WWE Ridiculous The Fiend News! Champion ‘GONE’ & AEW Still Getting OPPOSED – SmackDown Round Up

WWE Ridiculous The Fiend News! Champion ‘GONE’ & AEW Still Getting OPPOSED – SmackDown Round Up

what’s up guys welcome back to the
channel as always rounding it up what other pro-wrestling news coming up
we got a ton to discuss with a big star reaching a top spot on a lucrative
WWE list right now ww already selling the fiends
championship had a shocking price the latest on WWE trying to oppose aew
through legal issues WWE Champion set to be gone for quite a while and all of the
latest news plus we are recapping everything that went down on Friday
Night SmackDown the good the bad the ugly the in-between and so on before
getting into it though hit that elbow drop and if you continue to enjoy the
coverage and make sure to have those notifications turn on nonetheless let’s
dive into it and let’s start off by talking about what’s the next big thing
on WWE sha because after last night Friday night smackdown WWE reveal that
they are selling the custom Bray Wyatt title that we got to see in the Firefly
funhouse after the debut of the title it didn’t take your WWE very long arrow to
put that title on the official shop when I caused that it’s pretty much unheard
of so according to the shop each side will be unique due to it being handmade
scorching process so no two titles will be identical each will be a truly unique
collector’s item that obviously has to do with how steep the price is and this
feeling to Bray Wyatt custom handcraft Idol okay six thousand four hundred and
ninety nine when $0.99 it’s so nice of WWE to just not make it sixty five
hundred right anyways the titles will also come with a certificate of our
density hand signed by Tom Savini which again is understandable why it cost so
much but this much it’s a bit crazy it won’t even ship on to December 20 so
it’s not gonna be here by Christmas more than likely but this is a crazy price
tag how many more month of my rent bill does WWE reel
one just let me know now the real reason why this is even a thing is because it
looks like Bray Wyatt just earned top spot on a liquor ed WWE list and yes you
guessed that that is for merchandise sales
Bray Wyatt returned to WWE as a new character have worked like no other it’d
been over like crazy now he’s racking up in dollars with his firefly funhouse
characters and every other merchandise in the WWE shop WWE has been pumping our
Bray Wyatt in rapid fashion ever since the company realized that he is selling
like hotcakes now I’ve been revealed that Bray Wyatt tops the list for
highest merchandise sellers in the entire company which is certainly not a
surprise and explained the brand new title even after we got a brand new one
last week to the Wrestling Observer noted that brijwa is holding down the
top spot at the highest merchandise driver in all of WWE he’s moving a ton
of merchandise and it is even clearer in WWE live events WWE was also supposed to
introduce a brand new character this week but that wasn’t necessarily the
case maybe the character itself with the brand new championship but it’s not
really a surprise if they do end up adding to that roster without being said
all of this kind of indicates the fact that a Bray Wyatt said to hold that
Universal Championship for quite a while there were reports indicating that he
might just take it all the way to Wrestlemania and beyond defeated all the
way into then on to WWE decides who is going to be the guy that pins him and
gets the rub out of all of that so with this brand new title with him being
hotter than ever expect all of this he just continued I swore I went down for
him on Smackdown life things are even getting more interesting so we’re
discussed that towards the end of this roundup
but first let’s continue with the latest news moving into the next stage of WWE
and aew struggle more specifically Cody Rhodes I said looks like WWE is opposing
Cody Rhodes attempts to trademark more of his father’s idea as we know the
American Dream Dusty Rhodes came up with several
ideas that he never intended on Vincent man owning and now Cody Rhodes wants to
grab everything that he can to potentially use on aew which we already
seen an example of that I say aw God bash at the beach coming up in January
key to that Cody Rhodes might not own a wargames but he does owns the match
beyond it is interesting how WWE didn’t use the match beyond phrase at all
during war games this year as the disentitlement with what the whole event
is interestingly enough Cody Rhodes also owns the rise to the American Dream name
which seems to be causing another issue the Wrestling Observer indicates that
Cody Rhodes goal is to own the ideas that his father came up with he has five
new trademarks for Super bro and slam war as well reports continue indicating
that WWE is also trying to stop him from using at least one name in the very near
future being bashed at the beach the report states the following WWE supposed
to his claim to a lease of some of them all of these event names are being
acquired for use in oily wrestling this means that we could be seen a lot of
those starting experiences coming up an oily wrestling moving into some other
news and the latest in regards to Brock Lesnar and it’s not necessarily a
surprise because at this point we’re used to it as we seen Brock Lesnar
hasn’t been on WWE television since Survivor Series and WWE already switched
a focus to making the United States Championship on Monday nitro the primary
title where all the top guys ultimately challenging AJ Styles almost as if
everyone forgot that the WWE title existed so to be expected it looks like
Brock is going into another hiatus on to probably the January pay-per-view
meaning that he is going to skip the TLC pay-per-view in December and come back
for a match in January for that big pay-per-view again this ultimately means
that the title being the top male Belle on Raw will be the United States
Championship being held by Rey Mysterio and now let’s go ahead and talk about
what went down on Friday Night Smackdown November 29 2019
episode which was a Thanksgiving episode of the show and everything started off
with Roman reigns delivering the message to everyone of happy dance giving which
of course that led to parent korvinka me now and just showing of that his
Thanksgiving play was better than everybody else
Roman reigns then challenged Korman to a match but this leads to Roman reigns
versus Robert Roode with Baron Corbin and Dolph Ziggler at ringside so typical
WWE fashion this had every single interference that you could imagine and
it was honestly a segment that went far too long WWE took 40 minutes just to
tell us this story of Baron Corbin and Roman reigns which didn’t add anything
to what we already know their feud is about towards the end of this match we
had Robert Roode putting Roman reigns head against a steel chair and what’s
about to hit him with the scepter but Roman reigns hit him with another
Superman punch and then he speared through the
barricade what he even flipped over the announce table on top of him he also
took Dolph Ziggler out with the steel steps again this whole segment was a bit
too long and WWE could have done it and have the amount of time and give other
matches a bit more time after this match we got the firefly funhouse with Bray
Wyatt talking about how much fun he had play with Daniel Bryan and how he wants
to continue playing with him there were flashes of the Phenom wearing a new
title bell with the same face on it as his mask we also had Sheamus cutting a
promo on the entire Smackdown roster while rocking a bit of a new look
revealing that he is coming back to SmackDown we cover the reports last week
and it was possible for it to happen at Survivor Series but it looks like WWE
hold off on it until this week a second match of the night we got Mustafa Ali
defeating Drogo like a leap in a gulag after hitting a 450 splash we get Sasha
banks and Bayley addressing what happened at Survivor Series
they pulled a self Rollins and insulted or the woman on team Smackdown until
they got interrupted by Lacey Evans who said that she should be
the locker-room leader and proceeded to punch Sasha banks in the face Kayla
Braxton has Daniel Bryan if he’s going to accept Bray Wyatt’s offer of another
match they were interrupted by the Firefly fun house where Husky the pig
has in an entire times giving dinner then he and Bray Wyatt perform a wheel
rap song afterwards Kayla again pranks Daniel Bryan for the answer but he says
nothing their matchup tonight we got Nicki Cross defeating Sonya Deville when
Mandy rose Sonya and man the attack Nicki after the match and Alexa bliss
returned to make the save backstage the mis-advice Daniel Bryan
against facing the FINA ghin pointing out the faint balance of Rollins haven’t
been the same since they lost against the fene mismatch and Daniel Bryan’s
family and Daniel Bryan stare him angrily until he left a lot of backstage
segments this week so we continue with them Dre maverick hit on Dana Brooke
backstage but she rejected him pointing out that he is married he started to
explain what Elias interrupted revealing that he is back from a journey up next
we get the new day the Phoenix in sky Nakamura and d’asaro to retain the
SmackDown Tag Team Championships this was part of the new days Black Friday
open challenge and for the main event we got Daniel Bryan coming to the ring and
accepting Bray Wyatt offered finally reviving the yes movement in the process
Bray Wyatt appears on the tire and to say that the fiend will remove Daniel
Bryan’s mask and reveal the real him then the fiend pops up through the ring
and catches Daniel Bryan in the mandible claw dragging him under the ring and
collecting some of his hair it might be that he’s cutting his beer off or his
long hair either or it should be interesting to see how Daniel Bryan
looks next week and overall I’m really enjoying this fein and Daniel Bryan
field it just continues to add element to the story that we know of them from
past years anyways guys that is what I got for you in this round up if you
enjoy don’t forget to elbow drop and hit those notifications to not miss any more
coverage win over 200,000 my résumé to tiao did you

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  1. this is whats known as a subtle troll…..they have zero interest in actually selling this title lol, if there are actual any replicas…there are probably only a handful made for people who actually have enough money to buy it…..in a sense its almost like that saints row collectors edition that cost 1 million dollars…

  2. Well you gotta think here. Each belt that is purchased is handcrafted from Tom Savini’s studio. So of course it’s gonna be expensive.

  3. Nobody was shocked Brock not being on TV he returns at the Rumble 2020. This is why we need a better heel champion like Drew McIntyre or Cesaro

  4. So what happens about getting a new belt for raw that Wyatt took to smackdown we know Brock likes to skip ppvs that's what I love about Seth hes always defending his title and always there glad Alexis is back and shamis and elais

  5. Bray is going to have to create another character if someone defeats the Fiend that will just defeat the purpose of him if he’s not going to be a dominant force

  6. WWE 2K JUST came out and WWE changes gimmicks and titles multiple times per month like it's nothing… We need multiple skins like Mortal Kombat has their fighters from their classic attires that we all remember to brand new ones never seen before… To cover multiple changes all wrestlers have throughout their career it would be nice if there are a few skins with attires per wrestler… Like Triple H has gone from clean shaven facial hair, to the handlebars mustache, to the goatee, to now a full on beard… Sheamus has gone from his spiky hair w/ trimmed beard, to mohawk w/ full beard, now back to spiky hair… Brock Lesnar has been clean shaven throughout most of his career, but few times has he grown out his goatee or full on beard… There should be multiple skins/attires to cover all that on 1 model , like Mortal Kombat, right??? Why not???

  7. Husky Harris is charging over $6,000 for that ugly title. Not surprised that Brock is gone again WWE is the only company has a part time champion. That's why no one likes him as a champion.

  8. If I were vince I would let those names go but the only name I would keep is Halloween Havoc and get rid of hell in a cell

  9. WWE makes the whole show about Seth Rollins we boo his ass out the building WWE makes the whole show about Daniel Bryan and we all say YES! You gotta love the fickleness 🤷🏽‍♂️

  10. How many grammatical errors and word mispronunciations can you make in one video? Seriously it’s starting to make your videos unwatchable.

  11. Do you even watch the show? The new FACE was Daniel Bryan…he never said that he was bringing in a new character. He said he would bring in a new face.

  12. They are outta there mind…… I still don't understand the hype of fiend. No one is paying that much for that title…..

  13. The cheek of you complaining about the price of merch when your selling a plain black hoodie with savage written on it for 30 fucking pound 😂😂😂😂

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