WWE Clash Of Champions 2019 Result LEAKED?! WrestleTalk News Sept. 2019

WWE Clash Of Champions 2019 Result LEAKED?! WrestleTalk News Sept. 2019

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looking to sign Cain Velasquez, and a top indie star possibly signing with Impact Wrestling.
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below. This is Session Moth Martina, one of the most
popular wrestlers on the British Wrestling scene and the Queen of Session Style – who
has won championships in promotions like ICW and OTT – and is the proud holder of the fact
that everyone fancies Martina. We even have this cute little figure of her in the studio.
But for all of her accomplishments, Session Moth only ever had one dream in her life:
to have John Cena follow her on Twitter. Even wrestling fans have asked Cena to follow her,
but Big Match John wouldn’t be Big Follow Back John. Even when Cena had that weird day
where he started following everyone on Twitter, even no-name minor celebrities with literally
nothing important to say, he still wouldn’t follow Session Moth.
But now, the boyhood dream has come true for Martina – posting on Twitter: “He said NEVER
GIVE UP AND I DIDN’T!!!!!!! I guess it’s officially true… @JohnCena #fanciesmartina #greatestdayofmylife”
with a picture of John Cena following her back on Twitter. It truly has been one of
the greatest wrestling stories of 2019. And like a true professional, Martina used this
achievement to push her new t-shirt. And that wasn’t the only bit of Session
Moth news this week, as it’s been reported that Martina has signed with Ring of Honor
for their Women of Honor division. Martina actually had an NXT UK try-out earlier this
year, with many speculating that’s where the Queen of Session Style would end up. But
it’s rumoured she turned down their offer to instead work with ROH, which would allow
her to still do her European indie dates, as well as continue to work for Stardom in
Japan. And it’s not just Session Moth Martina who
is currently in demand around the wrestling world.
Former UFC Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez made his professional wrestling debut last
month at AAA’s TripleMania, where he teamed with Cody Rhodes and Psycho Clown in a six-man
tag which garnered positive reviews from critics and fans. And with his popularity and recognisable
name from the world of Mixed Martial Arts, it should come as no surprise that everyone
in the wrestling war is trying to sign him. Dave Meltzer writes that, “He’s been approached
by WWE, who he did a one week camp with last year, and AEW, since his debut came at TripleMania
with the top AEW stars on the show and Cody teaming with him” – also noting that he’s
had discussions with New Japan about doing some matches there.
Velasquez himself confirmed these rumours, telling Ariel Helwani, “We’ve been in
talks with [WWE]. They’re going pretty good.” He said of AEW, “I want to talk to [Cody]
a little more. I think they are doing great things. Now that I’ve started watching a
little more pro wrestling, I think AEW is doing some really cool things. And they have
a good relationship with AAA as well, so they have a lot of guys going to AAA, and back
to AEW. And AEW too does a lot of like, lucha stuff, you know.” Ah, the Kalisto school
of Lucha. And maybe Impact Wrestling could throw their
hats into the ring in getting Velasquez on their show. Following the rumour that Impact’s
parent company Anthem were in talks to purchase Ring of Honor, the company announced yesterday
that they would be moving from their home on Pursuit to the way better channel AXS,
which Anthem now own. AXS’s press release about the new show reiterates
that the show will air following Bound For Glory on AXS, as well as Impact’s Twitch
channel, but doesn’t say what day it will air on. One would presume this means that
Impact are keeping their Friday airdate, but there is a question over the start time of
10pm. If they want to move into a primetime position to get more viewers, they’ll be
going head-to-head with WWE’s Smackdown on Fox. And if they stay at 10pm, they could
still compete with one hour of that show if the rumours of Fox bumping Smackdown to three
hours prove to be true.. And following the news that Impact had signed
Tenille Dashwood until Bound For Glory in October as well as former WWF Attitude Era
star Ken Shamrock, it’s being reported that they might have one of the biggest members
on the independent scene signed to a deal. Biggest members OF the independent scene.
Ahem. Dave Meltzer has written in the latest Observer
that Joey Ryan was backstage at Impact’s latest set of tapings in Las Vegas filming
stuff for the promotion – noting that he’s spoken to a few indie promotions who have
said that Ryan “was cutting back on dates due to signing with Impact.” As Meltzer
notes, this doesn’t mean that Ryan will be exclusive to Impact, as he’ll still be
able to work anywhere he wants apart from WWE, AEW and Ring of Honor.
But that list may grow, if the WWE Network has anything to say about it.
It’s been rumoured for the last few years now that a new pricing tier version of the
WWE Network would be coming into affect. While unconfirmed, it was believed this would include
some tiers only giving you access to PPVs, while others would only give you access to
a certain amount of the archive, while the highest point would give you everything you
get now as well as access to independent promotion shows.
And according to Mike Johnson of PWInsider, these changes are set to come iin January
2020. According to Johnson, “WWE has been reaching out to independent companies about
their potential interest in appearing on the Network,” which would include their partnership
groups like PROGRESS, ICW, Evolve, OTT and wXw, and he also says that WWE have reached
out to Chikara, and even some Mexican promotions. It’s the latest in what appears to be a
big shake-up in WWE – with it being reported last week that writers were being moved around,
and WrestleVotes recent report that the commentary teams might also be shaken up when Smackdown
moves to Fox. Seemingly having fun with all of this, Corey
Graves tweeted yesterday: “Just to clear up all of the rumors I see swirling around
about the commentary changes in WWE… I’m retiring.”
I’m just kidding obviously, I like Corey. He later added that he was instead retiring
the jacket he wore on Smackdown this week. However it clearly promoted a few people to
reach out to WrestleVotes to see if Graves really was stepping down, which they responded
to by saying: “Corey Graves is not retiring. However the plan as of this Tuesday was that
he is moving to Fox alongside Michael Cole. And he will only appear on SD. No more double
duty for Graves.” Which would suggest that WWE really are gearing
up to make Smackdown the A show over Raw for the first-time in history, moving over their
lead commentator and best colour commentator to the Blue Brand, as well as advertising
that their big stars like Charlotte Flair, Roman Reigns and Becky Lynch will be part
of Smackdown in October. But what about one of their hottest acts in the company, Bray
Wyatt? Recently it was leaked that Bray Wyatt would
be challenging the winner of this Sunday’s match between Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman,
who appears to be channeling Blue Steel in his new fighter image. Not only that, but
it would be for the Universal Championship. A leak that has since been confirmed on TV,
with Bray cutting Firefly Funhouse promos about The Fiend going after either Rollins
or Braun at Hell in a Cell. Well according to a new bit of advertising
by WWE, we may now know who The Fiend will be facing at Hell in Cell next month. Of course
this could always be card subject to change so take this with a pinch of salt, but if
you do want to avoid spoilers, I would suggest clicking off now. Obviously watch another
WrestleTalk video, or one from ScreenStalker, as we’re heading into the Spoiler Room Brawl
in 3…2…1. WWE are advertising for their upcoming house
show on September 21st in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada a Universal Championship match between
The Fiend and Seth Rollins, and posted a video that features Rollins cutting a promo on The
Fiend. As we said, this is card subject to change,
so do take it with a pinch of salt, but it does further the rumours that WWE have big
plans for The Fiend. Find out more details on Impact Wrestling
looking to buy Ring of Honor by clicking the video that’s on screen right now – and check
out mine and Oli Davis’ review of Ad Astra by watching the latest episode of ScreenStalker,
which includes our theories that Disney tampered with the movie. I’ve been Luke Owen and
that was MECHA NEWS.



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