Shingo and Goto! EVIL and Ishii! Business picks up at #njdash!!

Goto! You really are strong as hell. But who’s the winner? Me! Hey Goto, I have a phrase for you,
”The danger past and forgotten god.” You won a new title yesterday, didn’t you? You probably forgot that you lost to me in G1.
But you did beat me in Kobe. I’ll never forget that humiliation! The IWGP and IC titles are shining
brighter than ever in Naito’s hands. Compared to those, the NEVER title
looks filthy in yours! That’s because neither the former champion
or current have respect for this title. I’ll just have to take it and raise its value! Hey, Goto. You already know what
I want to say, don’t you? Hey Goto…
I want a shot at that NEVER title! You better reply quickly, because
I know how forgetful you can be. The answer is either ‘Yes’ or ‘Hai’. That’s all I’ve got to say about that. Yesterday I pinned Ishii. But that wasn’t enough revenge for me, bastard. You think you really beat me? I pinned you. You can’t beat me. I’ll prove it to you! Let’s have a singles match,
once again, punk! You want to do it again? You will never beat me. Shut-up, before I beat you again, bastard. I said it all in the ring. If he doesn’t respect the title,
he doesn’t deserve to hold it. I was so sick of KENTA and Goto’s stupid feud.
I couldn’t take it anymore! I kept telling Goto after Kobe that I
wanted another shot. Well, time’s up. Goto, don’t run and hide! You better
say something before the day is through! I’m ready for war.

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