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(audience clapping) – The glow life, okay? I love, like, every time it’s time for you to hit the ring that, like, they flash the light then
all of a sudden you, like, explode and dance and
full neon everything! – I love it. – Like, it’s remarkable. You know what I mean? Like, it’s, I would say it’s like one of the best entrances
ever used in the WWE, you know what I mean? That’s my personal opinion.
– I appreciate it, Thank you. – I appreciate it, thank
you. (audience clapping) (audience cheering} – Now where did that come from? When did you decide to
create such a thing? – One of my favorite movies of all time is “The Last Dragon.” (audience cheering) – [Sterling] Of course.
– It’s a movie from the eighties. – Sho’nuff – That’s right!
– Yeah! – So the whole glow and the concept and just the idea of believe in yourself, everything came from that. And yeah, just wanted to
bring it to what I do. – Okay well look, it’s
absolutely incredible. It’s an amazing way to set off a match and just to know (beep) about to go down and get chaotic, whatever it may be. (audience laughing) But it can also be really
painful to a lot of people in this next category we
call, “Neon Nightmare.” (audience clapping) (audience cheering) (upbeat music) – [Dad] Max come here! – [Rob] Oh it’s so beautiful in here dad! – [Dad] Max Henry! – [Rob] Max Henry! (mirror thudding) – [Audience] Whoa! – I feel like dad low-key
set him up though. – Dad be setting him up, (woman laughing) – [Sterling] He really believed
his dad was right there. (mirror thudding)
– [Rob] Whoa! (woman laughing) (audience groaning) – [Rob] You were born for
this, Neon Bowl Night! (woman crashing) – [Audience] Oh! – [Sterling] Oh it might make it! It might (beep) make it! – [Rob] Oh boy. (upbeat dance music) – [Naomi] Yeah, my kind of party. – [Rob] Neon lights come out
and old Mark looses his shorts. (audience laughing) – Man I just wish that like
we didn’t have to blur him. You’d see, like, his neon stick. (audience laughing) (techno music) – [Sterling] Oh my God. – [Naomi] What? – [Rob] Is it a zombie? Are you frozen? Are you partying? Like, does anybody see you? (audience laughing) – I would’ve left. If I would’ve seen that, I would’ve left. – Yes! – I would’ve left. I’d thought the world’s coming to an end. – [Rob] His world is coming to an end! – [Sterling] It is, like,
he walking dead in this mug. – [Rob] It (beep) is man. Just a little neon bar
dancing ’till Deborah. – [Audience] Oooh! – [Rob] Okay, Okay. – [Sterling] Ahhhh! That’s one of the funniest ones. – Look, Deborah turned, right? And Deborah could’ve
easily just fell naturally and taken a step and try to collapse. She literally like dove
face first into the bar! – [Sterling] Yeah, she
really tried to take a step. (audience laughing) – There you have it for “Neon Nightmare.” (audience cheering) (audience clapping) – But look, as people get
older, they get gray hair, okay? And when they get extra gray hair, they have the desire to go
super fast anywhere they can at any time every point
of the day in their life. Just like this next
category, “Silver Bullets.” Take a look. (techno music) (engine roaring) Oh boy, this is my time to
live life to the fullest! Oh! (man laughing) Listen to how proud he
is for going forty-five. – Get some, bitches! (audience laughing) – “Get some, bitches!” – [Rob] I’m old and I’m a risk taker! And I love speed! “Yeah Ma!” (audience laughing) – That’s pretty awesome – Man, she’s like “Son, get me to the bar as fast as you can.” (upbeat music) Now only one way to get
your speed up in the gym that’s to go all out, all of us! Everybody get your gray
hair and let’s get to work! – [Sterling] No! (audience laughing) – [Rob] Faster, faster, Faster! Oh! – [Audience] Oooh! – She tried to help her
but she wasn’t fast enough. – Nah, she didn’t really try to help, she just put that hand out there. – [Rob] Man. – That’s like, when you’re
at the elevator like, “Oh no.” (audience laughing) “I tried to push it.”
– Yeah, yeah. “Oh we’re going up I guess.” (bike engine roaring) – [Rob] Hell yeah I love this! Slow down. Slow down Jerry! You can’t handle it, Oh! – [Audience] Oh! Oh! (audience laughing) – [Rob] My gramps loves to go fast, so we just throw his recliner
in the back of the pickup, and get to work! Let us swear! (audience laughing) – Just let the guy live, he loves speed. (audience clapping) (audience cheering) Okay you guys spend a
lot of time in Florida. You guys ever go to amusement parks? – Oh yeah, yeah.
– Yeah, we just went to Universal. – How was that? – It was great, it was awesome. – He’s smiling like really hard. He’s like “best day of my (beep) life!” – – [Rob] It’s the only time I’ve been. – Yeah, nah, I took my kids with me, but I plant myself, like, in
front of them in line and. (audience laughing) “He’s your dad, no?” “Well, c’mon c’mon.” “We all here, we all here.” – Yeah. – Now they’re meant for amusement. They are amusement parks! But we’ve got a category where
nobody is having a good time. We call it, “Misery Land.” Take a look. (audience cheering) (audience clapping) (upbeat music) – [Rob] It’s pretty fun. I mean I feel good about it. – [Sterling] There’s no water! – [Rob] Look out! Big Bertha coming in hot! (woman screams) – [Audience] Oh! – [Sterling] Bro, she hit her so hard. – Why didn’t they just
hop on the other side? – [Rob] I don’t understand how she was able to get so much speed, and you guys aren’t even able to move. – [Audience] Oh! – [Rob] Well, okay. What’s so? – [Sterling] Oh, he, oh! He dirty bro! He dirty! (child whining) – He don’t even need that (beep) cane! (laughing) He didn’t even need
that (bleep) cane, man! – [Woman] But look at them. – [Rob] Shame on you. – [Man] Wasn’t that fun? – [Child] No! – [Audience] Aww! – [Sterling] Aw man! – They should’ve all
jumped him after that. (audience laughing) (cart clanging) – Seems safe, bring in the next person! (girl screams) (cart crashes) – Yikes!
– Oooh! (woman laughing) – Oh my God! (woman laughing) – His reflexes is on point.
– I’m really like shocked with that. – I love the idea of
like an amusement ride, where it’s your responsibility to stop it. – [Rob] Oh, ha, ha. – Oh!
(cart crashing) (upbeat music) – Woo, yeah mama! (child thudding)
– Oh! – [Audience] Ooh! – [Sterling] Man. – She had her eyes on like a princess. She was like. – [Sterling] Oh man. – [Rob] Wee! (child thudding)
– Whoo! (audience laughing) – [Rob] Hey here’s your camera, if you want to shoot a selfie. – [Jimmy] Oh no. – [Sterling] See they tripping. – [Rob] Just gonna roll on out of here. Oh, hey, Oh, Oh! – [Sterling] That was best case scenario. – Are we good? – That was best case scenario. – It was, man. This is what happens when
you find one of these on the side of the road in the small town next to the town you live in. And you’re like, “Damn, we should get over and get on that thing!” Nah, no regulations and
a sketchy safety crew. Just prop each other up. (audience laughing) “I’m going down. “Oh I’m good. “I’m up, I’m down!” All right, that is it
for our episode today! Thank you to Naomi and Jimmy Uso (audience clapping)

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