WWE NEWS – Sasha Banks Returns As Heel /16 Wrestlers Picked For King Of The Ring 2019!

WWE NEWS – Sasha Banks Returns As Heel /16 Wrestlers Picked For King Of The Ring 2019!

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August 13th 2019
WWE NEWS – Sasha Banks Returns As Heel
16 Wrestlers Picked For King Of The Ring 2019!
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We’re kicking off with Monday Night
RAW today as the fallout from an
explosive Summerslam Pay Per View the night before was
felt on the red brand. In the opening segment, new
Universal Champion Seth Rollins
tried to do a victory lap with the crowd in Toronto, but instead got
interrupted by the OC, setting up
a main event between himself and AJ Styles. Though the Architect and the
Phenomenal One had a fantastic
match earlier this year at Money in the Bank, this rematch struggled to
get out of the starting blocks, as
constant interference by Gallows and Anderson sowed
the pace down. When the OC led a three on one
assault on Rollins, it was Ricochet
who tried to make the save, though it was Braun Strowman who
even the numbers up and turned
the tide on the OC. As for Rollins, he didn’t look like he
knew what was going on, but was
certainly pleased for the help. It looks like the Architect will be
working alongside the Monster
Among Men for the time being, this could be a great way to get
Strowman back in the Universal
title picture after a disastrous year. Though Rollins was able to leave
Summerslam as the new Universal
Champion, one Superstar who wasn’t so lucky was Natalya, who
came up short in her Submissions
match against RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch. On RAW this week, the Hart family
member revealed she suffered a
dislocated elbow during the match, and is scheduled for an MRI. Natalya also spoke about her father
Jim Neidhart, who passed away one
year ago today, though her emotional words didn’t stop Sasha
Banks finally making her return to
WWE TV. After being absent since Wrestle
Mania 35, the Boss hugged Natalya,
but showed a new mean streak by attacking the already-injured
Superstar. Pulling off her purple wig to reveal
she now has blue hair underneath,
Banks didn’t stop, and even though RAW Women’s Champion
Becky Lynch came to make the
save, she too suffered Sasha’s wrath, being downed with a series
of steel chair shots. The first heel turn for Banks in over
three years, the Boss clearly felt
good about what she did, and has put herself in front of the line
for possible opponents for The
Man’s Championship. On social media, Sasha spoke
about being free from what she
had been before, saying: ““Finally free, the butterfly sheds
light on situations. That the cater
pillar never considered, ending the internal struggle” With Lynch’s reign now heading into
it’s sixth month, it may finally be time
for a new champion to emerge, as having Banks beat The
Man in her first Pay Per View back
would really establish a new top heel in the RAW
Women’s Division. If she does become champion,
hopefully her reign will mean
something, as though Sasha is a four time former RAW Women’s
Champion, each of these reigns
have been incredibly short. Speaking of character changes,
one Superstar who isn’t turning
face anytime soon, despite what some fans thought, is Samoa Joe. After coming to Roman Reigns’ aid
on last week’s Monday Night RAW,
it seemed the former NXT Champion could have been turning
face, and on this week’s RAW, Joe
continued to tease a turn with a comedic moment backstage
with the Street Profits. The NXT Tag Team Champions were
able to egg Sami Zayn into a rant
about Seth Rollins, Becky Lynch and Joe himself, though Zayn
didn’t realise the Samoan Superstar
was stood right behind him. Despite being in his native Canada,
having the homefield advantage
didn’t make a difference for Zayn, who lost to Joe in less
than a minute. Though this seemed to confirm a
face turn for the former United
States Champion, that wasn’t the case as Joe made it clear he still
hates the fans, and will never forgive
them for accusing him of being Roman Reigns’ attacker. It looks like it’s time Joe got some
big wins and some dominant booking
on RAW, or he may end up being the next Rusev, who has
accomplished nothing in 2019, and hasn’t been seen on WWE
TV in far too long. One huge accomplishment for Joe
may come next week, as on the
most recent edition of RAW, the WWE announced the return of
the King of the Ring. A staple of WWE, the first tournament
saw the late Harley Race be crowned
King in 1986, whilst the first Pay Per View saw Bret Hart defeat
Razor Ramon, Mr Perfect and Bam Bam
Bigelow on the same night to capture the crown. Since then, several major stars in
WWE have received the crown
and sceptre, including ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin, Triple H, Kurt Angle
and Edge. Not every reign was great though,
as the past three Kings, William
Regal, Sheamus and Wade Barrett, all had losing streaks after
becoming the company’s reigning
monarch. The King of the Ring tournament
was last used in 2015, so hopefully
WWE has learnt it’s lesson in the four year since, and will treat
the next King with some solid
booking after their win. Of the 19 men to have become King,
almost half of them would go on to
become a WWE World Champion, so capturing the throne
next week could be the big win
needed for many mid-card stars. 16 Superstars will be vying for the
crown, including Superstars from
RAW and SmackDown such as former World Champions The Miz
and Kevin Owens, current 24/7
Champion Elias, and Baron Corbin, who will be returning to the ring
for the first time in over a month. We’ve got news from NXT now, as
though last Saturday’s TakeOver
Toronto 2 event was big night for the WWE’s developmental
brand, the show must go on. This Thursday, there will be more
TV tapings for the yellow brand,
though this may change soon, as there are reportedly plans to make
NXT a weekly live show in the near
future. According to reports, this would
make the September 11th and 12th
tapings the final tapings for NXT, before the show goes live on FS1. We must stress that these rumors
are still rumors though, as according
to the PW Insider, ““there’s been no indication made to anyone
internally that is happening,” in
regards to NXT going live as a two-hour show. If WWE are planning to make the
huge change, then they’re clearly
playing their cards close to their chest. Only time will tell whether NXT does
make the jump to FOX, though if
this is the plan, the company will need to make an announcement
soon, as well as think of something
big to replace the developmental brand if it is taken
off of the WWE Network. Speaking of the Network, the streaming
service was recently updated and
though it now has a new sleeker design, not everyone is a
fan of the change. During Summerslam weekend, many
fans had problems with streaming
the Pay Per View, and this problem was especially bad for
anyone who shares an account
with friends. The update has made that people
won’t be able to share their accounts
across too many platforms, which means fans can’t chip in to
get the Network cheaper. The
update also means that fans can’t share passwords either. This became a major problem during
Summerslam when fans found
themselves locked out of their accounts, as they were unable to
catch the biggest party of the
summer. It was a good five years for those
fans who were able to save a bit
of money, but it seems that time has come to an end, thanks to
the upgrade. Back to RAW now and there was
once again chaos over the WWE
24/7 Championship on this week’s During a tag match between the
Revival and the Lucha House Party,
24/7 Champion R-Truth ran to ringside after being chased by
Superstars backstage, but
nobody saw what happened next. In the scuffle, the referee threw
out the tag match, and both Dash
and Dawson pinned Truth together, to become the first co-
24/7 Champions in the title’s
brief history. Fortunately for WWE, they won’t
have to make a second belt for
the tag team, as before they realised what was happening, a
distraction by Carmella allowed
Truth to pick up the win, becoming a 12 time champion. This reign didn’t last long either
though, as the rapping Superstar
was attacked backstage by Elias, who smashed a guitar over his
head to claim the title for himself? With so many title changes, fans
can’t help but wonder where was
Drake Maverick in all of this, as though the British Superstar is
already a four time champion, he
should probably spend less time chasing the gold, and more time
working on his marriage. Also on RAW, Rey Mysterio and
Andrade rekindled their rivalry in
a two-out-of-three falls match, the latest battle in what has been one
of 2019’s most personal feuds. Early on, Andrade scored the first
fall thanks to an assist by Zelina
Vega, though Mysterio was able to tie things up with a hurricanrana. After a blow to Rey’s head, the
former NXT Champion almost had
the match won, and though Mysterio attempted a frog splash,
it was Andrade’s counter that won
him the second fall and the match. Looking ahead to SmackDown now,
and tonight’s show has already had
a huge match confirmed between Roman Reigns and
Buddy Murphy. After Murphy accused Rowan of
being the Big Dog’s attacker last
week, the eco-warrior attacked the Australian on the Summerslam
kickoff, something Murphy
didn’t take lightly. Challenging Reigns to a match
tonight, the former Universal
Champion quickly accepted the call, and though it seems
likely that the Big Dog could
win, having Murphy go over could be a huge shock
to the fans, as well as a huge
victory for the former Cruiserweight
Champion, whose career
has stalled since losing the title at
WrestleMania. Over to AEW now and though Chris
Jericho is no longer part of WWE,
that doesn’t mean he’s left the McMahon company behind
altogether. This past Sunday, the AEW star
took to social media to praise
summerslam, and gave particular props to Goldberg, who delivered
arguably his most devastating
spear to Dolph Ziggler. Much like Goldberg, Jericho has
had an issue recently with NXT
Superstar Matt Riddle, and though a match between
Y2J and the King of Bros is
unlikely a Riddle Vs. Goldberg match
could happen down the line. Of course, this would rely on both
men willing to work together, and
though a match between the two may never happen, we all
know to never say never in WWE. And finally today we’re ending
with some Stone Cold news, as
the former World Champion again made it clear that he
won’t be returning to the ring. Speaking to Sports Illustrated, the
Rattlesnake admitted he still
follows WWE, but won’t be lacing up his
boots saying: “I can’t wrestle anymore, I don’t live
in the past. I’m happy I was ‘Stone
Cold’ Steve Austin, but I also want to show people who and
what Steve Austin is all about.” Though it would be great to see the
Bionic Redneck in the ring again,
it’s clear those days are in the past, as Austin’s history of neck
problems among other injuries
mean that the Rattlesnake’s health comes before anything else. Well guys , that’s the news for today
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