WrestleTalk News | Corey Graves Shoots On WWE Booking! Injured Champ Returns! WWE SmackDown Recap!

WrestleTalk News | Corey Graves Shoots On WWE Booking! Injured Champ Returns! WWE SmackDown Recap!

On today’s episode, we’ve got a recap
of SmackDown, including some really cool Fiend and Bryan stuff, plus Otis hilarity, Corey
Graves shoots on WWE booking…again, and an injured champion made their return at a
house show! Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk News,
I am Chopper Pete Quinnell. First things first, let’s dive into a recap of last night’s
WWE SmackDown, in about 5 minutes. The show kicked straight off with BOOM, it’s
mayor Kane! He comes out and says the Royal Rumble is his favourite show of the year.
Me too Kane! But before he can eviscerate any more of his competition, he’s interrupted
by a Firefly Funhouse! Bray Wyatt says that he should apologise to everyone he’s eliminated
from a Royal Rumble, and says that winning the Rumble might not be the best idea if they’re
going to challenge him at WrestleMania. But then, he notices Kane’s picture on the
wall, and that must mean he and The Fiend got it on. Steady on. Of course, Bray Wyatt
will never forgive Kane and neither will The Fiend. The Fiend comes out from under the
ring while Kane stands outside. A nice little touch here as The Fiend is creepily crawling
towards Kane, and Kane just turns around, nonplussed and just says “what took you
so long”. It was all a ruse! Daniel Bryan hits a Running
Knee on The Fiend from out of nowhere, and The Fiend is forced to flee back under the
ring, but not before Bryan pulls out a couple of The Fiend’s dreadlocks in the process.
This was a nice way to give Bryan an upper hand, continuing storyline continuity with
Bray Wyatt and Kane’s history, as well as Team Hell No, and possibly furthers a feud
between The Fiend and Kane at the next Saudi Arabia show as it has been rumoured. Backstage after an ad break, Daniel Bryan
challenges The Fiend to a Strap Match at the Royal Rumble, where The Fiend can’t run
away. It’s a pretty corny gimmick match, but I have faith in Bryan and Wyatt to make
it work. I’m still very excited for this match. Up next it’s time for the in-ring return
of John Morrison, where he took on Big E. Morrison has some cool new offense and flips
and stuff, and with some distraction, he picked up the win with the Starship Pain. But let’s
talk about the most important thing. Kofi Kingston is blonde now! I know, it’s
crazy. Maybe it’s like an Okada thing where he dyed his hair after he lost the championship,
and Kingston is going crazy, and then Big E will turn on him and turn heel and and and
then Kingston will find himself again and win the WWE championship again. Or maybe he
just liked being blonde. Maybe. The Usos faced off against The Revival next,
in what was a fairly one-sided match, in which The Usos won in fairly quick fashion. Nothing
super flashy about this one, just some good stuff from two good teams. The Revival are backstage saying they need
to make a change next, before they’re interrupted by Bayley and Lacey Evans brawling, with Sasha
Banks injured on the floor. This sets up Lacey Evans vs Bayley when it should have been Sasha
as she can’t compete tonight. Next up Sonya Deville is backstage speaking
to Mandy, asking her if she could ask Otis to be ringside for her match against Alexa
Bliss tonight. She finally gets why she’s being nice to him. This is a wonderful story,
with Sonya thinking Mandy is manipulating Otis in order to help her get more wins, like
last week, when really, Mandy just likes him because he’s a sweetie. I love it. It was Bayley vs Lacey Evans next, in what
was a pretty long match, going through an ad break, but it was pretty smooth with nothing
overly flashy, and the finish came when Lacey hit the Woman’s Right from outta nowhere
for the win. This finally sets up Lacey vs Bayley at the Royal Rumble for the SmackDown
Women’s Championship. Shorty G is backstage talking about how Sheamus
is projecting his insecurities, before Sheamus comes in and does some short jokes, which
are really really bad, not his fault though, it’s whoever wrote it, before Shorty G takes
him down and walks off and Sheamus gets really mad. Shorty G vs Sheamus at Royal Rumble is
confirmed. I hope it goes about 10 seconds, and Sheamus kicks his head off. I like Shorty
G, but Sheamus has just come back and needs some momentum. Braun Strowman says to Kayla Braxton that
he wants an Intercontinental Championship match, before Elias is in the ring about to
sing a song, when he gets interrupted by Sami Zayn, Nakamura and Cesaro. Zayn refuses Strowman’s
request for a title match, and reminds everyone that Nakamura has actually won the Rumble
before. Oh yeah that did happen, 2017 was fun. The trio beat down Elias and Braun makes
the save. This title match is absolutely happening at Rumble. Up next was a video package remembering Soulman
Rocky Johnson which was lovely, before it was time for Sonya Deville vs Alexa Bliss,
with Mandy Rose and Heavy Machinery ringside for Sonya. At one point in the match, Mandy
attempts to get involved, but Nikki pushes her off the turnbuckle. But fear not! Otis
is here and he catches Mandy, and his facial expressions are literally the greatest thing
ever. During this distraction though, Alexa rolls
up Sonya for the win! That dastardly…face. Finally it’s time for the main event, which
is Roman Reigns vs Robert Roode in a Tables match, with the winner being able to pick
the stipulation for Reigns vs Corbin at Royal Rumble. This was exactly what you’d expect
from this match, with Reigns dominating, before Corbin and Ziggler get involved, with The
Usos evening the odds. The Usos delivered a double splash to Ziggler through the announce
table before Reigns speared Roode through a table set up in the corner for the win. Reigns then picked a Falls Count Anywhere
match for his match with Corbin, which is fine, but it does mean it’ll be a 3-on-3
match with their respective cronies rather than something like a Cage match which would
keep out Roode and Ziggler. Nice one Roman. So that was the show, and honestly, it was
pretty good. Nothing on this show was bad, and the high points were pretty high. The
Fiend and Bryan continue to be awesome, Morrison looked great in his match, the Otis and Mandy
story escalates every week and made me actually laugh out loud, and there was nothing actually
bad on the show that was damaging. This SmackDown gets a Smacktastic. And now, as always, hot tag
to me for the news! When it was announced that SmackDown commentator
Corey Graves would be getting his own WWE endorsed Podcast called “after the bell”,
I think most people would have assumed that it would simply be Graves getting all gooey
about how brilliant WWE is and how wonderful everything that Vince McMahon thinks of is
and always will be. However, that hasn’t been the case, as Graves
has been pretty straight with a lot of his opinions in the past few weeks, and while
none of them have been all that controversial – he saves that for Twitter – he hasn’t
always been positive. His comments will of course be green lit by WWE, and if he does
say anything naughty it’ll just be edited out. On the latest episode of the podcast, Graves
took a bit of time to lay into WWE’s booking strategy of having number one contenders defeat
champions ahead of championship matches. The example he used was Braun Strowman pinning
IC Champion Shinsuke Nakamura on SmackDown. Corey said: “I’m really over the potential contender,
beating the champion, prior to the championship match. I feel like it happens all the time.
Because it does. It happened again on Friday, Braun Strowman beating the Intercontinental
Champion, Shinsuke Nakamura. Not only because I’m a massive Nakamura fan and I wanna watch
everything he, Cesaro, and Sami Zayn do. I think there’s so much money in that trio,
I love it. Everything about them. Sami is so obnoxious, you just want to punch him in
the face — which is what a good bad guy does — and I love Braun Strowman. He’s been a
man without a country and seems to have direction now and is moving towards the Intercontinental
Championship, which I am very okay with. I just want to wait until the championship match
to see the contender beat the champion. It makes it feel ‘less than.’ It’s not a bad
thing, I just want a different thing. I feel like we see it all the time. I miss wanting
to know ‘is there any way the champion is going to lose to this guy who is on fire?
Can he finally knock off the champion?’ I miss that chase and anticipation.” Unfortunately for Corey, it appears his issues
with this booking will continue, because SmackDown women’s champion Bayley was pinned clean
by number one contender Lacey Evans on last night’s SmackDown, with Graves on commentary.
Take that Corey, serves you right for having an opinion. For what it’s worth, it’s been said enough
at WrestleTalk, but I agree with him, as do many others here. Some of the best chases
for the title in history always have an absence of the challenger pinning the champion beforehand.
Just do it better WWE. If you cast your mind all the way back to
WWE TLC on December 15, you will remember that the main event between Women’s Tag
Champions The Kabuki Warriors and Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair was a bit of a disaster. It was obvious to those watching that quite
early on in the match, Kairi Sane had suffered some kind of injury which had left her unable
to work anywhere near her maximum level. This was made even more uncomfortable to watch
when Charlotte, seemingly frustrated with how sloppy the match had become, hit Kairi
hit a powerbomb through a table, despite Kairi being in obvious discomfort. A video was shared after the match of Becky
Lynch literally rolling Kairi under the ring near the end of the match to make sure she
didn’t take any more punishment, because it became clear that she was struggling to
hit even basic punches and kicks. Various sources reported that Kairi had suffered a
head injury early on in the match, which possibly happened when Charlotte suplexed her into
a barricade, which caused her to fall onto a piece of exposed concrete head first. Due to WWE’s increasing awareness of the
severity of head injuries, Kairi hasn’t wrestled since, and has only briefly appeared
backstage or on the ramp ahead of Asuka matches before going backstage to make sure she was
at no risk of aggravating any injuries. Thankfully, we can now bring you the happy
news that kairi returned to the ring at a WWE house show in Lafayette. She tweeted an
instagram worthy picture of herself at the show last night, and everyone, including Randy
Datson’s best friend Lance Storm was delighted to see her back. Lance replied: “Yay. Wrestling is better
with you in it.” Yay indeed. Her return comes at a good time, as we have
the Royal Rumble next week, a match Kairi happens to be one of the favourites to win,
and she will likely be in Asuka’s corner for her Raw Women’s title match at the Rumble. There have been reports that Kairi isn’t
too happy in WWE at the moment, and according to Dave Meltzer she is weighing up potential
options, ranging from a switch to AEW or a move back to her native Japan to rejoin Stardom
where she made her name. If she does decide to move, it’ll be a huge
loss for WWE, but given the majority of her main roster booking, it would be hard to blame
her. Have The Fiend plans heading into WrestleMania
been leaked? Press the video to the right to find out more, and press the video below
that to find out more about a retired WWE star returning to action! A special thank
you to our pledgehammers on Patreon, some of whom you can see scrolling below me right
now! I’ve been Chopper Pete Quinnell, and that, was wrestling.

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  3. I really feel for Kari. She's gone through a lot of crap, from the racist bantering she got a couple years back when she did a live show in Florida, to the start-stop booking shes been getting in WWE, and now Charlotte practically trying to kill the poor lady at TLC.
    At this point I feel like begging her to leave WWE.

  4. Honestly I haven't watched smackdown since the fox move can't stand their new awesome camera angles and shit they just give me headaches

  5. My question is will they ever let Braun have a title? I am aware he once had the tagteam titles but the storyline of a child as partner wasn't about to let him keep that title very long which he didn't. The guy destroys everyone he faces of course not Lesnar but hey Vince wake up no one likes Lesnar maybe that's why Vince likes him.

  6. I like to see Kairi Sane move to a major wrestling company. Stardom and WWE aren't really major companies. They're small, tiny, with a small fan base and low pay.

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    only leaving bryan as the winner cuz he wants bryan at wm

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  13. That's good about Kairi. Watching that match was tough in spots, especially when Flair picked her up for the powerbomb. Sane was sandbagging her, tapping her arm, genuinely looking like she was trying to get Flair to not do it. Glad she's better.

  14. Smackdown was a okay show, hate to see Bayley lose but as the video stated that did set up a match for Royal rumble, I guess when you watch wrestling for so long you know these things, because when Bayley came out to ringside first I knew then and there she was losing. Hope as well the WWE has good plans for Shamus as it relates to a title.

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    I think tag champs losing in single matches is ok though.

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  20. Nonplussed doesn't mean what you think it means. The word means "To put at a loss as to what to think, say, or do; bewilder." It doesn't mean unphased, disinterested, or calm. It means the opposite of that. It derives from Latin for "not more," meaning you are unable to say anything more because you are so astonished or confused.

  21. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I actually agree with Graves…I hate seeing the champions get pinned in non title matches all the time….It makes everyone look bad in my opinion. Not to mention it makes the title match feel less important when we just saw the match on Raw or SD 2 weeks ago….There are ways to do that stuff with tag matches & stuff without having the same match and the champion being beat all the time.

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