right now. Yeah, I look like the achievements very often, but for some reason the apex spoke to me, so Really doable this super doable you have to win with every character You have to give score five thousand damage without the character. You have to wait done Those are like there’s really not much else there for a battle royale game. That’s pretty tame pretty aimless I have like 800 points or nothing. I actually like what Sony does with the trophies because you get the platinum. Yeah get all of them But then if they add DLC it’s like a separate list Yeah, so it doesn’t like you can just fucking blow it off, but you don’t feel like you’ve lost you don’t take your platinum Yeah, yeah a little second day of what you get. It ensures. There’s no platinum mini Like you can eat you can easier easily be like oh yeah I wish Xbox did something like that or it decides like some kind of platen. Yeah Well, they do liking xbox like some developers do cheap out of the Xbox and give them the platinum trophy Yeah, one of the achievements is the unlock all achievements achievement because they design another conversation. Yeah That is the most commonly glitched achievement on Xbox games just to get all them If they’ve got achievements in the game There’s a very realistic chance of one unlock and the deserves are like sorry and then we’ll put out a patch like up a month later something how many completely busted achievements there are Some time outlet you need to service to be up to yeah Yeah, but stuff that just never worked how many achievements that no one has cuz they just never work. That’s interesting Is there an achievement than nobody on earth has yes There’s a couple of unattainable unobtainable achievements like indie games and stuff that just never worked then they never got patched I just a bunch people just tweeted me that they’re turning off the servers for Bernero and paradise. No, it’s all those achieved Yeah, I’m going it’s been on for like 12 years. Oh Okay, that’s always my favorite every year around the anniversary Jack’s like well, I guess it’s time to dust off burnout paradise anniversary Board that uh, burnout paradise is a strip Ellen. I think everyone is like that. I’m just most vocal if throwing back tear That’s the one that likes the goddamn. I came did not age. Well didn’t age well genuine It’s fine for what it was you can leave it did to monetize He’s to leave in all the music and stuff copyright music and the achievements. There’s no way we’ve got ads on this Yeah, let’s probably no we don’t have ads on most more videos I want a lot of it went I would do one of the debye daylight’s we thought went because I made some joke about like spitting and swallowing in the beginning For dead nose, like I see a spinner or something they got to monetize they slammed it Yeah I downloaded yesterday and tried it offline for the first time. It’s really good. Did you do campaign or multiplayer? I did Yeah, I just like the first level of campaigns Way they do the swarms and how they like it’s unsettling. Yeah, it’s looking cool and smoking down. It’s great Yeah, we had a fear when we were playing it because we only did like the first two missions Yeah felt like a better version of lesser day it did because you can level up Yeah, there’s like it was stuff like that’s a great game, but I mean fuck How old is left 4 dead 2 years old most I will say the multiplayer I just did around while we’re waiting to start and I was not impressed with it was likely repeat Yeah, just like shitty but like human PvP So it was just like it was like TDM and then everyone’s all away. The zombies would come through just disrupted What are you doing, dude? I thought he did a good job But then as he walked over and overflowed I had the confidence like I won’t get to the table and everyone. Yeah All right. Let’s see how BIG’s the head on there. It wasn’t awful for Gavin. Well, that’s might be can’t tell No, it’s pretty good for him. No bad. That’s the best one champ right you and are calling it. No, not yet. It’s still uh, The high quality h2o Cheers. Thanks. Gary drinking Are you drinking my water now you take my water might lose my mind? Yes, I am lets go No, I got I saw my Power Move I get it I’ll just go get another one sir. What’s uh, what’s that other game that got announced that’s like the successor to live for dead Don’t ya that’s its world we’re CEO, is it really Recently no. Oh it I wasn’t sure if there was an announcement. Oh, I just assumed before the words. There was a gap There was there was an announcement from Colonel whatever Oh total hockey upturn Arak, yeah I miss I miss that yeah, fiona was gone at me hard today in the smash dream cuz they added that joker Yeah, persona, Batman. Yeah. Yeah, and I was like Oh, what was he? Yeah, how do I get these scars? Yeah From the new one. She’s like lost it she’s like, oh you idiot. It’s 5l with all promotions Joker p5 I’m like, I wouldn’t really play person. Yep. It’s the fifth one. I Was playing with I was doing on the stream And I found out in the stream of Italy interviewed her persona, 5 is her favorite game of all times. Yeah all-time favorite game I was just like maybe a little touchy On play persona. She’s like will you play smash idiot? How do you not know? You’re on Twitter. I know you get updates. I mean you see people are talking about it. That’s like times fuck I don’t know. She had like stake in this Saying that she’s like no I’m not Absolutely sure, I was like trust me you aren’t here and now you are and I can tell ya hmm I like it why she attacked you? That’s a little rough She’s a I haven’t played it either so you gonna come at me with a knife, what did she do to Gavin today? She was both Like poor Jill just clicked me in the temple and then cracked an easter egg full of candy boy Was slow and methodical though, she was just like Dumping the candy and walked while he was like boy this shoes going like this Much like all bullies fiona has identified the weakest in the office and decided gathered in Matt and Matt It’s been pretty fucking funny Good call ray you left. Well, you got fired way before we did this show. Yeah That’s true. I Yeah soon as I left you did all these you did this you did the D&D show And you kind of like broke off and done of all these uh, uh, all these crazy amounts of shows You know how many shows you’re doing? Yeah, right ask me that I was like, it’s a crazy question, but I forgot he was here. We could have answered that Yeah, you could’ve said like three I don’t yeah, the last huge thing we did was was let’s play a lot. Yeah Yeah, I was like the beginning cut out We had a nice calendar with a countdown to let’s play yeah and when let’s play live they just said fuck There was nothing else the calendars just X isn’t that fuck but It was fine. I was with Ray on that. I was not looking forward to that I was like that was a Jack idea you had a no Jack has a lot of miles up until a classic best idea That’s got a lot of ideas. Jack’s always welcome. Always like no, no good one of them. You men and it was But that’s a great way to describe. It’s like 99 times out of 100. Jack’s ideas. You’re gonna be like You get what Al did ya get a charity stream or you get Sharon seems a crazy successful I guess let’s my life. Yeah Yeah, just those two We’re talking about go returns, right? Hey Do you guys something tribute Tuesday by chance? Oh really, I mean games, you know or trivia than ever Thursday we did the slow-mo artsy accent rails Jack. Oh, yeah Yeah, we’ve trimmed honestly And you probably would hate this but we’ve pivoted away from gameplay. Yeah as we can kind of learn Yeah, it’s not work that make gameplay fresh come over to you Yeah, and it’s just like I think we’ve all just like our interests are taking us in other directions like this ghost hunting thing I legitimately wanted to be a ghost hunter. It wasn’t just like a fun idea Although there’s a fun idea, you know or like weird play it which trying different stuff. It’s hard to keep it fresh It is hard to keep it fresh. Yeah, keeping it fresh couple of months ago. I said mark nut in a Minecraft it is Oh, yeah It was real did you see they’re making another Olympics Kim? Yeah, I I know – because I saw ray I saw the gif I’m like, oh man, I should send this the Gavin. Oh, that is Gavin Goodness sent you that tweet that you made Guy one day over 7:00 a.m. Passed it you busy guys don’t keep Saying no if I traveled in two weeks you’re saying no radius is no lie Yeah, I said it open for years, but I finally say yes. Yeah, see if you can learn from me That’s good Dude it is you’ve been in town for two weeks, right? Yeah. I have also been in town for two weeks. It’s amazing I’ve been up to do laundry. I Already have like four trips and bands different works of aerosol work. Yeah, I Yeah, I don’t know about Gavin, but I last year. I think I travelled 45 weeks. What the fuck? Yeah. It’s a long uses And what was it? You guys succeed Yeah, what a guy Know having you guys in town though. We’ve gotten a lot of content, which has been nice Yeah, look we put a couple of days that were like really good Yeah, is it hard to get everyone in for some it’s all possible? I know there’s like 15 of you in there That’s why that’s why 11 or 12 talent or whatever just now because it’s just Yeah talent It’s jet it’s very very difficult especially with him and I like if we’re in the same thing, it’s almost impossible, please. Yeah Yeah, I’m gonna hang out more in like Admirals Club It’s the same reason that we did the Minecraft thing today didn’t have Ryan Trevor Lindsay in it. Yeah just like not here I don’t know if there is one day I don’t know there was one day in 2018 All of achievement was in the office at the same time there probably was one or two, and I’m sure we wasted The mixers For sure, all right. I got a question for you. Right? No. I very kill Jeremy Matt and Alfredo, uh Kill Matt yeah, he scares the fuck out of me. I will Marry, Jeremy and fuck out free. That’s the correct answer. That is the correct answer. Yeah, you asked me And I answered correctly, it’s correct cuz you wanna fuck out frame yeah, he’s the most father’s here you tea is horrible I’d like I’d have him keep a shirt on though. His nipples are like black holes They’re unsettled like milk babies just like it’s like no Encourage like they absorb light. Yeah like Bert salami Black hole recently that was just over that was I It’s a woman at a computer’s relation itself Fredo discovered one end like this Accretion disk on one side of his nipple fuck off. Okay. No, look at me. I’m smart big smart guy. Yeah The dark That was very generous of I would argue they’ve got darker did you have that on hand or did you make that right now? They’re spanking early. Hell. Yeah, Tim sent it to him. That is the document that something that is a very young Alfredo – yeah Yeah. Yeah, how old – afraid? Oh, he’s a 20 No Really? Yeah. Oh shit. He’s 29. Yeah, he’s gonna turn 30. Yeah Yeah, he looks younger than he is now. Yeah, yeah Well, we’ll we’ll age him. Did she better off the same Jimmy? He got aged the first destiny raid with Ryan That’s not dyed hair this Entire thing from the tip to the roof Is weird how it works now, what do you do? I’m gonna talk about voodoo Ranger do it Strong it’s a strong beard Yeah, this one that you’re drinking is the juicy Hayes IPA 7.5% Well, you know watch out it’s like It’s like the other ones already not a strong that all means nothing to me. I don’t know what that means. I Got it just did Episode of hot topics brought to you by Buddha Rangers who the Ranger sponsor sponsoring the team owner bar at r-tx overcoming r-tx Swing on by the Achievement Hunter bar free voodoo Ranger at the bar Make sure you’re 21 or older. I will sing get out of here Check him out an Instagram a Buddha Ranger see their awesome selection. But here’s like IPA Imperial IPA choose EA’s IPA and Lakewood paradise IPA you know swing by keep an eye out on the achievement our social media for a Chance to win four weekend plus badges to RTX and three Buddha Ranger. You don’t need the win the Buddha Ranger It’s already free just show up and you’ll see Jeremy at the bar So coming up how might be hanging out there and you know bartender you’ll see yeah. Hell yeah. Oh, man Here’s the partner, but he’s got his back like this for three days By something I’m gonna wear a mailman outfit and like a potato sack and hell, yeah It’s a weird weird cosplay, but alright, but I’ll do it and Gavin will be there at spilling foam He wanted to put it in the ad Which was a nice a nice touch a nice touch there like and then when he pulled it back it went every berry she ate I I’ll be honest. I even see that I was talking about earlier and he did it again Oh, yeah, just maybe we just did I just meant when he poured it I was looking at. Oh, no, he sucks Yeah, no shit awful PMON. We did portal more today. Yeah, I still have a weird way all the words were there Oh Jeff say this morning Oh He said does instead of do but it was just it was a real Ryan of he was like, all right Make sure no I can’t eat Mike it was so wrong. I can’t read it But he’s like it was like what do we does now? Yeah, uh What do we does win and and you’re like what he does and you stood up and when did I say that Idiot, oh man then okay. He’s getting so much fucking worse with filming. He’s so Oh anytime It’s vertical every time and not because he films it because it’s like he starts it and it’s like it doesn’t register presses record and then does This so, you know Every time Having a dance-off Like nine people dance and I was using fucking weights and everything Jeff’s like oh don’t think yes. I didn’t hit record Just like yeah, you guys look like you’re tired that’s fine. Hey, yeah, it’s just like I was gonna post on Instinct, which is fine on to record didn’t get out yet. I did not record a Whole video is like haven’t DSLR and he will give it back to me and then like stop recording. Hey guys recording It is the hardest thing in the world I am getting worse and worse. It didn’t even used to be bad. Be it worse in a lot of ways I also uh, I trip over my words all the time. We already talked about boys This morning that can I don’t know what that is. Yeah You shocked yourself with it Like I shot myself on extra life. Yeah, I stunned myself by accident. Yeah Baton yeah Yeah, I actually Wookiee 72, I don’t think I need a sabbatical I think I just ending yeah Like a couple condition physically, I’m fine, but cognitively I think I’m losing I Don’t know I’d say but you look great just not as great you’re gonna look cattle sound we’re gonna look great in your casket Yeah, thank you. It’ll be an easier casket for y’all to lose. I’ll forget the pallbearers Wait, what you’ve done is made sure at the funeral that the lids open. Let me ask you this though Okay, if you do like, you know not have enough friends outside of achievement or where you have to pay some of us Yeah, can we at least get the go-ahead in advance that Jeremy and I can just like pump you Oh actual casters Feel the body next episode OB the casket and then it zooms out we’re going I Would like it if you did a yeah, if you did a king of the hill volunteer fire department style thing. No don’t like corpses That would be great. I’d like to be present for my funeral. No get work out anywhere you can you’re a ball bear Those caskets are having F would appreciate this. Yeah. Yeah. I pointed out to Ray There was a lot going on cuz you know, they’ll be doing minecraft as away. I showed him our small Workout bench and waitress on the floor. Yeah. It’s getting real stupid Shit everywhere, you know a lot of weapons. Yeah, I can Alicia armory a very dude got away do nothing That’s two percent of what we actually what do you how do you what do you do with your art deposit? Which is art you track him to Goodwill You’re the katana but finally art was just like stop. Well, you don’t want the big break a lot of it. Yeah Real swords. I mentioned there I was like, do you keep saying props? Real swords. Stop taking them the prop. Somebody’s gonna get cut in half. Yeah We we tried to find a way to decorate the office like we put up I don’t know full because social video sort of welcome. We put a perverted is really who is. Oh, okay. All right He showed me a thing in the ceiling left and I was like Hang on pop right back a nice pointed up because like I said on the way out I saw some old lady with an inhaler I think yeah, I think that’s a cow chop thing. I think they have that too. However, many of them are War there’s a 10% chance a knife will come back Shopping, oh, yeah, what’s moon bomb? What’s that? Oh I have A slim I telling you I don’t I don’t know the law out see sort of honeycomb ishbal. Okay. It’s like a foam ball And you can really win em they get oh hell yeah Yeah, you just make it it’s designed. So it’s supposed to bounce more as a few Resolve did anything that happens with the moon boy you can you pray come on Mary $5,000 all that can’t be blamed. Oh hell Yeah, and it happens a lot. It happens a lot We really do now even more than moon ball moon balls kind of died out a little bit format ball Which is just fuck Matt’s desk. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Okay. He’s got all these little like knickknacks a house. Oh, yeah I excited that to it quickly. I was like, could you know better? Yeah, you know better its way we’re taking them off for years Yeah, it was like, oh you got some nice shit and then we just smash it I was out for like a week I came back and there was a fucking hole in my desk I’m like what the fuck happened and Jeremy’s like I’ll be honest I kind of lost it like I lost my mind and I just hit your desk with a sledgehammer for no reason to joke wasn’t Michael’s like where you filming like they do on the slide saying? Absolute best gift the audience has ever given us though because it’s what they like somebody mailed it to us We started fucking around with it and then it’s this was a thing And it turned into a thing in the US there’s a clip Alcohol’s repainted one black and through. Oh my that’s horrifying my god That’s legit horrified having your eyes open. You can’t see anything and then somebody hits you in the eye. I thought you having up in this and the one of the best things that I’ve taken it to the nuts several times in my bed Shima none to Korea. This was the worst one. Alfredo has a myth. Yeah Jeff called moon ball, and then everyone was yelling about something in Jeff. He’s kind of involved and I I hit it I threw one it hit Gavin in the ear. So he moved his hands up like yes, I totally threw another one they were right That’s a weird thing where like it turned into such a thing We started making videos in it the moon ball people contacted us or like do you want to achieve my hunger moon balls? And we worked out this licensing deal. It’s crazy how things like like even the tower pimps It’s just kind of like Yeah some from a video and then it just evolved and is now it’s just you can’t really predict it just happened We actually just showed it off where we’re getting at some point a Tower of pimps Yeah, so yeah, okay thanks him said that whoever we oh, yeah the hero Everything is funny that the Tower of pimps is the size it is because that was a stack of gold that you had in them Yeah, I was talking to Jon right before this that uh, I’m like 0.1% Credited for making that because I was about to you. I just I just happened to happen. I Think the hard work. Yeah. There you go, buddy Every month here just scroll it back. So That’s just like the clip from I think it’s a jackass movie where they’re doing like roller disco in the back of a truck But it’s pitch black trying to scare instead of running into each other and shit. Nice lens the braixen Yeah, we’re trying to do something similar that recently. Yeah were you though? Come back or won’t a Lot of stuff dude, I’m glad yes. I’m glad that there was only enough gold for four blocks You know, I’m work much more complicated that would have made Was like a 200 IQ pledge, he’s got boredom I gots enough For shadowing. I knew it’s a good call. Hey guys. Yeah. Okay. I Spent 15 minutes, my fucking desk is covered in glitter I didn’t know you were gonna be doing it the stuff I filled was the answer anyway No, great loss I gave you let’s my live and Yeah Thank you Thank you. I Got like eight or nine episodes ready to go. We just gotta film it And every time I bring it up every was like mm all right, so I stopped breathing cause as I clearly don’t want to do it so I’ll do go. All right Just kind of doubled aims now and just Thank you, probably one of the times I just want a cold pizza no, that was burst so what I was saying I’m sounds like we could do Home Slice at this point. That’s true, sir. You don’t go Well, you have a budget of a budget. Yeah, well, they spend on all the stuff You got the fancy water machine fancy water a fancy camera. Yeah, how often right do you see? I feel like the gif I see the most of us is when we’re slipping down the chairs Oh, yeah, I see that a lot I see the one where I would go to drink water you squeeze the water in over my case Which is still pretty funny people thought I was mad. I’m like no that was fucking funny I see you in a big bouncy ball like a yoga ball. Oh I kick it fix it or like he like jumps on it and bounces Bossa video. Where rain like drop cake Barbara Navarro Yeah, don’t be the boss Okay, dad. I haven’t seen that forever and then somebody posted it Yeah, recently like and talking about someone coming on the show today. Oh Yeah, that box cake was so fucking brutal it was pretty hard I probably could have Dom it back I watched it again yesterday and I was like dude look how young and full of life. I was having Eric it was yeah Definitely less like a little bit ya know I gained weight. I started my ass eight hours a day Yeah, it does happen. It catches up ray ray saw John as he mentioned before he was like John you look great. I was like, yeah you do is like Nam effects. No, I’m garbage a Treadmill or anything sis? No, just my exercise. I take the dog in like a 15 20 minute walk every day But then I just wasted on my ass for nine hours. So I walk it so that’s true. Yeah, I’m the doorman Hey, come back. Yeah, please come back or don’t oh, there’s the boss Oh Barbara snaffle in a Strauss She’s like shit brain damage. Yeah scream, we’re not gonna taste that of her that’s wise David Travis Oh Jump kick to facedown. I Like the recovery cure he County guys like he was like this and then yeah, this is like shit scatter Dude, I watched it again yesterday. It went what an asshole. That’s fucking funny. Yeah. Yeah Do it for the content right? Yeah. Yeah. What do you uh, what are you playing these news? Recently, I’m playing Phoenix right came out on xbox one, which I finally tried it. Does they points? Yeah, he points that’s objection alive Again, it’s pretty good. There’s a lot of reading sharp hair, but it’s it’s very funny very ugly during the reading parts I just read it. You can do that now. Yeah, I can yeah I Kind of this this words out of more than two syllables. I’m just like you guys can figure that out Trevor Cantrell, oh my god. He’s got a real reading programmers. Goddamn illiterate like he’s real smart, you know But like that He can’t reach through three rings showed up everyday waters to read He and then he gets fostered and then he starts blaming what he’s reading look If you did this wrong, yeah exactly. He screams get off my lawn and all of it It’s bizarre, but he’s like I don’t know. He’s gotten dumber. He could just never read but it’s a problem. I think he’s well he Doesn’t wear a kid that can’t read so I don’t know yeah he’s coming while you can’t read he can’t see colors Yeah, Wow, see I know right? It’s like yeah life’s been a real piece of shit to him alas, that’s it Oh Period movement I said all right, I’m gonna get a raise get have you back man by Jack? Let me know when in film and go Oh, yeah days. I’m come back. I Love you, thank you for all your many contributions to the company You said Ian – you were the one that said it – huge contributions I do it for the kids I did they were huge hits and then you I feel like were the meanest to him. I Like to think I’m the meanest to everybody. That’s true. That’s it. You fight in my mouth – A little bad – you guys you blasted Fiona – that was probably her first. Like I said, that was for Joker it was In less than a second It was as I was taking a breath with my mouth open Yeah, it was right in your mouth. You opened up you swap what it tastes like Really taste like anything Air, I’m breathing just think here tiny microcephaly air particles of poop From my asshole into your mouth is what that was. You liked it down. Yeah, but Fiona was in the shockwave Yeah quite a bit. It was bad And then what Gotta be on your channels. Got it. What I saw a gap ball I think you ain’t about through that well bad for her and like as soon as you saw it hit the wall Sometimes you can tell where it’s going. I saw I hit the wall news went. Oh boy Slow motion you like it’s gonna backed up and it just I think about that too It’s like like I almost have Fiona and I felt bad because I was like man, she’s really gonna take that out on that Do to you nothing she’s gonna go over here dirty shoving him. Oh I’m going hey, if I kept you on with a move on she just grabbed you do you suck what I’m gay She’s gonna get in the vibe. Yeah, are you still like Savant good at Tetris. Yeah, do you play that? 99? Yeah, Oh what? Yeah, just on the break of day was no I saw I loved it a lot. It’s it’s a fun game It’s cool that it’s free. Yeah. I’m it’s good content to shit. I wish you could play with like a Like you can invite people to play. Yeah, that’d be cool But I mean, it’s pretty bare-bones, but for free it’s a lot of fun Do you play any do you play battle royale games? Are you into not really? Yeah, not really I try to you know, I tried for tonight for a little bit. That was okay I did a little bit of Apex, but I really played like the only multiplayer game I play is Tetris 99 really? Yeah, I just do single-player games for the most part that’s from the clan even like oh Yeah outside of like outside of streaming, but no not really Yeah, this is when I was at the the brink and I somehow won It was like I should have lost like four times. How many wins do you have in this game? I think like 15 It’s uh, yeah, I mean it’s it’s you could be good at the game, but you still need like a lot of luck You can’t like get fucked over anything like that. I’m living in the moment right now. I’m like, I’m dead. I’m dead Classic great I said I’m gonna die. This is me. Like I’m dead. Hey, did I ever watched a play call of duty? Alright, I’m gonna die right here. Yep. So hanging on just still hanging on we’re good That’s I think I lose I would lose right there but I held on long enough that I Was legit excited dude. Shut up to you. Soulja Boy got in second. There you Guys, my age go so I fuck you owe me kiss on the lips. Jinx I Did not buy it, but I should have would have been good content What is taste fist A lot of people are screaming about case We’re not gonna tell you we’re not gonna say it’s a little like it’s basically like a brass knuckle, but it’s plastic Okay, but it’s got a button on it So when you make contact it, like pushes the button and you saw oh that’s just wrong. It’s like a Taser knuckle. Oh, yeah It’s like a little sneeze do it. I’ll do it. But again like while you quit We just took lunch other and zapping each other and 69. It’s dangerous in there so we’ve gotten bored the most simplest thing that I remember is when I think someone sent the office like throwing knives throwing at the Wild and this is hitting on Ya yeah, and now he’s off to the idea of hazing her To understand The situation the casket he’s like I’m coming back I think so. No Yeah Man, what are you get up when you earn? You wanna be a nun? What’s that? What I don’t want to be a corner. I’m gonna get fucked. I want to be a Fucking do you want to get spread somewhere? Yeah I am a hundred percent the fucking Danny DeVito. I’m afraid Goodbye, little beauties. It’s like eat me. Fuck me Throw me in the trash No, well my ass just putting into a balloon but no one knows what one so at a random kids party shower Weird, you don’t know you don’t know well For I want my corpse to be spring loaded behind my gravestone So when people come up I just watch your head would fall. You just gave me a great idea Jeremy yeah, my new girlfriend and I we I’ve been pranking each other a lot lately getting really into the breaks in the chat and My mother oh my account hell, yeah. Well I logged in for like two years ago Also always a little odd types, do you have to I know She has one but she doesn’t know how it works. Yeah Because it’s already there. She don’t understand. I log out lying that Cortez’s in the shell. Fuck any Cortez mom Third person She’s like Denise thinks this just so I think the chat knows I don’t know if they think that it’s I’m sitting here, dude She’s very full of herself. And now you know why I am the way that I am That’s pretty good though, right? Let’s you support you though. It’s here’s what I want to do Jeremy Yeah how minute I’m gonna have somebody it ought to be one of you guys if I’m still dating my girlfriend at the time and I Die, I think I wanna I want to make up for the high It was an amicable divorce but uh as much as those things can be But feed it into some kind of a line with pressure so that when she goes to take her first, I’m dead shower instead of water that comes out just No Liquid first so that you stick to no, this is Jeff mud Money Jeff over yeah, but then if it’s muddy would shoot out right would just trickle yeah, there would be less spaghetti. Jeff spaghetti. Yeah Perfect week I Don’t get the reference what the greatest rapper of our time. Imma go Oh boy, what’s up she wants to fight you already? Yes Know why I can feel it over there, you know just anger, you know, like in like DBZ when there’s like lightning damn Hey captain’s hat in the cross-ice. Do you have any lunch money on you? Cuz you’re about you’re gonna have my own lunch It’s bad you might as well just go and open up your wallet and give her something you Want my green card, oh, yeah. Yeah one of those nice Big time Jimmy guide the guy’s not a big time Do you hang out with like shroud and you know No, I actually we don’t have that many streamer friends outside of Austin like there’s a couple in the area we hang out with but For the most part. I’m just like in my own little Twitch. Yeah, is that does that ever get difficult for like full-time streamers of like? Oh you should hang out It’s like you should come my house No one wants to hang out because if they’re not streaming then you’re you know losing money so people are like fuck you I’ll see you at PAX East for like five minutes and I see like, alright, we’ll talk again later I’ll see you APEC’s problem do the same thing. No, I I really have an excuse Classic like I do appreciate the last couple years of seeing ray would be passing him with r-tx. Yeah, it’s alright. Yeah Well year you guys have like fifty eight things to do a day at r-tx, don’t you? Yeah, that’s crap. Yeah, I’m sorry RTX I saw your booth. Yeah, not like walked by it and I was like I wonder if Ray’s here and I was a ground for you And then you just like popped up from below holding a body pillow over yourself The last time I saw ray at RTX it was outside I was walking with a bruise and I heard brute scream and I look and Ray comes over gives like Bruce a big hug He’s like, hey Bruce Bruce again You were my boss, I don’t know how do I how do I do this? Hello, sir? How are you quite possible playing the games? Like a tier list yeah. Well we’re gonna drop on your hair caleb is CEO now It’s not deep we got a big roster but it’s very shallow It was there was there was some There was some compromises made it’s like we make just give them a title. It’ll make it happy Yeah, you’re in charge and then it’s snowballs out a number Of times early on but when Trevor got the position and Gavin immediately honed in on it we would be doing videos He’s like Oh boss travel you the boss anybody? Yeah, okay Trevor George is like okay Gavin great. Thanks. Fuck you He does a great job When he’s not taking multiple vacations, yeah see big this show up to work off and Now he’s back on vacation he’s vacationing for two Trevor has to take all of his normal vacation okay, then he has to take all the vacations Barbara tells him he has to take oh Nice. Oh, he’s not in the kitchen in Kate. He goes Canon a lot these days because of Barbara I assume right? Yeah, I don’t know that it’s related. I think Maybe he’s got I just assumed she needed somebody to carry her bags. I assumed it. Yeah, I mean he is her boyfriend I am so sorry Trevor Trevor was always super nice to me firing like Jack. He’s not here the easiest way not to get in Just if anybody doesn’t know this the easiest way not to get made fun of it receives is to be in the room at all Times that’s true Jagga. Is he on the building and he still got thrashed. Yeah. I had to show hope That’s really funny Jack isn’t funny. That was funny when it’s like a day that we were making fun of the sea Jack’s box Before you doing it again? Oh All the money he raised this with a kid that box is just collecting dust on a shelf like You know, I like it at school like a kid I’ll pull a girl’s pigtails and you’re like wow he likes you That’s what I have to I love Jack the most and Gavin. Oh you fucking better use your failure You’ve been working with Jack for how long your husband run stuff tell you he’s been you that’s crazy jeepers ten years old Jack part not the issue That’s crazy. Yeah work on Jack for ten years hasn’t it? Hasn’t all been fun He’s been getting it hard this Park yeah great guy he’s Got some nice cats had the nicest lunch with Jack today. You did just destroy them Really That lunch I feel like it was like oh you guys don’t worry about it We’ll cover all the other shit you go to lunch and then they were like, oh sweet Well copy fun house will do more portal out there I’ve also been I’m jamming in every angle I’ve also been trying hard in my mouth outside of work and off-camera to say nice things to people I Had a nice talk with Fiona yesterday. I said some nice Thai to Jack who doesn’t let fought in my mouth but that was I Constantly compliment Jeremy on how skinny he is. He does. Yeah, there’s a lot more. I think he might think I’m into him what does a lot of back and forth about Me tell each other we’re insane Your bicep what? You got yes know what I like is the like what I enjoy most of yeah, yeah Mike is That photo everyone send it to all four that’s what I was about my favorite thing is planting the seed so we had this whole thing of like Jeremy Jeff and I Got fed with fat piece of shit Jeff. That’s the wafer. So we said lose weight 36 pounds. I know a oh, we’re all losing weight. Let’s just shit on alfredo cuz I’m fed. No such a scheme We we found out I this we found out I was skinnier than Alfredo. Oh really like is a point I went like 172 and he weighed like 178 and he goes what a tank. He goes he goes yo, for real Yes, and he’s like, uh-huh and I saw in his eyes, oh, yeah, he showed weakness All right, so that was the end of the house. Yeah, I mean it was the beginning of the end So we’re really waiting and hammering him So I make a point whenever like am I posed to photo like Jeremy there? I send it to Alfredo first You like text I texted to him and I’m just like or I’ll like lean in like hey, man, what’s up? He’s like what’s up? And I look BAM and I just sent him the photo and then I and then I Really impressive so now All the comments are did you send to Alfredo just an ad or Fredo Jeremy posted that photo in all the comments like Tagged Alfredo. Yes. He came in this morning boy. What have you done you started? well what Michael like Really hits him with it Like Michael’s got the weights in the room and hope you’re lifting up Michaels like oh, you know I’m just doing like 20 pounds over here. You could probably do this with the sandwiches that you get Just some banter Okay, pick up a weight. Matt was doing it dude. Matt was lifting some weights today I mean after drinking heavily But anyways lifting away that flexed was yesterday of the day before and Jeremy’s reaction was just it was gold He was like he was almost disgusted his Muslim basically. Yeah yeah, he was like, hey, we don’t know what we were talking about effort what Matt just cuz he was like and Jeremy just just like I don’t know. It was really funny. I laughed and you coming. You’re like, I don’t think I’ve ever I said like go down before Like in the cartoons like We also found out that matt has a workout set up I don’t believe it I don’t believe it It was like the same white things. It’s alive. I think it’s a full-on line. I think it’s a lie I got those you gotta take a picture of Weights right? I can set them from like five to fifty pounds and you know I brought him in we were talking about it because we’re stupid assholes and then you bought the bench because we perpetuate our Just like lose earnest now at the office. It’s like why not? You’re homeless anyway, you know swole whatever. Yeah and Matt just comes over those. Yeah, I got those and I was like, what what what are you talking about? Yeah, I was like, what are you talking about? He’s like, yeah, I got those at home and it was just like the room was silent. Yeah, I’m just like What do they do? What do you mean? You got him, right? Oh, yeah, I’ll use them but like My family sent them, you know, I’m just like happy birthday right now. Jess first Jeff. Jeff was like what Doorly holding a baby? It’s an extreme you can buy fucking 20 $30 wait wait, I wouldn’t think that’s crazy like five twenty pound whatever I’m like you have the 50 pound Adjustable Bowflex weights at your house and you’re Matt brank. What are you talking about? He’s a new gun Yes, I don’t believe it. That’s I immediately thought of like is there like a cinnamon stick with doughnuts and marshmallows? I Just it just dumbfounded. Oh, yeah, I always feel good. I don’t usually get like dude they will still Swiss when we roll in the depths of hell know how they’re gonna say after Matt kills that is That’ll be my hell. Yes. I’ll have to keep making videos with you guys For eternity only gameplay. Hey, don’t I love making videos? I just not as That was backfire Cards anything now? Okay. I just not this into the gameplay as I used to be Yeah, what with being in my 40s and all being an area proper adult bitch Does that make you sad in a way that you don’t like games as much as used to know? You’re just completely it makes me sad that I have to like play-doh Just so far past that then you like, you know all the ocean chef fortunately for him He composed about it, but he’s got meetings like almost all the time I very rarely see the struggle when he doesn’t have a meeting of him trying to get out of the video is always nice We’re Jeff and you would play like Angry Birds Star Wars for hours just try to get achievement. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Thanks now I have Gems Awards no James Laura’s my main game. Yeah that I hadn’t played every day for fucking fears or whatever. Um, you know, I’ve never played it I just know that I used to look um, but uh, but that may effects. Yeah. Yeah I just I don’t have the attention span for games. I don’t give a shit about single-player or like story Yeah, especially there’ll anything when you thirty hours long. I just never have the time just to invest like an hour Fifteen quick bursts. Yeah, so I can play like two or three rounds of apex and I’m good for the night or whatever So I just that’s just all I have time. It’s a lame thing to say. I don’t have time to play games anymore you’re a busy guy, but I am fairly busy and then It’s just like uh-huh. Yeah, just over at your next book. Yeah Need to read Read a book in over month that comes across that’s a good name rate worried about break. Meet my arse 420 Yeah, dude, why did where? NATO me pushing XM. That’s how they paid for that. They paid for those. This is probably the first map joke’s on you guys I guess again your cut. Yeah. Thanks. You have this one peggle, okay Tangle free. Yeah make shit right III damn it. You want me to beat you at that too? No Shot it was a connection. Oh my god remember that Car from the Kinect one mistake. It was not great to hunt ghosts now It’s good for like anything besides game I’m gonna talk about stitch fix because uh And it’s about style Let’s talk about your style Jeremy. I’m I’m highlighting you you got great style I got a I got a simple Jeff shirt on right now, but I thought you said simple Chuck, dude Please the fruit is it simple? That’s that’s the first line and it is is it simple sophisticated classic adventurous? Whatever you like stitch fix can help you find your next favourite piece with the help of your own personal stylist Sounds like a big deal, right but it isn’t just go to the website sign up. You click all the stuff that you’re interested in You just kind of build a catalog of the style of clothing that you might like Stitch fix is an online personal styling service that delivers clothing shoes and accessories directly to you Once you fill out your style profile You’ll be paired with an expert personal stylist who will curate a box of hand-picked items Based on your preferences stitch fix has brands, you know and love Plus exclusive exclusive styles You won’t find anywhere else Try them on pay only for what you love and return the rest shipping exchanges and returns are always free There’s no subscription required You can sign up for automatic Shipments or get new pieces whenever you need them and the stitch fix styling fee is only twenty dollars Which is applied towards anything to keep from your box discover new styles and find unique pieces with stitch fix Get started today at stitch fix comm slash off topic and you’ll get an extra 25% off when you keep all the items in your box that’s stitch fix comm slash off topic for 25% off stitch fixed comm slash off topic fix your stitch and get some new clothes That’s great my you dirt bag. Is that the easiest sponsor to flow? Stitch fix this week’s top now. There’s someone’s there’s good timing for handy a walk up Andy’s here Have a quick brewski I’m shocked. You’re still here. Oh you guys who do a little Internet box. You’re I’m Harbor and you Mike Are you still good? That was really funny. What’s up? So get a recording you got questions? Just uh just the person I wanted to talk to actually oh, that is Friday That’s typically when we have almost comes of meeting together now, huh? Today do you? uh Andy you just got back from celebration I did I just went in the hollow. It was really good Yeah, I got to all the panels. I got to go. I want to get into What panels did you get – I went to the stars. It was a nine panel. I got to the Mandalorian Clone Wars Alan tudyk panel. That was awesome How many people go to celebration? Do you know what the attendants always like? 60,000. Well, right so almost r-tx Oh, they’ll get there. They’ll get there one day. Yeah, it was five days this year. It was a quality I say this is this is how big it was. I I walked in and Jack was watching the trivia Contest. Oh the one where I bomb. Yeah, and he was like and he’s fucking getting killed oh, yeah, I did a uh Light collider did this row down and they had me on as a guest What what Andy yes, he he could talk. I know some people not a Star Wars. Yeah, my other hand like Vader cool yeah, um and like I think I got Seven points and like everyone else like the other four people got like 24 25 closer six and seven I I didn’t even get to the final round. So you found out you’re not a real Star Wars. That’s right There are these years you thought you are It was like it was like let me ask you a question – okay as in someone who doesn’t like Sara so much as mayor No, it’s I know I like Star Wars very much think you got not a loser. Yes. There you go What landing pad did they order Han to land on on Cloud City? Oh okay, uh See, Cloud City Empire Strikes Back The name of the landing pad. Yeah, the number a flat designation flat ass. Oh, it’s a number Yeah, I’ve been this is a question. They asked I I was like – It wasn’t it was a multiple-choice. No. Oh, yeah I think I could have done multiple choice, but I didn’t quite know the rules of the show No, it was like one three three seven or something elite. Hell, yeah hold the new Again, this is why you’re saying is I got two of the four numbers Kraft. Yeah. Yeah. Those are the two points. Yeah there Yeah, I I put it into perspective where a lot of numbers. I was like Andy went to the Star Wars. Oh You’re on by a factor Others I was like, what does it say? When Andy goes to Star Wars and they’re like get out of here You jock you’re not. Yeah, I’ll stop you or me. Get out of here Yeah People like people like we’re studying like I was competing against my friend’s Wife Molly who runs who helps her run this I was explained YouTube channel and like they were watching the movies What’s up, there’s confirmation. You have a friend I have other hand Metal bags man. They’re like everything I got like three going out duck Thanks, man, they know they know that they’re friends of yours, yeah, my mom doesn’t even pay him anything So yeah, she sends us stuff. Yeah Dude, I’m really happy dude. Sounds like things are really turning around. Thanks Yeah people like watch Star Wars and like to the trivia I like to prepare like they watch like the movies with subtitles like six different times who uh, Who else with you guys didn’t go together per se you guys. I met have a bunch. I know Freelance for them and Blaine worked for another booth He was like I was like definitely stay at the booth the whole time I was like, I’m gonna take one photo op and I’m free to do whatever I want. I was like, that’s pretty awesome Well, but yes, there was a bunch of us there speaking of working out you seen the pictures of Wes working out He’s like a muscle guy now, isn’t that yeah, he flew right past Chris got came really didn’t he’s a Louie Pinche Chris get all Muslim back to Chris’s. Chris has been working out there. Any yeah. Yeah. Yeah he’s not working out for years that he’s seen no results, but he’s definitely Definitely he’s looks the same even was its wit. I know he works out. Do you think you still beat him in it? Is he bulkier than Gavin? I am Chris Demers holding Gavin, I think That’s what I’m saying. As Chris is kind of a slender guy. I know In there, but I bet if he ripped his shirt off and be like he would fuck Gavin Oh, yeah, own is gonna do the mat for sure. Yes. Javi should be used as a diagram of a skeleton. It’s true with hair Aaron is you our gross? Yeah. Look how much it pops off Yeah, so like he doesn’t need packs cuz his hair just pushes its told he could fake it, you know like when you wet a cat down it’s like Smaller in the shower Gallon gallon looks like Captain America before he takes a shower Who’s who’s your Captain America it wasn’t Chris the free Captain America and that’s short – yeah He’s trying to replicate that in real life. Yeah That’s the power of the cups it’s not Gavin the cup now it’s all the cup no no All kidding aside – Andy, I’m happy at a good time in Star Wars. I’m super happy you have friends and stuff. Thank you Have a gentleman long as long as I have It’s great. It gives us time. It gives them a nice little crawling. I’m assuming it gives every literally everybody else on earth hope right that Anybody’s got a friend like poetry that’s episode 10 has been announced yet Do you think that’s the least friends now, would you say that? It’s gotta be right you you said Matt in like Mach speed not the sense wasn’t even out yet you like No, I feel like Matt’s got me. Oh, no, he’s Jeremy Matt’s got me all wait no, he doesn’t but how many was high Matt’s got other people how many of Matt’s friends is Matt like Matt doesn’t like anybody okay, but he has people who like him he does see how he does Brian sees anyone. Yes his wife and his kids Also tries Every chance he has to stay everywhere an extra day He’s like I just made a hotel room by myself or deal with two insane children all day long I’ll take no, I had a good back-and-forth with Ryan on the last cosign. We went on about leaving the next day I was like getting home Because it’s like Jeremy and I were on super early flights. You were going to Boston. I was coming back home. Yeah, but I on your fight just to hope to get home earlier right like five hours earlier because you’re like Should I get home at like noon instead of five I came back? Yeah, she was streaming. Yeah, but Ryan degenerate Yeah, but Ryan was just like how are you gonna go home to sleep in? I’m like, I mean, I’ll just sleep in when I get home Are you gonna get up early your travel? You gonna get home like just stay in the hotel and just sleep here Do you get home and I was like, yeah, but I want to get home I want to like I was like I can I can just as easily get home and go to sleep at home and he’s like What’s a different thing if you sleep in here and you wake up and you fly home or you fly home now and go to? Sleep like you still you sleep in you’re gonna wake up and I’m like, yeah, but I can sleep like in my own bed yeah, that’s like You know fuck around it’s just not like it’s not your home Yeah my house or whatever and he’s like, you’re not fucking sleeping. You got two kids They’re gonna be running all over the place and I was like, it’s like all right for help problems Like not one of them isn’t doing shit Ryan. She’s a baby some opposition point. Yeah – I’ll just close the door and Lindsay you’ll watch iris. I’m making those my wife’s not gonna watch them. They’re gonna be all over me A second home. I’m like and now we’ve gotten to the bottom. Yes Ryan’s Ryan’s life has nothing to do and it’s like oh my god I just wanna sleep for five hours before I go home to that nightmare. Yeah loves his kids very much. Sure Probably won’t with us. Maybe I would assume I think he’s doing kid stuff every every time he streams They you see conformational life. They pop in they pop out. It’s like that was that easy money. That’s Great, if you got sound actors, yeah, that’s what isn’t there. Now. You’re good what they do? Yeah, forget what they do That was not we didn’t Jack him no, I’m jacking but I Can’t defend himself. Right? Right. He wouldn’t anyway, he wouldn’t care. Oh, yeah, right Mike Ryan would come over here He pop off when we got back. Yeah. Oh Oh, oh Then a new pope that’s your new puppy. Yeah That’s your single Mozart. So you’re you’re very cute dog. Yeah. Well, I mean she she could leave take dog with her What’s the puppy’s name? Oh, you got a dog? Well your she talk here now. All right like true blood Yes. Yeah. No, I ask you the same question. She had no idea like Gill moco like Joker That’s persona 5 I will beat you up five your favorite games First then she’ll show the camera. Yeah attorney to the boobies. Oh You poopy village like six? Yeah looks like clicks and views She loves me too much fucking she’s have a dog How big is that dog that’s not difficult is it Adam Is John here I Don’t know has it been here the whole day No, I I just got her now Going in New York. I got distracted thinking I was gonna make a Jon Risinger pet jokes, but I did not see what the dog So she’s gonna fly with you What breed is she you know, she’s a Good puppy back, right? Oh, it’s up in the air. That’s a yes. She’s gonna know She’s coming back. Yeah, why did Michael go? Yeah, did someone just say oh god, that’s Eric Yeah, I thought was cute he walked off his show and hates it This Eric. Oh, yeah, you guys like scooped him up for mega64, right you like poached. Yeah we skip we poached him We outbid them. It was tough Yeah Minute because they were offered a really awesome package but we uh, We’re if we were able to put some stuff together and then were you just like hey you and work for us He’s like, yeah, and we were like we pay then he was like, excuse me, you know those science class projects We put the egg and throw it off a roof and see if it lands a crack one of those didn’t work That’s how Eric ended up here Oh Slam that concrete out front By ending its record on Saturday stop water Areas oh, it’s actually coming. See camera. Yeah, that’s a question for you f marry kill okay, uh Derek Sean or the other one rock rock, I’m Mary Sean’s a decent shot being a husband and father. He’s a bunch of he’s got a Dildo. Yeah, huh Everything was I don’t worry. No, he got a vasectomy. So I know that he’s so you can’t get me Christ I’ll be fine. No, so that’s good. He should Garrett all of his incisions and everything on the podcast is hell Yeah, fucking gross. I pre header. I’ll say I’ll say that I marry me I’ll marry Sean Do I want to kill you want to kill raka? Yeah, I’ll kill elke you’ll rock. Oh Boy, there’s too many toys there and then if I fuck them all the toys are looking at me, Derek Derek fucking Golgotha Staring at ya He’s gonna he’s gonna wear like the power more furs and like do tricks. I’m out I’m glad you asked about he’s saying yeah. Yeah, so I guess I’ll fuck Derek. So yeah coming for you hell Yeah, do you still like those guys? Yeah, talk to him all the time all the time all the time on the phone Well, no, I talked to us everyone Feel free to text your current friends you wanna hang on to valued you texted me the other day Yesterday Hang out. All right, cool. One’s yours. I’m busy this year, but let’s do it next year I do have a pump. I used to have a rape pop socket, but it broke fuck. Yeah news out of town But uh, I always talk to my wife. I was like you might want to have Eric over for Wrestlemania You know, let’s go. I was like maybe we should just have more and watch pay-per-view Watch wrestling you have to invite me so I can bring my girlfriend so she can jump I was so shocked the last few night. I had and you were in town. Yes, dude. That’s you. Yeah wrestle circus is back Oh, I’ll go to I like to go to rest. Let’s go to wrestle circus. Hell, yeah Okay, we’re gonna see dick food guy what’s his name He got excited It flops, it flops. He always liked to make some very spit coming out. I saw it. Yeah. Yeah the foam it’s the wrestling Yeah, it was good. Talk about a G wall Nobody said yeah, how was I? who was here that I missed the Puppy no, I didn’t miss this. You saw the puppy that Didn’t miss I didn’t miss it Did mmm I? Talked recently about the fact that I had the coup night and then you and Gavin weren’t around for it instead of a little oh and we play Villains. Absolutely. I can do that or in addition to yeah. Yeah bad card games right not really besides like you yo sorry ladies I don’t y’all moist now. There’s gosh in yeah. Yeah. No, but nothing like that or like secret Hitler – it’s fun. Is it? Yeah Do you do it on your board game show we do. Yes, well There’s no Dyson ball. We didn’t know was pretty funny other bang bang that had dice was okay was fun. It’s fine What’s the best one so far? Uh, you logged in one night superval. I went alone that super villain Yeah, I my favorite thing of that and then cutter la Blair was really fun. Who was my favorite until I played super villains Yeah, she was good. There was also I like red dragon in red jacket is Gogarty. He did somebody got that fucking tattooed on them. So, okay Shawn Goerke which is just like a little animated right sitting on the throne and they got it fucking touching. Yeah I mean I crazy mistake that I mean, it looks great But I’m sorry you won’t like us in here for now two years old, I guess in six months You’ll be like I can’t believe I watch them money hate those I can’t I can’t wait to read about how much you hate us on reddit and six ones Damn, great tattoos. Sorry though. There’s another edge of their body though right there. No, I fuck it up. Let him do it There’s a red dragon in a tux. We can play Larry’s had it for a while now. Oh Yeah, there’s Jim return. Please. Let me have like the super curly hair. Yeah, he’s kind of like Solero He’s the one you look at and you’re like, I don’t think I want to talk to Him before, I’ll say it again you ever seen Larry in a photo. Yeah He looks like it every time you take a photo He’s like he’s got this serial killer face his eyes go a little like, but that’s fine. Is there a picture have a seat? I was playing I was playing smash today with Larry’s like where’s the photo of Larry on the on the on the roller coaster? You have a roller coaster ride fuck I looked at the wrong time on the roller coaster is great because every bit of him is going backwards except to Someone who doesn’t know who he is like it doesn’t go like Larry his skull is too small No, it’s just like the wind has taken everything away for like Jerry’s around. Yeah, pretty much. It looks great No, no when you see it, I will say this, right? How’d you not quit you would be in heaven right now because there are over 200 animators for you to get lunch with hell Yeah, you would have loved it. They were so nice. They’re like hey wanna go chick-fil-a Yeah, man. Sure and I get back there. Are you serious? Adam Koch, yeah, that’s coming soon. Yeah, that was in that was right after our let’s play live. That’s like the last place you see Well Adam Kovac sir cooked in Lebanon, it’s Larry. That’s what’s looking over you that’s been Kovac What is drowning you? Thank someone who has no humanity left Funny I love Larry, but I’m also scared of Larry Good, and I think that’s exactly where he wants you to I totally agree. No, he’s watching right now. No Oh, yeah, plotting now right there Larry Someone say psych please Larry like don’t kill me first. Yeah kill Jeff last do my favorite kill me in the middle the middle I want to be first ladies last two is that too stressful? I don’t know who but kill me first. I crave death Oh lower case Every one of those rollercoaster photos jack was posing for the camera Like he knew where every single kid sees that seems like a very jackpot damn nerd. He’s a super roller coaster. No I’m just I mean he can’t deny that is that a bad thing like a roller coaster? Nobody went spout off the star location, it’s mom She’s a roller cleaner group, you know harissa Kudrow insulter. Yes Rose not that’s maybe Schmidt’s wrong in the show Ah, and she was a bad mother who abandoned her daughter because she had to go ride the roller coasters She’s like a roller coaster groupie and she follows rollercoasters around the country rollercoasters. No, she’s goes from like roller coaster that’s pretty school And then at the end in the last episode of Kimmy Schmidt whoa or final episode where Kimmy opens up a roller coaster it keeps it there not for fucking ever that’s telling It’s it in this 26 months ago Last year. There’s a thing where Jackson I forgot what park we were going to but he’s like They’re gonna build a roller coaster here. It’s gonna like do this gonna be set up in this way They haven’t announced it yet, but then you slip in a dill We don’t Was gone before I got here yeah That’s upset. It didn’t last that long cuz he was just like I got it. I guess we kind of did yeah. Yeah, really? verbally, so it was a bachelor party podcast when you all dressed up like jack on the podcast and you really hit I was totally Still I was like wow. Yeah Walt yes. You called yourself, Dylan Berg You Know which is unfortunate too because then then like after it came and when we hired Ashley Dillard and it was It was like he would have lasted very long I was just like I wish it’s just it’s not there anymore ins It would have been funny two years ago because man you’re explaining this there’s just no idea about yeah Who are you is like I’m worried about why are you killing me? I don’t be talking to you right now that fucking serial killer behind me hours of the day and Also, one of the best workers and Achievement Hunter like I’ll be like dillhole wouldn’t come out Just go. Okay. Alright and then back to work. Somebody asked me today who that she’s it at her anyway Who the best? Achievement on her employee was I was like her I think Ashley Dillard because I know the least about her because she works the most Like he’s always I’ve never been a problem. I’m thoroughly. Well, I think she never talks to me when she does. She’s very funny I’ll never have a complaint will say or some room is pretty much all awesome That’s why I said pretty much yeah, Ashley. I know where Larry says Just come to work. Oh god they’re on their job. What’s your problem with wings dumb dying me started It’s a joke that you even bring that up. She’s great, dude Have you ever walked into all this and seen how a little bits in a chair? Oh my god Oh, so you just like, okay like gone I think justice upper back is on the chair he’s gonna snap Physically say it’s whatever he’s got to do to yet. It’s his little dick off and he’s Gone right do your job and don’t talk to me and had a dick fall off. He gets like hammered Because he’s always filming shit in achieving hunter. So it’s like moon ball shit anytime we get like an extra camera He’s just there and he is emotionless. Okay, whacked with balls into it. I assume He takes a shower and it’s like The Crying Game just fucking in tears he’s got bruises all over his body It was like he can finally react to you shows the the the stealth ball clip earlier you guys are all standing line and he’s like this like in the Silent that was the first time you’ve heard Alec though. He took well good one at one point just Always where he’s really impressed, he’s aloof Alec is made of iron. Athlean We’re all you know going everything hey time to film our ooh Gavin goes wasted time secret Actually like Weems the most but they don’t want to give her that cut. Alright, Sarah. Will you all to count? Yeah Our first show at the rodeo we know how to create two accounts There was your the best is that’s the wrong your idiot Oh God Solace car and just ended all the good jobs over Jesus So it’s the star next to name like they are their first members members and Haley are only first-timers Komodo What’s the second the two stars? I’ve seen that like a Console who works here. Okay. Hell, yeah If you see two stars, that means they’re double gold okay, I think or double gossip them No, he’s got three team lines actually I’ll get the one one added to – whoa That’s like big dick money. They’re just swinging around. Awesome. Hell, yeah, I think teeth is you work here I know roosters your work your teeth is your moderator and oh, so not everyone hell. Yeah, come on, which makes no sense Yeah, guna block it Somebody I’m Chad I Am just say hey go fast. That’s our dude. I love the new setup in the stream room. They have like the Couch and the fucking TVs with the other TV with with the chat next to it So like whenever we do live shit, it’s not like let me check my phone out and you’re going like this It’s like this setup. Well, there’s another good setup nerve Nice, have you played that Porsche game do my time at Porsche? Yeah, that’s pretty cool. It’s a pretty fun game. Yes, I just That weird fucking game with the bear. It’s essentially starting I said Matt was playing that did play you made a domination in that game Matt made an abomination make it Matt did The abomination had the bowl haircut that went His name was he who eats with his face at the end all the characters them because I wrote he who eats actual shit Budget Bob, it was called fudge and oh Fudge Oh your your your building? Yeah. It was like legend more a place to buy fudge and things that if I don’t like what you wrote was like fudge and More do you want fudge? I might have Jesus how many characters are there? Yeah, we let you know if I need my buff city cuz it was short and sweet. But yes, I have played it I played the PC version. I haven’t finished yet. It’s a long game, but it’s a lot of fun. I like those kind of like Jesus oh, yeah, probably a star to valley that game as well I know I just said I have no interests in single-player games But what but I might play that game because it’s very it’s just a fairly relaxed. Yeah. Yeah Seemed pretty cheap. I’ll say this which was actually cool not speaking to Ray ever but watching from afar I played Onimusha when it came home I think he played too and every now and then I’ll just be like because anytime I ever look at achievements You’re like I’m second and you’re above me because you just get like fuckin 30,000 a week Makes me happy and is me happy. That’s right. Onimusha loved it And Resident Evil 2 was coming out. It was like a week before that it makes me weeks weeks before that or something like that and You had oh, yeah. I saw some shook woman’s we have some red kicks. I Saw that you had you’d also perfect your budget more fudge got fudge. No want some I Saw you perfected the original. Oh rigsy blade should we make yeah, he literally Went back and played that cuz you had all the achievements. It was fun. It was the original one I missed so many achievements I didn’t plan on perfecting it but I was like well cuz you’re a smart person. He played a bunch of Ellen planet No, I play it like beat it like 78 you have to be thinking like six times so I actually I pulled what I like to call his array and I stream the last achievement I came into work and I was Like I did the invisible run. Oh, yeah for fucking easy. Yes. You can play it uneasy Especially after doing like the knife run and show like that. I give it’s all at the same time because I’m an idiot Yeah, you’re dumb. Yeah, you did have a visible my friend. Yeah, you could do that easy. It’s not too bad. There’s one boss that’s a big plant and he’s kind of just swinging his tentacles or whatever and it took me 15 minutes are just like Where are you? Where are you? And then I finally hit him, but that was probably the worst part of that run honestly plant 42 mmm Plant 42. Yeah the other 41 I perform 137 the hello is 3 to 7 9 and 3/4. I don’t know if you’ve discovered But we figured out in that Porsche game 2 you haven’t if you haven’t done it You should give it a try. You can pick up feces off the ground Oh, yeah, it’s like a third chapter and then you can hand shit to people. That’s a gift. That’s take it up They can’t say no, but they hate it. Yeah, and it’ll be every time you give somebody shit. It’ll be negative 50 relationship points Yeah, if you give them the thing that they love you get 4 yeah, so it’s so good I paint every relationship Well, except for Old MacDonald cuz we happen to give him shit on his birth And he was a farmer and said it’s the thought that counts and they got one friendship Shit seeping through your hands. I made it myself freeze. Yeah, he’s a former judo. I’ll probably use it Just go like plant something with it. You you have that thing happen every now again with certain games You’re like I’m gonna get every achievement. Yeah, you’ll play few did with pray it. It’s the game that matters to me Yeah, right. Like I don’t give a fuck. I like the lego games too. Like I fucking love those I want to affect all of them this close. Do you do lego movie – I Did not like that. Oh, no, it was bad. Yeah, my achievements class I was Heartbroken by it was my first one was awesome It was everyone’s and it’s the only one I’ve never liked even I was a psych dude Like movie – it’s gonna be awesome and I was just like whizzes. How bad was it different? Yeah. I tried to do private They tried to make it like open world. It’s like a worlds. I think. Yeah, I’ve only played it one time I think when the beta was out, but it’s just like what I would call ass. Yeah Thank you in the back of the box is just I just I was just like semi cause like How did you fuck up Lego and now I’m worried cuz that’s the newest one and I was like don’t make more like the way Boy my Ori my only hope is that it was a total cash grab probably movie came out and they’re like shit out Senate so it’s not a sign of things to so yeah, like, you know, Because I mean the one before it was Incredibles awesome. That one was good was there all Travelers tales mixes. Yeah But like I’m hoping I’m hoping travelers tales got it and they’re like I don’t I give it to Phil and Phil was just like Boom, whatever. I fucking hated it. I like that. I still perfected it in like 20 hours I gritted my teeth and played it anyway but my brother was in town when I was playing it cuz I was taking it was like I’d family in town and then also Luna was just born so I took time off and It was like three days of me going. I just hate this I hate this game And as I just kept playing it I was like this is not fun. Yeah, they butchered the fucking movie The whole thing is narrated by a by a sound-alike. There’s no yeah main characters and have any goddamn dialogue It was just like it’s very bizarre This is it’s it doesn’t it was almost like a fan-made but it really is it doesn’t tell the story of the movie in any Way, they just change it. They add like bosses that don’t exist and it was bizarre. The plot makes no sense I was actually a little disgusted with it Yeah, now is this guy then cuz that I finished that then I went back to DC villains cuz I was a middle of it In I’m like this game is good. Yeah, this is a great game I guess we all still do care about achievements a little bit because you care about the lego achievements That’s what chief collection I care about I can choose I like this mean I am still actively every day of my life working towards perfecting gems of war Well, just the hardest game on earth I have friends who play it but the key adding DLC we have to get like 50 more levels or yeah It looks like I finished the game and then it’s like Oh 30 more hours of gems I just got what was one of the previously most difficult achievements in the game Which would make no sense to explain it to you guys, but I had to build a character names Nathan Oh, it’s just required years of form that makes it is essentially I got it They also told me that if you spend money, you can complete the game pretty easily But you have to spend my special dozens of dollars Right. Yeah, I could buy my way through it GLaDOS achievement In the game in in the world, I would say that dr. Peggle arts. Yeah. Yeah. That’s a good one Yeah, that’s a really good last time master for me That’s a great last time you got last semester you do legitimately or did you cheese it? Well, I didn’t know you could use it. Okay? Well, I didn’t choose it when I could so now I’m just like no I haven’t done Hey, let’s do is the West one really hot, but I’m close on Jim’s war. It’s just There’s one now that requires you to spend 16 million dollars in one week essentially of indie game Oh and I have been saving couple of years now and I have four and a half million dollars I mean, I don’t have to be the one to spend it. It could be my rate or my man. Tell me right by my Yeah, thank my clan I got you yeah Anything I just don’t think I can that’s ray I live in fear that I would drop down like four or five million dollars than the rest of the people who claim ability good That’s know. So I’m gonna do it yourself. Gotta get people. You trust in the clan. Yeah Nice right when you went in the tunnel in Minecraft. Yeah. Do you know I’d tell ya I saw happiness and hope Did you do that out r-tx You can walk through the tunnel just like oh the other side of mountain we won’t even say. Oh, yeah It’s like we just crashed it. I like that in that video in your last video I said I missed you and you I I’m not dying Yeah, right here knows I’ve never you see I think between That video and this one I’ve seen you once Stuff I did not run into you at uh, r-tx probably saw him in the hallway. Yeah. We saw him one tiny shoe or seven So I just said Jeff needs to get back to reading and like that dumb yeah I’ve gotten real. I’ve got a real dumb this year. I said that other stuff to worry about Like don’t try to buy a house and lose a lot of stuff to anything of what like a dumb sprint There’s like that sprint. Yeah. Yeah, like I’m and then you gotta cut it and then you gotta cut it so you can telling yourself a run of idiot and like and then Rehearse it my fuckin I do yes, whoever sent the 13 million Jim’s thing. It’s hit me up on whatever Twitter or Instagram or the site or whatever I’m all about it. It’s Chef Mike like a McDonald’s chef. Oh, that’s awesome Yeah, chef Mike. Yeah is the head chef of McDonald? Are you serious? Corporate chef? That’s awesome. Yeah, it’s like a local Chat celebrity. That’s awesome. We chatted up. He’s gonna be here in June. That’s dope. Yeah. Yes, and he looks beautiful Like Jeremy. Oh, yeah from the picture. Yeah Thing last week where they put up a Paris they put up a picture of chef Mike and they like, yeah I can see it like we moved Jeremy into the photo and Jeremy was lost. Yeah, we Disappeared into his face. He come reminds me of Hank from Breaking Bad. Yeah. My favorites are Klaus Gavin and Geoff just screaming when it happened. Well, it was amazing Through like I had to move your head and Jeff and Gavin just one Screen we have to start going. Oh, no, it was crazy. It was Yes, yes, yeah have a walk there over yeah forgive me yeah good all kinda stuff We should hopefully help bring like a coat and you can put it on Jeremy like what white choco me Got you, Jeremy. You should cosplay a chef Lana shows up. I think I talked about In the borderlands stream for sure gently know if I talk about her off top, how was that was that fun? Boss is so much fun. Yeah. Yes, I gave me pretty well. Yeah, which we don’t do a lot and that was fun Just playing a game We didn’t eat the whole thing in two sittings Great. So we Definitely do two at some point. Yeah, he’s like tagged on I did I’d like it next week But I think it’s already booked up Bordeaux one is like three colors. It’s like brown brown Yeah, like blue for the sky that was around the time where games were like three colors. Here’s a horse It’s funny how you remember? Some games is just color. Like I remember Rainbow Six Vegas is milk It smells like oh, yeah, dude, first one. Holy shit its water So he’s covered in cream when y’all the sell one was kind of the same It was just like brown army leeches and whatever colorful character I get it You can also sprint in the second one. Okay. So that’s a summers release. The glitch was someone’s gun. Just get stuck on Yeah, yeah both games. Yeah, you played one or two with Tim – Tim? Yeah, as we were like there’s never a point to ever go back – yeah, Becky What still just as much fun fun? Once you are the exact same game choose just better does seem to have that mode the terrorist hunt. Yup Yeah, it does but you can put you face them. Oh, what’s the point? Really? We just wait? Something like a foot like now no Challenge anymore. Yeah. Yeah now we’re actually like decent at it. I’m not really isn’t. Oh I think you could hop into really I think Sarah I think all of us on right. 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Oh, no you were good either way they were they’re just like Yeah, they went to like the other office. I’m not sure if they’re coming back. They’re gone I can get Andy back and we can knock out. Yeah, what do we have? 129? Yeah questions some questions that was questions for two hours ago, right? Oh shit, cuz how many how many advocates you have to do? I in trouble I’ve got you tell me no That’s not bad how long’s a show usually? Makes it seem like I want to leave. No, I’m just curious perfect question. Yeah, I can leave whatever Yeah, wait holding in the areas and we want to come back in now who are more years? Four more years. It’s usually about two and a half hours. Awesome. We’d Probably most people like Ustream for like eight hours. Yeah, that’s not that big a deal. I know this is great yeah, but no there’s still a chat that might call me names, but Now are you do you think you’re better than Jeremy Yeah me honestly No Not at all Well sometimes Not you obviously watching but sometimes you’re the worst. Yeah, you know who you are if you went he’s not talking about me I’m talking about you talking about all of you every single one Especially you double gold bastards That could be if they were a single gold. They could sub to you too That’s that’s why I’m coming from you’re spending too much money here. You’ve got you got your store. I do have what? Sorry, what’s that? It is frame Murch calm nones that That under speeds or what does the name come from the name comes from we wanted to have something? Kind of not tied just around me We just wanted like to like have my merge at their mark, but do I stuff people buy your merge? You don’t give a shit about yes Porsche and no one should give a shit about me and they go. Yeah, exactly So we have like more, uh, you know other types of merch as well But we wanted to keep it kind of gaming oriented because there’s gonna be like gaming themed shirts But yeah, Tina came up with it when we were like spitballing I’m like, yeah, that sounds good and they were kind of rolled with it So as usual she was like as usual Tina does all the work and I’m like, yes, uh-huh. Sure. Got it and It’s been uh, it’s been great. Um, we were in a garage we’ve got another space for it. So, uh, yeah doing merchant It’s fun not have to go through someone else. What are you doing it out of your yah We weren’t doing it out of her garage yet. We got another space for it Oh, but yeah, that shit’s cool We could do any crazy dumb idea you want you have to go through anybody and you know You could you can charge less and you make more because right no but Amanda I don’t the charge like a dollar Yeah exactly. How rich teeth got started Good model Yeah Almost you know, I got in 16 years around up no peep Oh Help myself Companies use do you have like how much much yeah. Oh I don’t know. I feel like Maybe around like thirty or forty out Tina how many we have right there how many how many items do we have in the store? Yeah, yeah, okay Yeah Okay, I say thirty so, you know, I’m really Yes, well the stories off all her that’s her project. That’s that’s her job. I just let go play video games Give me money, please. That’s my whole shtick. Yeah. Oh Yeah the stores down because we’re we’re because we’re moving everything to this you’re here yeah, I’m you have your house No, we’re moving around to the new space When he stores closed what yeah, that’s that’s the new space shit. That’s the big room Yeah, you can fit like 70 SKUs in there. Yeah, at least have any day. Hopefully you probably at room for another five SKUs Yeah, so that’s uh, it’s one of the rooms what’s going on back there? Who said sorry we good Okay You talk to me Eric did he did it? That’s fun. So does this Tantus do all of the she does all the important work? Yeah, everything set up the r-tx booth. I just show up No, thanks. That’s good. And you put a ring on it? Yeah, cuz normally that’s sergej. You liked it a person who did play Yeah, I listen to the song and I’m like, hey, that’s a good idea. I did a lot of good things, right? Yeah. Yeah What do you guys get married? Person from roosterteeth to very last you were getting married Oh who’s the first person uh, I mean that’s you down to the minute, right? Yeah, no Zones you there’s no way with you you’d answer me Gary best as soon as I saw ya know you DM me? Yeah, there you go, yes I did Get married, that’s fair the thing about the banker Mike. What’s up? Oh, no happens if you get married tomorrow, yeah, 50 year anniversary is 42069. Dude. I’m on it. We’re going to the courthouse tomorrow. Yeah Yeah wouldn’t be funny when I’m 80 ha ha we’d sex. I swore It was 50 when is it 50 years ago? Yeah. I’ll be your dad The men the people of my family live into their 90’s table you’ll break that you’ll break that truck super healthy, dude I lost all the weight. I don’t drink anymore on the bus. Yes, you don’t record twice. I have a fear of it’s true Fifteen pounds to live. Oh shit Yeah, I’m getting real dumb what happens man happens with baby I was reading about it and Trying to start to start your wife a healthy person to start to suppose to start to diminish Cognitively in their 60s. Hmm. I hope then you’re like right now you are A spark somewhere in there by the way, third spark I call him out on it. Like it’s what you meant Okay, and um, I thought you’re dumb. You’re just getting close to your 60s. So it’s kicking in What’s up, you want something? No, I’m gonna check it out. I will I’ll fuck you Fuck you think look. I’ll be there. I’m gonna make it to 93 just to know you show y’all know everybody my family I don’t care you got Been an hour and 45 minutes and raised just looking for a way out. No Streams that’s what I was saying. Like I don’t find this racial Average stream Lee probably five hours Myers. Yeah, I try to go at least four hours. What’s up? What’s up what I mean, you just see from here down after after beat my meat like it owes me money No one knows why you’re doing so bad at Tetris. Yeah some people come on here and they’re used to like we get people like sometimes like Patricia who’s earlier and they’re like used to like press stuff Yeah, which is like 30 minutes, you know, maybe 40 minutes whenever I know like how fucking long is this? Yeah I’m like you leave whenever you want. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, but please don’t just like want to kill yourself on the set. Just go Yeah, join late leave early, whatever you want. I leave all the time. Yeah, you do sometimes Millie just tripped over herself Trying to leave I got maybe 20 fucking million. I got maybe 20 more minutes at me right now. Yeah bless you I got a question. I’m thinking about I was just thinking about jerking off. Yeah This is a camera I guess That isn’t seen. Yeah, but the top of a Jesus scene. Yeah on the actual. Yeah, like the does not need to be censored Jesus yeah, you say just elope take the bodily fluid if you’ve Ever done fine through the air need to be sensitive Let me know did that absolutely not No, who cares who call the shit Poops shits on camera, it’s porn you can’t Just in general get any twisted like a Big peanut like a man. You’re right. It’s dick a human dick You can’t put that is a penis ticket like straight face, you know It’s not like they’re showing any reaction to the masturbate you can solve it and that’s what cheese shows up Yeah, I don’t know censor it. Yeah, is that now taken down? I think maybe I guess you have to but I don’t think you should you you know I’m gonna need you to beat off on your stream. Alright, I’ll take one for the team don’t have to show the penis Green shirt the floating head. Um and just come if you’re all probably been necked Oh, yeah, you can do a lot to get into the shot Why don’t to jizz on my chin, that’s what I’m saying Like if you’re way up here, that’s more work for one place. You’ve kids worst place like gist’s oh god probably annex honestly, I Haven’t had sex anywhere weird That would be memorable have you ever accidentally come on yourself in a weird way like that like you hit your chin? Uh, well go state it wrong. Hahahahaha I mean steered it like she was a pilot and she she was driving come in for landing. Yes. Hold it too close Yes, push it. I am strangely relate to that. Yeah We mean I Examine. Yeah, whatever eats like Multitude yeah him. It could be anyone me. I’m just I’m just telling you that cat. He don’t was anything that breathes he was there Maybe Jefferson don’t maybe like you were like I didn’t do the dishes and she’s mad I’m gonna make That dude, it’s like you can you can anger fuck that’s that doesn’t exclude Sam’s anger when you’re in like a long relationship It’s like I’m fuckin mad at you like yeah, we’re gonna bang obviously, but I’m still mad at you right happened But what’s in it for? My fucking Zak it’s good for both know. Yeah, you know you’re not you right It’s like Artie Lange was talking telling a story on Howard Stern once this year’s movie, let’s go I hope I’m not miss remembering it but that yes was he went to a party in the valley and those Mac minis on bad TV or whatever and that turned into an orgy and happens he started having sex with this chick and then they started to do like a little tower type thing like any other dude like Popped and it hit Artie like on his chest It already was like I’m gonna kick this guy’s ass now and they got thrown out of the party for trying to beat the dude Up and everybody’s like dude calm down. It’s like and you’re in a threesome you gonna get hit You can’t be fuckin uppity about that don’t bang with another dude if you don’t want there’s fluid everywhere, like, you know, when if you’re like, you know, you like dicks rubbing against another dick cuz It’s gonna happen don’t uh, don’t talk to the game. If you don’t watch me it was like, whoa Listen now, would it bang you but you’re making me touches other guy’s dick They were making out It happens man don’t be in a threeway about playing football get mud on myself. I’m not gonna freak out You know the stipulation he’s not into it. I’m not saying that you’re in there looking for it, but just happens. You’re right You know and sometimes there could be poop. You don’t know But like but stuff could come home. I I’ve wandered off on my brain for a minute came back in a weird part was Like I was out when I was back you seen about the RT story Never good landing on that poop runway There’s anal involved there might be poop and you can’t freak out if you’re not some Dookie if you’re going to a butthole That’s where poop lives you can’t run freak out about it Yeah, like I I didn’t know it’s like I think he did dude. My butthole is a mess right now That’s not where I was gonna that was brought it around. Yeah. What do you mean? You start using like baby toilet paper do they have like a human like Adult stuff that’s not baby. Wipe. Yeah. I don’t want I think any start using like 10 Long that doesn’t hide assignment I think after 43 years of like rubbing my so that’s why toilet paper It just feels like it just hurts My bum how many times you go in a day reason? We’re not as much as what I used to be. What you also need to do is when you’re the paper you see I also have an aggressive wiper like if you say probably brush my teeth Like any time I brush my teeth. Somebody be like are you out of your mouth? I don’t like I just brushing my teeth really daunting your teeth I apparently do the same thing to my asshole what I like So I’m gonna start using like something shot through ya a smoke beat it up Like it’s the one area of your body that needs the most cleanliness yeah. Yeah, but no what you do? It’s also the hard way it yeah, you know, you never really get in there and polish it and clean it with. Yeah I’m so party. Not you go to the shower. If you don’t karate chop your anus you’ve talked about this before I don’t know what might buy it like I think I might buy like a toe though like blasters How do you clean your anus yeah, I do I just open water like Straight like that. I don’t need fingers. Yeah, but show fit all shopping No you soap it up and then you just like and then you really make your own asshole now This this is a vertical cha. This is my asshole here. I I like rub it like that so I don’t go like fingers Oh, you’re not there’s no insertion Like this not this way. So here you’re going like this to your ass. Yeah. Yes like this Because I’ll do a bit of that and then I’ll get some that’s fine. Sure. You got a really wash your hands. It’s not work I use a loofah. Yeah, well, then won’t you what use it? I can’t That’s why I don’t mix them out. Yeah mix is on a poop Lou. Yeah, you’re gonna wash your ass over the loop Oh, that’s a one you sleep at dad. For sure unless you use it just for that Yeah, right. That’s fine But yeah You guys throwing up gang signs. I think it Tells so much I didn’t bring my shit Lou for though. That’s very very when you’re in your 40s You’ll start having sore ass problems. Will you start to realize you like also like well, it’s got to be awesome stuff Never had him run my life. Hopefully I don’t ever get one with us That guy reason he gets hit roads I’m also like I’m fastidious about my butthole that’s worse than you at home I can’t like it’s gotta be like the cleanest toilet paper ever before I finish so Yeah, at least like a full wipe and I go alright We’ll never say good enough. Yeah You’ll never get there with like I need I need I need I think I’m done get a clean glass I’ll do another clock And they don’t like the other way just to make sure I was miss I wasn’t missing something Go stop til I get three. How do you not put there a whole roll of toilet paper? Tremendous Matt’s like what you’re describing without a wet wipe that’s Umizoomi. It’s like I’m ripping up my us Yeah, how do you can’t wash your wet wipes there? Yes, usually You know anyway, the there are some letters on it’ll say like flush one. You’re good Oh, like that’s why there’s a I I don’t know what the difference in the structure but like the difference between baby wipes and like toilet wipes Yeah, cuz they’re like this can go down the drain. You’re good But just do one at a time don’t be cramming them in there. Do you trim to to get the hair off? So there’s no Grodin’s sometimes that’s the word. I haven’t heard It’s a mass effect races like the Grogan’s oh when I’m taking care of business down there. I’ll hit it up on there but it’s never like I Never I never wake him ago. I gotta trim my asshole. What’s up? Ari shark says you’ll you’ll wipe your ass till it bleeds if you would do that with regular toilet paper. Yeah That’s you’ve gone back to the begin the conversation now. There’s a fillet on the stream. Maybe they just come I’m a consistent bleeder on my thirst Jesus. Wow It’s the same day I’m probably not believe at the end of the week when I wipe my ass and blood there’s there’s blood it’s wrong with you a lot of blood a Soul never believe I can’t imagine You go back to talk to me you told me there’s like one It’s not like it’s like shit shit and then there’s completely red. It’s just like I know what you’re saying You’re a little spotting Gavin spotting Weird weird look, yeah, I go I go wet to avoid that. I’m gonna start I got a wet Sink a little bug. What do you want go over to the sink? Yeah My master baths in the two guest bathrooms I do and the master bath I just have like a shit room It’s just a door and it’s like poop and then I gotta go to the sink Obviously if we’re not clogging sewers with our wet wipes cuz I don’t use them and neither does gathered apparently Yeah, sure, so I wouldn’t be bleeding someone one at a time Let me get a clog in sewers in one shit at a time. You could become a first member Friend become a first member to play live. That’s all it took right here Coming up how do you why? Do you use dragged on the paper or webs? Here’s the thing like? Well, it depends on the on the shit breathe. Yeah, sometimes one fires out. I’m like you’re good No, no, you know who I envy a lot of times dogs. Yeah, they shit and they just they’re good they don’t have their anus is perfectly design and They don’t bleed Yeah, play a little gear team yeah It’s impressive. I wish you drive it. He’s still like shit and then be like I’m totally clean. It’s fine huge Sometimes I have a poop like that. Where’s like I shit one. Wipe nothing I’m like, what can I do that everyday? So but most of the times then you won’t appreciate it I have really keyed into dogs taking shits in publicly Shit like a guy’s to walking his dog to get a shit whoever I’m with I just go the dogs taking a massive dump and I pointed it and then a loner looks weird in the yellow Hair so, I mean I don’t King Shane, but I wouldn’t embarrass a dog shit Yeah, usually it’s not you bag your hand are you where you pick it up Once it’s handed the guy was just under the dock right like in the past. We everybody catching dumps into his hand Do you think he was like, I’m ready? It’s like the dog is up front. Well here’s 80% dry you subway way maybe people avenge us around? Now I are they’d rather not You dry out Biman ball. Yeah, you can’t you can’t but you can’t back a single open it. Yeah, they’re dry Also, they go in a container. It’s like I got go. So I do the whole time think I couldn’t flush them I got goddamn kids. Okay a fucking four pack of like Containers to put baby wipes in cost two dollars. Okay, and that keeps them wet. That’s you seal it you snap it closed Yeah, that shit will last for weeks. I don’t know. Are you taking a dump once a month? They don’t get drunk? Sometimes you forget to close them. Have you forget to close them in your pots on you down your fuck you are totally okay But you gotta you gotta keep them sealed and keep your aim is nice and moist man. You’re already buying toilet paper What wipes aren’t that much more expensive. It’s also the ratio is like you can use a fuck ton of toilet a sec So like one or two wet wipe he’s just taking a shit. Just taking a shit. What’s the order of operation? I always do wet wipe last. Okay, so you’re not gonna go in wet you’re gonna get snow because there’s Ours is gonna be a mess back there. You don’t want to that’s the plan right a little friction life You got wet again sweat. It’d be like a Brooks. It’s just a waste is what is right? The wet is for the clean up got some Van Dyke Brown back there. It’s not for like See if you’re going Jeff logic of like I don’t want to see Brown it’s like you got a couple you got You got a couple why – fuck off the trees then when you think like, all right dry Kelly has done its job. What’s calling these special teams to kick the fucking field goal. Then you bust out a wet wipe So it’s all even wet white and then go back to dry because you get like one or two wipes now cuz now the whole Area is wet. You don’t need to use two wet wipes in a row So you just go one wet wipe then may be better to drive Yeah Maybe back if it’s if it’s all clear I move on if it’s not Maybe a second wet wipe but I’ve tried and flush them apart. Yeah, cuz I want Don’t be called like nobody called like flushable then they say they say flood probably it’s part of the advertising probably a lie It’s probably bullshit and you shouldn’t but they say I can so I just believe the marketing Yeah, I’m a duck you say whatever they want that content if they say what’s the ball edible? I can eat it all eat it, you know and in the end, how are your Steelers doing? Oh Boy they sure know they’re never in restroom they shit out only did not do well up here and they lost two big players So it’s at home. Hell, yeah, it’s gonna be a rough season That’s where all three sports people in the yeah. There you go You said a basketball your basketball got you, like the playoffs watchin every game of the playoffs Would you see that they come back in the Clippers? I did hell. Yeah, it was awesome. Alright, sorry about that back to Sports where’s Mia? Kelly – they love s’mores Mia Khalifa. She get married. We’ve had several successful sports Oh, you fucking work here lover work. Yeah as a streamer sport ball. Yes, Tyler, do you? Really seem to tell their mother, uh dreams. No, I know better. I know better What uh, what a Individual, I don’t think I ever met her and the tire type shoes here. I’m in a video Yeah mit jerked off to that video Like a sports ball yeah videos Otzi poke us 500 years Loves it listen just going to town force of habit. Celtics are doing good. Very good. Thank you. Well, well now they’re feeling good They’re like superheroes. That’s I can believe it. They got me donated in charity. You’re some all kinds of stuff. Okay. You got me there Is it about time for you get out of here If you want me to know you were saying I was having such a good time hanging All right, they’re gonna tape why can’t you have a good time with us? Why do we need rain? I haven’t cuz I’m every day of my ass not true. That’s a complete fabrication Do you know do you know where I have good times? Like I only wanted that left you. He said you’re not good enough by family you like him the more he’s naked new round Doesn’t see him that’s what it is He loves rejection he was there it was there That harms, did you cry and you and Ray said he was leaving me I was there in the kitchen You’re like Ray’s gone. It was like kill him Here’s you are nowhere to be found as usual fuck off. We’re having sucking off dan and slow motion somewhere Yeah, and then you never knew how big he’d get You tell me from your collegiate here you didn’t even like it in cross your mind Like what’s That meeting we had when I was telling you I was gonna leave was the scariest moment of my life Was it really dead serious? It was pretty sad. It was like it was it was a short meeting It was like 5-10 minutes But like I was like I if someone offered to shoot me in the face right now, I’d be like, please Because Jeff came back. Anyway, I’m gonna kill him I’m gonna kill him. I don’t think I said that but I was pretty fuckin bummed out It was cuz I was actually talking about the accident mom cuz I was like I was like you’re like I think I’m gonna go Take my talents elsewhere be a little Braun. Yeah, and I was like not three not four What what can I get do today the same, you know? Then I was like what if no you offered some stuff and I was like a lot of this news like no a little bit this and I was trying to offer stuff that us like I’m gonna have I’m gonna get you were offering so there’s No way to make this happen Michael. You haven’t gonna kill me if I Didn’t leave but I’m happy that you did because you’re so happy. I’m very happy. Yeah No, and here’s how I try to explain to people that are like there must before thee or must be weird or it must be It must upset you the REA left selfishly I’m sad because I liked we all liked we were a great ensemble and we liked performing together and stuff But I likened it to at the time like I had a really good job working at Ellen Network I was about to be printed to vice-president of the company and then I I wanted to take a chance and work for myself and try my own creative endeavor and the people at that company were like You gotta take it. Yeah, you got a swing, you know, you gotta take a chance go for it And so I did a shot was roosterteeth and this was raised roosterteeth moment. Like this was a job to write I mean, I think it was a fun job. You have love doing it But I mean like then he wanted to branch off and be on his own and be his own creative force and do that thing and I was actually as much as it sucked and as much as Bombed out as I was and I don’t remember exactly everything that we said But I hope I intimated to you know a day them absolutely proud not proud song I’m a dad but like I was proud of you for taking a chance and you know They would hope that we would always be here for you if it didn’t work out Yeah you wanted to but obviously it fucking did Thanks so far. Yes, thankfully, and I couldn’t be happier for you. Thank you Like I was even though I was bummed that day. I was so fucking happy that you were Take you were betting on you, which I think I think or slice of terrifying and having been there before Yeah, it’s a very scary thing to do and I’m just glad it worked out for you. Thank you. I appreciate that yeah, which is and You worked on that cuz are you were like, sometimes you have an infection you need to cut it off? Nicer than what you said that I can breathe through the lines. Yeah, I’m sure We weren’t using that arm anyway it was remember the day that you told it the room that you good. Yeah right after that yeah decide to and I was like, oh It’s with like someone would leave my desert are we going can he do that? Wow, is that me I Think in my head I was like, oh, yeah, I’m bummed but you know if at play yeah, you clearly loved stream. I did it Was awesomest where your passion was it was sit around. I don’t remember specifically was like, oh now bitches nap – Yeah, and then we finished up This year I think we yeah We have finished the series we were doing so it was like the mini golf one and then I was I was calm I think it was also really fucking smart of you in a lot of ways because the company Was changing very rapid it was going it’s moving obviously moved in a very different. Yeah Yeah Then the company is part of that and I saw it in I think I saw it First really saw it in you and held a do you remember that day? Oh my god, how can I be? I’m gonna do laser. You guys want to do lazer team? so we had to we were like, yeah, we had a film for like a Yeah We were down to that last day and we were like Joe it’s raw land and I could see it I was like this. I knew I was like this is what its gonna be like from here on out I can see how unhappy you were and uh And it was probably the smartest thing in the fucking world because that’s what we I mean, you don’t want to travel 45 weeks No, I assume and ghost hunt and weird place and all that dumb stuff and there’s never any goes Inconclusive, I’m terrified we go. So yeah, I would have not been meet you down with that We do know that that last that last like year a couple of months I was there too was pretty I was like not even Trying well. I was trying but not nearly as much as I should have and I feel bad about that now I was just so like I was burnt out I like Self-admittedly didn’t care and I feel bad about that looking back at it now cuz I mean, you know, we weren’t put out content That’s good and not shit, but I was just I was like tanking the videos I was just like what am I doing? Like clearly I want to stream but I’m like I don’t want to leave some scared and this and that but it made like I certainly appreciate all the people who Do it chef you about 100% cuz cuz you can feel so strain and burnout But for me, I can just go and do it the other thing and then get me up on that and come back so I’m never burn down one thing What don’t know Jeremy he’s 100 percent Achievement. Yeah, I do a lot of stuff. Yeah. I know. I’m Saying that’s you That’s good. Yeah, yes pointing at you and Gavin saying he appreciates the people that can be all over. That’s what I’m saying Oh, yeah. Yeah, no cheaper home, even though earlier today. Yeah, we were playing portal and you we were talking about what we needed to film or something ever fun houseful and we were like, oh like What we gotta do like we have to do minecraft and something like that and I said, yeah, but I was like, yeah That’s the crazy thing about Minecraft how you know, you’re still doing it. It just never goes away Again I was almost like What episode you guys on like 350 some? What the fuck? One something I blacked out Jesus Rijo you guys still an achievement city Finally like broke broke Jaclyn’s Yeah Spin-offs where we did sky factory for like a whole year almost which is like a mod, which is really cool I didn’t care the first 20 episodes, but then I made a mask and it was really funny to me They go 1 X 8 151 So that was 151 this week’s episode for first members is 361 that’s crazy. You’ve missed 210 episode What are you saying is right you got out Crap does the herpes Where sup every Friday I feel sometimes I’m like, it’s not even Friday but in stars like yeah but you have to have a weenies and then everybody’s out next weeks if we got a new week after right and then also there’s This thing and I was like, it’s Wednesday we need One where you say that bit way you just walk down there yeah, and then there’s yeah It’s actually quite like a it’s good. Yeah, it’s quite a powerful moment It is I silly as it is no and then immediately like alright Yeah, it’s cool. Like ever it’s so unlike other videos. Yeah, it was it’s like kind of like a serious moment Yeah, we made a cap. So, uh Yeah, that was Moe’s last time you played Minecraft. I played it after r-tx to the r-tx I had a we had the merch booth and we had to we had to tip jars the tip jars to go to the P people work in the booth We were paying them whatever actually got it was for an hour of roblox and our minecraft and went back and forth for a little bit surprisingly and then someone came in and just like Minecraft so I played an hour of Minecraft after make probably a couple of weeks later. I played the played on the switch and it was it was fun again because yeah because I hadn’t played in so long and there was so much new shit that I’m like What is what is this? What does this thing? Do I’m like, oh, this is great And I played for an hour and it like flew by I’m like, oh fuck. That wasn’t too bad It is like fuck dude. That’s too bad. We got those are now. Do me just like the mod packs. Yeah, yeah I just try to recoup MPC now, you know, it’s awesome sorting when you push it by it was sorry inventory sorts. It’s alright It was fucking why Hard to go back to the Xbox. It doesn’t surprise. I can’t imagine going back after like the PC. Yeah Well, it’s like I remember liking it better on the Xbox but like even doing wipeout there’s no way there’s no reset So yeah, somebody would run it you have to shut it down rien vite everybody and the invites don’t work Turn it down again turned the game notice. I was frustrating about it. Just didn’t it didn’t work anyways Loading boil my PC now, I guess that you forget Oh, yeah, it’s always the thing of like if you have moved or it’s like we have a problem. Not really It’s like we have a problem that nobody else has but it’s like getting six people in the same room And yeah, and it’s just not We haven’t we would love to move over to PC, but we can’t move our characters again. Oh Yeah, we did it too early we did it once it came out but then we were still doing both and now so now we have were like Billionaires on Xbox and we’re like trash 30 millionaires at PC and it’s just not worth it. You’ll see for that game Always the same new shit come though. You have to buy like five shark cards to galloping Vehicle you need like you go buy a new to wear and then you need a facility to hold that right dude. There’s like 7 facilities it’s like you oh you want this car? You gotta buy the warehouse then you buy the car Longer and you go. Yeah isn’t like a bunker. You could shoo like an orbital. Oh, yeah 750 on it in real money it cost like 60 bucks to fire that thing. Yeah. I like to kill someone who will then respond It’s really good fucking absurd Thank God we don’t pay for it. Yeah. Yeah Trebek odds been getting hard Daddy Trevor Trevor card, please Trevor. We don’t care about Trevor I’m sure a card we care about Trevor is the human that carries Trevor car. Yeah, don’t care about Trevor Consuit, it’s true. Yeah Card, you can save your stats how much GTA money it’s bad. I think on Trevor card own company card. I’ve spent like $1,900. What’s it? It’s a things there were scarves matching ten matches from broadcast. Somebody won Because because I don’t like on games anyway, I just buy the game and that’s usually as far as ago I never go buy Boxing stuff. It’s Yeah, it’s probably more than I’ve spent on all my other games combined. It’s it’s a real moment We’re like we’re making a video whatever, you know Stupid Essay for like business expense. Yeah, like listen, you buy shit all the time to run your business So it’s like weird if we’re doing videos and your day comes out we buy it and do whatever But you come to know them never fails where we’re buying. I’m just like I feel bad for normal people who the fuck is Yeah, what the fuck is gonna pay for this like hey Some new cool thing came out in GTA just dropped 400 bucks on it. You can play it And we know that person races for ten hours. I see the thing is I know is he fucking saves up and he’ll like play the game for three weeks to do what we did in a day I know because he has to say four pieces Hey, oh, yeah Well, like he loves GTA he does driving and show like that But like what an update will come out will be like, oh like anytime anything comes out. We’re like awesome. That’s a video That’s always the first thought of like, oh we can make a video I decided we need six and then stay right the buying is kind of a secondary effect of like and whatever You know company expense will buy will make the video. He wants to play it for fun Yeah he’s like I’m not spending $200 on this so he’s like never gonna play the game for 80 hours In order to buy the new fucking DLC you just like farming the same mission And just like I guess gems that okay for my birthday. That’s Like 90 bucks Yeah, what was the helicopter that we always used to pick up vehicles? Oh, yeah, do can you buy that? Yes, you can Oh, you finally can remember like the winch it Yep. It was a fucking god Good, what a game good times? Bikes in cars – recently I mean we obviously continue to a couple after you lands but like not to release ‘only we just are doing heists again Oh, yeah. Hell yeah, those are fun bullshit. They’re better than the pace in the game. Are you better? Yeah, Oh Fucking I mean, yeah Honestly, like we maybe did we like all that bathroom – right – were three here after you laughs We maybe did like another – heist and it was like well, who was it was Lindsley? close Did we do were you in the carry one? We did Lyndsey’s hi That was eros. Okay. Lyndsey’s heist was the it was the bomb or thought it. Yeah poor body and one of the most amazing some how is Everyone – the Travon picked up a porta potti with a cargo bomb and threw it onto a moving train It landed on the thing. That’s awesome. Never really worried. Like I can’t believe we didn’t have to do that He also didn’t didn’t Brian or somebody could killed by it. Well, yeah it was His game was a jack I think Jack Ryan died from that cuz it was stuck outside But that was but it was only in his game. Yeah, he was so poetic that like He was like the things hanging out of the Train. This is crazy and all of our screens were like, no, it’s fine It’s it’s like straight up in the thing, but in his screen, it was like hanging out it was like a sidecar and he ended up falling out of the Train at one point and the thing fucking Clothesline him and killed him, but that only existed And it’s like anyone else that wouldn’t happen. Do you think you dollar game by the way? Yeah, we announced a new season of those things, right? Hi Steve. I got to Tim. Are you all doing another one? We did the laser job in the snack ice the snack iced, yeah. Thanks Apologies again, they do not go. Well did why? fine bring women totally in blast ax and I don’t have To aim off the road friendlies zombies like kinda shame the cops that kept locking onto Jeff cuz he’s a player Oh, sorry that just did the non-lethal heist. And the only person that died was me He may have adjust instead. We shot him over and over. It was like all right on your mark get set high-stressed it Yeah, it was there was at least two minutes after that What’s here I did see this yeah, I was like this summer. Yeah. I dropped the thing on yeah, I was there what? In the background whose house is this man Oh fuck I guess I was in this this was a yeah, I don’t fuckin remember. Let me describe There’s like the last of my show apart Show a part when ryan gets killed yo, you’re looking around yo look for God, what are you doing there? Scrubbing you, it’s fine. I’m not saying Eric you guys find it then show at us We don’t need to see the process. You’re doing it Eric. I’m saying responsible But before late, let me just fire off in this last a do you have any ads to read right now? Yeah, this is just three This is the third nothing’s before hitting. Well, listen, don’t start. The the beer isn’t really an ad mean It’s more of like a year-long sponsor so they don’t count. Okay Okay, you know what why don’t you shut your fucking mouth hole cuz you’re sucking it down aren’t you how’s that delicious voodoo Ranger It’s not bad. I’m just I’m actually shocked you got another one cuz I because you’re you were like Hobbs cuz it’s mostly fun something hops Yeah You got drunk from one beer the other day pretty cool different bit is really cool to 9% This is right still booty good Yeah. Yeah. It’s 15 copies of fuel dude To this day, I’m sorry. Yeah like 40 copies of fuel Hey, this episode is brought to you by me on DS. It’s underwear. You can wear them Can you bring that stays on your body for 90 percent of the day? How about your underwear? You probably spend about 90 percent of your life in underwear or not. I mean that’s really up to you So don’t you think you owe it to yourself to make sure you’re wearing the softest money’s in town? That’s why I wear me on these. They’re super comfy. I think no one loves me undies more than Jack I’ve got him on right now. Hey, I do They’re comfy as hell. What colors yours a panda meters? Oh my god, dude. They got boring F blah. You got some cool designs They got black he spilled again. I assume cuz he’s getting paper tough Janek freaks out. Whatever we gonna bagging me on decent. Give me give me where’s mine was mine I that guy must go through underwear like that. I don’t really understand where he’s he’s like awesome It looks like Winnie the Pooh with honey. Yeah, he always needs more He’s always I hope it doesn’t eat them, but they’re super comfortable. These undies are so soft. They Make Bob Ross’s voice sound like Gilbert Godfried. Oh, wow. I was that’s a statement, right? 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That’s true I have a full pajama onesie set up They are super comfy me undies has a great offer for our viewers and listeners For any first-time purchasers when you buy me undies you get 50% off and free shipping To get your 15% off the first pair of free shipping in a 100% Satisfaction guarantee go to me on these comm slash off topic as me undies comm slash off topic Where’s him underwear feels good on your junk or whatever you got going on down there. It’s all good. You don’t forgot free selling Barbara As I said, it was the opposite of that. Oh, wait, did they find it? They might have found it That was the perfect time let’s boil excitedly on the tray. All right, Ryan’s like let me just get out of here Oh, he wasn’t even the driver’s seat Somewhere to be oh yeah, there was a sad plane that he there was a comment in the chat Which I didn’t think of. There are people who are watching that probably have no fucking clue where I am. Yeah, it’s been four years Yeah, I didn’t think about that. Most of Its Paul ray, oh no. It was it was I don’t know No or no brain Tina got here and Lena I popped it in the main room when you guys are like, oh that brother in the side room. Anyways weird people going Hey nice to meet you. Yeah, I was like damn we’re old I’m gonna die soon. Yeah. Yeah people. Yeah Yeah do you think the only way to deal with people I knew in there was a Stefan ending and you don’t even really Want to talk to Andy? Yeah, he likes Stephanie more studies. Great Ali stuff you Yep Guys Amy’s also the conversation to a minimum That’s the fight, what did I miss what do we need to do ray? Oh no Yes, or no That’s fair green penis getting erect Yeah, we should all right because I know you guys don’t do game play often but just We like it. We do it why should say, you know, you like? Yeah, obviously you do it. I like it. I That’s the question everyone why performing with y’all and I like I do like doing game play I just like it less than the more challenging stuff we do but I would say sometimes like watching you play video games is challenging Yeah for the audience here for me or filming something Alright pushing but she’s a goddamn button that button moves around sneaks up on you Yeah, I come back to that a lot of rage you guys already gone long term we do Not like to show just a While ago came up dead. Yeah, all that games that you miss playing with a bunch of people. Yes mini-golf is the main one Genie gone, I mean any of the trivia stuff just carries a fucking idiot minigolf, especially now. When do you play the same courses? No, we play golf it and golf with your friends Okay on PCs and Boza fun what it didn’t exist in 3d ultra meaning of cuz you all play at the same time Yes, Ryan is a rotten cunt. Yeah just spends the whole game hitting your ball back Oh those guys BIP BIP and just in China you remember I think was this? I think it was 3d ultra mini-golf to that hole that Ryan go like a 16 on and he tried to make that fucking jump For like 15 minutes. I don’t know if you remember. This is very obscure Okay, maybe someone else does there was there were it was like he was trying to take a shortcut You need to take a jump and he was like right at the lip So he tried to time the jump but he would always hit like the lip and so he would hit the lip use the bounce and go backwards and did it like Eight times in a row we were losing her fucking mind now Ryan and Jack exist just to fuck with other people’s back just did like Ultra of mini golf – and Matt made some at me Oh the fucking last hole Jack was winning most of the game and the last hole Jeremy finished early and he won you got like four. Yeah. I’m super lucky I got like a six and I was locked in a second. Mmm. Then it was a Ryan was a min Brian and Jack Yeah, Ryan finished and Jack who was winning the whole game. He tanked like one hole before that it was like four six seven this motherfucker got like at 22 and It was only him playing and it was just like four. That was exactly how was it, right? I just like finished the bucket hole go around Matt made an asshole map Yeah, the dragon won’t think if he was like ramps but it usually if you under shot the ramp you fall in the gap and then the gap would make you go all the way around again and He like he did it like he’s probably out like somebody saying One of them who’s doing it was yeah. He got over the gap one time hit a wall balusters went back and brutal like he already lost and he just couldn’t finish things but I kept him a heavy ball thing to if he hit like The grower power up it would make your ball UAB You would hit that and then if you happen to hit some other power up on the way It would make your ball heavy for the rest of the map. You have to hit it like twice as hard So why got heavy ball? But there is Ray there is like a spiritual successor to three deals from mini golf that’s in early access right now You tried to play it recently and we just couldn’t get everybody in the game together I was like well, but we played it and it plays exactly like 3d ultra mini goes awesome fucking fun So as soon as that game updates, that would be a great place for us to go or me. Just play the original. Yeah Schafer in a in the trivia games as well was The way to go champ yeah way to go get you on the phone, yeah Sure warrant you were absolutely not listening at all though. That’s important somehow kill this do you fuck around infinite mini-golf? Yeah, we played it for a bit. Yeah, I was all right It’s another one where it’s a weird thing where? If you join because we will play six or eight people you join You don’t know that you’re in the game until it starts sometimes and then somebody like six people will load in and one doesn’t then We have to reset. Oh that sucks. And it’s like it’s always a crapshoot of whether it’s gonna work like the halo 2 lobby You see a bunch of names Chat Chat Chat 2004 they had it they nailed it. Hey, Lulu, Lobby should be the Santa floor overall standard for that all multiplayer video games – Liquid instead of lima Anal beads. Um Yeah, some jeopardy Jesus crisis eucalyptus, I’m not smart God good memories good times. Are you uh, what are you looking forward to this year game was fuck Umm-hmm wasn’t he beers come there’s new gears. I’m kind of excited about rage to next month Co that is Yeah, I don’t know. I always I always forget what’s coming out in the year I was I’m always looking to like the following month the games like I know Rage 2 comes out next year Alright next month and that’s about it. And then I’ll worry about what comes out in June I’ve totally forgot what comes out this year. Ok days gone by ps4 or for ps4 comes out next week. That should be interesting – single-player. It looks cool That is a trailer and like they plan on all these your people say stuff and I’ll be like, oh, yeah that yeah It’s weird I’m in the same boat where I can’t I probably just cuz I have other stuff to worry about but I have no idea What’s coming doom eternal this year? I think so. Really that looks dope. There’s really another Halo coming out some player. Yo, uh this year. Halo infinite. Whatever the fuck it’s called. Yeah many Pokemon. Yeah Last of Us Are you gonna see detective Pikachu? I am because of course I am of course you have to I Don’t have to you don’t have to do then so that is as passed you you know, Michael’s not here we get in the podcast Thanks Poe Borderlands 3. Yeah. Yeah, that’s a go. I grab mine I’ll see you in four years. Yeah, that sounds good. Yep We quit There’s a new shantae Gavin loves that game. You need your mother feel you not like Johnson. I will kill you That’s what you said right off to us, and I’m saying it again Alright, I got out before he said it I will start you started this circle of violence. I’m gonna pause upon our meeting This guy, did you not like Sean’s head? That was the Jeannie I was leading girl and climb the shelf Yeah purple hair It’s all my favorite series. Is it really I love Sean. Say I mean I’m not gonna make you like if you don’t like you don’t like it. It wasn’t I didn’t like it we should Like I was like, ah, what would you rather film uh or another shelter It’s just like get done. Let’s go it is still the same thing just like reading. Yeah this longest. Oh, no No But now that we do we do Male that’s oh that makes it 10 times longer but also better cuz we get she like moon balls. Yeah Yeah, it’s and dildos and we can make that call penis man. That was hanging in the air that we showed Yeah that came from always. Yep. You dead. It just takes forever Because there’s like and also the which is great but like the stuff never ends. Oh, yeah Stories of like a thousand packages you say like 12 to 15 minutes. Yeah now it’s like could be an hour What was just like you do the you do the intro then the fans submitted, whatever then you read off games lists And then craziness in the back and that’s about it take like 10 minutes and then there’s boxes and shit everywhere. It’s not done that Mess and there’s like 15 minutes off dollars just to clean up what we did it over there or not. Clean it up I just sort of exists Yeah, right Jeff texted me what do you say don’t quit Oh you guys you post shit what’s a no-show it’s the Standup oh, yeah, that’s the push. Yeah. Okay. Well, thanks for watching. I guess we’re ending it, huh? Yeah, that’s do Ya hear that job, that’s how you know, it’s a yeah, it’s over right? Thanks for coming back. Yeah. Thank you for having me So this was fun super short notice Yeah well because we kind of played something out and then you’re like someone else is coming and then they dropped out I guess and then You text me. Yes, say okay view tomorrow. I’m again. What’s up you go punkin. No No he was asking me for dates would a good and I said this one but you got someone else playing I guess they cancelled he’s Like he’s gonna come I’m like, yeah You just have fun. Yeah, he’s got to ask Here. I am. Yeah, that didn’t realize I was waiting for years to ask Yeah, and rate was like okay. Yeah, sure All right, okay move on go live your lives go see somebody it’s over

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100 Replies to “RAY’S BACK 4 EVER – Off Topic #177”

  1. I remember the first time meeting Geoff and Jack of Achievement Hunters because I used to play the dicks out of Force Unleashed and needed some help on a level and first thing I found on YouTube was their videos. It was the day I became a fan of Achievement Hunter.

  2. GEOFF and RAY are the BEST Achievement Hunters and yes, Ray is still is!! The one of the originals!

  3. To be honest…..they way Rooster Teeth has become and AH with them bleeding Minecraft dry he would have left either way if he had stayed

  4. honestly Ray has always been my favorite
    Ryan being a close second but ray will always be the funniest to me, and not only that but I think he brings out the humour in other people

  5. Glad to see Ray appear and be known in the AH community. As a long time supporter from 2011 having Ray was the best. His laugh, His jokes, his gameplay. He made the Achievement Hunter golden age.

  6. Even if Ray came back, it wouldn’t be the same. Everybody has changed too much from the old days, plus too many viewers have left and it would be too hard to get them all back.

  7. I like how Geoff says everyone who left got "fired" but he can't say it with a straight face when its Ray. You can't fire Ray silly.

  8. When ray left I felt as if rooster teeth fell off I used to watch him ,Geoff ,Gavin when the old squad used to play Minecraft

  9. I remeber before Ray left I always watched AH, now I rarely watch them because it's never felt the same

  10. i fucking miss the old days i’m only 15 and i started watching AH when i was 10 and i really miss these boys

  11. okay, "flushable" on a product does not mean you should flush it !
    lots of things are technically flushable in the same way bleach is drinkable – the act is certainly possible, you just shouldn't do it !

  12. Damn, these comments are just Ray lovers, which is fine, I like Ray, I just don't like him outside of Achievement Hunter, with the lads and the others, he is absolutely fantastic, but by himself, I just don't find much interest.

  13. i just randomly got into a nostalgic mood and went to rewatch some old Team Lads videos and found this. Honestly when Ray left he took me with him but I guess he kinda like dropped me off on the side of the road and I just kinda went off to be gay somewhere else. I never realized how much I missed these guys' and Ray's sense of humor bouncing off each other. I am happy Ray found his happiness. also now im remembering how much i related to Ray and damn how did i not know i had depression back then lmao

  14. One comment I have yet to see, if Ray came back then X-Ray and Vav would be back together again. I admit that I did miss Ray after he left the AH crew. He was a staple in the videos and minecraft just didnt quite feel the same after he left. But lets not count out the new crew. Dont get me wrong, I love the guys, but then Lil J came on the scene and I was a bit anxious at first but he really grew on me quickly. He had big shoes to fill with Ray gone and I really feel he stepped up and has been doing a DAMN good job. I enjoy Alfredo and Trevor for sure, and they are growing on me quickly, but The crew will always be Geoff, Gav, Michael, Jack, Ryan, Ray and now Jeremy.

  15. 2012-2015: watched every episode and every letsplay for 3 years straight.
    2016-2019: watches 20 seconds of a video every now and again to see whose in it this time around before deciding wether or not to watch it.

    Ik they can't really go back, and its not their fault in the end. Youtube, the audience, and the company all changed since then, as all things do, but man it still hurts to think about. At least there's 3 years of old days AH to reminisce in when I need it.

  16. I seriously couldnt give a shit about jeremy… get rid of him and do lets plays with ONLY ray, gavin, michael, geoff, jack, and maybe ryan. I fucking dont give a shit about ANYONE ELSE

  17. I love rooster teeth/ achievement hunter I grew up watching them and to be able to reflect on how much my life has changed in 4 years and all there lives had changed is kind of scary. Time never stops it seems

  18. I've literally never watched a podcast before and I've watched this all the way through twice… says something

    Love you Ray 😍😍😍😍❤❤

  19. 11:26
    Michael: I was playing Joker
    Ray: yeah batman….how'd i get these scars
    Michael: Missed you Ray

    Man everyone misses Ray

  20. I legit haven't watched an AH video since shortly after Ray left, but I had to dip back in for this video. I'm not normally a big podcast person, but this shit…this was absolutely hilarious and incredible. Look at this fucking CHEMISTRY. Ray was always my favorite of the group, and it was never the same at all without him. Even so, I'm very glad he got to go out and do the thing he loved doing and do it well. You're a great guy, Señor BrownMan.

  21. On the point on their direction as a company changing, I feel like funhaus is the only part of them that has that same sort of gameplay/comedy feel of the original 6 days

  22. this is such a bitter sweet podcast i havent watched achievement hunter since the day ray left just bc the lets plays felt so weird without him and it shows just how amazing his chemistry with everybody is esp this podcast legit 4 years later. also geoff looks great ugh i hate that im 4 months late but wow this is such a good podcast hopefully ray can come back for a few videos like he promised BUT NEVER DID LMAO wow thank you to this group for shaping multiple years of my adolescence tho.

  23. Dude a very underrated moment in this episode of the off topic podcast is at 46:10 I love how they talk slightly quieter it’s like 2 parents at family gathering 😂😂😂😂

  24. I believe it should be left alone on Ray coming back if he doesn't enjoy working with Achievement Hunter. If he likes streaming on Twitch more than playing the same game every week then he should stick to streaming. Even though I stopped watching AH before Ray left because I strayed away from video games and grew an interest in other stuff, it was sad to hear that Ray left. Years later having similar experiences with friends, relationships, love ones who passed away, etc., I would love to have that same feeling I had in the past, but I know I never will. It's nice to see people or friends I've been or grown up with again, but I know it'll never be the same.

    Tl;dr it's time to move on

  25. This will forever be my favorite ah video ever i don't think I've ever seen such intense emotions and kinda real and ah is super intense and real but this one touches my heart

  26. Idk why everyone is saying they stopped watching after ray left. The videos are still really good without them lol yeah he’s not there but there are still times I burst out laughing

  27. I’ve missed ray since he left.For years I’ve been hoping that he would come back in a video,even just a short video would have been enough for me.When they occasionally mentioned ray in a video it was nice to know how much they missed ray.I really started to believe that ray was hated by all of them (or the other way round).When I saw this video I was really excited.i didn’t even feel the need to watch this video.I didn’t feel the need to watch it because the fact that I knew they hadn’t fallen out with ray or forgotten about him and decided to spend 2 hours talking again and getting along.All of that was enough for me to be happy that they made the video and not feel the need to watch it (Even tho I watch it XD)

  28. I could never understand why ray left but after watching this it makes me feel bad that for over a year ray wasn’t happy there but was too scared to leave

  29. You can really see they all miss Ray but Geoff seemed more open about it and still sad that he is not with them

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