THEY CAN’T SAY A WORD! WWE Forcing Superstars To REMAIN QUIET About Crucial Backstage Situation

THEY CAN’T SAY A WORD! WWE Forcing Superstars To REMAIN QUIET About Crucial Backstage Situation

Hey guys, welcome back to wrestling world! The WWE locker room has a lot of backstage
issues going on and a lot superstars are frustrated for multiple reasons The biggest problem is that this generation
of superstars often runs straight to social media to publicly display their displeasure
with wwe and certain issues The most recent example of this was the crown
jewel situation and the superstars being stranded there WWE had put out a statement saying that it
was technical issues with the plane, but the superstars were the ones that went on social
media telling their sides, starting up rumors themselves and making the story bigger than
wwe wanted it to be Rusev made a dramatic tweet saying that the
only thing they all need right now is prayers which that tweet alone had many fans really
scared and left wondering what was really going on Andrade also posted that he wanted to go home
especially before his birthday Luke Harper posted a picture of all the frustrated
superstars in front of the plane with the caption of “Not Top 20” That caption relates to the fact that WWE
had an emergency flight come in to only pick up 20 of their top talents while the rest
had to stay an extra few days Karl Anderson even had a viral tweet joking
about how he’ll never go back no matter what the pay is And then on top of all that drama, it’s
becoming a new theme that wwe superstars go public and post a message online when they
request their release from the company Mike Kanellis has publicly requested his release
a few times in 2019 even after signing a 5 year extension. Luke Harper also publicly requested his release
and after being denied the release, harper’s social media is now filled with Sarcastic
remarks about how he’s so happy right now in wwe when we all know that in reality, he
can’t wait to be released Sin Cara also requested his release publicly
and was denied as well This all lead to a meeting backstage a few
weeks back between WWE and it’s superstars The whole meeting was focused on keeping everything
behind closed doors and away from the public eye So if any situation like the crown jewel drama
happens again, wwe wants all of the superstars to remain fully silent on the topic at hand
and just let WWE handle it It was reported that Triple H even called
out Karl Anderson at the meeting specifically for his tweet that we talked about before
where he said that he’ll never go back to Saudi Arabia Karl was reportedly called out right there
in front of the whole locker room and didn’t have much to say when he was called out One other superstar that had a lot to say
about the entire situation of superstars complaining about everything on Twitter was Corey Graves Corey has this to say on a recent edition
of his podcast, “after the bell”: “All these conspiracy theories that have
been drawn up…and half of it comes from some of the boys that were on the plane.” “If you are that insecure and you feel so
strongly that you’re gonna get on Twitter and complain that our flight got screwed up,
what’s Twitter gonna do?” “All it is is fuel for these ‘journalists’,
and then everyone puts their two cents in and starts coming up with their conspiracy
theories.” “If you’re mad that your flight got delayed
and you weren’t one of the Saudi 20, that’s on you. Quit crying about it on Twitter.” Corey then gave some credit to Randy Orton,
who is one of the biggest wwe superstars that didn’t act out on twitter” “You know who wasn’t complaining? Randy Orton. If anyone has the cache and the right to speak
his mind, it would be Randy Orton.” And Corey definitely had some good points
there, wwe superstars tweeting about any problem only makes that issue at hand an even bigger
story During a recent media conference call for
NXT Takeover, Triple H really went into detail on superstars going to social media with their
problems instead of just going to someone backstage: “I don’t understand people airing issues. If you put that out there in the media that’s
not a way to go about business. If I had a complaint with a talent I don’t
go on Twitter and complain to them, I speak to them. I’ve never understood that process if it’s
legit.” “There’s a silliness to it, a maturity issue,
it’s not how you handle business. Anybody that is out there that is serious
about gaining their release that’s talking on the internet, using their phones, you handle
your business like a professional.” “We’re in professional wrestling and the keyword
there is professional. That’s what we are trying to change about
the business and make people more – professional.” Triple H then went onto mention how the superstars’
complaints on social media often gets spun around and that’s how a lot of false backstage
rumors start to spread and make headlines So that was Triple H’s official response
to every superstar complaining on social media and requesting their release online If someone is serious about getting released
from WWE, it’s probably best to not go public with the news of you requesting your release So it’s most likely that from this point
on we’ll see a completely different behavior from the WWE talent on social media What are your thoughts on this situation? Do you agree with Triple H that everything
should kept away from social media or do you think superstars should continue to use their
platform on social media to voice their frustrations? Leave your comments, don’t forget to subscribe,
and leave a like if you enjoyed! Thanks for watching guys and we’ll see you
in the next one!

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90 Replies to “THEY CAN’T SAY A WORD! WWE Forcing Superstars To REMAIN QUIET About Crucial Backstage Situation”

  1. Do you agree with Triple H comments on who everything should stay away from online or do you think Superstars should continue to use their platforms for all their frustrations? Leave your comments, don't forget to subscribe, and leave a like if you enjoyed! Thanks for watching guys!

  2. They don't want them to tweet?

    Well… If you want to get released, do what you can't do and tweet that you want a release.

  3. Yeah they should not spray social media are dreamers on wine they should keep it to myself I'll go talk to someone backstage not no and yes I do agree what Triple H said about wwe Superstar Seneca Crane online you should go talk to someone that will listen to them

  4. If they wanna leave .they can. we can't control other people's lives and decisions. only we can contol our own decisions

  5. If they want to vent go ahead . its ok. Keeping your frustrations and anger inside is not healthy especially for a pro wrestler

  6. The last two PPV has been the worst PPV ever /it doesn’t pay to have WWE network anymore is a wasting time and money it sucks

  7. Corey Graves needs to stop tossin Vince's salad and stay in his lane, superstars keep venting on social media the suits will just toss some more money at you to shut you up, money not the answer

  8. HHH has a point. Things SHOULD be kept professional. Actors, musicians, wrestlers use antisocial media to vent ALL frustrations from contract disputes, working conditions, to having their luggage arrive late. IF there's a problem, go through proper channels FIRST THEN consider airing any grievance publicly.

    On the SAME subject, it's up to HHH and the suits to TELL the TRUTH. IF the ONLY official statement happens to be fake news or alternative facts, NOBODY benefits! PLEASE DON'T insult everyone's intelligence and repeat the SAME LIE that the plane had mechanical issues.

  9. In most regular jobs, you can’t just request a release from employment except such a clause is present in your contract so what are wrestlers complaining about?

  10. Back in the day wrestlers would hit the bar, get shitfaced, then beat the crap out of each other to relieve their frustrations. Not this social media BS lol!

  11. Well here's the thing, everyone uses social media now, but as far as I am concerned they shouldn't use their frustration on social media because the situation will only get worse. Look I can understand that they were held up for days in Saudi Arabia and trust me I would be upset as well, but that is not the way to act from a business standpoint. If I was in that same scenario, I would have kept quiet and calm and I would have called my family to give them an update on what's going on. Frustration should not be shown publically. If this was a 9-5 job, I would be fired. The bottom line is that you don't share your frustrations with other people towards media because it is NEVER EEEEEEVER the answer in a professional business (see what I did there).

  12. Giving WWE a social media presence was a bad idea from jump anyway. They deal with rude as hell fans, trolls hacking their accounts, told what to put & not to put, the women being harassed by perverts, catfishes, and that's not even half of the stuff they deal with.

  13. I agree with triple h we shouldn't know what is going on back stage as well as they shouldn't force the superstars to take pictures of someone they don't want to just to help someone else gain their popularity

  14. I'm kinda left scratching my head that the "Farm Team" (NXT) is getting the biggest push right now, outshining the two top tier brands. What's the end game here? Everyone in NXT is trying to get to the upper 2 brands, now you want to make NXT the better of the two? It's bad enuff that most talent brought up to the main roster gets sidelined because there's so much talent that they end up not getting pushed after their first storyline. Backstage production and writing is more interested in keeping their jobs that the talent gets the dirty end of the stick and end up going nowhere in their career. Vince micromanages everything, barely sleeps and is working himself to death to promote his brand of entertainment to the detriment of the superstars he wants to push! Talent wants out because they have little to no say in the direction of the product. Look at Cesaro. He's been jobbing since they split him from Sheamus. He's the best in-ring mechanic they have! They won't give him "title opportunities," and if they do, it's for nothing more than an IC belt at this stage. Most main roster talent tows the line when it comes to questions about their position in the company and where they think it's going. Others… they want out, but Vince strings them along. "Come to next weeks TV spot." Then, "We've got nothing for you. Maybe next week."

    I'd want out too. It's ridiculous. I can't even watch it on TV anymore. I just watch the bootlegged highlights. I don't have the patience to watch things unfold anymore. It's repetitive and boring.

  15. This is coming from someone who cheated, slept and other thing for sure to further his career.
    That is very professional very very professional…

  16. I agree with HHH i think its because i see my sisters and lots of people who are about in there 20's and younger posting everything in the world on SM just so people will feel sympathy for them.
    but its the todays form a rebelling i guess. Anyway i agree people just just use sm for branding promoting them selfs. not for drama or beef.

  17. A company I used to work for and also a different place I work at has it if you make any complaints like how the superstars are doing on social media, they would be released. However with professional wrestling companies like wwe and aew, who are global companies, instead of letting the wrestlers go, they should be fined a hefty amount as punishment

  18. It is right. You are an employee of a company. You do not handle issues unprofessional and blast it on social media.
    Just because ur famous doesnt mean u use ur popularity to expose the company that is pity

  19. Nothing new. Alexa is basically doing what Sasha Banks did. Once they give her whatever she wants. She'll shut up and then return to the ring.

  20. You are a wwe sold out, everybody knows that up to this moment wwe had been taking advantage of the monopoly that they have in the wrestling business to abuse their employees.

  21. If they weren't done so dirty all the damn time maybe they wouldn't need to take to social media, but seeing as they know how petty the company can be they feel the need to express their feelings because obviously going backstage never really helps at the end cause the company is going to do what they do anyway

  22. It's like family business and that should stay within the family. However, communication needs to work both ways and if management isn't willing to release them if they are truly unhappy they need to give them legitimate reason(s) as to why and not just tell them no. Same sa when there are other issues, don't just give them a bunch of crap.

  23. Well as a life long fan, I'm disgusted with Vince and management. These people put on a good show. To run roughshod over them takes away from them and the fans. Must be all about the Cash. I watch Aew now . Hope changes are made to get your ratings up

  24. I totally agree with H. My daughter, who is in her mid twenties learned the hard way that putting all your business on social media is stupid!!! It's immature and shows and great ignorance towards potential consequences.

  25. If the WWE wouldn't treat the superstars so badly, they wouldn't be plastering it all over twitter in the fist place, but, that's none of my business (Insert pic of Kermit the Frog drinking tea here)

  26. That’s the business, it’s unfortunate Triple H has to reexplain the business to ones in the business but that’s the fuckin business. Everything real is a hush hush thing, the audience only see’s/hear’s the things the promoter ( Vince ) wants them to see/hear. That’s how it goes

  27. Of course the higher up's would have an issue with superstars using social media… their constantly being ignored, and their requests and complaints are being overlooked, how else are they suppose get their voices heard?? By posting publicly WWE will have no choice but to acknowledge and respond, other wise the FANS will start to talk and the company will look bad

  28. There's a balance.

    – Contract negotiations or getting public to weigh in on your business dealings is a dumb decision. Be a professional, like Triple H said. Handle yourself like you have a business mind and not like a desperate fool trying to work your own supporters.

    – Anything about safety and concussion protocols should be addressed on social media. That's a whole different ballgame. I know that's ROH news, but that's the only social media grievance recently that I absolutely agree with that needed addressed.

  29. If it was HHH they were to discuss it with, then more than likely they would do it face to face, but sadly it is Vince McMahon, so the only way to get his attention is to go public. If WWE don't like it, then put them "on the books" rather than making all the wrestlers self-employed, just to stop them unionising!
    As it showed at Survivor Series, the only WWE brand worth anything right now is NXT, strangely the one Vince has the least control over! Coincidence or not? :-/

  30. When your under contract that you willingly signed and are still getting paid regardless of if your wrestling than just shut up. No one forced you to sign the contract

  31. The fact that Crock Lesnar is still on the roster when he cannot cut a fart without looking like he will pass out is the biggest scandal. And of course the "plane trouble" story is a lie!!

  32. Well I don't agree with Triple H . The wrestlers say what they went freedom of speech Triple H know nothing about that butt kisser wrestler. Have rights triple H you are not there Father. Go home and be a Father to your kids absent father.

  33. The fact is when the talent does go to management nothing happens so they air it out for everybody to hear I don't have a problem with it they should treat their talent better!!!

  34. HHH is on a power trip…always was. This isn't about keeping the wrestlers from speaking on social media-after all, 'H' will do it when he pleases. This is all about him having control over the stars. He's washed-up as a wrestler who always got his way ( wonder why?) & now he's doing it again.

  35. has some points but,vince and co. sure exercise alot of power over their "indepedant contractors" sounds more like indentured servitude to me!

  36. If it can't be dealt with behind closed doors to everyone's satisfaction, then the superstars should be able to have their say on social media.

  37. Corey Graves is a yes man whose made disgusting remarks about low income families, Mauro, and is absolutely the last person you should use as metric system on handling WWE dealings. He is a small part of the enabling culture of toxicity that's existed at WWE for decades, I guarantee too far isn't far enough for him, funny how he's always commenting on others contentment while he's is never in danger!!

  38. WWE just said WWE Superstars & WWE Divas can't say a word. We are human and we have the right to say what is on your mind. That is freedom. If you don't like what I said and you have to deal with me.

  39. The thing is handling it "professionally" management can/will handle it. However they want to, ie sweep it under the rug/ignore it. Bringing to media puts it in "management has to deal with it" position. If it hadn't been for it being in media the US state department wouldn't have been involved. How long would US citizen's/ foreign workers been stuck there? They could have milked the plane issue for week's months!!! Could've evolved into a much bigger "international issue than it was. A plane full of US citizens has a "malfunction" I don't buy it, not for one minute!!!!!!

  40. Triple H thinks he owns the super stars or they are his slave that’s a humiliation he might own the company but not the workers

  41. One of the issues with the talent that go to social media only go to social media because of alot of the talent's complaints and concerns get ignored by upper management so they go to social media so they actually get heard. Is it right or wrong we can't necessarily say, because these men and women put their bodies on the line for what they love to do, and for the fans so they are human they get frustrated and when you are in such a large company and you may have valid concerns and complaints that don't get heard or addressed you get frustrated and basically this is when they can't take it anymore and pop off on social media

  42. Yes I think triple h is right , if any super stars have a problem talk to someone about it, Don't put it on the media it just makes it worse

  43. Funny you never see any of these complaints that everybody seems to be making since AEW started which is what we all know this is all about.

  44. I know Luke harper Antonellis ask for the release and they had a five-year extension they’re not gonna do that anymore releasing wrestlers what they are to have extension because they have the AEWand other arrested company is a competent have in competition with the WWE They want to keep them and try to keep them satisfied and give them incentive to keep them on to the WWE him furthermore there was a big screwup and when they were in Abu Dhabi Saudi Arabia of course the WWE is management wasn’t listening to the wrestlers when they were down there so they got upset and put their concerns on blast on Twitter and that’s about it they have to pay the consequences the management team not the wrestlers

  45. If you have a problem with someone talk to them person to person. Shows some respect , no one like to be scolded if front of others especially when they are your boss.

  46. So, let me get this straight.

    Vince pushes social media like a sumbitch. Then, when he refuses to listen to his talent (as he is one to do), they USE said social media to MAKE him listen.

    And now the E is saying not to USE the only route he'll pay attention to??

    Vince DOES realize AEW is a thing, right? Giving NXT the big night @ Survivor Series is only going to boost them for so long…

  47. I agree with Triple H, they need to keep professional, and not put the WWE in a bad light after all they are millionaires or at least make a very good living.

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