Undisputed ERA crash Shinsuke Nakamura’s unveil of new-look title: SmackDown, Nov. 22, 2019

Undisputed ERA crash Shinsuke Nakamura’s unveil of new-look title: SmackDown, Nov. 22, 2019

100 Replies to “Undisputed ERA crash Shinsuke Nakamura’s unveil of new-look title: SmackDown, Nov. 22, 2019”

  1. I liked the old design but the new one looks pretty sick. But now the last of The Cody Rhodes legacy is gone

  2. Tbh I really dont like it at all. It doesn't look like a title in wwe it looks like one that would be in new japan… who else agrees?

  3. Por que al titulo intercontineltal que ya tenia un buen diseño y no al titulo universal o al mundial con eso del titulo intercontineltal ya es seguro que ganara nakamura

  4. This about all of the Hall OF Famers who wore the white Intercontinental Championship. this new belt has to be a joke right. WWE is trying to keep up with AEW. they are envious of the AEW Championship belt.

  5. Undisputed Era hold all the gold in NXT, and will RUN War Game and beat down all SDLIve and Raw team at Survivor Series. And thats UNDISPUTED.

  6. That New Intercontinental Title looks ugly af and clearly looks just as same as those NXT titles. Missing the old classic white strapped one.

  7. I hate the way wwe turned zayn into. He is a pure joke now nobody wants to listen to him! I just want him to go somewhere out of this company

  8. Too bad it will nvr be as prestigious as it looks. Nakamura is a nobody & a hasbeens who will nvr defend it bc it has long been a forgotten championship. AEW may be indy trash, but that's btr then staring at the trashed up graveyard that is The WWE.

  9. The funny thing about this is that, at one point, we all had hopes about Sami's career. We all thought that he would be successful. Honestly right now, he could cut his veins off because of the failure that he is, acting like a mouthpiece to the least entertaining wrestler in history

  10. Let’s hope when Xavier returns he does a heel turn with Big E against Kofi. Man deserves better than stuffing pancakes down his tittle

  11. This new WWE Intercontinental Championship Title Belt is awesome because we're watching that old WWE Intercontinental Championship Title Belt for many years ago

  12. Don’t get me wrong I liked the white strap and the new belt looks cool but i don’t know if it feels like an intercontinental belt it just gives me an NXT Vibe or some Indie Promotion style belt which there’s nothing wrong with that I just hope that start pushing it so people remember it give either shin a strong monster reign with it and have the title appear weekly or if you don’t like the idea of shin doing it have him drop it to someone else like maybe Sami and re insert shin into main title picture just don’t let the IC Title be less prominent. Anyway it’s a cool belt definitely something to keep an eye on.

  13. So wherever nakamura is, the intercontinental championship is automatically better than the main title ? I can get behind that.

  14. I'm sure they didn't change that IC TITLE just because it was CODY that brought that old school style title back a few years ago

  15. The new IC title looks good. Now upgrade the other titles. WWE, Universal, Raw and SD women's title look the same. Raw and SD tag titles look the same. US Title is way too outdated as hell and needs to change asap. Change all except the 205 live, NXT, and NXT UK titles.

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