Seth Rollins SHOOTS On Dave Meltzer! Randy Orton WWE Future REVEALED! | WrestleTalk News Nov. 2019

Seth Rollins SHOOTS On Dave Meltzer! Randy Orton WWE Future REVEALED! | WrestleTalk News Nov. 2019

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As a quick recap of the story so far, following last Thursday’s Crown Jewel pay-per-view
in Saudi Arabia, the majority of the men’s WWE roster and crew found themselves stuck
unable to take off on their flight back to the States for the following night’s episode
of SmackDown. The official company line was that the plane had mechanical issues, but
there were reports from numerous wrestling sites it could actually have been because
of a dispute over money owed to WWE. Thankfully, the stranded WWE crew made it
back by Saturday, and in missing SmackDown, created one of the best TV episodes of the
year where an NXT invasion had to make up the shortfall. Of course, the wrestlers and
crew’s safety is the most important thing here. But good God, what an Adam Cole vs Daniel
Bryan match! Understandably, a lot of the wrestlers left
behind were disappointed in the company, especially as Vince McMahon, Brock Lesnar, Hulk Hogan
and Ric Flair were all able to get out earlier on their private jets. Many even commented
about this publicly on social media, angrily making fun of WWE’s statement saying they
didn’t “feel strongly” enough about making it back in time for SmackDown.
This all came to a head before Monday’s episode of Raw, where the Wrestling Observer
and a 75% right-of-the-time Reddit insider called Toy Story Six reported a backstage
meeting was held at 3pm with Vince McMahon and the wrestlers, where the company “blamed
talent speculation for causing a problem,” reaffirmed that the delayed flight out of
Saudi Arabia was due to a mechanical issue, and that Rusev spoke up, Randy Orton tried
to make a joke, and “Seth Rollins attempted to do a rah-rah speech while telling people
to keep things like this off social media in the future.” Aka, the Hulk Hogan approach
to inspirational HR speeches. Because he’s really good at Twitter, Rollins
himself denied Dave Meltzer’s ‘rah-rah speech’ claims:
“And lastly, @davemeltzerWON, you’re at best a purveyor of misinformation or at worst
an outright, vindictive liar. I hope it’s the former. #rahrah”
We’ve actually got exclusive footage taped of Seth making the speech at the meeting.
Rah rah rah rah rah rah. Meltzer speculated that Seth tweeted that
because the speech wasn’t well-received backstage, with him trying to come off as
a locker room leader, but actually appearing like a company shill. And Rollins responded
to that too. “No Dave, my problem is that you’re spreading
complete lies. I gave no speech. I said nothing before, during or after the meeting. So either
you or your source is full of it. Either way, it’s a bold faced lie and I kindly ask you
to quit pushing it.” And he also made a statement to other wrestling
news website Fightful about the backstage meeting:
“Vince and Triple H held an all talent meeting to explain the travel situation returning
from Crown Jewel. They commended the talent for their conduct in a tough spot and fielded
questions and allowed anyone to voice their feelings on the matter. Some talent spoke
up and overall it was a productive forum. I said zero words. I made no speech. Pretty
simple.” Which you’d usually take with a pinch of
salt, as WWE loves to bash Dave Meltzer, but then Seth’s story was corroborated by the
very reliable WrestleVotes: “This Dave Meltzer / Seth Rollins stuff
is funny. Dave reporting Rollins spoke at the Talent Meeting held prior to RAW yesterday.
He didn’t. However, AJ Styles did. He spoke up & shared his thoughts according to a source.
AJ is very well respected backstage so his voice matters.”
20 minute rant from AJ Styles on flat earth confirmed.
Additionally, the Reddit insider Toy Story Six who was also independently posting about
the backstage meeting deleted their account. Before the Rollins story, ToyStorySix had
correctly reported Jon Moxley pulling out of All Out, Cain Velasquez signing with WWE
and Kylie Rae leaving AEW – although he got the reason for her departing wrong.
An impressive record undone by some rahrah. And we’ll now never get to know what happens
in Toy Story Six! To his credit, Meltzer recognised that his
report was incorrect and publicly apologised to Seth on Twitter, replying:
“Very sorry on this. I don’t want to spread misinformation.”
And posted an official retraction on F4WOnline: “We would like to retract a comment from
both Monday’s daily update and Monday’s post-Raw Wrestling Observer Radio regarding Seth Rollins
and the meeting Vince McMahon held with talent yesterday before Raw. We had included comments
and discussed on WOR that Rollins had spoken at the meeting, but he has since said on Twitter
and released a statement to Fightful that he did not. We apologize for this error. It
is our policy in our newsletters and on our podcasts to correct mistakes as soon as possible
and to always clarify if there are misunderstandings.” Seth’s rahrah controversy aside, it’s
very interesting how a huge story about WWE’s increasingly controversial relationship with
Saudi Arabia – which includes reports that wrestlers can’t wait to leave the company,
a big share price drop, and then the announcement that WWE will stage shows there all the way
through to 2027 – has somehow now been overshadowed by whether or not Seth Rollins spoke at a
backstage meeting. It’s almost like there’s a PR plan there to control the narrative away
from the real story. But NXT’s invading the main roster!
What’s your opinion of Seth Rollins vs Dave Meltzer? And who will win in the eventual
WrestleMania ladder match? Let me know in the comments because I’ll be replying to
people FROM OUTTA NOWHERE! Speaking of wrestlers who potentially want
to leave, WWE have just announced they’ve locked down one of the potential highest profile
defectors. After a few specials here and there, last
night saw the full premiere of FS1’s new wrestling studio show WWE Backstage. The original
plans for the show had Brock Lesnar announcing he was quitting SmackDown to move to Raw – which
would still make no sense – but that had to be hotshot to Friday’s episode because of
the Saudi travel issues. And with also no CM Punk return confirmed, the show scrambled
to have as many newsworthy segments as possible for the launch, including a taped message
from John Cena, Shawn Michaels phoning in from the WWE Performance Center to talk about
the NXT invasion and a VT from NFL player The Gronk, who revealed his favourite wrestler
of all time is Val Venis. It was also announced that Tyson Fury would
be making a live appearance on this Friday’s SmackDown after his Crown Jewel victory over
Braun Strowman, a look at Bray Wyatt’s Universal Championship side plates on a special edition
of the Firefly Fun House – which are pretty awesome Fiend faces, but should’ve been
the words Hurt on one side and Heal on the other – and the flat Earth-shattering news
that Roman Reigns will take on King Baron Corbin after their match couldn’t happen
last Friday. Oh joy, I was worried we were going to miss
out on that one. Jokes, Corbz has massively grown on me, and
I think it’ll be a really fun match. But the real biggest news of the show came
from outta… a PWInsider report earlier in the day.
Mike Johnson actually revealed a few hours before WWE Backstage began that the word at
Monday’s Raw – besides everyone obviously saying ‘rah rah’ – “was that Randy Orton
inked a new, multi-year deal with World Wrestling Entertainment.”
This was then officially announced on the Backstage show, with Randy himself tweeting:
“The 3 most dangerous letters in sports entertainment- #RKO just re-signed with the
3 most dominant letters in sports entertainment- #WWE Looking forward to pi$$ing off the #WWEUNIVERSE
for at least 5 more years” Orton’s previous deal was a 10 year contract
beginning in 2010, and this new one will see him stay with the company until at least 2025
– on which his Evolution mentor Triple H happily commented:
“I’m glad to put the rumors to rest. For almost two decades, Randy Orton has been a cornerstone
of WWE…and Randy Orton will remain a cornerstone of WWE for a long time!”
Those ‘rumors’ Hunter mentions are ones mainly started by Orton himself, who’s been
quite obviously teasing on social media for the last two weeks that he could defect to
AEW to be with his Legacy buddy Cody Rhodes, with his WWE contract reportedly expiring
next year – posting a picture of him next to a door sign that read ‘Elite’ and tagging
in Cody and AEW Champion Chris Jericho, and also by tweeting with The Revival – themselves
heavily rumoured to go to All Elite Wrestling when their contracts expire in April – that
they’ll reunite their faction together sometime next year.
It appears this was all a negotiating ploy to leverage more money from WWE for his new
contract, which is a very smart move. But that’s not the full story regarding Orton
and the Revival. Fightful reported shortly before Orton’s
deal was announced that Randy pushed heavily to work more with Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder
beyond their feud with the New Day through SummerSlam – with Randy “even going as far
as pitching a faction to Vince McMahon personally.” Unfortunately, “The idea fell on deaf ears
and Orton and the Revival were put on different brands in the WWE draft.”
Fightful adds that the Revival asked for their WWE releases earlier this year and have since
rejected deals worth half a million dollars each. Oddly, WWE have given them three tag
team title runs in the time since, possibly as a way to persuade them to stay, but they’ll
be free to leave next Spring – where it’s expected they’ll go to AEW to make their
long running social media feud with the Young Bucks a reality.
I’ve often thought you’re the best fans right here on YouTube – cheap pop for that
in the comments – but now I have numerical evidence of just that using the most important
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help them out more, there’s a link to donate in the video description below.
And also, just so you’re not caught unaware, we’re still trying to figure out the best
way to cover AEW Dynamite and NXT on Thursdays, as many of you have said the way we currently
do it favours AEW. So from tomorrow we’re trying something new – a Super News detailing
the most newsworthy points from both shows, with the usual industry stories, and then
a WrestleTalk Live review of Dynamite with me and Luke (which will be Pete tomorrow),
and then a WrestleTalk Live review of NXT with Laurie and Housemate Simon right after
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Is Seth Rollins turning heel? Find out in my Raw in about 4 minutes review by clicking
the video on the right! And find out the real reason WWE announced their extended partnership
with Saudi Arabia this week by clicking the video below that. I’ve been Oli Davis, and
that was wrestling.

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100 Replies to “Seth Rollins SHOOTS On Dave Meltzer! Randy Orton WWE Future REVEALED! | WrestleTalk News Nov. 2019”

  1. OLI: What’s your opinion of Seth Rollins vs Dave Meltzer?
    Seth Rollins Vs. Dave Meltzer – 0:39 / WWE Backstage Premiere – 6:11 / Randy Orton WWE Deal Announced – 7:36 / WrestleTalk Supports Sami4Syria! – 9:53

  2. Was anybody really surprised that Randy resigned? Of course he isn't going anywhere. He's not moving from a company, where he's a big fish.

  3. Well… yeah I'm not gonna lie, Meltzer obviously was fed some false information (something that happens) – it doesn't change the fact though that his track record is one of the best out there, and wrestlers have been caught accusing him of lying in the past only to be found out that they were the ones lying (Hogan attacking Meltzer in 96 (I think) over writing a report saying Randy Savage was working injured – which he was – for example).

    That said, I find it almost impossible to have any sympathy for Seth, as he's acted like a total ass for most of 2019 as well as displayed the exact arrogance that has driven many people away from WWE over the years – most notably how he used money to try and prove he's somehow the best – which was the same mantra Hogan, Nash and McMahon use, which might have worked 80s/90s but really doesn't go down with after 10 years of a poor economic climate for many people, and more and more fan's being aware just how broken that system of yesterday is.

    Between his comments attacking fans, trying to brag about money to Will Osprey, throwing Moxley under a bus – and clearly just spewing line given to him by Vince – combined with a very dull post-mania series with Corbin… he's really not that likeable and I'm not sure even a heel turn would save him at this point. As he's dangerously close (after HIAC) to the same kind of heat Corbin was getting over the summer.

  4. Regardless of if Dave's source was wrong or not, Seth needs to delete his twitter, take a 2 month vacation from tv, and undergo PR training immediately.

    Let's be real. Seth is either really stressed out, or he's a real pr*ck IRL, but that doesn't matter in the end. Him going away would do everyone a world of good.

  5. Yeah. I think the story was planted to Dave Meltzer in order for WWE to take ownership of the story. Now they are in control. It's only Wednesday and already the Saudi Arabia News is old news

  6. 3 most dominating letters in sports entertainment? Isn't wwe the only company in sports entertainment? Obviously when u in a one man race u will be the best, just as the worse xD

  7. Nobody:

    Seth rollins in Saudi Arabia : "Burn it down"

    Rest of the wwe roster knowing Saudi Arabia has alot of oil: Shocked pikachu face

    Marks: "But he doesn't literally mean it, dumbass piece of shit"

    Well remember how seth burn the firefly fun house down…

  8. Have considered a "mixed review"? One of you has watched Dynamite, one has watched NXT (or someone watching both shows at least sometimes- if possible)? So we have direct comparison of f, e. the opening segments, the main-event, what promos were like, what story lines were featured? I imagine it could be lovely if both participants pledge they have watches the better show – but also if one of you tells honestly what was not so good about the show. WrestleTalk's own wednesday war. So no show would go live first 🙂

  9. Dave Meltzer is a tainted chode. He gets info from bad sources like caterers and ring crew, and not actual wrestlers because no one wants to associate with him. Meltzer in not a credible source for anything, he's a self proclaimed "historian" on wrestling, but he just follows the flock of sheep who are misguided. Meltzer does this so people will pay for the Wrestling Observer which is complete garbage. TMZ has more credibility than Meltzer.

  10. Day two of daily reminders. Seth Rollins isn't cool…..I can hear him saying RAHRAH…… HEHEHE JOHHHHHNNNNN…JOHHHHNNNNHN…HEHEHE.

  11. while dave sources were wrong, i do feel like the way seth manifested himself on twitter is wrong, he was right on calling out dave, but instead of attacking he should have explained why it was wrong in a non-violent way, treat everyone with respect and everyone will respect you

  12. Amazing! You've managed to spin this whole thing into "WWE are spinning this whole thing."

    Look, if you like AEW more than WWE, that's fine. But this is getting ridiculous. It seems every episode of anything you do you have to launch some sort of negative attack against WWE. Even this past weeks Raw. You had to make a point of it being "A HUGE STEP DOWN FROM FRIDAY'S SMACKDOWN!!!" Was it better? No. But was it really that bad? An episode where NXT stars were portrayed in a positive light, and matches were announced for SS and stories were progressed?

    Damned if they do, it seems.

    Remember a few weeks ago when you asked fans why they seemed disappointed in WrestleTalk? Maybe you should've thought that crapping on WWE is alienating all the WWE fans on your channel? Because there are still WWE fans. No matter how much anyone is trying to label them a sinking ship, there are people who still enjoy the product and would probably appreciate you guys not constantly crapping over them and using situations like this to accuse them of spinning facts in their favour. Which, as I pointed out above, is incredibly ironic on your part, since that is exactly what you've just done.

    WWE are not saints. And there deal with Saudi Arabia is fucking awful, but the fact of the matter is; Meltzer was wrong. He's been wrong before. Many times. He's also been right, but he's not infallible. And this constant obsession with him is really ruining channels like this. If you need sources, that's fine; but maybe you should take EVERYTHING with a pinch of salt, instead of the things you don't like.

    You don't have to be beholden to WWE, but at least try and be impartial. Fake News is bull shit, and I'd like to think you guys are above that.

  13. What did you think about the show on Monday? I thought it was a lot more boring than smackdown, and I'm not sure if it was that the angles were watered down, or if the crowd was just so abysmal.

  14. Oli called Seth a bully, a company shill and a real life heel over his comments to Dave yesterday. Now, it has proven he was right to defend himself as he was being lied about and yet you still make fun of Seth and defend Meltzer. You should really be better than that and acknowledge the role you have in the wrestling media in encouraging fans to harass wrestlers online. I know it is cool to hate on Seth now but your words and actions yesterday were extremely unprofessional and ridiculous.

  15. Wrestletalk missing the point again! It doesn't matter who wins between Rollins and Meltzer… What matters is how many stars it will get! ALL THE STARS!!

  16. I really think Seth is just an insecure little child who cannot by any means handle the top spot in the company. He also cannot Twitter to save his life. He needs to delete his account before he alienates the small handful of people who still think he's something.

  17. You guys bashed Rollins also, with your comments and coverage, are you guys going to retract or apologize, also? As far as Orton, why would he leave WWE, knowing any other promotion can't afford him and given his age, even an idiot knew that. AEW is different, which is cool sort of but I don't understand why THE Revival would want to go there, their move set of ground base attack, would look sluggish compared to spot filled, no dominant finishing move applies, where everyone kicks out of every tag teams finishing move, chaos filled match where even the announcers constantly says "the refs need to get this match under control", Lucha style matches occur every match. We make fun of the WWE for the Lucha House Party but we praise the AEW for the same thing. What are the rules, SMH.

  18. Seth said please…..So you did have to kind of believe him about the issue because he comes off as full on sarcastic when it comes to anything someone says about him or the company that CAN'T BE JUSTIFIED. The situation with the flight DOESN'T MAKE SENSE and STILL DOES NOT LOOK GOOD ON THE COMPANY. WWE being unable to secure another means of travel the moment they were aware of an issue and then pinning it on the talent for not arranging their own travel from a country that was BOMBED not more than a month and a half back….is just WRONG. No matter how you look at it. They are an entertainment company, so is the production company that makes RAMBO movies…..They don't film those in actual WAR ZONES. These people were expected to do a show that goes ABOVE what should reasonably be asked of them to do. The company SHOULD have SECURED THEIR TRAVEL PERIOD. At the very least I hope they got promised a fat Christmas bonus over this nonsense.

  19. 750k suggestion.

    Wrestlesketch episode of the first Crap Gimmick Wrestling match. Right now, they're just a trading card company! :p

  20. All other stories aside. 6 months or so ago i HATED corbin (not in a heel way) and stopped watching RAW because of him.. Somehow after the worst story this year (shorty g) i came away genuinely enjoying corbin.. I cant explain it but i really want him to do well

  21. You should concentrate on NXT. It's the far better show. AEW Dark this week was just embarrassing. I can see why they don't put those matches on TV and why Jim Ross is not on commentary. The best part of it was MJF on commentary.

  22. Dave is a big figure so I'm sure with the amount of sources, one or two are gonna be wrong. But wwe and Saudi Arabia is a nightmare

  23. Thursday: NXT 4 minute review, AEW 4 minute review. Live review AEW on thursday (more people watch that show) and live review NXT friday, OR alternate between. Just a thought.

  24. Just make an NXT and AEW reviews in one video like you did before or do AEW in about 4 minutes review and NXT in about 4 minutes review separately

  25. Not a big fan of Dave Meltzer but give credit where it is due. Nice to see a retraction and appology, unlike main stream media that lies all day long. Looking at you CNN.

  26. Orton likes winding people up. At his age he will not leave and deep down we all know he wants to break flairs record. Me for one, thinks he deserves it.

  27. The most dominant three letters in "sports entertainment?" That's like saying WWE is the most dominant WWE…in WWE, because everyone else is professional wrestling not sports entertainment.

  28. Hey Oli, here's something to keep u up at night,what if u guys already reached 750k subs but Youtube unsubscribed some of them.

  29. What to do when you hit the milestone? Start covering NWA, Impact and NJPW as in depth you do for AEW and WWE? I mean you are called WRESTLETALK not AEW WWE Talk

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