Time Bomb 2 puts Hiromu back on top of the mountain! #njwk14

Time Bomb 2 puts Hiromu back on top of the mountain! #njwk14

俺が望んでた結果とは違う 何を語ればいいのか…
自信過剰だったのかもしれない それか俺は一生ヒロムには勝てないとか
分からないけど でも俺は負けた IWGPジュニアの
チャンピオンの座は失った でも負けた相手がヒロムなら仕方がない
もちろんすごく悔しいけど 次は何が待ってる? 何だ? I did it! Clap for me! This past year and a half has been
very dark for me. I struggled and was in pain,
but I kept walking with my little light. I had so much support from so many. They kept me going, even when
I didn’t have any hope at all. And the result is everything
coming together so neatly today. Was it a surprise to me?
NO WAY! Of course not. That’s rubbish.
Of course, this whole time I could see my future. From the moment I knew that I could
get back to this exciting world, I could see this is how it would be.
There’s no way I’d leave this fun world. Even though my neck broke,
or whatever else could happen to my body, I will keep having fun in these
New Japan Pro-Wrestling matches. Because it really is the most fun! Ospreay, you were awesome while I was gone. Ospreay, you truly are the strongest. I want to keep fighting you,
as a junior, forever. Anyway, you’re great. Thank you. I don’t want
to fight your for a while. But still, thank you. Ospreay, you have the right to challenge for
this title any time. But not for a while! Please wait at least six months. But if
you really want to, then whenever is okay. No matter what I say, I always find
myself getting excited to face you. Pro-wrestling is a dangerous sport.
It really is. As a wrestler, should I not say that?
No. I can because I am one. Don’t cloud it! Please write down,
“Pro-wrestling is a very dangerous sport.” However, more than that,
it really is a fun sport! You know? Tonight, we had over 40,000 people here.
They’re really so passionate. How awesome are they. Even though I’m a wrestler, I’m so envious
of all of you who came to the Dome tonight. Pro-wrestling is really dangerous,
I actually broke my neck. I knew this even before I debuted.
I get it. But don’t make it ambiguous.
Pro-wrestling is really dangerous! But more than that, it’s so damn fun! So, like I said before… More…More…More…More…
More…More…More… Let’s have more fun, everyone! And that’s the truth. The kind of pro-wrestling I want to do… I believe I can show the greatest
pro-wrestling there is. And this proves it. Thank you. Thank you, Mr. Belt. Please keep enjoying pro-wrestling and
all of Hiromu Takahashi. That’s all. Go ahead and ask me questions.
If you don’t I’ll just leave. What was that move at the end called? TIME BOMB 2 Hiromu, now you will face
Liger as the champion… Jyushin Thunder Liger,
I kept the promise I made to you. Tomorrow, please show me the Jyushin
Thunder Liger fury I dream about. If you can, you should just take this belt.

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  1. This match defines what pro-wrestling is supposed to be. Hiromu Takahashi made his Homecoming and is reunited with Mr. Belt. Now Daryl Takahashi and Mr. Trophy can reunite with their brother. 😂

  2. オスプレイが防衛したら誰も挑戦できなくなるからな

  3. They proved it why this match should have been a main event on one of nights.I am confused which was better hiromu vs will okada vs ibushi.Both are spectacular
    Also liked Hiromu's new finisher.

  4. Wooow. That is a man showing a lot of respect to Liger. Saw the tag match. It was something a senior would really be proud of.

  5. So nice to see Hiromu back and 100% after his injury. That guy was money 2 years ago with his matches and the damn stuffed cat. He's gonna be printing money in 2020.

  6. ひろむ おめでとう🎉😉❤️やっぱり すごい😆⤴️
    1月11日 アイテム愛媛でお会いすること楽しみにしています😍💐😾 
    内藤さん武士さんそしてヒロムによるプロレス ワクワクがとまらなぃ

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