WWE Payback Spoiler Revealed? WWE Star Leaving Soon… | WrestleTalk News April 2017

WWE Payback Spoiler Revealed? WWE Star Leaving Soon… | WrestleTalk News April 2017

Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk News! I’m Oli Davis, and I’ll be replying to
as many comments on this video as I can. Ever since both men jumped ship from New Japan
Pro Wrestling to WWE at the start of last year, a potential AJ Styles vs Shinsuke Nakamura
match has been just sitting there. When Nakamura was called up to Smackdown earlier
this month, and – more importantly – AJ wasn’t drafted over to Raw, the dream rematch became
closer than ever. And both men know it, with Styles constantly
referencing Nakamura as his dream Wrestlemania opponent in interviews, and now, with Shinsuke
posting this image on his Instagram, with AJ in the background and the caption ‘See
you later buddy’. I assume Nakamura then danced away surrounded
by a violinist and several erotic lap dancers. The man knows how to make an exit. It’s Payback this Sunday everyone! Don’t worry, I forgot too. So remind yourself of the full card and hear
mine and Luke Owen’s predictions in today’s WrestleRamble episode on this very channel. But despite being first announced over three
weeks ago, nobody knows what Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt’s House of Horrors match actually
entails. Probably not even WWE. The most common speculation is that a portion
of the match will take place outside the arena as a pre-taped video, with the two making
their way down to the ring near the end. WrestlingNewsWorld, however, are reporting
another twist to the gimmick. Not having learned from how hokey their Wrestlemania
33 ring mat projections were, the site writes “The company wants to go above and beyond
the video technology…by using 3D holograms in the ring.” Maybe they could project a Bray Wyatt that
actually wins. WrestlingNewsWorld point out that this is
an expensive process, and the hologram idea hadn’t yet been given the go ahead – with
Vince McMahon reportedly changing his mind about what a House of Horrors match actually
is every few hours. The House of Horrors stipulation isn’t the
only problem this Sunday’s pay-per-view is facing, as it seems a combination of the
Superstar Shake-Up and external projects has spoiled one of the show’s many title matches. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter have confirmed
Chris Jericho’s last scheduled date with WWE is the 1st May episode of Raw, the night
after Payback. As the stipulation is that Jericho must go
to Smackdown if he beats Kevin Owens for the United States Championship, that he isn’t
even booked for Tuesday night suggests that ain’t happening. Additionally, Kevin Owens vs AJ Styles is
reportedly scheduled for Smackdown’s Backlash show in Chicago, which you’d expect to be
for the US title. On top of this, Jericho’s band Fozzy has
released a teaser for their new single Judas, which comes out on the 2nd May – the day after
Y2J ends his current WWE run – and they’ve announced touring dates through May and June. But what will the other matches at this Sunday’s
Payback show entail? Hear mine and Luke Owen’s pay-per-view predictions
in the latest episode of WrestleRamble. And find all about WWE’s reported talent
raid on TNA Impact Wrestling by clicking the videos to the left and subscribe. I’ve been Oli Davis, and that was wrestling.

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100 Replies to “WWE Payback Spoiler Revealed? WWE Star Leaving Soon… | WrestleTalk News April 2017”

  1. Wow, we never would have figured out that Jericho was leaving, without your news "flash". Do you ever have any news that isn't 3 months old ?

  2. I wonder if the House of Horrors match will be something similar to Raven's clockwork orange match. Just a thought.

  3. Yeah if Holograms happen i'll be so turned off from the match….unless R2-D2 shows up for the projection and its of CHRIS BENOIT!

  4. wish it was romen he is the worst wrestler in history three moves Mic skills suck he's just garbage in every way possible bring some else from nxt to raw the show is just soo.boring now

  5. Maybe they can project a Bray Wyatt that actually wins. LOL the single most savage thing I've heard this week. #OliNation

  6. The House of Horrors match will probably have spooky skeletons and generic Halloween music in the background.

  7. If WWE knows what a House of Horrors match entails, it needs to communicate that to us before Payback. Something's wrong.

  8. this sounds a lot like when Great Kahli had his Prison Match. no one knew until the match started

  9. When you realise wwe will NEVER look at other people's views on whats good and whats not..wwe are without a doubt stuck in their own bubble. Why else wud they keep doing the opposite of what everyone wants and why they ruin great wrestlers

  10. Didnt we see enough aj and nakamura in NJPW?

    How about we see Nakamura fight someone like Braun? Or Ambrose? Or Lesnar?

    Oh wait, AJ and Nakamura are the only two worth a damn on Snoozedown.

    I FUCKING HATE!!! KEVIN OWENS, he needs to vacate that title to someone else that fat lazy crybaby!

  12. its simple the house of horrors match should be within the underground sanctum of the wyatt compound. The section of the house that Bray only showed his sister.

  13. Or they can project and debut Sister Abigail. You know how people would react to something like that? Chills.

  14. As much as I would love to see AJ vs Shinsuke happen sooner rather than later, this is a rivalry between 2 all time greats that everyone has been eagerly awaiting for as long as anyone can possibly remember & as such The Phenomenal 1 vs The King of Strong Style being that special kind of match the likes of which dreams are truly made of, it cannot & must not happen until Wrestlemania 34 in New Orleans & ideally in the main event with The WWE World Heavyweight Championship on the line with either Styles or Nakamura winning The 2018 Royal Rumble in order to earn the right to headline Wrestlemania against the other who walks into Wrestlemania as the defending WWE Champion!!! That's what should & hopefully will happen!!!

    Vince, Shane & Triple H have to know that AJ vs Shinsuke alone in WM will sell the whole dam place out! They also have to know that AJ vs Shinsuke in the main event of Wrestlemania 34 for The WWE Championship will unquestionably be the sole focus of the entire global pro wrestling world from the build-up all the way to the big night & would be guaranteed to easily become 1 of the single greatest main event matches in the storied history of The Showcase Of The Immortals 🙂

  15. They kinda explained what was gonna happen on talking smack. They explained it as akin to the boiler room brawl

  16. I know I am late and probably will not get a response but just wanted to say thank you Oli. This channel has introduced me to ROH,NJPW the indie scene as a whole…has brought back my love for wrestling and you have a lifetime subscriber cheers and thank you for the dedication you put into this channel everyday.

  17. I don't want Nakamura vs Styles. Don't get me wrong. They were AMAZING in New Japan. But I want to see a new opponent for Shinsuke. I want something that couldn't happen in New Japan. Nakamura/Wyatt at some point. Nakamura/Owens. Nakamura/Cena provided Nakamura wins. Fuck it. Nakamura in Money In The Bank. Shit he could ONLY do in WWE. Shit he hasn't done before. I can't be the only one, right?

  18. They need to sit on the AJ/Nak match for a couple years. Make people ache for it. Probably not a popular opinion but, I think it's best.

  19. I thought the video projection on the canvas was pretty cool. If Taker did it, people would be gushing over it.

  20. Oh, shinshe nakamura vs aj styles rematch, but it's going to be the first time in wwe so a lot of people would be seeing it for the first time, including me, which would be great. And I could totally see someone within wwe pitching the idea of the house of horrors match being projected bugs inside the ring like the wrestlemania match, let's hope someone with some sense nix that idea

  21. Ask Vince Russo what a house of horrors match is as he did it 17 years ago on Nitro Sting vs Vampiro 😂😂

  22. Isn't Randy Orton vs Bray Wyatt another given spoiler? Would be interesting if Orton losses the title and that title goes to Raw and allow Smackdown to make a new WWE Smackdown Champion Belt, which in turn makes Brock Lesnar's universal title not so important.

  23. house of horrors match should contain the ghost of sister Abigale
    & the debute of sister Abigale which should put the biggest scare on the womens division
    since Kharma

  24. The House of Horrors match will start with a clip of footages from both last week's SD and RAW. How many more horrors can we get…

  25. the title's not even on the line I don't understand why they moved Bray Wyatt yeah he might team up with bran Feud with Finn Balor I don't know he's going to win this match but I just don't understand why the title is not on

  26. well jericho won so yay and I literally forgot about PayBack till like 17minutes till the pre show no lie

  27. so since jericho won the title what's going to happen ? did they do that just to give him another title on top of every other title he's held in his career or will he still be with wwe just part time ?

  28. Every single video i play on wwe network it plays that rating clip (yankie version) which just gets annoying, am i doing something wrong is there a way to let the network know there is no children watching my app?

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