Roman Reigns Title WWE Plans REVEALED! | WrestleTalk News Nov. 2017

Roman Reigns Title WWE Plans REVEALED! | WrestleTalk News Nov. 2017

Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk News
– I’m Oli Davis. Paige Returns To WWE
After 16 months out with a neck injury, Paige returned to WWE last night leading a brand
new NXT call-up faction of Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville, who proceeded to beat up most
of the women’s division like they were the female version of the Shield. It was such an impactful comeback, it makes
you forget about Paige’s Wellness Policy violation in August last year. And her second Wellness Policy violation shortly
after. And her controversial relationship with Alberto
Del Rio. And all the times Del Rio publicly criticised
WWE. And-
-it’s just good she’s back. Paige’s latest protegees quickly commented
about their main roster debuts, with Rose posting:
“That’s how you make an entrance … and don’t worry, it’s okay to stare. #RAW”
While Deville tweeted: “And that’s how it’s done. #RAW”
Both Rose and Deville were contestants in the 2015 season of Tough Enough – with Rose
even finishing in second place. Rather ironically, their main roster debut
comes several weeks after the male winner of that series, Josh Bredl, was released. While Rose has a background in fitness and
figure competition, Deville holds a 2-1 record in MMA, and used to co-host UFC AfterBuzz. Sonya also holds the honour of being WWE’s
first openly lesbian performer. And earlier in the day, there was speculation
they wouldn’t be the night’s only surprises. Smackdown Stars Backstage At Raw
PWInsider reported that “there are a number of Smackdown talents expected backstage”
at last night’s episode of Raw, possibly revealing the long-rumoured second Superstar
Shake-Up in 2017. As there were no brand trades, though – and
with Under Siege no longer a thing – this was more likely because all the week’s shows
were taking place in the same venue: The Toyota Center in Houston, Texas, as part of Survivor
Series weekend. Roman Reigns, Intercontinental Champion
The main event of Raw, however, saw Roman Reigns defeat The Miz to become the new Intercontinental
Champion – making him WWE’s ninth officially recognised Grand Slam winner. A ‘Grand Slam’ in wrestling is where you
hold all a promotion’s titles at various points in your career. In the modern day WWE, that amounts to the
United States, Intercontinental, one brand’s tag team belts and either the WWE or Universal
Championship. The other holders are Kurt Angle, Eddie Guerrero,
Edge, Big Show, The Miz, Daniel Bryan, Chris Jericho and Dean Ambrose – meaning Seth Rollins
is the only member of the Shield not to achieve the Grand Slam. And rightly so! But Roman is about to go one better than all
those who came before him… The Dirty Sheets first reported back in August
that Roman would be feuding with The Miz so he can eventually capture the Intercontinental
title – the only one missing from Reigns’ Grand Slam collection. This was originally thought to be in a singles
match at No Mercy, then possibly with both the tag and Intercontinental titles on the
line at TLC, but it’s finally come on this week’s episode of Raw. The reported plan is for Roman to beat Brock
Lesnar and win the Universal title at WrestleMania, making Reigns the first wrestler to win the
modern day, WWE Brand Split Grand Slam with the Big Red. While it could be a Universal title vs Intercontinental
title match at Mania, it’s far more likely that Reigns will drop his belt before then
– especially with his revelation in a Raw fallout video:
“It’s just going to keep going, baby, we ain’t stopping here. Open challenge coming in soon. Anybody can get it. Yessir!” Now Roman is getting mostly positive fan reactions
thanks to the Shield reunion, borrowing John Cena’s US Title open challenge gimmick is
a smart way to continue his babyface momentum, as the act was a huge part of Cena winning
the hearts of those who used to dislike him. Watch my review of this week’s huge episode
of Raw! And might Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn be on
their way to Monday nights? Click the videos to the left to find out more,
press subscribe, and support WrestleTalk – order issue 1 of the WrestleTalk Magazine now. I’ve been Oli Davis, and that was wrestling.

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100 Replies to “Roman Reigns Title WWE Plans REVEALED! | WrestleTalk News Nov. 2017”

  1. Roman Reigns is a babyface for Raw.
    A baby face for Smackdown would be
    Aj Styles or Shelton Benjamin, their great wrestlers.

  2. Roman vs Charlotte vs alexa vs Enzo a fatal 4way match
    For Winner takes all championship…

    Congrts Roman reigns..u did it# Push even harder to another solar system..ain't still get over fans

  3. not a fan of face Shield, but if they would have booked Roman like this to begin with instead of blatantly shoving him in the main event/world title picture, i'd say he actually deserves the belt at WM currently held by a part-timer.

  4. Really sad that Lesnar is just to get fed to Reigns at mania when there are far more deserving wrestlers for Brock to lose the title to

  5. ok so MIZ SUCKS ,we all know that. Thanks to Roman we get a real title match to watch now, i love it and cant wait for him to take the Universal championship from Brock ,well if they push him so what? he wins everytime hes given an opportunity unlike some super stars

  6. Roman is a boring wrestler with a boring move set and a boring Move set. But so is 70% of WWE´s Roster. I don´t dislike him more than for example boring(suplexes-are-the-only-thing-I-know-how-to-do) Brock. Within the SHIELD he is at least making any sense and usually looks pretty strong. Good for him

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    Support ROSSELTALK

  8. Slogan ideas. "For the drive up the mountain to five hundred thousand" or "subscribe button poundin' to five hundred thousand"💁🏽‍♂️ pin me☺️☺️

  9. Wait… why is being openly lesbian an honor? Courageous? Sure. Risky? Maybe, depending on how the industry internally treats homosexuality. But honor? Isn't being gay just… being yourself? Such a weird statement, I'm not trying to be inflammatory, I genuinely have no clue what's honorable about it.

  10. Reigns hasn't won the hearts of people who used to dislike him. There are constant chants of "you still suck" and I'm pretty sure a lot of people will turn on him when the SHIELD stops being a thing. WWE… you're just disgusting by this point.

  11. I'm hoping to see Aleister Black make his WWE Main Roster debut on the Smackdown brand, that way he could soon be a top main event player.

  12. You know those videos of Roman winning every title in WWE 2k17/8? well, ironically it's starting to feel like a reality…

  13. WWE fans are hypocritical
    They cheer for people they want to see, when they see them get pushed they start hating. Simple they hate seeing people succeed but want them to succeed?? I know I'm confused as well

  14. If anyone doubts roman can be a top guy, go back and watch Royal Rumble 2014 and especially Money in the Bank 2014. He had that crowd blowing the roof off the place. (Cena won LOL) The booking is the reason people hate him. If vince ever lets the guy be himself everything will work itself out.

  15. Roman reigns is not going to win title from Brock lesnar and Brock lesnar is not leaving after the ppv he will resign a new contract and stay on raw full time this time

  16. Well I called it right, I knew all those Roman Reigns haters/crybabies would like Roman Reigns once the Shield was back together. They just jump on the bandwagon, they do what is trendy, they want to follow the leader in a sense. But that's typical of people that aren't really pro wrestling fans, but more just WWE fans. Once the same cry babies don't get their way they will boo him again.

  17. Hold up…I thought Rollins was a Grand Slam Champion? He did hold the U.S. champion. He has to win the Intercontinental, too?

  18. Just fucking turn this sexy ass roman heel wtf wwe people hate him already anyways sheeesh off topic but do you guys think if he was mid carder he would fair well? Or is he fucked all away around

  19. Paige is bisexual. Fuck that's so hot. I'd fuck her and a girl of her choosing no problem! Eat the booty then stick it in their booty. Oh baby! 😍

  20. Finn Balor proved to be one of Roman's toughest opponents thus far-it could be Finn, possibly Samoa Joe: both men have victories over Reigns!

  21. Seth should turn on Reigns or at least answer his open challenge and beat him for the title, making Seth a grand slam champion in the process and either tensing up the shield teasing a break up or continuing on.

  22. They should have Roman Reigns eventually drop the IC title to Finn Balor and have him in a triple threat match with Samoa Joe and Bray Wyatt at WrestleMania

  23. Why can’t Roman face Brock Lesnar at Royal Rumble instead? At least we will know for sure that he won’t be main eventing wrestlemania for the 4th time.

  24. I believe Kane is also a Grand Slam champion. WWE, World Heavyweight Champion, ECW Champion, IC, WCW World Tag Team, WWE Tag Team,

  25. Reigns winning the hearts of the ones who dont like him because of his superman-booking by copying John Cena seems like the best idea ever.

  26. that is old shit the only way to get reigns over an to finnaly establish brey wyatt as A main eventer at the same time an that was to pull A rock foley an do A double turn an have reign join the authority an they should have done that well over A year ago atleast it to late now an wwe fine with that cause they gave up on the ideal of story or building drama.

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