WWE 2K20 News: NEW DLC Event! Update FAILS, Save Data CORRUPTED, Remaining Issues & More!

WWE 2K20 News: NEW DLC Event! Update FAILS, Save Data CORRUPTED, Remaining Issues & More!

what’s up guys welcome back to the
channel and tomorrow WWE 2k twenty and on this video we’re gonna be discussing
the latest news brand new limited time event coming out with DLC for us to
unlock and when specifically is that going to be happening we’re also talking
the latest following the recent update that we got patch 1.03 which it hasn’t
been so kind so there’s a lot of problems with it that we need to discuss
and hopefully you guys are able to avoid to not crash your own game before we get
into it don’t meet you too elbow drop and hit those notifications to always be
up to date and to not miss any of the coverage starting off with some quick
news the next original DLC character and the last one that we’re gonna be able to
get for the bump in the night pack it’s gonna become available starting this
Sunday WWE games tweeted out that the new pilgrim rusev tower in WWE 2k 20
originals bump in the night DLC pack will be available this Sunday the day of
Survivor Series much like the zombie Sasha banks tower this is also a
quote-unquote special event but there is no time limit to it once its unlock all
we gotta do is complete the tower so that we are able to get the pilgrim
rousseff originals character we don’t know the specific release time of it but
if it is like the Sasha banks one it should be available sometime in the
middle of the day once it is out I’ll make sure to let you guys know and I
will probably be streaming it live on Twitch the moment we could get this
unlock and now moving on into the after match of the latest update patch 1.08 we
discussed the full patch note of it yesterday which was a lot and by now you
will probably think that the game is fixed but obviously it’s not so much
like I did last time I wanted to come here and discuss some of the issues that
I’ve been seen on social media Reddit and many of which which has been
organized by members of the communities and even from the Smackdown hotel one of
the biggest issue right off the bat is that if you do play the game on PC then
you probably find out the hard way that upon downloading the actual patch the
save game file has been getting corrupted obviously it caused so many
problems that there is now an update for you too
great 1.02 so we’re back to what we started or just taking step backwards
instead of forward the patch also addressed concerns that images may fail
to display correctly with texture in downloaded custom arenas and technically
it did fix the problem it did fix downloads but it’s only for new creative
stuff so if you’re trying to download an arena that was uploaded like a month ago
you’re still gonna be running into the same type of issues you have to whale to
that creator ultimately upload said again to community creation find it and
then download it so to keep in mind that previously uploaded arenas would have to
be reloaded to work correctly but that’s not to say that everything is fixed when
it comes to creating an arena because placement of objects doesn’t always save
correctly as the parts move to their original spot when you end up playing in
it for universe mode a lot of the same issues still remain you cannot set it
the full custom attire for a superstar and pay-per-views you are only still
limited to added ten matches not the 14 of them creating tag teams before
starting universe most oh does not import the teams to a new universe mode
save and after customizing certain matches many of the superstars selected
get messed up and just switched around also custom matches on tables it’s a
complete mess as well and ends up crashing the game much like when you do
Hell in a Cell when a customer Reena and so on a lot of these issues as you guys
already know we discussed after patch 1.08 a championship but they still got
time to keep the promise as they did indicated that it will be here before
the end of the year so there’s still a month and a half left for us to get that
big update highlight reel end cutscenes are still having the same
type of issues where we get to see some of the cutscenes are supposed to be on
the backstage and the ring so obviously they makes no sense at all and
highlight-reel continues to be very limited several victory scenes for tag
teams fail to play correctly after matches no victory scene after the
Elimination Chamber matches creating a superstar was heavily updated and I’ve
like this is where they focus most of their energy on but for the right
reasons they ended up patching a lot of the fun glitches that we ended up
encountering like putting the Bray Wyatt jacket and making the superstar attire
go absolutely crazy or even the head glitch which was fun to do and a bit of
a change for some superstar that was also patch but meanwhile we are still
getting issues with custom logo is getting misplaced paradigm for creators
superstars still not working correctly trying to import parts from an attire of
a downloaded creator superstar crashing the game and among other things the head
with option not working correctly and again that is just some of the issues so
unfortunately the latest patch did fix some of the stuff and it feels like and
there are patching while we were having fun with with some of the glitches while
the main issues and problems and all of that are still happening and making the
game crash just as much as before if you found anything extra let me know down in
the comments below and share it with the community so that we could all be aware
of it but all of that said guys that is it for this video if you enjoy a find
this informative don’t forget to elbow drop it and of course make sure to have
those notifications turn on to not miss any of the upcoming coverage wind over
200,000 subscribers amateur tiao dig it

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100 Replies to “WWE 2K20 News: NEW DLC Event! Update FAILS, Save Data CORRUPTED, Remaining Issues & More!”

  1. There is a way to do the hair glitch if you copy import the part from a superstar that has the glitched part, and for me, it works and doesn't crash or become able to see.

  2. I have no pity for anyone who actually bought this garbage. People knew it was a dumpster fire but yet still bought it. Idiots 😒

  3. Lets be honest here, wwe 2k20 is unfixable at this point.

    The only way to actually fix it, would be to have the game completely remade by a team that knows what they are doing.

    This game is a lost cause and so will wwe 2k21 be aswell.

  4. They need to refund us but won't there too greedy.and they need to re release this next year I could wait just give us a WWE 2K19 Logo site

  5. See how for the ps3 after a few months of the new game being out u wouldn't be able to go online with the old one (ex. When 2k14 came out after a few months we couldn't download caws on 2k13) is that the same with the ps4 games? Every year I've bought a new game I just deleted the old one from my ps4 so not sure if it works the same. The reason I ask is could we keep playing 2k19 till next year and still be able to download caws or do they eventually stop u like the ps3 games

    Edit: for example could I pop in 2k16 or 17 and still be able to download caws? Just so I know how long I don't need to buy this game for before it stops letting me download caws

  6. Instead of these Bump wrestlers why can't we get some that weren't included like Imperium, Gallus and more NXT wrestlers? Wheres the UK Womens title I don't think no patch is going to fix this game.

  7. The game still crashes when you try to make the managers playable especially when you try to edit their hometown.

  8. This is what they should do increase 2 more years of community Creations and have returning players get discounts on next release

  9. There is 3 other issues on the ps4 game.
    1.the announcement of Beth Phoenix name during her entrance and winning victory (the audio makes a scratching sound during both her entrance and winning victory)

    2.when playing in the Nxt takeover:Blackpool arena and trying to exit the ring the camera angle goes upwards into the arena.

    3.Since patch 1.03 the MITB cash in causes a glitch where the next week the champion will face himself in a title match.

    I'll let you know if there are anymore issues occurring on the ps4 version.

  10. If they think dlcs are worth it. Then they should be releasing games like the way UFC does. Then we get stable games and that are playable for some period before another release to let them to even plan on good stuff.

  11. Kind of shitty that you used CM Punk as click bait…..I guess whatever it takes to get some views right? I don't know who's worse, you or Wrestling WorldCC.

  12. This all could've been avoided if they would've just pushed the game back until it was COMPLETELY DONE. This is crazy, well probably need 10+ patches just to address all these problems.

  13. All I want is to create championships!! Is that so much to ask for? They could've kept that Rusev bullshit to themselves 🙄

  14. And they need to fix when you create your character in my career or Superstar like the glitches like with the costumes they need to get all that fixed to

  15. Am I the only one that didn’t have a single crash and I only have minor glitches like wrong person shown in universe mode

  16. It won't let me add logos to superstars attire

    My game crashes when i try to play my career

    The masks for sin cara, Rey Mysterio, and kalisto still make their face look disoriented

    BTW thanks macho t your better then smacktalk at least you listen to the people.

  17. So whenever i create an arena, either the mini-tron lowers into the stage or my titantron and header move back up when i lower them

  18. I haven’t played this game since it 1st came out but I’m never getting a wwe game again in life ,I hope people do the same because this was straight robbery and they got away with it legally,

  19. Why did I download an arena with Custom Logos and all of that…..just to go Into the arena and logos are nowhere to be found…..in fact everything was white try to edit it back to normal and then crash

  20. I uploaded a image for me to make a custom arena it's 1024×256 won't let me delete it as it keeps crashing my game ☹️ Only way to completely remove it from my game would to be delete the save game off my Xbox but then I'll lose my player progress

  21. The WWE is amazing. it is the only company that can give you shity product and people still watch and play. Who the hell pay $60 for a broken game? WWE fans that's who. I might get the game when the price. And that's only when they put create a championship because I like to create my own federation. That's the only reason I play

  22. One Xbox when you download caws several caws that were made before the recent patch you don't get some logos and face texture and it'll look like you have everything until you play it or try to customize it so we won't ever get a good game. Glitches are still as often and you can't import atirres or it crashes. This is unacceptable from @2K

  23. not all gmaes mt game don't crash  when doing glel in in cuems aurnas way don't you bring up that 2k stele has not  fixed iamge uplrod  you uplrdo in iameg 30 times to eb get 1 iamge up mso your iaegs wont apper in the game to downlrod

  24. It’s like they don’t care they’ll just keep leaving the issues in the game and not fix it at all. I still crash on my game and I still get the error code bs

  25. The damn game keeps crashing after I beat Tyler breeze in the table match of the pilgrim Rusev tower. Terrible. Last wwe 2k game I ever get.

  26. Games still broke made a character put a custom image as face paint played exhibition and the images dont show up

  27. The Ruasv dlc crashes the after the table match with breeze at the end of the match and you dont get credit for winning the match so you have to keep.doing it over

  28. Ive had to restart universe 3 times now, because it constantly tells me my brand doesn't have enough wrestlers yet every brand still has the right amount of wrestlers.

  29. Decided to buy the game myself and I haven't really experienced anything I feared I would experienced. I got two crashes in my first hour of gameplay and that's about it. Yea there's glitches in the wrestling but there's glitches in every game. Plus it's funny seeing John Cena get his balls destroyed when he is in mid-air from a super man punch courtesy of Roman Reigns. Not as bad as the public makes it out to be. Also it is indeed playable

  30. Cos yeah I bought Bump in the night to play as Rusev in a custom attire that I would probably never use even if it was in Community Creations

  31. I laugh hard when I see the ones in the comment section who rabidly defended 2k20 when the writing was on the wall and reviews were out, hating it now that they've ignorantly wasted their money on it despite the reviews and warnings.
    Any fun they begin to have gets shut down by the corrupted saves
    My goodness 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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