Wrestling Moves KOLAT.COM Eliminating Obstacles

Wrestling Moves KOLAT.COM Eliminating Obstacles

I want to talk about eliminating things.
You know I get, people always ask like the mental state of wrestling. There’s so many
different parts to it. Here is what I think about the mental state. I think it gets
confused. I think people break it down for the actual 5 minutes or 7
minutes or 6 minutes whatever your time frame is. Whatever your age group is. They talk
about the mental focus of the sport. And they, I think coaches make a mistake of
conveying it in regard to the actual match that’s happening. And here’s how I try
to approach the mental state when I’m talking to my athletes about it or
talking to my own kids. I have 3 kids. I mean I’m talking to them about you
know the mental focus when it comes to preparing for something. Or being engaged
into something it’s non-stop. And mental focus or maybe you want to call it
discipline maybe the two are exactly hand-in-hand. I think to some extent is. Like mental
focus is when you got up in the morning and you’ve done your first workout and
you’ve done it to the best of your ability and you come out of there
hurting and feeling that you expended all your energy and then you recover and
then you do it a second time. And you go through a second workout and then you
come home and you eat dinner and maybe your favorite TV show’s on. And you sit on the
the couch, you sit down on the coach and then you look at the time. And then you say to yourself, “okay
I gotta get up in next 15 minutes, put my running shoes and go get that lift in or go get that run in.”
Like that’s the mental side of the sport. So you might be able to say, you
could call that discipline but that’s hard. You know that was… that’s
hard to do. And the only way you get to a level of being able to accomplish that is to
throw yourself into your sport 100% and eliminate all the distractions that come
along with with being involved in a sport. What I mean by distractions is I tell my guys
and my kids you’re constantly being attacked. To maintain a mental focus of
of that… high or that kinda discipline and maintain it year round is your constantly
being attacked and you have to eliminate those distractions or those things or those
people that are attacking you. An attack would be picking the wrong roommate to live
with in college. You know… my roommate I always tell people was Sanshiro Abe.
He was a 4-time academic all-american when we were at Penn State. He was a 4- time NCAA
wrestling all-america. He was a national champion. He was a world team member he was
an Olympic team member and I lived with him. And I chose him as a roommate because I knew that there was gonna be days when we’d be sitting on the couch and he’s gonna
come in from a run and he just got done running 5 miles. And when you live with a person
like that it keeps you from getting lazy. It keeps you on the right path. It keeps
your mind sharp. It keeps you mentally focused, as we say. Which is… its 24 hours a day pretty
much. It’s not just the act of the 7 minutes of actually competing in
wrestling. It’s… that kind of mindset. You know getting up and brushing your teeth left-
handed instead of right-handed. Because it might add a little bit to you where you know in a collar tie
I can tie up with a guy with my left hand or shoot a high crotch left-handed and you know
brushing my teeth left-handed might just be the little bit of difference. That’s the
mental side of the sport that I tell people it’s non-stop that your constantly
trying to find just little inches, little inches every day that make you better. And eliminating distractions is really
important. Living with the right person is a big help. Put it this way. You can
live with a person who goes out every night and gets drunk and comes home
at 2 a.m. and you know wakes up at 10 or 11. And maybe goes for a run every now
and then. Or you can live with the guy was a 4-time all-american, who runs
every day, who gets up at 7 o’clock and gets his first workout in, who comes
home and… after he eats is studying and after he studies you know he goes and gets
another drill in. You can surround yourself with that kind of person. So
it’s important that mental focus is a 24/7 aspect of your
life. And to help that process along it’s important that you surround yourself
with the right people and eliminate distractions. And so make sure you pick the
people that you’re surrounded with closely and take your time about doing it.

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  1. This is an element everyone that wants to get up there should have , it's the will that you want the sport that should drive you have to realize what is right for your sake and not trying to relax

    Thank you this video showed me a lot

  2. Cary, that is so funny you mentioning "trying to brush your teeth with your left hand." First of all, I'm a former wrestler albeit only high school. And mentally, and physically, I do the 'trying to brush your teeth with your left hand" thing. I do it when I'm performing something mundane, perfunctory…because like you said, I believe it may give me the edge in something, no matter how trivial it may seem in the moment….or in an emergency situation. I do it when I'm literally using a screwdriver to tighten or loosen a screw. I do it when I'm using a powertool albeit in "safe" scenario….I guess the philosophy is "prepare yourself for the unexpected."

  3. anyone has any advice for a high school wrestler who is state champ caliber whose team mates are far less skilled and not really helping him get to the next level.

  4. This is true i started training and spending time with a friend who participated in the olympic games in nanjin since that i've become a better person and i'm not lazy

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