WWE Announces SIX New Signings! Elias WWE Contract Update! | WrestleTalk News

WWE Announces SIX New Signings! Elias WWE Contract Update! | WrestleTalk News

Late last night WWE confirmed six new signings
to developmental contracts, with two very notable names, and some other interesting
prospects. Most noteworthy is of course Mercedes Martinez,
real name Jazmin Benitez, who has appeared in WWE before, making her way to the semifinals
of the inaugural Mae Young Classic, while also appearing in the 2018 version. Most interestingly
though, she has also recently appeared for AEW, as part of the Casino Battle Royale at
All Out on August 31st, 2019, and had a match on AEW Dark on November 5.
AEW may consider this a major snub as Martinez was one of the more over female talents to
appear on their ever expanding roster. Then again, considering it’s been quite a while
since those two appearances and no reports of offers from AEW have surfaced, perhaps
she wasn’t on their bucket list. It’s been reported for quite some time that
WWE were interested in signing Martinez, and it’s almost surprising it’s taken them
this long to hop on the Mercedes train. …do Mercedes make trains? Either way, it’s good
to see Martinez finally joining WWE, where she will join the stacked NXT women’s division
to add her own brand of badassery. Rhea Ripley vs Mercedes Martinez? Yes please.
Mercedes tweeted her joy of signing by saying: “See that SMILE??!!! who says dreams can’t
become a reality?!! I worked for this moment for 19yrs!! I’m where I’m SUPPOSED to be at
this moment in time. Sacrifice, determination, hardwork, motivation, & staying humble got
me here. THANK YOU *puerto rico flag emoji* *pride flag emoji* *heart emoji*”
On top of this, fans won’t have long to wait to see Martinez in action, as on WWE
Backstage, it was confirmed that she will be a competitor in the battle royale to determine
the number one contender to Rhea Ripley’s NXT Women’s Championship.
Another notable name among the six new signees was indie standout Jake Atlas, real name Kenny
Marquez, who came to prominence in PWG among other promotions in and around California.
Atlas has also appeared on WWE-themed programming before, being a feature of an episode of “Undercover
Boss” with Stephanie McMahon, where he mentioned on there he wants to become the first openly
gay WWE champion. Atlas is currently only 25 years old, so one
has to think the standout has a bright future ahead of him. Atlas has experience in gymnastics
and cheerleading, who hopefully lends itself to an exciting in-ring style, and not him
becoming a solo version of the Spirit Squad. The other four signees were Emily Andzulis,
a 27-year old jiu jitsu athlete who appeared on and won The Rock’s reality TV show, Titan
Games, Sidney Bateman, a 27-year old acrobat and former member of Cirque Du Soleil, Anthony
Francis, an athlete with five years of NFL experience under his belt, and Zechariah Smith,
a 7ft tall behemoth and former basketball player.
There’s one more news story to cover very quickly, and that’s about contracts again!
This time it’s about Elias, and as revealed on WWE Backstage, Elias has signed a new multi-year
deal with WWE, which honestly, is probably the least shocking thing to happen in 2020.
While the length of the contract has not been disclosed, considering many of WWE’s talents
have been getting locked down into 5 year contracts, it would be surprising if Elias
was anything different. It seems like the WWE universe will be walking
with Elias for quite some time to come. If it’s this long of a walk, I guess it’s
more of a hike at this point. Or a pilgrimage. Anyway, that was the news, press the videos
on screen now to catch up with the latest awesome WrestleTalk things, and the other
buttons to buy some merch and become a Patreon pledgehammer. I’ve been El Fakidor Laurie
Blake, and that, was some quick fire news.

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  1. LAURIE: What do you think of the new signings?

    0:03 – WWE Confirms Six New Signings! / 3:00 – Elias Signs New Multi-Year WWE Deal

  2. I can’t wait to see more of Mercedes Martinez! I have enjoyed all of the work I’ve seen from her, and it seems like the NXT Women’s Division will be even more stacked with her in it.

  3. Mercedes is one of the most talented female wrestlers today. And AEW loves dropping the ball. They are too busy marking out over The Dark Order and old wrestling legends.

  4. Anyone ever notice how delighted people are when they first sign with WWE and how bitter they are with the company later? It’s always a dream come true at first then they talk about how dreadful working there was.

  5. Liking the new presentation Mr El Fakeador. As much as I like to see all your ugly mugs, change is good to refresh..

  6. I'm happy to see Elias will remain with the company. I like his character whether he's a heel or a babyface. I hope they put some kind of title on him this year (not the 24/7 title) although I feel like that's just wishful thinking.

    Follow @OWrestletalk on Twitter! Thanks to Oli and Luje for giving me the go ahead!

  8. Why are they're calling early superstars careers for an contract update? I rather do an 10 year contract if I were to be one of the early guys like Elias and Becky.

  9. Surprised by Jake going to wwe since he is close to many AEW guys like Jungle Boy. Sad I won't see him locally in indie shows but he is a star and fans worldwide will be able to see him go. Congrats on the signing and look forward to seeing you tear it up in the wwe.

  10. I'm gonna make a bold guess. I think AEW doesn't want the best women talent because Brady would never be able compete with that kind of talent. If their women's roster isn't over stacked then there's a better chance the fans might hop on board the Brandy train. This is not a statement, but I wild guess.

  11. WWE are legitimately locking down talent, not to improve their roster talent, but to shelf them right after signing or make them guinea pigs for one of their Vince: "Idc if they like him/her! I want the one they dont like over until they do like him/her instead" gimmicks

  12. I like the quick news especially with my job I'm on the go all the time so I can listen to this quickly on break or when I get the chance to.

  13. Hi wrestletalk boyz,

    Im going to Bash at The Beach tonight, I'll be wearing a Hawaiian shirt and have a wrestletalk sign. Where can i send you pictures??? Thanks.

  14. I do appreciate the short video. I appreciate the hard work you folks do but don't always have time to watch your sit down videos so content like this & the RAW/Smackdown/AEW/NXT recap videos that are 10 or less minutes always get a view & thumbs up from me.

  15. So excited so Jake Atlas. He killed it in with his match against Daga in PCW. Hopefully they use him correctly and let him shine

  16. I remember back in the days when there was an event on Monday that being football, baseball or basketball Wwe Raw would come on top, but now with last Monday’s stacked card they only did 2.030 ratings, Wwe is a joke now, non interesting and there storylines run for 2 months😂😂😂 DEAD

  17. First saw Atlas at PWG BOLA 2019 and wow I was amazed! His finisher is super special and amazing! Nothing like it in all of wrestling! His charisma is great, promos not sure as he didn't chat a lot, but his I'm ring work is above the rest! Trust me if you've seen Atlas wrestle, you will be amazed the first time he steps in

  18. Is Mercedes the first person to wrestle on AEW before going to WWE.

    I wouldn't calling it jumping ship of course as she wasn't actually signed to a contract.
    ( I don't count Rey Mysterio as that was All In not actually AEW)

    But obviously sooner or later someone singed with AEW will get released quit or their contract will run out and they will go to WWE.

  19. Mercedes Martinez was super impressive thru out both MYC tournaments. Hopefully she goes on to play a big role in NXT's Women's Division.

    I'm ready to walk with Elias again. I hope to see him become either IC Champion or US Champion during 2020.

  20. Madison Rayne made a similar tweet not too long ago, then back to Impact she went… A few notable exceptions aside, the WWE don't exactly have a great track record with veteran wresters that they didn't create, especially on the women's division. Martinez is a great talent, would be a shame if they don't use her right.

  21. I liked this quick fire news style. Just having the voiceover I'm guessing makes it quicker and easier to produce?

  22. AEW dropped the ball on Mercedes but, wait till she gets to the main roster because, that's where Vince will most definitely drop the ball on her

  23. Interesting as they just released multiple ones
    Still many want to leave but add more as feel have to many already
    Feel they may be a waste of talent released down the road
    But the good thing is we need more women joining WWE
    As getting sick of seeing Becky lynch ,Charlotte flair winning all the time Esp title matches

  24. Please don't start doing regular videos this short! Some of us actually have an attention span that can last more than 3 or 4 minutes. I enjoy the Mega News segments the most!

  25. No reason for any woman to sign with AEW. Neither company will push you, but at least WWE you get the PC Center and a much bigger contract.

  26. Signing contract with wwe is like a wedding now a day's at the beginning time you enjoy and love it t and rest of the life you regret y did I do it 😜

  27. I still remember Mercedes Martinez vs. Meiko Satomura from the second Mae Young Classic. Easily the best match in the whole tournament for me. We can only hope she's allowed to do that kind of work going forward.

  28. More signings more people to get buried and go absolutely nowhere in a company that can't even do with what it has keep on signing so we can laugh at their tweets 6 months from now saying they want their release

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