Real Reason WHY Brock Lesnar Entered The Royal Rumble! Star NOT SHUTTING Off WrestleMania – Round Up

what’s up guys welcome back to the
channel for more of the latest in pro-wrestling coming up we’re talking
everything following Monday Night Raw this week which build up a lot of things
heading into the Royal Rumble the real reason after why Brock lesner entered
himself into the Royal Rumble match and put the title on the line even set to
come out at number one all of the latest confirmation for the event update
regarding the status of Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy and current issue pushing
these superstars away latest on interesting teasers heading into
WrestleMania and your superstar spotted at the performance center probably
getting ready for in return the latest regarding edge and what happened on
Monday Night Raw and much more before getting into it though don’t forget to
elbow drop it anyway so let’s dive into it this week started off with a bit of
an awkward situation and one that doesn’t make much sense considering who
made the decision WWE champion Brock Lesnar declares that he will be in the
men’s Royal Rumble match and he will enter at number one with the
championship on the line now he alongside Paul Heyman are the ultimate
heel and the best businessmen’s in the WWE so you know it’s not a good idea it
doesn’t look good on them but it seems like there is a specific reason for it
and at least one that is good so it’s a new decade Brock Lesnar Paul Heyman come
out there start off the Monday Night Raw and make the massive announcement that
nobody on the roster is worthy of challenging the beast for the WWE
Championship at the Royal Rumble event so Brock lesner
opted to declare for the men’s a Royal Rumble match entering a number one
because he wants to face everyone and he’s putting the title on the line too
which is the part that doesn’t make much sense since you’re a champion why would
you ever want to do something like this maybe if you are a babyface then you
will make such a silly decision because you just want to entertain the crowd but
as the ultimate hero Brock Lesnar would Paul Heyman on your side it really feels
like you’re not of character session wouldn’t make more sense if like
this men would have come out there and say Brock you putting the title on the
rumble because you’re just so much of a beast whether you like it or not just
something simple like that the good news here is that if there is anybody who
wanted a piece of Brock Lesnar at the pay-per-view they could have him cuz
chances are he’s gonna be there for the entirety of the match
Paul Heyman seems to hype up the fact that Brock less and wants to make
history and be the first champion to walk into the Royal Rumble match defend
that title in that match by winning the whole thing from start to finish
regardless though they put themselves in a position where Brock is gonna lose the
title at least any match where he doesn’t have to be knocked out submitter
or just a pin someone just have to eliminate him over the top rope but
there is a real reason up to why all of this is happening and Brock Lesnar is
putting the title on the line and getting into the Royal Rumble where he
doesn’t need it resevoir stated the following sources
indicate WWE is doing this Brock Lesnar in the Royal Rumble angle I say wait to
set up Brock Lesnar’s WrestleMania match up which could signal it is against
someone from SmackDown or nxc as Paul Heyman mentioned a few times last night
doing the promo all of this of course opens up a world of possibilities trying
to figure things out kind of makes sense that it will be from Smackdown or and
exceed because otherwise if it was a Monday Night Raw superstar Brock lesner
didn’t need to enter the rumble that superstar could have just challenged
Brock or that Monday nitro star could have win the Royal Rumble and then go on
to challenge Brock Lesnar clearly WWE has different plans they probably gonna
have a new champion going into WrestleMania my fairly obvious
speculation is that Brock Lesnar is gonna drop this title at the Royal
Rumble he’s gonna get screwed by whoever it is that he is gonna be facing at
mania which will more than likely be a smackdown or an NXT superstar I mean can
you imagine Brock Lesnar versus Matt riddle it been teased for so long that
it could certainly happen once Brock Lesnar gets cruel he’s just gonna go on
Monday and I wrote the next day and do what he did when he was on Smackdown
he’s going go chase some revenge against whatever
other superstar is because he’s Brock Lesnar and he goes wherever he wants
another reason why Brock is gonna lose that title is because as you guys know
anybody who wins the rumble they decide who exactly they wants to face a
Wrestlemania 7xe or a smackdown live superstar wins the rumble they kill a
challenge Brock and that would have been the WrestleMania match but no WWE wants
to set this feud up without the title which is why Lesnar is needed in that
Rumble khalessi and Paul returns wins the whole thing and then that’s it right
as for who else isn’t the Royal Rumble we got the following superstar already
announced Roman reigns Randy oh and Jim McIntyre Ricochet Rey Mysterio AJ Styles
and Erick Rowan with Brock that is a total of eight superstars already
confirmed on to some other news and we’re talking the latest regarding Matt
Hardy and Jeff Hardy who as we know their contract is coming up so Matt
Hardy won’t be able to wrestle for another promotion on to Sunday March 1st
according to a new report from PW Insider there has been a lot of rumors
on the WWE futures of the Hardy Boys and more specifically Matt Hardy walking off
reports also indicated that the major hurdle between the two sides on a new
contract is not the money because we know WWE is able to provide at however
much they won but instead how Matt Hardy will be used creatively going forward he
recently returned to action on the Monday Night Raw brand and has lost
three straight TV matches to body Murphy drew McIntyre and ricochet Matt also
worked the super showdown battle royal back in June but his last match before
that was on April 9 when he and his brother Jeff Hardy dropped the SmackDown
Tag Team titles to the Usos ooh – Jeff Hardy injury
regarding Jeff Hardy’s WWE future his contract will not expire at the same
time because it’s being held up who’s Elio issues Jeff Hardy was arrested on
July 13 2019 for public intoxication then was arrested again on October 3rd
WWE officials have reported pushed for Jeff
party to address his personal health in the wake of his recent arrest and he has
been working hard on doing just that there’s no word yet on what your party
might be back or what WWE has planned for Matt Hardy but obviously things are
not looking too well based on the previous weeks I said looks like that we
W is just having every other superstar defeat Matt Hardy before he ends up
walking out and he is expected to do just that and more than likely showing
up on aew on to some other news leading into WrestleMania so last year
WrestleMania 35 we had John Cena made a return as the doctor of talk anomic
sanic segment would Elias this year he could make an appearance
just like that but reports recently indicated that he wanted to do something
significant at the event possibly having a one-on-one match and in a recent
interview John Cena kind of dropped a tease not ruling out the fact that a
wrestlemania appearance this year can very well happen he stated the following
I can’t perform as much as the current ones because I’m a little bit older and
I have these cool opportunities to do other stuff but in doing other stuff I’m
not saying the world the WWE is shut off I am trying to bring this world with me
so we can all be involved in a movie conversation or a Wrestlemania
conversation love that good guy John Cena continue to drop those hints and
hopefully comes true hopefully we do get a big match for him this year our mania
somebody else who we want to see his edge and P W insider recently reported
that he has been seen around a number of WWE TV tapings as of late which could be
a good indication of WWE possibly planning his major comeback as we have
been covering a lot of rumors have been circulating about his impending return
to the WWE more than likely making a shocking
return at the Royal Rumble or coming right after that to build something
towards WrestleMania sticking with potential returns the same source also
indicate that Roby riot has recently be seen in the WWE Performance Center as
she is getting ready to make a return we don’t know how close she is to a return
but her being at the Performance Center is four
WWE to monitor her progress towards being clear to returned to in-ring
competition it is a good sign though that she is already getting back into
the action afore he come back even though she still has some recovery to do
and to end it off and let’s go ahead and talk about what went down on Monday
Night Raw wish to me it was a thumbs up show much better than what we have
gotten and quite a bit the first two hours of the show was more entertaining
than the last one even though we did saw the return of the big show on the main
event but the show started off with WWE champion Brock Lesnar declaring himself
into the men’s Royal Rumble match at number one which we already discussed
then we had a classic of a match United States Champion and rather defeating Rey
Mysterio midway through brain Mysterio sort of won the match but the referee
didn’t realize that and rather has its food under the ropes or on the rope so
it led to a restart in the end there was a heavy focus on Rey Mysterio mask being
taken off by introducing Armas and I’d rather winning the match after Rey
Mysterio was concerned over Selena Vega getting knocked out mr. rierden with
vengeance attacked Andrade in a backstage segment and got his mask back
so you know they’re gonna continue this and I love it the World Tag Team
Champions the Viking raiders defeated the three prophet and the OSI triple
threat match for the title oscar confronting row Women’s Champion Becky
Lynch this ended when regulations punch Oscar right on the throw ever growing
defeated a local talent KJ or so and whatever’s inside the cage apparently
spits blood or something because mojo Rowley was hella scared and the local
talent ended up having his face splashed with it we still don’t know what’s in it
though AJ sounds defeated Akira – Sawa with an RKO as he’s gonna be facing
Randy Orton next week so that was a good way to build up that match even though
Randy wasn’t nowhere to be found it was just AJ mocking him bobby lashley and
lana finally got marry it was a quick one and the end we had rusev in a green
screen and bobby lashley challenged him to a match next week we are Charlotte
Flair brawl it out with Zara Logan who came out there with a purpose
so hopefully heading into the rumble WWE does something would hurt instead of
having her a main event every single week Jim McIntyre defeated no way Jose
and announced himself into the rumble Alistair black defeated Shelton Benjamin
and then the end party Murphy attacked Alistair black to set up a rematch next
week and then for the main event we got Kevin Owens in Samoa Joe what a
mysterious partner which ended up being the Big Show defeating Seth Rollins an
AOP will be a disqualification my only question about this is how long into the
picture turns on Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe right away before the show even one
of the year WWE announced a fist fight a three versus three were all of these
guys which we have no idea what it means it will be the first time ever was
getting this stipulation so it should be interesting so that is what went down on
Monday Night Raw and the latest coverage in pro wrestling if you guys enjoy I
found that informative don’t forget to elbow drop in and have that Bell
notification on for the upcoming updates join up a sweet over 200,000 subscribers
I’ll see you on the next one so stay Savage

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