WWE DOESN’T CARE?! Vince BIZARRE Reaction To UPSET FANS! Draft Spoilers & After RAW – The Round Up

WWE DOESN’T CARE?! Vince BIZARRE Reaction To UPSET FANS! Draft Spoilers & After RAW – The Round Up

what’s up guys welcome back to the
channel and tone of the roundup episode keeping you up-to-date on all the latest
news in pro wrestling and today we’re talking everything following Monday
Night Raw exactly what went down after the show went off the air the ladies and
beasts are backstage news regarding Vince McMahon after messing out two
other top superstars Bray Wyatt even agreeing with WWE illogical booking the
latest injury report following this weekend in WWE new direction for one of
their top champions interesting potential spoilers regarding the draft
coming up this Friday reports on an unexpected return and much more but
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let’s get into our less rounded out and let’s start off with more the reactions
that came out from Hell in a Cell I don’t want to go over the ending once
again because that is just probably gonna aggravate us but there’s a lot
much more to talk about that main event so to start off it looks like the fiend
Bray Wyatt would get his rematch from WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins
at the upcoming WWE Survivor Series pay-per-view WWE tweeted and then
deleted an announcement on this match happening at the event and this was even
before Monday Night Raw this week which if you guys ended up seeing the show
then you know that there was no Seth Rollins or Ray Wyatt anywhere in the
show it’s almost like WWE was a shame and didn’t want to remind the audience
of them or of the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view to that matter because we
didn’t get any recap for that show onto the third hour meanwhile we were still
getting recap for Raw last week Smackdown last week and even nxc they
just didn’t want to show how when they sell I know after the debacle that went
down but what’s that a debacle because it doesn’t seem like it according to
another report pertaining to Vince McMahon that’s according to five for
select one of their sources in cater that Vincent man was seen laughing
at the negative fan reactions that the finished of the hell when they sell main
event generated as we cover already fans were chanting BS aew and were even
asking for a refund after the show was over and apparently all of this was
completely hilarious for Vince McMahon again the five full report indicate that
at least one story that they heard says that Vince McMahon was initially
laughing of the reaction but that Vince did later except that he messed up with
the finish and it looks like the fans weren’t the only one agreeing when it
comes to WWE’s booking that’s great why it ended up like in a tweet from
grassers asking WWE if they needed help to finish off storylines they tweeted
out the following hey WWE let us know if you need advice on how to craft logical
and coherent story lines with satisfying finishes you could go to Bray Wyatt’s
Twitter right now and you can see that he liked this tweet agree with the fact
that WWE’s illogical booking is clearly horrendous he also tweeted out the
following revengeance a confession of pain
remember this I saw you who knows what that means but hopefully
whenever we do get this rematch we get a decisive winner and hopefully we don’t
get Vince McMahon reacting bizarre to the whole situation and laughing about
it moving into some other news and we actually got some injuries reports
starting off with Sasha banks as she was not medically cleared to compete
following her loss to the raw woman’s champion Becky Lynch at Sunday’s hell
when they sell they of course gave us the best match of the night which should
have been the main event it was a worthy match of being inside a Hell in a Cell
reports indicate that Sasha banks has been pulled from the ring according to
PW Insider the words going around is that Sasha banks suffered a back injury
during the cell match which WWE hasn’t disclosed just yet so there’s no word
yet on how severe the injury is or when she will be back in action a wolf course
keep you guys up to date before the meantime is being reported how the new
direction for Becky Lynch while Sasha banks is dealing
this injury is going against osku which that already started on Monday night
Road this week screwing Becky Lynch and her team with Cary same picking up a
massive victory Aska is of course now a one half of the
WWE women’s tag team champions but there’s nothing saying that Becky Lynch
cannot hold two belts with the drafting coming though this is probably temporary
and it should be interesting to see what exactly happened and talking about the
draft according to a report from wrestling or server radio row executive
director Paul Heyman is very keen on bringing a couple of smackdown brightest
stars on to Monday Night Raw and we kind of already seen that starting this week
the first of those being Alistair black who made a very rare appearance on
Monday and I wrote this week to face off against the Singh brothers out of
everyone reports indicate that this may have been done to remind roll fans that
he does in fact still wrestle despised WWE barely using him on the blue brand
so that is a one of the potential draft that could be headed to Monday Night Raw
because of Paul Heyman the second one is body Murphy who had a couple of amazing
matches as of late or I should say at least last month with Daniel Bryan Roman
reigns and Mustafa Ali but ever since that WWE stopped using him once again
talked about giving a superstar massive momentum for a full month and then just
not continuing it it makes no sense WWE logic being thrown out of the hell
when he said once again anyways Paul Heyman is apparently very big fans of
both men and as I said they will more than likely end up getting drafted to
raw this also goes with the reports that we covered before that WWE trying to
make Smackdown the a show and having the biggest stars there while the rising
stars are gonna be showing up more on Monday Night Raw and it’s probably the
best idea since that is the three hour show they’re able to fit more people in
it and they’re able to do more storylines and build more characters on
to some other interesting reports you guys probably heard that there might be
some rumors out there indicating that edge could possibly be clear to return
to in-ring petition we kind of touched about it on
it but he tweeted about and neglecting all of these rumors but in the middle of
all of this and all the talk of a potential in ring returned
according to PW insider edged west on quote-unquote WWE business in Pittsburgh
early on today this is surprising as he did recently sign a new deal with WWE
that likely Intel’s some extra work some of that extra work
which we don’t necessarily know what it is just yet maybe special appearances or
again in ring return there is another one interesting note that could add some
more fuel to the reports and that is that dr. Joseph maroon who is the head
of WWE’s medical team is based out of PA we also had the wrestling a server
reporting that the possibility of edge returning has been privately discussed
in the WWE even though again edge himself took to Twitter to seemingly
shut down the rumors regardless of what come out of it the point is that edge
it’s gonna be doing some more extra work with the WWE in the foreseeable future
and in some shape of fraction we’re either gonna be hearing or just seeing
him more of course I will certainly keep you guys out today and now let’s go
ahead and do our usual Monday Night Raw recap and we’re gonna make it quick
because I kind of want to get to talk into what happened after the show one of
the air which was actually very interesting so to start off the night we
had Bobby Lashley Alanna taunting rusev from his own home so you know WWE’s
getting sexy with this one and the one positive about all of this is that at
least is making rusev a bigger baby face we hadn’t Italia defeating lacy event in
a last woman standing match and this match actually had a decent ending and I
also hope that it is the end of the field because it is a good way to end it
don’t give us more natalia versus lazy evans week by week on WWE when they just
gave us a decent match and the fury can end right here the Viking raiders
defeated the row tag team champions of Ziggler and Robert Roode so they get a
championship match next week we had a little black defeating the
brothers in a 1 on 2 handicap match the OSI defeated the lucha house party
the woman’s tag team champions the kabuki warriors defeated Becky Lynch and
Charlotte Flair in a champion showcase match this was actually very
entertaining because the kabuki warriors continued to play the heel tag team and
they are doing it great this is exactly the change that they needed ricochet
defeated Apollo Cruz in a Drive showcase match basically almost letting us know
that these two guys are gonna be in opposite brands following this upcoming
drive and then to end the show we had Tyson Fury brawling it out with braun
strowman after a verbal confrontation Tyson Fury just came out there he
demanded an apology from braun strowman braun strowman said hell no and they
brought it out for in awkward ten minutes it was actually a good bro I do
think that at Tyson Fury went soft on those security guards but at least they
build it up as much as possible and you can see that he was having fun doing
this after that segment he’s probably thinking of quitting boxing they’re just
coming over and get some easy millions from Vincent men for doing fun stuff
like this it’s worth mentioning that of course there are rumors to be having a
match at the upcoming crown jewel pay-per-view and who knows how that’s
gonna end talking about anything let’s talk about what happened after Monday
Night Raw because ice and fury continued to grow with braun strowman and after
eventually the two were broken out Tyson Fury found himself alone in the ring
with Xaro he ended up drilling Cesare with two punches to knock him out
Cesaro eventually recovered and was scheduled to wrestle a dark match
against the mist but before the match could even take place
Bray Wyatt appeared as the fiend and took out the sorrow with the mandible
claw someone pushes our oh please my man is taking all the punches give him what
he deserve an actual push anyways guys that is what went down the crowd went
crazy for Bray Wyatt so that’s still a good thing even after the debacle that
happened this weekend that is same for this roundup if you guys enjoy don’t
forget to elbow drop it and hit those notifications to be fully up-to-date on
all the latest when there were 200,000 subscribe
but you see I dig it

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67 Replies to “WWE DOESN’T CARE?! Vince BIZARRE Reaction To UPSET FANS! Draft Spoilers & After RAW – The Round Up”

  1. Vince sick twisted self probably thought the "Boo's" were for Bray Wyatt just because he's a heel instead of bad booking

  2. Honestly though… what would you all prefer? The fiend winning and holding the title high above his head amongst cheering fans? What would they do with the fiend as champ?

  3. Finally even Bray Wyatt himself know the WWE creative team is broken. Give Cesaro to NXT and away from Vince McMahon.

  4. I DID NOT like the finish of HIAC. BUT, you’ve gotta admit, it’s got people talking. If Bray had won, I think there would’ve been cries of “Its so predictable”. I haven’t heard as much good about AEW as I’ve heard bad about WWE. Controversy creates cash.

  5. Sane said something along the lines of "i know youre tired from last night, but get ready cuz we're gonna kick the shit out of you" in Japanese in that promo before their match against becky and flair

  6. Like I said when a Porn site like BRAZZERS saying they can help making storylines make sense. You know your in trouble

  7. We don’t want edge to return. He had a good career. WWE will ruin his return, or possibly his life outside the ring because of neck injuries. (No one wants him paralyzed either)

  8. Something's wrong with that Man but you can't lie he holds a nice roster for the company and nice WWE video games but got bad ideas he needs some one else to do the ideas and he be concerned with football and kicking back spinning his cash maybe make aperences some times let people more up dated to people like triple h and others do things to better their ratings

  9. I don’t like SD taking every good wrestler. Let’s just hope guys like Buddy Murphy and Aleister Black get more exposure if they most likely stay on Raw

  10. what would be good too is Bray Wyatt mouth craw Vince in his office for the DQ of the match and triple h runs in the room from hearing strange noises from Bray Wyatt and see Bray Wyatt's not there and Bray Wyatt hints he wants a rematch to triple h some how and triple h goes out to the ring calls out Bray Wyatt they have a small promo triple h gives him the rematch and hints the next match is Bray Wyatt vs triple h no DQ match

  11. Vince McMahon has officially lost touch, if not more of it!
    I'm still a WWE fan, but Vince McMahon needs to go. He's caused enough damage already. I respect him for his successes in the past, but I can't stand him anymore!
    Sorry if it's a bit harsh, but Vince needs to retire, now, before he kills the WWE!

  12. I'm not gonna complain,….its WWE….
    But, how the hell do wwe do an disqualification in HIAC??????if I were Vince, I'd congratulate AEW too.

  13. Vince is doing natural selection getting rid of the fake ass AEW fanboys just there to bash the show also moving the product into a more adult approach once again, the man is a genius love the wwe or hate it’s not going anywhere the competition is losing the fakes and pulling out all of the stocks to get them back AEW have no idea who they are messing with.

  14. Back then Vince made stupid decisions aka the bret hart screwjob one of the many differences between then and now is nobody now a days has the cahonies to checks vince on his bullshit cause everybody walks on egg shells. A good legit foot up vince's out of touch ass would be nice.

  15. Stop watching his network, stop buying the game, stop watching all together then see how Vince panics, gets scared, and starts shaping up. Easy fix. AEW is looking good by letting vince plow himself deeper into his own pile of shit.

  16. I don't think Vince needs help from BRAZZERS to finish the story. He already finished in all the fans faces on Sunday. Go home Vince. Please go home…

  17. Wwe just has no idea what they are doing so much talent just wasting away I can see aew beating raw and smackdown in the ratings in the near future then we will see if vince is still laughing

  18. 5:53 send Buddy Murphy 2 RAW he could be good in the United States Championship division or the intercontinental championship division

  19. The Attitude Era we had Mae Young & Mark Henry in bed together Ruthless Aggression Era we had a Live Sex Celebration with Edge and Lita and now we got Bobby Lashley & Lana

  20. It’s too late to save Rollins and the fiend WWE is just gonna have to eat that L that they caused themselves no one cares for Survivor series now 🤦🏻‍♂️

  21. Vince gave the keys to the wrestling kingdom to AEW and the sad part is AEW didn’t even have to work hard for it the wars is over 🏳️ white flag waived this is a slap to HHH who worked so hard for NXT and now people are going to watch AEW to spite WWE 🤬🤬

  22. Cesaro has been under used his entire career in WWE.. As far as Survivor series the only way it be worth watching is if Bray doesn't go to smackdown cause we know there not gonna put the red belt on the blue brand or why let each show carry it's own title?. An Vince was laughing his ass off cause regardless how many people booed we still buy tickets and subscribe to the network. Vince needs to focus on the XFL until that gets canceled again..

  23. I'm sick and tired of seeing a viking Raiders every single show get a clean spot. Stop shoving them down our throats!!

  24. Vince was laughing because he finally snapped and realized he is an incompetent CEO and needs to retire. Bray can be saved. They just need to give him a month off, rebuild his mystique, then put him on smackdown and let him run his own character and keep Vince as FAR AWAY FROM HIM AS POSSIBLE.
    As for Seth, its gonna be harder, but he needs to stay out for a bit, and come back to raw as a full blown heal. He's gonna get booed no matter what at this point, so he might as well lean into that. Its a shame that these two were forced into that god awful ending and its neither ones fault, but the fans will respond negatively regardless. So this might be what's best for both of them, IMO.

  25. This show is a friggin joke who don't give 2 shits about their product, their employees an fx most of all…us. after his laughing and shitty response, I cancelled my account. Sad to say but I can honestly have more entertainment with the 10 bucks i pay a month for this, than giving it to this shit anymore. After 2x promising to do what we want and turn around do nothing, if not actually make it even worse. They make promises to the stars and once contracted again they give em 1 good match and shit on them and send them back to purgatory to never be seen again. As shitty as it is for us to watch this crap. I can only imagine how these wrestlers feel. Its gotta be depressing as hell…..mill this for a few, we know theres about 250 guys working for the company right. We have only had 2 people say they love it there….just 2….seth and Corbin. I cant think of anyone else that has anything good to say about it… not 200 out of 250 or 20..JUST 2. Think about that for a second. Here's a theory why Vince doesn't give a shit. I have a feeling theres a big part of the fox wwe partnership that we aren't being told. I believe vince sold 1/2 WWE to Fox in return they give him 4 billion dollars and the ability to help push the new XFL cuz fox is the king of sports. Considering they said it took 4 billion to get it going. No money has probably exchanged hands at all. They have him a budget and collateral of 1/2 the wwe. If it goes bust both have a source of income generating money either way…1 has smackdown 1 has raw still making money. But Vince clearly does not give a shit. He's just pull crap out of his ass until XFL is launched it all adds up perfectly. They use his name, he uses their resources and neither technically exchanged a cent. That explains why he doesn't care. He's pretty much done with it. Also explains why HHH hasn't gone after running the main roster and stays with nxt

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