WWE 2K20 News: REALLY OUTDATED?! Fans OUTRAGE, New Footage Confusion & More!

WWE 2K20 News: REALLY  OUTDATED?! Fans OUTRAGE, New Footage Confusion & More!

what’s up guys welcome back to the
channel into some more WWE 2K20 news as we got some of the latest to discuss
including breaking down a bit of gameplay that was shown to us and a bit
of an outrage right now with the fans concerning the game being outdated or is
it so we’re talking that and more but before we get into whether you guys
already know me show to our boy drop and hit our notification if you haven’t just
yet to be fully up-to-date on on my coverage nonetheless and let’s get into
it and the first thing I want to talk about is the fact that an NBA 2k 20 and
borderlands 3 are officially ow so 2k can now focus on WWE 2k 20 and I
hope that’s the case first thing I did was send out this
tweet dear 2k now that NBA 2k 20 in waterlines 3 are both out go right ahead
and give us everything for WWE 2k 20 sincerely a wrestling mark that just
wants to play your wrestling game thank you and I hope this request comes true
especially more gameplays we’re definitely asking for that a lot because
we barely got in any and let’s get into that today WWE games uploaded a video of
Becky Lynch and Roman reigns talking about being in the cover of this year’s
game and how excited they are and with it we got like five new seconds of
gameplay footage or game clips slash entrance clip and to say the least
people are not too happy about it as WWE games decided to show a clip of Becky
Lynch with an outdated Tron which doesn’t make much sense to me up to why
they would do that in their promotion when they know people are just gonna
complain about it but we shouldn’t the reason why it doesn’t make any type of
sense to me is because we got a small entrance clip of Becky Lynch before and
in it you can see that the Tron is updated her entrance is updated and it
is the same one that we see in WWE television right now the new clip that
was shown to us simply looks outdated as it was from when she was transitioning
from the old Becky Lynch last year to what she is now demand so her Tron
wasn’t fully updated just yet this is more than likely an alternate version of
Becky from either lately year or early on this year that we are
gonna be able to unlock in 2k showcase mode which has we covered before she’s
gonna have like eight different alternate versions with different tires
different Tron’s different looks and so on so again now that I explained this to
you guys you probably understand why it doesn’t make any sense to me for them to
show an outdated version when we know how this community gets when something
is not updated as it is another short clip that we ended up seeing was Becky
taking on Oskar on the Monday Night Raw arena
I can’t kind of given us the impression that this was around the Royal Rumble
time early on this year month ago since that was when these two females were
feuding with each other there’s also other possibility that all of this is
from an earlier version of the game and I hope that’s the case because I do got
a bit of a complain from what we saw today we got to see more of Becky Lynch
and I’m not necessarily too excited about it as of right now I’m not the
biggest fan of how her model is currently looking for her being the
cover star of the game her face doesn’t necessarily look as
impressive as Superstars that we already seen like body Murphy alistair black or
even roman reigns who we did got to see a bit more of it was just another second
of his entrance which they show some new crowd signs that we haven’t seen in the
entrance reveal this year’s just yet one of those signs and that are featuring
d-generation x and tag me in kind of signifying that whatever this is being
recorded on is probably a tag-team match anyways guys that is what I got for you
in this video if you want more coverage of me breaking down all the latest
reveal make sure to stay tuned to the channel subscribe and have those
notifications turn on we are the words 200,000 subscribers imma tutti out dig
it you

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73 Replies to “WWE 2K20 News: REALLY OUTDATED?! Fans OUTRAGE, New Footage Confusion & More!”

  1. Becky’s tron isnt outdated, her “the man” tron was in the og trailer, and there’s more than 1 gimmick for becky, so that’s when she first started the man gimmick

  2. I hope the game will be up to my standards. I pre-ordered it, and I better not regret it. All I'm hoping is that none of the superstars are outdated, and I'm hoping Tommaso Ciampa will be in the game's roster. He's my favorite so that would definitely fill my expectations

  3. Becky had her updated trons in the original trailer the one shown today is likely a alternative version of her for showcase mode

  4. I don’t even think I’m gonna buy the game this year tbh, 2k doesn’t touch the game after January, and it’s the same every year with nothing new

  5. I personally think Becky looks great. She's definitely showing more emotion than in previous games.
    That, plus YouTube quality will NEVER do justice to the final game once released.

  6. I'm pissed off about the fact that we have had not much information that for the first time I've actually cancelled my pre order and ordered modern warfare instead.
    For real, every year I've bought wwe games but this year I'm thinking of missing it to be honest I only pre ordered it for the fiend but wasting 90 pounds on one character is stupid.

  7. Her model is crap and she's the cover star, that's just really Damn bad.

    The only confusion here is they don't know how to market anything and so stupid to showcase this footage and not show the up to date trons.

    People are always going to be pissed when they don't get to see the game and just being drip fed rubbish like this.

  8. I now understand, 2K, you no longer are putting anything that is massively new into the current consoles, and will now be focusing on the new consoles I see. It’s now obvious.

  9. To be honest I know the ThQ Necrophilias are going to spam my comments with irreverent insults the Thq games were also outdated

  10. It's nothing new they always mess the game up they never fix anything just like the so called locker keys that was in 2k19 smh this game is gonna be a mess because all they want is the money

  11. These "outraged" fans need to chill out because you can clearly see the updated titantron in the original trailer. Research, guys, research!

  12. I take it nobody actually knows when 2K record the footage they’re using a Dev Kit to do it on, so not everything you see will be perfect, they’re keeping the real stuff for us, to explore and see for ourselves.

    Even when back in 2017 they said in a statement, we will try and not keep you fans in the dark anymore and give you fans the information you desire.

    But that was all lies, they basically lied to us about that, and now we’re mere 6 weeks away from the game dropping. And still no info about universe mode etc, it’s all focused on my career and 2K showcase.

    Like they’re pointing out to us, the gameplay remains the same as last year. And so does the creation suite.

    We won’t get a full over the top WWE game until next gen consoles come out 2020. Which i understand completely. They are working with 3 titles each year, and now it’s become a 3 on 1 situation. Where 2K are taken on NBA, Borderlands, and WWE, but for the past 6 months, their main focus has been NBA and Borderlands 3. WWE they couldn’t care about, explains why we ain’t getting the info we desire.

  13. Ok let me get something out real quick, we have 6 weeks left til the game comes out. WWE YouTube Creators USUALLY go to 2K Headquarters to play the game early to give fans thier take on things. So that means we HAVE to get something big in the next 3 weeks, so the creator's are HYPED enough to want to play the game. So far, no one really cares about the game because nothing new has come forward. All I'm trying to say is don't lose hope even though 2K is dumb af.

  14. They got two versions of Becky Lynch her early model before turning into the man remember she got a tower when she was with nxt and when she just started and now she might have three versions

  15. my gusse
    the befor the man and after is the 4 horse women showcase mode
    if theres more then 1 becky lynch many will complain like they did was
    daniel bryan in 2k19
    5 weeks 4 days about from the game being out
    my gusse is near the end of the month to middle of next month news will be hitting us

  16. Graphics look very cartoonish looks very cheap so sad that it became even update Becky Lynch Titantron what makes U think they going to put the whole entire roster in the game I hate to say it but this game looks really cheap it's really cheap the graphics look so different Roman Reigns face looks so different in the graphics with so cartoonish and cheap not feeling

  17. That's right Becky's face model doesn't resemble to it, to showcase her dominance 2k has given a manly model to her character, m pissed about this particularly because she is the cover star to this year's edition. 2k should have done justice to thiß

  18. I think the reason why there is not hardly any gameplay or any other news is because it gives 2k more time to work on the game maybe news will come out closer to game release

  19. okay…. so you complain about a tron……im sorry but that's stupid of people to do. Yes I prefer the actual one but i'll accept it as I also like her old one as well and kinda miss it now and again.

  20. So weird. Becky's gear looks great face is off. Roman's face looks great..but his gear is TERRIBLE wtf is it SO GRAY!? .. ironically WWE games in general normally the black is to Black and we can never see any detail now Romans pants are gray & his best deal while also looking too gray is lacking detail..where are the straps!? & why is it rendered as if it is basically a wife beater with a design and a clip belt rather than a sick vest with multiple straps designs!? Ugh. …i at least hope they get Kane right for ONCE. I've played every WWE PlayStation game in the series since the beginning. They either screw up cam gear his mask details or his entrance. Never has a 100% Kane. (I absolutely count Kane's enterence pyro..if his hands are palms facing the hard cam it's definitely lacking attention to detail. Hands should be palms up while rising & palms down whole lowering. How can a team of people miss this on almost every game!? Then they get it right..but the mask/face/head in general look terrible..or the gear is lazy. I LOVE these games but I wish I could be the detail guy because it's extremely irritating to me to have so many details overlooked when they are easy fixes.)

  21. Y’all really annoy me, this was NJPW Fire Pro Wrestling World in 2018. “tHiS gAmE iS aWeSoMe! wHo CaReS aBoUt ThE gRaPhIcS” they said 🙄 y’all goofy’s it’s hilarious 🤦🏾‍♂️

  22. Thank you macho T Becky's face looks horrible. Also the horse woman should have only 2 characters with multiple attires. No more wasting roster slots

  23. I will never buy this shit again unless they scrap the full engine and start over its the same shit for 20 years 2k can suck ma balls

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