Top 10 Raw moments: WWE Top 10, Oct. 7, 2019

Top 10 Raw moments: WWE Top 10, Oct. 7, 2019

[MUSIC] [SOUND] Tag!>>Erik now legal for the Viking Raiders. Ziggler doesn’t realize it.>>Watch out! [CROSSTALK]
>>But he certainly does now.>>Boom!
>>Ziggler.>>Viking experience! The cover and the Viking Raiders
is knocked off the roll. Tag team champions.
[SOUND]>>Hoist up Ricochet, Ricochet.>>Whoa, whoa, wait a minute.>>Slithers down the back.>>Dipsy noodle there.>>Here we go!>>Man.>>Ricochet into the cover. That’s gotta be it.>>Two, three!>>Ricochet victorious. [SOUND] [MUSIC] [SOUND]
>>Uh-oh.>>There’s not a lot of advantage-
>>When you step into the ring with Aleister Black as he delivers black mass.>>Another quick kick.>>And a stinging elbow.>>Look out.
>>And now look at->>I said reset the bell! [SOUND]
>>Submission quickly locked in and tap out for Aleister Black. [SOUND]
>>Looking for that phenomenal forearm. And here it comes.>>[CROSSTALK]
>>Right in the face of Kalisto. The United States Champion in the OC,
victorious.>>You can count to ten on that one.>>Here are your winners, The OC! [MUSIC] [SOUND]
>>Everything we own is now in my name. And we don’t have joint
checking accounts anymore. [LAUGH] It’s all mine.>>You see this and you should have been
spending your money on Lana instead of sending your money back home
to your family in Bulgaria.>>It’s just-
>>Rusev, it looks like you’re not having fun, but I am. [LAUGH]
>>No,we are. [SOUND]
>>No, come on. There’s no need for this. The match is over, you’ve won the match. You didn’t want to add his two cents. AJ Styles, what can add
exclamation point to the evening?>>[APPLAUSE]
[SOUND]>>Becky Lynch has Kairi Sane in the Disarm-her.>>Hold on, look out, look out.>>And the green mist from Asuka!>>My God, just like we saw last night
during the WWE Women’s Championship match, Kairi Sane has pinned Becky Lynch. [SOUND]>>[APPLAUSE]
>>[CROSSTALK] [MUSIC] Is WWE Women’s Tag Team champions, the Kabuki Warriors! [SOUND]
>>[APPLAUSE]>>While King Corbin and Orton may regret the day that
they made fun of Rusev, and look at the Bulgarian brute
taking it right to the Viper. And right hand now from
Rusev just unloading.>>He’s taking out all his
frustrations now on [CROSSTALK[>>And now King Corbin getting in on it.>>And
look how quickly jealousy turns to anger.>>The rage of Rusev here tonight. [SOUND]
>>Gets sent into the barricade.>>Aah! [SOUND]
>>No, no.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>My God!>>[APPLAUSE]
>>One!>>She’s done for.>>Two! Three!>>Off of the stage, and through a table.>>I mean, Lacey Evans is, is Lacey Evans
gonna be able to answer the ten count?>>Into the ten count.>>Referee is at seven, referee is
at eight, Lacey Evans isn’t moving. At nine, Lacey Evans doesn’t get up. Natalya is the last woman standing. [SOUND]
>>Here is your winner, Natalya! [SOUND]
>>I’m the heavyweight champion of the world. How many heavyweight titles have you won?>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Whoa! Whoa!>>And Strowman just picked up Tyson Fury! Strowman and Fury going at it.>>Look at the security team trying to
break these men up but can’t do it.>>That journey quickly getting into
the ring, trying to separate these two.>>[NOISE]
>>Fury just went through everyone. And Fury got his hands on Strowman,
Strowman trying to fight back. Look at Fury and Strowman here.>>But look at Strowman, he’s pinned
down by the rest of the security guards, he can’t break free.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Come on!>>Get off of me.>>And!>>Rights and lefts from
Millennial Heavyweight champion. And look at Tyson Fury,
he’s knocking out anything that moves.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>I don’t think you guys wanna go in there.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Is Strowman now fighting back?>>[SOUND]
>>[APPLAUSE]>>Strowman and Fury hooking up again!>>And here comes The Locker Room.>>The WWE Locker Room emptying
out to try to separate these two.>>Let us fight! You and me next time.>>Let’s fight now.>>[INAUDIBLE]
>>Come on! Let’s
>>[APPLAUSE] Come on! Fight! [SOUND]

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100 Replies to “Top 10 Raw moments: WWE Top 10, Oct. 7, 2019”

  1. I don't think Vince is making rational decisions. If I were on the board, I would ask Vince to step away. Although Vince owns the overall company, I truly believe a change is needed. I think Vince is out of touch with the audience. I believe Vince's decisions are going to collapse the WWE.

    I vote, as a fan, no confidence in Vince McMahon.

  2. and why tyson risking injury before the wilder fight…dont get why he's wrestling……didnt see it coming will admit it

  3. My top 10 moments on Raw

    1. Did not watch Raw
    2. Did not watch Raw
    3. Did not watch Raw
    4. Did not watch Raw
    5. Did not watch Raw
    6. Did not watch Raw
    7. Did not watch Raw
    8. Did not watch Raw
    9. Did not watch Raw
    10. Did not watch Raw

  4. Bobby Lashly in bed with Lana

    Dolp Ziggler : it should have been me (sorry Ziggler at least you kissed her before)

  5. If we all stop watching WWE, which has clearly been ruined then they have to go away, money hungry morons have ruined it.

  6. Why are there so many likes when raw sucked and they hid Seth and didn't address what happened. You came up with a lame excuse making the referee the scapegoat. Do better WWE because you sucked this week!

  7. I thought Rusev was the bad guy now I think it is Bobby lashey because Lana only using him for his 💰 money and Rusev cares about his family I feel bad because it reminds of my life

  8. Dude look at Tyson furry hitting the guards he missed like 4 of them and they fake guards fell over. Haha WWE is horrible

  9. If I was Vince the final match for undertaker and kane should be undertaker 1994 purple attire and the grim reaper theme song vs kane 1997 attire book it Vince. Vince needs to make a storyline like this again not storylines that are not interesting.


    I wonder what the wwe warehouse looks like showing all kane attires and the undertakers attires wwe needs to make a video on this and even show the undertakers unreleased red attire he had in 1996 and the mask kane used in his 2012 return promo that was never used it was the same type of his 1997 debut mask but without the mouth cover and the rumours of KANE DX GREEN ATTIRE IN 1999?

  10. Check that fury 😂😂😂 his hands doesn't even touch those security guards 😅😅🤔poor guy need more practice to act in WWE

  11. I'm a proud traveller and I'm so excited to see tyson start to make his name in wwe. We are the roughest and toughest people on earth and although I know wrestling is pre determined, I love the fact Americans are gonna learn about us pavee's. We are born fighters and natural dogs! You can't keep us down!!!

  12. The only thing was any good was "last women standing. Everything else sucked bad. Specially the rusev and lana aside Bobby lashley segment. I don't know what the f—–g audience was cheering about.

  13. Why Jake Hager, Dean Ambrose and Chris Jerico is not here, in wwe, and they are fighting in TNT, and Ambrose is Jon Moxley again.. wtf?

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