WrestleTalk News | Serious Injury On Raw? WWE Champion SUSPENDED!

WrestleTalk News | Serious Injury On Raw? WWE Champion SUSPENDED!

Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk News,
I am Luke Owen. There’s been some major fallout from the
Royal Rumble and from Raw, so brace yourselves for these stories, because there’s a few
people you may not be seeing on screens for a little while. To start things off, current WWE United States
Champion Andrade has reportedly been suspended for 30 days for his first violation of WWE’s
Wellness Policy, according to ProWrestlingSheet. Andrade was on the receiving end of a Hammerlock
DDT to the concrete on last night’s episode of Raw from Humberto Carrillo, which is reportedly
an angle to write Andrade off the show for 30 days. Andrade was supposedly informed of the violation
yesterday, and it forced a last-minute re-write of the script for Raw, which reportedly was
going to continue Carillo and Andrade’s feud, but in a much less brutal post-match
angle. It is not currently known what substance caused
Andrade to fail the wellness policy test, but this is just the latest in a string of
wellness policy violations, including Primo Colon, who apparently is still with WWE, and
Robert Roode back in December, which at the time were the first public violations since
Paige in 2016, when she was suspended for 60 days for her second policy violation. There’s more bad news from Raw as well,
as during the Samoa Joe & Kevin Owens vs Seth Rollins & Buddy Murphy Raw Tag Team Title
match, Samoa Joe took a bad dive before the first commercial break, landing awkwardly
on the outside. During the break, Joe was escorted away from
the match, and the rest of the match was called in the ring. This is reportedly not a work,
and the injury may be legitimate according to PWInsider. There is no word yet on how severe the injury
is, however Joe was not able to leave the match under his own power, so it may potentially
be serious. This comes at a horrible time for WWE, when
AJ Styles also received a potentially serious injury during the Royal Rumble match, when
he was setting up a feud with newly-returned Edge, and when the builds for a lot of stories
have begun for WrestleMania 36. We at WrestleTalk would like to wish Samoa
Joe a speedy recovery. And in even more bad news, the injuries don’t
stop there, as there may be another one to add to the list. Sasha Banks was notable by
her absence during the women’s Royal Rumble match on Sunday, and she hasn’t competed
on SmackDown in weeks, with the storyline reason being that she cancels her matches
with Lacey Evans, normally to record a rap album or something. It’s been reported by Sean Ross Sapp of
Fightful that this is because Sasha Banks is also injured, and a follow up report from
Mike Johnson of PWInsider confirmed that Banks was dealing with an injury, and that up until
Saturday, the plan was to have Banks in the Rumble, but unfortunately she was unable to
be medically cleared in time for it, forcing Kelly Kelly to be her replacement in the match. While there is no confirmation on what the
injury is or the severity of it as of the time of recording, WrestleZone points out
that the current speculation is that it may be an ankle injury, which would also link
in to an angle on SmackDown when Banks was removed from her match against Lacey Evans
because of an ankle injury she picked up from brawling with Lacey backstage. We at WrestleTalk would like to wish Sasha
Banks a speedy recovery. Hoo, that was a rough episode of the WrestleTalk
News with so many negative things happening, but if you want to see something awesome,
check out this clip of myself and Oli Davis live reaction to Edge’s return in the Royal
Rumble over on fan channel WrestleTalk Clips, and press the other video on screen to find
out more about the real reason for the Brock Lesnar and Matt Riddle backstage altercation.
Thank you to our pledgehammers on Patreon, some of whom you can see scrolling their way
into my stomach. I’ve been Luke Owen, and that, was wrestling.

100 Replies to “WrestleTalk News | Serious Injury On Raw? WWE Champion SUSPENDED!”

  1. LUKE: Where do you think Andrade vs Humberto was going before his suspension?

    0:16 – WWE Champion Suspended! / 1:08 – Serious Injury On Raw? / 1:55 – Sasha Banks Missed Royal Rumble Due To Injury

  2. So andrade gets suspended but still keeps his title for a whole 30 days
    Damn WWE just accidentally made another Brock Lesnar


  4. why do we need to story in order to write somebody off? half the roster randomly just disappears for no reason at all

  5. The way Joe fell after that dive I knew he effed himself up. They really need to stop with all the dives everynight. Its good for some things like on a PPV but not EVERY week.

  6. I thought Santino being Santina was Sasha's replacement, because I've seen matches with Santino's Santina gimmick and he legit looked like a woman. The outfit at the royal rumble though looked rushed and it looked like Madonna on last minute dress up.

  7. They replaced Sasha Banks with Kelly Kelley. That’s like replacing your Ferrari with a 1994 Toyota Carola that is also filled with bees.

  8. Gee you would think that it might be a good time to start doing a rotating roster to give people time off, but a company owned by a chaotic workaholic would never do that.

  9. Run the ropes and horribly be an embarrassment? Okay, granted Kelly Kelly probably doesn't wrestle much ( if at all) when she isn't making special appearances but you should show a little respect. She did win the women's diva title (in 2011) and held it for 4 months.

  10. I've never seen Randy hesitating to attack somebody(that second rope stomp he never did) eventhough it's part of the storyline.
    The respect Randy has on Edge was crystal clear on that segment.
    The only sad part is that WWE still needs returning legends and Veterans to boost up their ratings excluding a few great young talents they have.

  11. Why didn't they just let Humberto win the United States championship? So are they just taking the u.s title away for a month?

  12. While you guys arent wrong and it is A wwe champion being suspended, the title is still a bit clickbaity. Why not flatout say the US champion is suspended? Even if wwe doesnt value the championship, we can give it value by calling it and whoever holds it by who they are. Love your content, but you guys mentioned in your "WrestleTalk heel turn apology video" that you were gonna work on it. And while you did, this is still something that I feel should change. (And yes I'm aware you guys use the silhouettes to help differentiate who you mean, but for me it still leaves a sense of 'bait and switch' reporting in my wrestleheart.) Thats really the only thing I think id like to see change in 2020 from you guys. Everything else is phenomenal. Dear god, none of you get injured

  13. Why do you criticize Kelly Kelly? It doesn't matter what she does in the ring. Just having her on the show for us to watch is a good thing.

  14. They could of gave it to someone else better then kelly kelly like the IIconics or something he’ll even another NXT star

  15. Got dammit. Didn’t Joe just come back from an injury. And now he has another one. God dammit man. No wonder he hasn’t won any titles. He’s to injury prone.

  16. What I want to know is: When exactly did WWE find out Andrade violated the wellness policy?

    If it was before the match last night, then Andrade should've dropped the title.

  17. Damn…say it ain't so, Joe. This guy just CAN NOT stay healthy. I said before that I think Humberto would make a good heel. Last night showed it again. He could balance that intense side he showed dropping Andrade on the concrete with flashing the baby face dimples in a "I didn't do anything wrong" manner. It would be kind of similar to Angel Garza in NXT, but I think it could work.

  18. Sorry if I’m wrong but Joes been on the main shows for 3 years and this would be the 3rd WrestleMania he’s missed right. I’m about 70% shore but that sucks even more if I’m right.

  19. Oooh that’s why Humberto reacted like a heel. Andrade will be back better than ever.
    Joe is 10years past retirement. Go on a diet dude, your broken knees aren’t holding up that gut.
    Sasha isn’t missed anyway.

  20. I like how everybody here is calling Joe accident prone, when clearly they haven't paid attention to Alexa Bliss. Who has injured herself at least 6 times within 2 years. Hell, most were just fakes

  21. nope cause they replaced Sasha with shotzi… they need to tell the legends weeks in advance if they are returning plus Kelly had new gear so that’s the tea

  22. Welp, for being a behemoth of wrestling, Joe certainly knows how to get injured (Didn't he just return from an injury?) GET WELL SOON JOE!

  23. Kelly Kelly was Sasha Banks replacement!? So Santina Marella was booked to be in the Rumble from the start….oh God!

  24. Wait.. I know Aj was injured when Edge speared him.. something was wrong with his left arm/shoulder… is there any official word on what exactly the injury was?

  25. If you saw joes suicide dive you can tell he fell wrong. He dropped on the floor like a boulder. Hope hes okay and gets better soon

  26. Once again the hate is real with wrestle talk. luke Shut yo ass up and leave Kelly kelly alone, I don't know if you are def or something but if yo listen to the crowd they loved her returned, and she performed perfectly fine

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