Real Reason Brock Lesnar RETURNED! WWE $25 Million LAWSUIT! WrestleTalk News Sept. 2019

Real Reason Brock Lesnar RETURNED! WWE $25 Million LAWSUIT! WrestleTalk News Sept. 2019

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Brock Lesnar returns to WWE! Kevin Owens sues Shane McMahon! And Baron Corbin’s King of
the Ring coronation comes up short. See what I did there. But what was the real reason
Brock Lesnar was brought back? Click the timestamps down below to jump to any of those stories
right now. I am Luke Owen, press the thumbs up, press subscribe, and leave a comment to
answer our question of the day. Do you think Brock Lesnar will become WWE
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above my head to let me know what you thought of the show. Where you can choose from: SmacNificent,
SmackTastic, Smack Bang in the Middle, SmackDowner, and a Smack in the Face. This is the 17th
of September, 2019 edition of Smackdown Live. The show opened with a very long six man tag
between New Day and #FTRKO, which is really feeling like Legacy at this point with Revival
wearing Randy Orton inspired gear while Orton has made no effort to wear Revival stuff.
This went through two commercial breaks, and was full of back and forth action to make
all six guys look great. The heels worked over Xavier Woods’ injured leg, before Kofi
Kingston got the hot tag to brilliantly run wild. The heels tried to hit the Su-su-super
RKO, but Woods and Big E stopped them, allowing Kingston to hit the Trouble In Paradise on
Scott Dawson for the win. This was a lot of fun, and put a bit of a pin in the Kofi/Orton
feud. Which seemed to be confirmed, as Brock Lesnar
shockingly made his WWE return. Brock appearing on Smackdown? It’s almost as if they’re
moving to a big network or something. Paul Heyman challenged Kofi Kingston to a WWE Championship
match – but not at Hell in a Cell, but for the first episode of Smackdown on Fox in two
weeks. Kofi accepted, and Lesnar ended the segment by laying him out with the F5. This
of course is being done to pop a rating for the first episode of Smackdown on Fox, but
it also helps elevate Kofi’s WWE Championship run. For the first time since he won the belt
at WrestleMania, his title reign feels in jeopardy. And if Lesnar wins, and The Fiend
beats Rollins at Hell in a Cell, could that set up Brock Lesnar vs. The Fiend at Survivor
Series? I never knew I wanted something quite so bad.
Michael Cole had a sitdown interview with Erick Rowan, where – among doing dialogue
from Goodfellas – said no one will disrespect him again. Promos have not really been Erick
Rowan’s strong suit, but he’s been really great these last few weeks.
Smackdown suddenly remembered that they’d set up a Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Ali feud back
in July but never actually paid it off. So they dusted if off and brought it back here.
Prince Ali, unlucky he, got beat up. And he got, Kinshasa’d, right in the face.
The recently fired Kevin Owens then appeared in the crowd, taking a seat with a ticket
he bought himself. Shane McMahon saw this backstage, with Nicholas’ Dad telling Shane
O’Mac that there was someone there to see him.And that someone served him papers. YOU
GOT SERVED. He was not pleased about it. This led to what is probably the least interesting
story in WWE currently, Shane McMahon feuding with Kevin Owens over money. It’s uninteresting
because it’s based around silly corporate nonsense than only business-business-business
people could care about. Kevin Owens is suing Shane McMahon for $25 million. Something Shane
called the largest wrongful termination lawsuit in history… zzzzzz. They shouted at each
other back and forth, and Owens said if he wins the case he’ll be allowed to fire Shane
McMahon on TV, which sounds like something that would never actually hold up in court.
This was pretty rubbish to be honest, and a complete waste of Kevin Owens. Remember
when he was one of the hottest things in the company? The OmniShane remembers.
Speaking of suing! Charlotte Flair was getting ready for her match when Ric Flair of all
people walked into her locker room. He didn’t come out for Charlotte’s match though, where
she took on Sasha Banks. This wasn’t on the same level as their very hot series of
matches back in 2016, but it wasn’t trying to be – ending with a lame DQ when Bayley
jumped in to save Banks in the Figure Four. They beat down Flair for a bit, but rather
than CTRL+C/CTRL+V the segment from Raw with Becky Lynch, it was Carmella of all people
who ran down to make the save. So they just CTRL+C/CTRL+V’d Charlotte instead. The tall
blondes unremarkably stood tall against the non-blondes. Vince has a type.
Baron Corbin’s King of the Ring Coronation Street didn’t get the sort of heat it would
have gotten six months ago, but he’s so good he made this very silly gimmick work.
He brought out Chad Gable to make some short jokes, but Shorty G destroyed all of the King
of the Ring guff – including stamping on the crown. The crowd were super into Gable here,
and WWE could have another bonafide babyface on their hands if they book him correctly.
Corbin also sold this destruction brilliantly. Heavy Machinery quickly dispatched of The
B-Team, with Otis debuting his new look of the sexiest man in wrestling. He’s sexy
and he Doze-it. And the main event of the show saw Daniel
Bryan come out to cut a babyface promo, saying he would never lie to the fans and he never
lied about attacking Roman Reigns. Erick Rowan came out, and Bryan added another layer of
emotion to this feud by telling him to do his worst to him, because nothing can be worse
than their friendship ending. Luke Harper jumped into the ring to assist Rowan in beating
up Bryan – and Roman Reigns ran down to make the save. He wasn’t as effective as Carmella,
however, as both he and Bryan were laid out – with Bryan being chokeslammed through the
announcer’s table. This was a wonderfully chaotic ending to the show, with security
being slammed on the concrete, and even Tom Phillips got slammed into the ground harder
than… actually I won’t finish that joke. WWE are doing everything they can to make
Rowan look like a destructive force, and they are succeeding.
This was a really good episode of SmackDown, with the huge return of Brock Lesnar, the
very fun six-man tag and all of the Rowan/Harper stuff being the highlights. Aside from the
Kevin Owens and Shane McMahon feud going into sillier and sillier territory, and their Smackdown
Women’s Champion being booked weaker and weaker as each week passes, Smackdown has
a lot of great stuff going on right now as it heads towards Fox. This week’s SmackDown
Live was SmackTastic. And now over to Pete, with the news. What a beastly review Luke! Because…Brock
Lesnar. Beast. Anywho, before we get into the news… There’s just one day to go until the WrestleTalk
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WrestleTalk, and Support Wrestling Print Media. And now the news! Former number one contender to the WWE Championship,
Randy Orton, has a certain reputation on Twitter, where he’s…how do I put this nicely…he’s
a dick. But a funny dick. We like him. But in a rare showing of respect, after Lance
Storm tweeted out complimenting King Baron Corbin’s in-ring work, Orton responded saying: “Hate to say it but he’s one of the few
who gets the art.” Wow…you know, it’s nice sometimes to be
reminded that no matter how much Orton trolls others on Twitter, deep down, we all know
he’s a softie who just cares about- NEVER MIND, because he then tweeted this follow
up a day later. “I’d like to retract this statement because
I had been drinking heavily. I also would like to apologize to my peers.” He gets us once again. No-one is safe on Twitter.
He then did a subsquent tweet saying: “All hail King Corbin also I retract this
statement.” Stop being so good at Twitter, Randy! Speaking of not being safe, WCW’s legacy
sure isn’t safe from the grasp of WWE, as once again, WWE are bringing back Starrcade,
and once again, it will be a one-hour live event on the WWE Network. Starrcade will be taking place on December
1 from the Infinite Energy Center in Georgia, with confirmed names so far of Becky Lynch,
Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Kofi Kingston, Bayley, AJ Styles, Sasha Banks, Charlotte
Flair and Daniel Bryan. The last two Starrcade events have ended with
AJ Styles winning in a Steel Cage match, so it’ll be interesting to see what main events
this time. Just kidding, it won’t be interesting at all because this is a house show just using
WCW’s version of WrestleMania to drum up some attention and doesn’t actually matter
at all. Admittedly, I guess it worked because…here I am talking about it. Someone who isn’t there talking about it
is Vince McMahon. Weak segue, Pete. Following a report that Paul Heyman entirely ran this
week’s episode of Raw, with no Vince McMahon, Triple H or Kevin Dunn, the same trio weren’t
at SmackDown either. However with no Paul Heyman running the show
this time, who was in charge of SmackDown? Well, the duty fell to four people: Bruce
Prichard, Michael P.S Hayes, Head Writer Ed Kosky, and Eric Bischoff. Eric Bischoff actually had some sort of control
over SmackDown? Colour me surprised. Whatever colour that is. I do enjoy the parallel of
Paul Heyman running Raw, and no-one believing in Eric Bischoff’s abilities to run SmackDown
enough, so they give him three other guys to help him run SmackDown. It is worth noting however, that Vince McMahon
did still go over the plans for the sure as he normally does, he just wasn’t there in
person, whereas Paul Heyman was seemingly given the keys to the castle, so to speak. No reason has been given for Vince’s absences,
but speculation is rife that it’s something to do with the XFL. Let’s see if Vince McMahon
sticks around once the XFL kicks off in 2020. Do you kickoff in American football? I don’t
sports. But something that will be kicking off SmackDown’s
run on Fox, is a WWE Championship match between Kofi Kingston and Brock Lesnar. Brock shockingly
returned on last night’s SmackDown, and inserted himself straight into the title picture,
because he’s Brock Lesnar. While this might have seemed like a panic
move in order to boost ratings for their Fox debut show, according to John Pollock of POST
Wrestling, this was actually a move that has been “in the works for a long time.” This is of course a huge deal for WWE, with
Fox spending a reported $1billion in order to secure SmackDown on their network. Now,
with Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar on the blue brand, it seems certain that it will
become the A show in due course. Lesnar’s return and, let’s be real, probable title
win at the debut show seems to indicate this even further. Can’t wait for another Brock title reign,
only for Roman Reigns to beat him at WrestleMania. Where have I heard that one before? If Brock
does win though, and The Fiend wins at Hell in a Cell, and they SmackDown vs Raw at Survivor
Series…Fiend vs Lesnar. I’d like that. I’d like that a lot. Is E3 finished? Find out by pressing the video
on the right to be taken to ScreenStalker with Oli and Laurie! And Vince McMahon wants
to bury someone backstage in WWE! Press the video below that to find out more here on
WrestleTalk! A special thank you to our pledgehammers on Patreon, some of whom you can see scrolling
below me right now! I’ve been Chopper Pete Quinnell, and that, was wrestling.

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  1. I wish they would stop using the same women every show. Give us Liv, Ember, Sarah Logan, Auska, Kiari, Naomi, why call them up to not use them? Their creative team has less creativity than Amy Schumer.

  2. assuming they keep the champion vs champion matches like they had at last years survivor series, lesnar vs the fiend would be a very interesting match.

  3. There's a very good chance Lesnar wins, imo.

    Hope he plans on making regular appearances if he does, or FOX is gonna be pissed.

  4. I think I’m the only person who doesn’t want The Fiend vs Lesnar, it’s a lose lose situation, Smackdown is my favorite of the 2 Brands and the fact that they’ve lost SS the last 3 years in a row, not to mention the burial last year, WWE are either gonna make Lesnar lose to the fiend and make Smackdown look stupid again, or Lesnar beats the Fiend, this weakening him, Or its a dumb finish, I don’t want any of it

  5. I don't know, I really like the Shane and Kevin storyline, I really do. I mean, KO is not a copy of Austin, and he shouldn't be. They've botched this storyline a few times, but it was very much reignited for me thanks to that segment from the latest smackdown. I find it to be the most interesting thing on the main roster right now after the fiend stuff.

  6. Please split the review and news into seperate videos again.
    I do not want to feel sorry for Chopper and Fakeador when I leave a thumbs down because I strongly disagree with the show rating.
    Could it be it is in one video now for the thing you critisize WWE for? The sweet sweet money here coming from Youtube for 10 min+ videos?
    Cheers, LIa

  7. Well, Paul Heyman is a Wrestling Genius not in ring work per say but go back and watch ECW's ppvs the shows blended so smoothly with talent, it was like hardcore version of NXT (closest thing I can resemble it to for the young bucks)

  8. Of all the many talents of they had in SDL they choose Brock Leasner? They could’ve give Samoa Joe, Aleister Black, or someone else who deserved a wwe title match. I was actually hoping Big E would turn on Kofi and Woods where Big E would challenge Kofi at Hell in A Cell for the WWE title. I’m very disappointed!… I’m actually also hoping that this only to make money and that Brock doesn’t win the title cause SDL will now be the show that has part timer holding the wwe Championship and that will only appear on PPV or some Friday nights.

  9. Luke, in kayfabe, carmella & bayley have been friends since nxt. Not best friends but good friends. Thats why although carmella saved Charlotte, she didn't strike bayley.

  10. I actually think its a bad move for brock to win. He's not fulltime, which the network may not like. Also, it will bore more fans to watch aew "confirmed" ..for we have already seen Brock and want someone else.

  11. Just an idea for AEW and NXT weekly grading scale.
    Meltzer Stars
    All Elite

    Full Fail
    A Walter Chop

  12. Lesnars DEF beating Kofi. WWE ain’t gonna have Lesnar lose back to back. Plus it’d be setting up Wyatt v Lesnar (Champ v Champ) at Survivor Series….ALSO, it was HHH v Rock for the WWE title on the very first SD, and I believe HHH won the title that night…coincidence?!?! Hmmmm lol

  13. Lesnar fighting on cable TV is different so this match could be interesting. Not sure if he should be champ if he is going to disappear with it though. We'll find out in October xD

  14. Becky Lynch was speaking at a conference in New York, that's why you got Carmella. Not sure why the announcers called her and Charlotte "friends" though. Last time I checked Carmella cashed in Money in the Bank on her.

  15. Brock couldn't make it in the real world so he came back for something he can do fake shit thats all he's wirth now he a loser for the real fighting the f five is boring learn more move and tone that fat up

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  17. Brock will win there going for realism on Fox and want to treat it like a real sport that it is and having a former UFC fighter win is right up Fox's ally

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  19. Of course Brock will become champion. (Unless there's a stupid interference from New Day or one of Brocks old flames, like the Undertaker for extra viewers)

  20. Dear WWE.  Thank you for bringing back Brock Lesnar… again.  This means I can now save money by not giving you any for awhile.  I so look forward to t he TV launch of AEW.

  21. From a historical prospective, Wrestlemania is the WWF/WWE's version of the NWA's Starrcade. Starrcade is older than Wrestlemania by a couple years. When WCW split from the NWA, they took Starrcade with them, as it was a Crockett produced show. I'll forgive the birthday boy King Chopper this time, as this all happened before he was born.

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    Every show since 07 has been a smack in the face.

    AEW please..! Thats whats actually interesting in 2019

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  25. Well no shit Lesnar's gonna win the title. Why else would Vince pay millions for his big sweaty buddy to come back if they weren't gonna put the belt on him?

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